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  1. 1. Final Test - 188016 – Basic Vocabulary – Tu Vung Co Ban – Question 01-27 VOCABULARY: Choose the best answer Câu 1: We can __________ with other people in many different ways. A. communicate B. information C. inform D. communication [<br>] Câu 2: Which word is NOT an adjective? A. beautiful B. bread C. hot D. quickly [<br>] Câu 3: She can speak French and __________. A. Vietnam B. Japan C. Danish D. Americans [<br>] Câu 4: The weekend was __________. I didn’t do anything. A. interesting B. busy C. lazy D. boring [<br>] Câu 5: I’m very pleased that we are going to be__________. A. policewoman B. hobbies C. addresses D. pen-friends [<br>] Câu 6: What is the correct order of the following adverbs? A. never -> usually -> rarely B. sometimes -> never -> rarely C. rarely -> always -> often D. always -> usually -> never [<br>] Câu 7: “Why are you wearing a/ an __________?” “Because I’m going to a/ an __________ restaurant.” A. shoe/ interesting B. pair of glasses/ French C. suit/ expensive D. hat/ cheap [<br>] Câu 8: My ideal neighbors are people who __________. A. make themselves at home in my house B. have parties and never invite me C. say hello when I never see them D. often come round and tell lies [<br>] Câu 9: What is she going to do after she __________? 1109 Page 1 of 4 Trinh Thu Hang
  2. 2. Final Test - 188016 – Basic Vocabulary – Tu Vung Co Ban – Question 01-27 A. graduates B. horse-ride C. comprehend D. pleased [<br>] Câu 10: How many __________ do you have? A. brothers and sisters B. brother and sister C. brothers and sister D. brother and sisters [<br>] Câu 11: It was 3 o’clock in the morning when four-year-old Russell Brown __________ to go to the toilet. A. woke up B. wore up C. went up D. saw up [<br>] Câu 12: He went downstairs because he __________ a noise and __________ a light on. A. heared/ found B. heard/ saw C. kept/ left D. held/ thought [<br>] Câu 13: An armed man __________ $1,000 from a bank in California. A. gave B. could C. stole D. said [<br>] Câu 14: I saw __________ on TV last night. A. a very good programme B. shopping C. the police D. musician [<br>] Câu 15: Alice Jackson’s __________ is a man of habit. A. husband B. perfect crime C. wife D. drama [<br>] Câu 16: She __________ the central heating because the room was __________. A. turned down/ cold B. turned up/ hot C. turned on/ cold D. turned up/ cold [<br>] 1109 Page 2 of 4 Trinh Thu Hang
  3. 3. Final Test - 188016 – Basic Vocabulary – Tu Vung Co Ban – Question 01-27 Câu 17: My English __________ a lot after I lived in London for a month. A. improvement B. communication C. improved D. communicated [<br>] Câu 18: Yesterday I __________ and I bought an apple. A. went to shopping B. went shopping C. went to shop D. came shopping [<br>] Câu 19: Do you need __________? A. something else B. some else C. anything else D. any else [<br>] Câu 20: __________ they __________ much make-up? A. Do/ got B. Have/ got C. Got/ have D. Does/ have [<br>] Câu 21: I’m reading a good book __________. A. at 4 a.m. B. by bus C. in town D. at the moment [<br>] Câu 22: Nowy Swiat is the best shopping street__________. A. with a town B. of stores C. chest of drawers D. in the world [<br>] Câu 23. It’s a lovely place __________. A. to shop B. isn’t C. to shooping D. where’s that [<br>] Câu 24: The customer wants to look for a __________ in a clothes shop. A. book B. jumper C. chemist D. sore throat [<br>] Câu 25: “__________?” “Medium.” A. What tall are you B. How far are you 1109 Page 3 of 4 Trinh Thu Hang
  4. 4. Final Test - 188016 – Basic Vocabulary – Tu Vung Co Ban – Question 01-27 C. How many are you D. What size are you [<br>] Câu 26: I __________ a cup, but I __________ with glue. A. felt/ made B. had/ washed C. lost/ found D. broke/ mended [<br>] Câu 27. The robber was __________ a mask when he entered the bank. A. giving B. claiming C. wearing D. saying [<br>] 1109 Page 4 of 4 Trinh Thu Hang