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  • 1. LC1000 Lim Jung Sub Noh Jun Hyoung ~ NTV NHA XUAT BAN TONG Ha l THANH PHO HO CHi ~IlNH C6ngtyT' 1111 NbaD Tri Vi~t
  • 2. CONTENTS E.c . o . n . o . m . y L· C·l000 Actual Test 01 8 Actual Test 02 22 Actual Test 03 36 Actual Test 04 50 Actual Test 05 64 Actual Test 06 78 Actual Test 07 92 Actual Test 08 106 Actual Test 09 120 Actual Test 10 134 Answer Sheet 149 Answers 159 Script 163 wwo..'.nhanlriviel.COIll t
  • 3. Actual Test
  • 4. Aclual ' TeSt 01 Listening TEST In the listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken Engl ish. The entire listening lest will lasl approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers ' in the test book. Part 1 Directions : For each question in this part, you will hear lour statements about a picture in your test book. When you hea r the statements. you must selecl the one statemenl thai best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on you r answer sheet and mark you r answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one l ime. Example Sample Answer Statement (C). ~H e is writing in a notebook.His the best description of the picture. so you should select answer (C) and mark it on you r answer sheet. 1 8 ECOIIlIlllV I.e InOli www.nhantri·/
  • 5. 1. 2. I WWJ.f'lhatlll j' 1'111:11 TI,.t I> 9I
  • 6. 3. 4. 10 I":t'ol1on I.e I WO
  • 7. , 5. . '- 6. wA'I,nllantrivlet.(Om - • • -I:: .... " .: - ...
  • 8. 7. 8. '
  • 9. 9. ~t • " a ~ • 0 0 10.
  • 10. Pari 2 Directions ' You will hear a question or slalemenl and three responses spoken In English. They wi ll be spoken only one time and WIll not be pnnted In your tesl book . Select the llest response 10 Ihe ques!ton or statement and mark the letter (A), (8), or (C) on your answer sheel Exa mple Sample A nsw er You will hear: Whe re did you buy your ue? You will also hear I'tl A • C Nexllune we'll do better. AI the downtown shOpping center. We'll move to a new build ln~J 500n The best response to lhe question MWhere did you buy your tie'?" is choice (B), "AI Ihe downtown shopping center, so (8) Is Ihe COfrect answer You should mark answer (B) on your answer sheet . 11. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12. Mark you r answer on your answe r sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 30. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20 . Mark you r answer on your answer shee t. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21 . Mark you r answer on your answer shee t. 36. Mark your answer on your answer shee t. 22. Mark your answer on Yoll( answer shee1. 37. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet "I 1.1 I N wwwnho1tUIVH:'Lcom
  • 11. Part 3 DIrections ' You '11111 hear some conv8rsalions between two people. You will be asl(ed 10 answer three questions about what the speakers say In each conversa tion. Selecl the besl response to each Question and mark the le iter (A) , (8) (C). or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversahons will be spoken only one lime and will nol be printed in your lest book. 41. What would the man like Julie to do? Meet with the presiden t Change an appoinlmenllrme ( Come to the office later ••Jl Conlacl some clients 42. Wha t will the man do Ihis afternoon? ) Meel wittl some clients F Call the president's office ... Go to the emergency room I) Relocate his oHlce 43. What lim e will the man start his appoi ntmenllhis afternoon? II) Atl o'clock AI2 o'clock AI 3 o'clock )1 AI 4 o'clock 44. What kind of company does the man work for? (P I A detively service company (8, An Internel provider I c.. A mobile phone company ')) An accOllntant's office 45, How does Ihe man explai n Ihe cllange in the woman 's bi ll ? A The price milY have risen ~'I Tile woman has two cell phones. (f' There was an accountmg error (01 The woman may have used her cell phone more than usual. 46. What information does Ihe man ask the woman for? A Her InVOice numi1el '0 Her telephone number ,e Her monthly balance [ ) Her Identification number " ., ,
  • 12. 47. What is the celebra tion for? 53. Where is the conversation mosllikely laking i l) The promotion of a coworker fB} The opening of a new oanquel facIlity place? (r At a shipping company C) The anniversary of the hotel (D) The retirement 01 a colleague fBi At an office buildmg ... ) At an offtce supplies store 101 AI a library 48. When will the celebration slart? A) At 6:00 , ,) At 6:30 .C r AI 7:00 D) At 7:30 54. What does the assistant offer to do? . Help move the supplies (13 Phone his manager t I ) Sign the form (0 Open tile conference room ( 49. Where wlll the woman go before the party? (A) To a banquel hall 8 To a holellobby C) To a bakery 10) To a supermarkel 55. What will be delivered to the conference room? lA, A bookshelf A filing cablnel I( ) Office supplies (l , Meel1l1g !ables ( 50. Why is William happy? (A) He created a new painting. (8, He recently won a prize. (C, He met his favolile artisi. ([)) He laugl1t hiS first art workshop. 51. What does William hope to do? 56. Who most likely is the man? (,0 I An Information desk clerk (8) A gift shop owner Ie) A parkmg allendam (['I A supermarket cashier (.'11 Take a vacation in the rail !,B) Sign up for a workshop C) Anend an awards banquet (I)) Join a group of artists 52. What is William working on these days? I A) (B) {C) 10) An 011 painting A wo rkshop manual A watercolor painlrng A sculpture 57. Where is the woman going? (A) To meet with a boutique owner (8) To VIS!! an art gallery rc.) To check )"ler order I.m To walk around a shopping mall 58. How does the man suggest lowering the admission price? .l,) Rellirntng another day ~B Calling the shop owner Il Using a discount coupon 'D) Charging her the senior's ra te 1 16 b:OIlI, 11 .{ Will! wWW.n ha nlfiviet.(Orn
  • 13. 59. What color monitors are available now? 65. Where mosl likely does this conversation tAl White 18) SIlver take place? Ie) Black (B) Al a hair salon )) Red (A) At (C) AI a shoPPing mall a fashion boutique (0) AI an art sludlo 60. How much does it cost to increase the size of th e monitor? 1"1 $ 100 (>JI $ 170 Ie) S 200 1') 5300 61. When can the man expect to receive his 66. What would the woman like to do? IAI Meel the receptionist (8 ) Altend the "what"s hot" semInar Ie) Find a new hair stylist (D) Change her half color 67. Why did Ihe man vis it New York? monitor? I , In about a '.'leek (A) To see the sIghts (E In about two weeks (C) To buy hair products (0) To attend a trallllng sem inar II In abou t three weeks (6) To learn about fashion I) In abou t fOllr weeks 68. What is the man's problem? 62. What problem is lhe man faced with ? IIH He doesn 't know where the HR department IS , fB He has 100 much work to prepare for the meeting. ICl lie can'l open Ille garage 9.le by himself I )) He was n' t able to conlact the parking atlendanl. 63. When d id the woman receive her parking permit? IA) On Thursday ,BI On Friday le1 On Monday D) On Tuesday 64. What does the woman suggest the man do? A I Fmdlhe parking allendanl '13) Park In another garage (e) Arnve al the office early .... , Conlacllhe HR departmenl '.'WI nhJntuvtel.(oru (A) He forgot hiS new password. (8) He lell hiS 1 card in the HR deparlment 0 IC) He can', access hiS messages. (0) His phone lines have been down aU afternoon . 69. Where wili lhe man probably go nex!? (A) To Ole HR department (8) To technical services (C) To the reception desk 10) To Ihe mail room 70. Where is the tech nical supporl statl of1ice located? (A) BeSide the reception desk (8) Next to the el~vators te) Across from the mail room (0) Near Ihe HR department ~ ~ ~
  • 14. Part 4 Directions : You will hear some short lalks given by a single speaker. You wUl be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each shor1 talk. SeleCI the besl response to each question and mark the letter (A) , (8), (C), or (0) on your answer sheeL The talks will be spoken only one time and will nol be printed in your lest bOOk. 71. What is the reason for the call? (A) (8) (C) (0) To gel Mr. Clifford's conlacllnfo rmation To sel up an installation date To diSCUSS available Internet packages To receive payment for a service 72. What is Mr. Clifford asked to do? (A) Send an e-mai l (8) Calilhe company (C) Drop by Ihe office (D) RegIster for services 74. Who mosl likely is the speaker? (A) A construction crew member (8) A steet englnee, (C) A ptant supervisor (O) A company's dlreclor 75. How many staff will the company employ when it opens? (Al SO (8) 75 (C) 100 (D) 125 73. When does Katie expect to hea r from Mr. Clifford? (Al On Monday. between 8 and 6 o'clock (8) As soon as possIble (C) Before the installation date (D) Alter Ille payment due da te 76. Where was the first faci lity? (A) (8) (C) (D) Milton Portland 51. Louis Rochester ww/.nhantrh'
  • 15. 77. Where mosllikely are the visitors? A semi-conductor pla n! I B) A famous museum (A) A trip to F ranee (8) A restauranl (C) A hotel Ie) A large bakery's facltrl1es (0) A supe rmarket 78. What will happen at 2:00? II • • 83. What [s being advertised? fJ) ~ ~ ~ 10) A lood market 84. What is provided for dessert? (A) The visitors will ask questions. (A) Frun juice (B) Fresh Iisl, 1(3) The gUided part of IIle tou r wilt end. (C) The tasting room s will close . (C) Pastries (0) The VIsitors can take photographs. (D) A glass 01 wine 79. How long will the visi tors be on their own? 85. What does the speaker say about Chateau Francois? tAl The chef IA 30 minutes fH) One hour (C) Two Ilours !OJ Three hours IS world-renowned . (8 ) il lS open on weekends . (C) The view trom Ule deck is Impressive (0 ) The lunch specials are In expensive. 80. What kind of business is the message for? (A) A political candidate's office 86. What is the announcement about ? (B) A university registrar's office (C) Ci ty Hallin Wa shington, D.C. (A) Employment opportunilies with humarl resources (0) A universily library (8) Information regarding interior decorating (C) Changes in the meeting schedules (D) Preparations for Ihe board meeting 81. What tim e does the facility close on Fridays? (II) 2 p.m . (B 3 p.m. (C1 4 p.m (D) 5 p .m 82 . How can a caller speak with Edward Phillips? (A) By accesSing the list 01 facul ty members (8) By speaking Wllh !Ile recep hon slafl re) By dialing exten sion 15 (0) By visiting the library during regular hOllr s 87. How can employees lind oullhe location 01 their new offices? (A) By pl10nlng Ihe human resources department (8) 8y speaking 10 th eir manager (C) By Visiting the lobby of the building (D) By contacting Newport Painlers 88. What are staff asked to do on Monday before they leave ? (A) Clean up thelf workspace (8) Turn oif their computers (C) Contact the human (6sou rces department (D) Put away confide ntial files . tc:.x.:U,.I/M}·:)Yt4@/~ 'IW'lI.l1hanlnviet.conl . I UIII '1'.':,1 III 1 9 t
  • 16. 89. What is the purpose of this announcement ? 95. How long wililhe conference run? (A To tell about special oUers IA) A day (£3) To mlorm of a change in the store policy I BI Three days (C) To announce the store's hours ,CI A c·,eek (0) Three weeks (D) To Introduce sa les aSSOCia tes 90. What is Ms. William s' position? (A) Store manager (8) Compu ter programmer (C) Radio annou ncer 101 Resta ur anl slalf 91 . What can customers receive at no cost as they leave? (A) A lax machine 113) Comput er paper Ie) A store ca talogue (0 I A preferred customer card 96. What is the main subject of the conference? (/' Management techniques (R) Organlzallonal behavior (C) Tele-conlere nclng (OJ Accounllng 97. What mu st conference participan ts do following the lectures? t A) Raise quesllons on the lectures they ve heard lE'I POSI lhelr responses on the conference webSIte C Meel WltI) Iheir colleagues ID) Submit a paper 10 FrancIs Lee 92. When willihe new system start? (A) Th iS afternoon (8) In two weeks Ie, At the end ollhe mon th (0) Nexi month 98. What's the purpose of this meeling? fA) To Introduce a new manager te) To announce a new seCLHity system te) To develop (t new compu ter network 93. Whal does the spea ker say is th e benefit to the change? fA) More effiCient commu nica tion IB) Prevent the loss of files te) Better secure Important data (O} Allow staff 1 work less hours 0 (01 To address the issue 01employee productivi ty 99. Where will this new policy be enlorced? tAl Across the country (B) Across Ihe cIty C, Within fhe IT department 94. What does the spea ker ask stalf to do? 10) WIthin the bUI/cllng (Al Obtam a nel,,, 10 ca rd (8) E·mall group hies Ie) Copy eXisting hies (Ol Rewnte files on the new server 100. Whal changes Ilave been made to the computer system? (AI Employees must now use a password. (8) Employees must now record their hours ((~ I Employees must now use onty theIr own compuler (U) Employees must spea k 1 tllelf manager 0 before uSIng lila compute r. / 20 h·olllJlII I t Il~.J Vlww.nhanlr rV t-com le
  • 17. n, 5 IS wwwnhantrevie-t.COrll ht end of the l.istening 'est. dlul I.· .1 21 I
  • 18. listening TEST In the Listening lest. you will be asked to demonstrate how welt you understand spoken English. The enti re Lis tening leSI will lasl approximately 45 minutes . There are four paris. and directions afe given lor each part. You must ma rk your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not wnle yOU! answers In Ihe test book. Part 1 Directions: For each queslion In this part, you wilt hear lour statements about a picture in you r lest book. When you hear the statements, you must seleel Ihe one statement Ihal besl describes what YOll see In Ihe picture. Then find Ihe number 01 Ihe Questton on your answer sheet and mark your answe r. The stalemen ls will not be printed In you r lesl book and will be spoken only one lime. Example Sample Answer ' A fO • (Q. Statement (C). "He IS wnling in a notebook ," is the best description 01 the picture , so you should select answer (C) and ma rk it on your answer sheet . 1 ,. 22 ·"tUlIIn It 1(1011 '·"'1M.nh;'lll rn' i,'l.<om
  • 19. 1. 2.
  • 20. 3. 4. 14 2 1·,... . 11.111 J.( I IOil
  • 21. 5. 6. i{.I.!4"',!IW ~:'I¢t¥• Vlww, ..klll;!1 "r,-.! o:.! 25 1
  • 22. 7. 8. /26 i'.l',m"H1 1.1.: 1,'(11/
  • 23. 9. 10.
  • 24. Part 2 Oirection s : You wil l hear a queslian or statement and three responses spoken 10 English. They will be spoken only one lime and wi ll not be printed In yOU! test book Seleci the best response to the quesl10n or statement and mark the letter (A), (8) . or (C) on your answer sheet Sampl e Answer Exa mple You will hea l ' You '0'1 1 also hear: 11 A • Where did you buy you r lie? (AI Next we'U do belter. C (8) AI the downtown shoppIng centor (C I We'll rnove to a new building soon , The best response to Ihe queslion ''Where did you buy your tie?" Is choIce (6), "At the downtown shoppmg cenler," so (8) is the correcl answer, You should mark answer (8 ) on your answer sheet. 11 . Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answer sl1eet. 31 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark you r answer on your answer sheel. 19. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on you r answer sheel. 20. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark yo ur answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. W/W nhantm·iet.col
  • 25. Part 3 Directions: You will hear some conversa tions between two peop le. You will be asked to answer three queslions about what the speal<ers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark Ihe teHer (A) , (8). (C). or (0) on your answer sheet. The conversations will be spoken only one time and will not be pnnted in your test book. 41. What is the man 's problem? (A) His computer IS broken. (8) His Internet provider closed down. (C) He cannot contact technical support. (0) HIs Internet IS slow. 42. Why does the woman recommend Roger's Inc.? (A) They offer great technical assistance. (8) They provide a money-back guarantee. (e) They give discounts on used computers. (D) They repa ir computers free of charge. 43. What does the woman ask the man to do? (A) (B) (el (D) Go to a nearby computer shop Give her name when orde ring a service Talk 10 a service slaft member E-mail the company hiS details 44. What did Maria do this afte rnoon? (A) Ca lled the shipping company (8 ) Sent a COLJpte of faxes (C) Photocopied records (D) Drafted a proposal 45. Why would Ihe man like Maria to make a phone call? (A) To ensure the shipping is done (8) To complain about a custome r (C) To order a replacement product (D) To complete Ihe paperwork 46. Why are the speakers concerned? (A) They need (9) They need (C) They need (0) They need 10 deliver an order. to cancel an order. more custo mer information. to fiX their rax macl1ine. I+I.ftjt,J':i#4~3i@I. www.nhanttlviet.cQoI ,"ILJ;1I T~1 (. :.! 29 1
  • 26. 47. When is the train supposed to leave the 53. Where most likely are the speakers? station? I A) AI 30'clock (S) AIS o'clock (A) Al a holel (S) AI a restauran t Ie) At a cooking class (C) AI 7 o'clock (01 At a farm CD) AI 9 o'clock 54. What does the woman ask the man to do? 48. What is the woman concerned about? (A) JOin hel fOI IUllch CA) She canOl confiml departure 'Imes online. (S) Sring her lhe menu (8) She will be late for an appointment. (C) She has mrsplaced lhe conl acl informailon. Dl SI1e 11as losl some Imp0l1anl documenlS. (C) Make her a club sandWich 0 (D) Suggesl somelhlng 1 eal 55. What will the woman probably do next? (AI Dnnk her coilee 49. Why was lhe man planning to contact Ihe partners? (A) To disclIss lhe presentation (0) To arrange accommodation (C) To ensure Ihalilley received (he Illes l D) To obtain directions to the o ffi ce (8) COOk lood lor a Inend ICI Pay her brll (0) Cons ider whal she wan ls to orde r 56. What wou ld the man like to do? (AI Fill oul an app lication form (S) Renew t1is driver's license 50. When does the man oHer the return? (A) In an hour fB) In 1''''0 hours (C) Tomorrow morning OJ Tomorrow allernoon 51. Where is Mr. Michaels? (Ai On a business trrp fB' In hiS oli lce fe) AI a meeting (0) Down(own leI Check his credi t raltng (0) Obtain a credit card 57. Whal did tile man provide the woman wilh? IAI Hr s credi l card (13) HIS driver s license (e HIS passporl fOl HIS reference leller 58. What will the woman do? (A) Fill oul Il1e application form for lhe man (8) Photocopy the rnan's identification 52. What are the speake rs talking about? (A) A presentation (81 A shipment IC) Gel the man a new dnve(s license !O) Tell the man more aboullhe bank's services (C) An offrce desk D) A trip lIinera ty 1 30 F.(·ol1l'lu~' 1.<" Ihll' W,'lv.nhantrrYIPU;Off
  • 27. 59. What's the mai n topic of the conversation? I AI A restaurant reservation 65. Who most likely is Ms. Oias? /1) A Spanish dlploma .8, A business meeting (B) A Iranslalor lei A conference (C) A publisher to) A marke le( IDJ A Job interview 60. When will Sarah meet with the vice· president ? 66. What would Ms. Dias like from the man? (A) Tomorrow (AI A new publishe r (BI A higher salary 18) AI lI'e end of Ihe week (e) A new deadline Ie' At the begmnlng of next week 101 AI the begmning of next month (D) An assis lanl 67. How will Ms . Dias make the due date? 61. What request did Sarah make regarding her second interview? (A To aller the locatIon tA) By focusing only on the 1r8nslal ion of the book , BI T 0 modify Ihe I,me 113) By delaY"lg a busmess Irlp ee) By hlfl ng an assistant (e) To change 1110 person inlerviewing her I D) By shortening the article To reschedule Ihe day of Ihe Interview 68. What type at business is being talked about? 62. What would the man like the woman to do? , Schedule a meeting 113) Con fact a client in New York ((':) Gellnlormallon at a seml naf (A I A Ira vel agency (B) A grocery SIOfe (C) A magazine (0) A resta urant (D) Make Iravel arrangements 69. How did the man learn about the busin ess? 63. Where is Mr. Pauls going tomorrow? A) To a bUSiness lunch 131 To a marketing presen tation IG) To a training workshop "I) (1) From a newspaper nrtlcle (B) From a COlleague (C) From a !ravel pamphlet iO) From a news program To a client"s office 70. What did Ihe woman fike aboullhe 64. Wha t does the woman in fer abou t Johnson & Johnson? (A They Will (A) The sl aff Increase the company ·s profits. B 1 The company Isn't very successtul Ie) business? The company wishes 10 relocate 0) They wt ll Introduce new compa ny poliCies .'.·w.nhiHlI ' l 1"!1.e(')"· tB) Thelocallon fe, The a lmosphere (0) T he food tt • • • " • 0 N
  • 28. Part 4 Direction s: You will heal some shorl talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three queShQns abou t what the speaker says in each short talk. Select the best response 1 each 0 question and mark the leiter (A) , (8), (el, or (0) on your answer sheet. The talks will be spoken onry one lime and will nOI be pnnted In your tesl book. 71. What is the man calling about? 74. Why is the announcem en t being made? (A) A documenl (8) An airline delay (C) A p,ece 01lu9gage (A) To direct people to customer service (8) To mform custome rs thallhe store IS (0) A travel itinera ry (C) To In!roduce the new manager on duly (0) To advertise the poces of produce clOSing 72. Where can Ms. Damon expect to receive the delivery? (A) AI her hole I (8) Allhe pOSI ofllce (C) Al lhe airporl (0) At the secun ty desk 73. When can Ms. Damon expect the delivery? (A) Th is morning (8) This a fternoon (e) Tomorrow morning (0) Tomorrow afternoon 75. Who should customers ask questions to? (A) The manager (6) The cashIer (C) The secunty guard (0) The customer service representative 76. What change will be introduced next week? (A) A new cash ier wIll be hired {BI SpeCial discounts will be Introduced. (C) The store will slay open longer. (0) The store will receive a shipment. www.nhantr;vlel.corr
  • 29. 77. WhO most likely is the speaker? I I A wCliter '81 A food crille 1) 83. Who is the subject of Ihis report? f (B) A Jazz artist A cook A reception lsi 78. What accompanies the specia l dishes? Pastries Ib: Soup ,.." Rice ) Dessert 79. How mllch does the lavender m ousse cake cost? Ai A pianist C} A radio announcel I), I .) (C 0 N Eighty-seven 10) EIg hty-n ine 85. At what lime on Friday will Mr. Onawa's interview be on the air? IA) AI 7:00 A.M BI AI 9:00 A M Ie) AI 6:00 P .M. J FI/teen dollars Seventeen dollars 80. WhO is the speaker? IU AI 8:00 P.M 86. W ho is Nathan East? A sales representative I ' • Etghleen Eighl doliars Ir " • ;I 84. How old is Mr. Onawa? 'I) Eighl SIX dollars i' ~t A mUSIC CII (tC (A) An astronomer A company's depanment head (8 An environmentalist • ) A pubhc relations aHleer ) A newspaper Journalist 61. Wilat is Ihis announcement about? (II A new JOO opportun ity (D) A 87. How does Ihe speaker know Nathan East? .AI She attended one o t his prevIous talks ~l A new product • I ~l A newspaper ar1icle (Cl An urban planner (~) She assisted him on a research prolect She dined With him In Tokyo. A rise m sales (01 She was one of his students. 82. According to the announcement. what wi ll staff members receive? ) New employees til Larger office space An Increase in bonus The new product line 88. What does the speake r say about the audience? A) II has tost some key members. 8) It has done some excII1I1g research. ICl ll IS qUi te small in nllmber 0) They are globally recognIzed r" f !). • ~.
  • 30. 89. What is Gossip Central? fA) A magazIne (8) A lilm eel A radio show (D) A concert 95. Where did the meeting take place? (A) At a communll y college (8) Al a local police division (C) AI Ihe counhouse (D) AI a Judge·s residence 90. Who is Sarah Polly? (AI A motivational speaker (BI An aClor (C) A producer (0) A direclor 96. What was the subject of the gathering? (A 1 Buildmg more public offices (8) Lowering the cos t of health ca re (C) Reducu19 tt1e number of police officers (0) Improving the safe ty of the community 91 . How tong has Ms, Polly worked in her industry? 97. Why were some people against the talks? (Al Innocent people may be arrested (8) The number of Jobs will decrease. (C) II will harl11lhe community. (0) The program wIll be 100 COSily. IA) Five years (8) Ten years (C) Filleen years (0) Twenly years 92. What kind of company is being adve rtised? (A) (8) (C (0) Shipping company Re nova tion services Auto repair shop Food delivery 93. What has the company recently done? (A) Introduced new produc ts lB) Opened a new store (C) Celebrated an anniversary 10) Founded a new company 94. What do customers receive this weekend only with the pu rchase of a service package? (A) A free all change (B) Free esl1males (e) Hourly selvice (D) A pre ferred customer card 1 34 f:.l·/l nnrm u: II~~J 98. What is being worked on? (A) The parkIng garage (B) The main entrance (C) Tile shullie bus (0) The compute r ne twork 99. When is the parking garage available again? (A) Tuesday (8) Wednesday (C) Th ursday (0) Fnday 100. How does Ms. St. Pierre offer to help? (A) Give directions to 111e parking lot (8) Write a report ou tlining the repairs (C) PrOVide transportation for employees (0) Send slaff 10 help repair the garage www.n hanuiYle
  • 31. This is the end of the Listening test.
  • 32. Listening TEST In the listening les!, you will be asked to demonstrate how welt you understand spoken English. The entire listening 1esl will lasl approximately 45 minutes. There are lour par1s, and directions are given for each parI. You must mark your answers on the separa te answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the tesl book. Part 1 Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a pictu re in yOUf test book. When you hear Ihe statemen ts, you must select Ihe one statement thaI besl describes whal you see in Ihe picture. Then find the number 01 the question on your answe r sheet and mark your answer. The statements will nol be printed in your lest book and wit! be spoken only one lime. Example Sample Answer Statement (C) , "He is writing in a notebook.~ is the best description of the picture. so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet. 1 36 LnJltolll' 1.(' 111110 www.nhanuivier.conl
  • 33. 1. 2. ',W" nhanrrivlel.COn1
  • 34. 3. 4. 1 38 r'('''II' ,Ill, I.e lIMlCl
  • 35. 5. "'1. 'lift. '1 ' p. 6. 1c-:.I.".i,t!ij:J:iiW;;• ww ......nhantriviet.coll) .dunl T".,II1:t 39 1
  • 36. 7. 8. 1 40 E.'collom 1.(' IIII)!)
  • 37. 9. 10. Gx·j,.Jjljw>,amt ' ,dll;,1 T('~I n:, 41 I
  • 38. Part 2 Directions. You will hear a quesH or statement and three responses spoken In English They will he on spoken only one lime and will not be pnnted in your lest book. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the reller (A) (8), or (C) on your answer sheet Exa mpl e You Will hear. You will also hear : Sample Answer Where did you buy your lie? I• • C " Nexi lime we'll do beller (Po At the dowl1lown st10PPIng center (C We'll move to a new bUilding 5 0011. The best response to the question HWhere did you buy your lieT IS choice (B). "At the downtown shOPPing center," so (8) IS the correct answer You should mark answer (8) on your answer shee!. 11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 31 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet . 20. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. www.llh,lntfllJlp.!."::On:
  • 39. Part 3 Directions: You will hem some conversations between two people. You will be asked to answer three Questlons abou t wha t the speakers say In each conversation. Select the best response to each qU£lStiOll and mark the leller (A), (8), (C), or (0) on your answer sheet. The conversatJons will be spoken only one lime and will nol be printed in your lesl book. 41. Where are the speakers most likely? lA/ At a shopping mall 1,8) AI a convention center 1(;) AI a local hotel In At a company warel10use 42. What will the woman give Mr. Dyson? '' An Information package 8' A guest list Ie I A name tag ) An operattng manual 43. What does Mr. Dyson inquire about? I', The name of the conference 81 The number of guests '"'., Th e location of an event cD' The dates of Ihe semmar ',I'IW ph,lllir ivrf" 44. Who is the man speaking with? (A) (8) (e) [D) A telephone operator A hotel manager A city tour guide A company chent 45. What is the man unsure ol? IA) The (6) The (C) Tile (0) The name of hiS tour guide hotel's acldress name althe holel date he will be visiting 46. What will the woman most likely do next? (A) Look for other local hotels (8) Check tl1e hotel's faCIlit ies ~C) Make a reservation (D) Connect the call "t ~ • " • • "
  • 40. 47. What did All ie bring? 53. What are the speakers talking about? A mobile phone 0111 11 A gas InVOice Ie An electnclty payment ([II A broken healing sys tem i A l Grilled vegetables 8) Sandwiches ('-, Beel kebabs 10 FrUit 48. What does J im complimenl Allie on? 54. Why does th e man want to make a call? L) Her pretty hvmg room ) To request maintenance slaH (t. , To InqUire about gas rates Ie"' To discuss seulI1g up a new accou nt iOI To ask for an add itional InVOice copy (8) Her lovely allife IC) Her delicious lood (0 ) Her kindness 49. What is Jim doing? 55. What would the woman like the man to do? (AI Grilling beef (S I Cu lling up fruit fel Prepanng cocktail drinks (O) Making desser1 (AI DISCUSS wUh her what he finds out Ir) Ta lk 10 the compa ny about getting a discount IG Help her With tile cost of her gas bill 0, Ask ior belter customer servIce 50. Where is Mario now? ~ A) At a chent's oU ,ce (8) AI Kensmgton Markel I 56. What IS th e woman 's problem? ("'-/ $11e IS late 101 an Important meeting (H) Her e·mall account IS not working ., She misplaced an Important file. (C She wasn't able to fmlsh the proposal. At the post alltce 0) AI the downtown office .) 51. What issue is Mario dealing with? , A I An office renovation b A new contract ~ A delIVery mistake D.' A pnnllng error 52. How does the woman suggest getting in contact with Mario? ,11 By gomg downtown ,8) By writing hun an e-mail Ie) By sending him a fax (0. By calling hiS mobile phone 57. Wllal will Ihe woman do at 1 o·clock tomorrow? q Talk 10 her superviSal !8) Hosl a presentation (L Meet With a chent (0) Contact the tecl)nlCal support learn 58. What will Bill most likely do next? /' 1 Order some office supplies If) Negotiate a new contract I('l Delay a Illeetrng ) Make a phone call 1 44 I·' "11" 111) r.l II P w w w.nhanlnvieLCOfn
  • 41. 59. Why are the speakers going to Toronto? 65. Where does lhe woman work? (A) To attend a confe rence (A) At a university (S) To go 10 a Irade show (B) AI a hospilal (e) To take a vacatIon IC) AI a slatlonary slore (0) To speak with some investors tD) At a recrUiting firm 60. How long will Sue slay in Toronto? 66. Who does the woman want 10 speak to? (A) For one nigl1l (AI Store manager (8) For two nights (C) For three nlghls (0) For lour nights (8) Sales representative (C) Vice·presldenl 10) Secrelary ~ • 61 . What does Sue suggest the man do? • 0 67. What will Ihe woman probably do? w (A) Go to the trade show on Thursday (8) Res t before the presentation (A) Leave a message on Luke Newberry's phone Ie) Speak with hiS travel agency (0) Make a reservation soon (8) Complain to the store manager (C) Order the bUSiness cards somewhere else (0) Speak 10 another sales representative 62. What time are dinner reservations? (A) 7:45 (8) 8:00 Ie) 8:15 (0) 8:30 68. Who most likely are the speakers? (A) BUSiness parlners (8) Contractors (C) Repair workers 63. What does the man say about Frank? (AI He's away on vacat ion. (8) He's unable to make It. (0) Neighbors 69. What problem do Tim's neighbors have? (C) He's meeling II"rem lor dinner. (AI They have no electricity. (D) He's working tale. (8) Their ca r was sioten. (C) Their air conditioner has slopped working. 64. Wily will the woman come late to the meeting? (0) Their house IS on fi re . Al She has 10 walt tor a delivery lBl She has 10 park her car. [C) She has to make a pl10ne call. (0) Slle has 10 IInlsh her 'Norte 70. What needs to be repaired? (A) The driveway (8) The window (e) The power lines (0) Tile fireplace wwwnhan{:iYII?t.con1 , u.,I I ~·~· ".' 45 1
  • 42. Part 4 Direction s: You WIll hear some Shalt talks givell by a single speaker. You win be asKed to answer three questions about what ttle speaker says In each short talk. Seleci the besl response 10 each questton and mark Ihe letter (A), (8). (C). or (D) on your answer sl1eet. The talks wUl be spoken only one lime and WIll nOI be printed in your test book. 71 . Who is the message most likely directed at? (A) Website designers (8) Professional accountants (C) Irisl1 sludents (0) Bank customers 74. What is the purpose of this radio announcement? (A) To inform people 01 a city event B} To advertise a new project (C) To announce the closure of a park (D) To arrange a city counCil conference 72. What is inferred about the organization's employees? (A) TI1ey are curren tly on lunch break. 'BJ They are attending to other customers. ~C) They are presently not working. (0) They are working at another branch ofllce. 73. What information can customers obtain from 75. From when will 51. Paul Street be closed to vehicles? (A) November 9 (8) November 10 (e) Novembe, 12 0) Next weekend 76. Whal should people do if Ihey have the website? (A) A list of new available products (8) A I'SI 01 company employees questions? (Al Send an c-mail to the mayor IS) Fax the city council IC) Cost oflhe GOmpany"S producls (C) Calilhe tourrsm ofiice {OJ E-mailihelf local police department rO) The branch location and address ·vWW
  • 43. 77. What type of event is being hetd? A sportlllg event " A thealncal perlOfmance A concen An awards ceremony f. 7B. What will g uests be doing at nex t month's charity event? listening to an orchestra DanCIng S.nglng ! Making speeches 83_ What is the an nouncemen t about? /) Vacam posillOns In a company (B) A new financial report rei HIring a new employee 10) Ways 10 enhance global marke ting 84_ How long did Ms. Reynolds work at The Optic Group? lA, 3 years IB) 4 years (e) 5 years ~ • • (0) 6 years 0 w 79_ What will happen immediately aller lunch ? Award wmners Will be announced . (h) A dance performance will take place. ,f Speecl1es are scheduled to begin Photograplls will be taken {q 85_ Where is the main office of Jones & BUl'vel1 Consulting? (A) Madn,l (8, London (e) Los Angeles 101 SeaUie BO. What is suggested about Thompson 's 86_ Why did the speaker leave a message? wristwatches? '. They are inexpensive. They are manufactured In They are sty lish 01 They can be ordered online. I( Bt What gift is be ing offered? (AI To give d irections to a new reslaUlanl 18) To talk 10 her boss about the new clients (e) To Intorm her colleagues Ihal she Will be lale (D) To lellil er coworkers about a new contract /I" A set oi pens 87. What was scheduled for one o'clock? ,r A new pair of shoes A leather bnefcase l('j A pair of sunglasses fA) A lunch meeling (8) A mllslcal performance (C) A chent's presentation B2. Whal shou ld people do 1] 10 receive a g.lI? :.D) A meeting among coworkers Make a phone call I,) Con tact a store manager 88. Where is the speaker calling from? V,sll the company website (AI The office Wnle a leHer (6) A reslaurant (ei Her home (0) A hospital "'~'III;d rt..,1 j t 47 1
  • 44. 89. What did the speaker decide at a young age? fA) What profession he wanted to work In (8) What university 1 wanted to attend 18 (C) What city '1e wanted to live in (0, Whal Kind of fnends 1 liked 1e 95. Who most likely is the speaker? (A) A tlavel agent lS) A hotel clerk Ie) An airline pi iol (0) A sales representative 96. What city has been added 10 Barbara's 90. Wha t did the speaker do al age twenty· five? {A He taught politics al a university. (0) He became school president. (e) He me t a famous pohHclan D I He slarted playing spons. 91. How many regulations did the speaker itinerary? (AI Calgary lS) Honolulu (CI Los Angeles (0) Chicago 97. Why would the speaker like Barbara to introduce? contact him? fAI Twenty (AI To the difference III Ihe ticket prrce ill) Twenty·five Ie) Thirty In) Forty dISCUSS (8) To arrange transporta tion to Ihe ai rport (C) To confirm IIle locahon ot a meeling 10) To talk abOi l1 a hotel bookin g 92. Who most likely is the speaker addressing? If') (81 (CJ (D) College professors New employees Technical support siall Department managers 98. Where most likely is the talk taking place ? (/1) In a hotel lobby (8) In a convention hall te) In a manufactUring facilily (D) In a radio siudio 93. Why are not many employees taking cou rses? A) They believe that they are 100 expenSive (81 They Ihlnk that Ihe courses are bonng. (C) They see no advantages In laking lI1em. (0) H1ey are unaware thai the courses are ollered. 99. What topic is Ms. Dupont speaking aboul? (II) Healthy lifestyle 8) Training doctors (C) Traveling 111 France (D) Presentation skills 100. What has Ms. Dupont been invited to do? 94. What has Ihe speaker suggested the company do? Ai Hold lhe COlllses 111 the company olilces 18 Make Ihe classes manda tory 101 all staff Ie) Hire more profeSSional slaff f 0) Implemen t a techillcal supparI learn I Ai Wrfte a medica l Journal article (B~ DeSign a new Irall11119 program Ie) J01l1 a medical profeSSional group (OJ Open her own pr.::!cttce
  • 45. rr "l ·.... ww nh,lf'll!l'I(:'I.COm I,:, the ena Df the Listenlllg test.
  • 46. Listening T EST In the LIstening lesl. you will be asked to demonstrate how weU you understand spoken English. The entire Listening test will lasl approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts , and directions are given for each part . You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. 00 nol write your answers In the lesl book . Part 1 Directions; For each question in Ihis part. you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear Ihe statements, you must select the one statement Ihal best describes what you see in the pIcture . Then filld Ihe number 01 the question on your answer sheet and ma rk your answer. The statements will not be printed in your lest book and wi ll be spoken only one lime. Exa mple Sample Ans w er '!Y ® . C!> Statement (C), "He IS writing in a notebook ,8 Is the best description 01 the pICture. so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet. www.nhanuiviet.cClm
  • 47. 1. 2. I I/W ,l lhanlriviel.COI11 .klu:II·!'l·", f) I 5t J
  • 48. 3. 4. www.nhantliviet.con'
  • 49. 5. 6. '{w.nh<lnlrivrl' _'UII,11 1'1" "1 53 1
  • 50. 7. 8.
  • 51. 9. 10. .'IWW nhantfivie[.com .1.1 55 I
  • 52. Part 2 Directions . You wJiI hear a quest~on or stalemem and three responses spoken In English. TIley will be spoken only one lime and will not be prin ted In your lesl book. Select the best response to Ihe question or slalernerll and mark the letter (A). (8), or (C) on your answer shee!. Example Sa mple Answer You will hear You will also hear Where did you buy your M? A • ~ Nexlliml:: we'll do better AI the downtown shopping center We'll move to a new building soon. The best response 10 the quesl~on ' Where did you buy your lie?" IS ct,olce (8), "At lhe downtown shopping cenler,~ so (8) IS the correct answer . YOI) should mark answe, (8) on your answer sheet. 11 . Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 26. Mark your answer on YOllr answer sheet. 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17- Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 33. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 35. Mark your answer on you r answe r sheet. 21. Mark your answer on you r answe r sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answe r on your answer shee!. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 40 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. wwwnhantnvielcom
  • 53. Part 3 Directions: You will hear some conversations between two people. You win be asked to answer three GueslIons about what the speakers say in each conversation . Select the best response to each question and mark the leiter (A) , (B), (C), or (0) on your answer shee!. The conversations will be spoken only one time and will nol be printed in your lesl book. 41. Why is the woman going to the cell phone store? (A) To purchase a new phone IB) To call New York Ie) To buy a pllone baltery (0) To have her phone fixed 42. How willlhe woman gel to New York? IA) By plane fB) By company car lei By bus 10) By Irain 13. What does the man suggest the woman do? (A) Visit clients in New York (8) Create an expense accOLmt Ie) Keep a copy of t1er bills (0) Attend a conference 44. Where does thi s conversation probably take place? (A) At a receptionist's desk IB) In a manufacluring planl Ie) AI a lechnology exhibit (0) In an eleclronics store ~t a " • • • ; 45. What floo r is Mr. Kline's office on? IA) (B) Ie) (0) Thircl Fourth Fiflh Sixth 0 46. Why does the man want to meet with Mr. Kline? (A) He would like to purchase a product. (B) He wants to implement new trainmg programs. (C) He is looking lor a jOb. (0) He wants to sell some merchandIse. cg.I.~I""'iil4~3lkirrl( .·I'AV.nhaOII ivlete om , HI.,! TI'''! U.j 57 1
  • 54. ~ , L .C ,..... >;{ , 47. Where most likely does this conversation lake place? (A At an oUiee bUilding t At a restaurant Ie) At a furmture store (0) At a vegetable market 53 . When did the man receive the shirt? 1,1 Yesterday /81 Two days ago ICI A week ago ID' Two weeks ago 54. What is inferred aboullhe shirt? 48. Why was the woman worried? A) The collee pot was broken. (8) The employees were complaining. r, C) They had 100 many customers (A) I1lsn'llhe r.ghl Size, I Bl It IS very expensive (el It has a de/eel. (0 ) 11 is a popular colOI'. (Dl There was nol enough bread. 55. What does the woma n ask the man for? 49. What will the man probably do next? Help a customer 'A) HIS phone number (B) Slice some bread 8) The original bd l (( ) A copy of his invoice (C, Move a few tables (1 J The shipment date (J) D) Arrange a meeting 56. What are the speakers discussing? 50. What are the speake rs talking about? fA) Where they will get marned 81 What they will do In the evening C I Who they will inVite to the party (OJ How Ihey WIU gel to the hotel 111 The delivery 01 some papers fS ) Hiring a new assistant (e) Misaddressed envelopes (D) A compa ny's sales report 57. Who is Ms. Green? 51. W ho is (he celebration for? {A Judi's parents IB) A colleague (e, Barry's fnend 0) A local caterer (A, A mall room employee (8 J A sates representative IC) A seerelary of Ms Ughlen's (0 : A postal worker 58. What will the man most likely do next? 52. What will Judi most likely do next? (A) Ship a couple of packages I A VISit her parents (6) Older some fde folders i B Make a dinner reservalton IC, Deliver the packages to Ms. Llgllten fL Contact hel clients 10) Dnve to the lake 0) E·mall Ms. Llgllten the Illes , vww.n Ilii III riv}."
  • 55. 59. Where is the file? u On a desk f~ In a meeting room I( I In a trlmg cabinet I} In the sales office 60. What specific files does Il1e man wish to 65. Who most likely is the woman? tA) A contractor (8 ) A ciesigner l e i A company owner D) An event planner 66. Why were the renovations delayed? see? (A) Some supplres were delivered late IA New product lis lings (B) The or/Ice bUilding was locked d3 Sales stall performance resu lt s <":1 The boardroom layout (C) The shiPPing cornpany closed. (0) The team was busy with another prolect. )) The company's assets 67. What does the woman expect to do in 61. October? IA Hire a new team (Bl Open tl1e 01llce5 ,C- Create sates Iralnlflg courses (el Plan a party ," ,2. What does the woman suggest? 1 I Meet Jack In Ihe boardroom ,H) Call a meeting will1 Ihe start I D) Receive 11m supplies Discount the company's products Where does the woman work? A financial institution 68. What are tile speakers talking about? (/1 The local Ion of a bUSlOess trip ,131 An Internel provider (r) Tile resu lt s of a ma rketing su rvey ( (C1 An employee's attendance at a A shiPPing company D A marketing company conference ~D) Notes trom a recent convention 63. What is the purpose of the nlan's call? ft,} To ask for' Ihe company s services 69. Where is Josh? , To cancel a bUSlOess meellng (l [n hiS o lflce To request a lob Interview J To promote a new product B) On vacalto n (C'j In a restauranl '0) In a meeting 64. What does tl19 woman request? A~ The company's account numbers 70. What does the woman say she will do? ~ he [ 1The name of the man 's frrm (/) Reschedule ;1 The company's location U The name 01 the finanCial institution (8) Go over IIle repOIls with Josh Ie conference Mect Josh at Ihe airport I DJ Have a coworker update JoSh ."' • " " • g 0
  • 56. I~ LC. (', ~J L . Part 4 Directions: You will hear some short talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about wllat the speaker says in each short talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the leller (A). (8), (C), Of (0) on your answer sheel. The talks will be spoken only one lime and will not be pnnted tn your leSI book. 71. What Ihe purpose of Ihe message? tA) To request some Information IS (8) To repon a mistake (e) To arrange a meeting (D) To deliver an Item 72. What probably happened to Kelly Sanders? A) She lost her records. (B) She didn 't conlact her doctor. Ie) SM took blood tests. (0) She missed her appoin tment. 73. What is the calier waiting for? fA) Hospital forms 181 Test results lC) A paymenllnvolce (0) A medical prescription 74. Who most likely is the spea ker? IAI A tour guide (8) A cons truction worker (e) An in terior deSIgner (0) A 91ft shop attendant 75. How does the masler bedroom differ from the oth er rooms? (A) II was decorated flrsl. (9) illS mucl, bigger than the others. (C) It looks more nlocJern. (D) It has 1110re furni tu re. 76. What was the cause of the delay in the design of the room? IA) Mr. Jenkins was (B) Mr. Jenkins was (C) Mr. JenkinS was (0) Mr. Jenkins was depressed. starting a new bUSiness. lackmg money. on vacation. www.n hantfl viet.<ol
  • 57. 77. What does the spea ker say about Beauty 83. Whe re most likely is the announcement First products? being made? (A) AI a radio station A They heal irritated skin. ,P They are not harmful. tel They contain chemicalS (D) They are expenSIve 78. What item was Andrea Vector previously '13, At a concert hall ee) AI a film studio (0) At a conference center 84. experienced in? IAi IT products l/) The sl10w IS being recorded . (B) The pertormance IS beIng photographed IB) Cl01l11ng iel Make'up ([II Ie) Tile show is being broadcast live. (DJ The Irghts are 100 dun. Hair products 79. What will Andrea Vector discuss? Why is the audience told not 1 lake 0 pictu res? 85. ;AJ Instructions lor uSing her produc ts (8) The advantages of skin care (C, Promotional ec1mpaigns .,t According to the announcement. what IS Ihe audience asked to do? (A) Stand in line (B) Present thei r llckets 0) The creation of a beauty produc t " ~ ~ ~ (CI Turn 011 cell phones (01 Remain seated 80. What service does the com pany provide? "I Web design B) Home construction C) Cteanmg services ID) Intenor design 86. Who is this announcement intended tor ? (AI MeteorologIsts t,8) Pedestrians (C) Car drovers (D) Road construCtion workers 81 . What is the advantage in choosi ng Design Depot? (AI Compelilive pnces 8J Unique products (C) Free home delivery fIJI Prompt consultallon 87. Wha t has caused the change In the Iype 01 precipitation? I ~.) Cloudy skies (8) Water waste (C) All pOilu lIon (0, Lower lemperalU1es 82. How can customers meet with a designer? By calling a number 1f3) By visiling the slo re (/ I r I By lollIng ou l a lonm 10' By sending a lax 88. W hat does Ihe report suggest? lAI Drive on main mads 18 Slay home Ie I Remain In publiC areas (0) Usc public transportation 1<,1·::1,.;': Jt~3m,I" Wl'lw.nh,ln:T iviet.( om 'dll.l1 . 'I 61 I
  • 58. 89. Why is Jesse planning to celebrate? (A) (E5) (C) (0) She wi ll complete a proJect. She is opening a new restaurant She received a promotion. She IS gOing on a top to Italy . 90. What is Jesse unsure about? 95. Why did Mr. Lee contact Ms. Slayer? (A) To obtain some inJormatlon (8) To cancel a presenter (C) To IIwlte her to an event (D) To order a projector 96. What did Mr. Lee suggest about the even t? (A) Who she will 111vile to dinner (A) He l1as cancelled Ille guest spp.aker. (8) Which restaurant they will go to (8) He can arra nge a larger location. (e) He wil l not be able to altend. le) What time they ea t dinner ID) Where they should meet W ill 91. What will Jesse and her group probably do afterwa rds? (A) Go 1 drinks 01' (8) Plan the repo~ (e) Go shopping (D) ReseNe a lable 0) He cannot set up lIle eqUIpment. 97. What had Ms. Slayer requested? I A) A bOllle of wale l (B) A computer Ie) A new presenler 10) A projector 98. What did the survey show? 92. What is Ih e subject of the news report? (A) A national park (8) A local zoo Ie) CommerCial products (A) More people are watching teleVision (8) Viewers enjoy commercials. (C) People are staying longer at the Of lice 10) The number oi programs IS decreasmg. (0) Landscaping land 99. What does the speaker suggest is the 93. According to the speaker. what does Algonqui n National Park have? fA) Unique rock forma tions (8) A 1 of different animals 01 (el Unusual potted plants reason for the change? fA) The raltngs have con tinued to Increas-e. (6) More people l"lave Joined the workforce (C) Viewers t1ave become more social. (0) The number of programs has mcreased. (0) Beauli ful wate rfalls 94. What do some people expect will happen? (A) The Wildlife will relocate. (8) It Will increase local business. ~) New homes will be bUilt. (0) They will change their mindS. 1 62 1·.I'On" ll1' I' IU~1 100. According to the speaker, what have some companies lowered? (IX) The number of programs all'ed (8) The number ot company employees (C) The number of advertlsernen ts shown (0) The number of nelworks
  • 59. This ';'.'I, IS the end of the Listening test
  • 60. Listening TEST In the Listening tes!. you will be asked 1 demonstrate how welt you understand spoken English. The 0 entire listening test will last approximately 45 minut es. There are lour parts. and directions are given for each part . You must mark your answers on the sepa rate answer sheet. 00 nol write your answers in the test book . Part 1 Directions: For each question in th is part . you will hear four statements about a picture in your tesl book. When you hear Ille statements , you must selecl the one statement thaI best describes what you see in the picture . Then lind the number 01 the queslion on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statemen ts will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one lime. Examp le Sample Answer (~® . {.g Statement (C). "He is writing in a notebook," Is the best description of the picture. so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet.
  • 61. 1. 2. I 'H .nh.m I ri' iet.( orn ,t·tlJ~11 T('SI 0.'1 65 1
  • 62. 3. 4. 1 66 El:{mOIlW u: H~,o(l .
  • 63. 5. 6. ¢.I·tlJl.Id(¥, ;,jitrat ·,' ,{'lIl.ll l c:-l II.:; 67 1
  • 64. 7. 8. 1 68 1-t·"nIJIII 1.( IUHI W'IV' Ilhantl
  • 65. 9. 10. ~ - ~,VI nh.j/l l riVJ'.>t.'om '
  • 66. Pa rt 2 Direction s: You wUl hear a questIOn or statement and three responses spoken tn Enghsh . They WIll be spoken only one lime and will nol be pnnled in your les l book. Selecl the besl response 10 the questIon or statement and mark the leller (A). (B), or (C) on your answer sheel, Exampl e You wilt hear: You will also hear: Sample Answer Where did you buy your lIe? J• • ~ A) Nexillme we'll do beuer (B) AI the downlown shopping center Ie, We'll move to a new building soon , n'e best response to the queslion shoPPing center," so (8) 1$ ~Where did you buy your lie?" IS chofce (B). aAI the downtown the COffeel answer. You should mark answer (8) on your answer sheel. 11 . Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheel. 12. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark you r answer on your answer shee!. 13. Mark your answe r on your answe r sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 16. Mark your answer on you r answe r sheet. 31 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21 . Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 36. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on you r answe r sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answe r on your answe r sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet 25. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. /7 0 EmIl!IIUI'l.l )lno www.nhal1 triviel con
  • 67. Part 3 Directio ns: You will hear some conversations between two people. You will be asked to answer three QlleSltOns about what the speakers say tn each conversatIOn Seleci the best response to each queslion and mark the leller (AI. (6). (C), or (0 ) on your answer sheet. The conversations will be spoken only one lime and wilt not be printed in your leSI book. 41. Who is Ihe man buying 10(1 IA) His children (8) A close friend Ie) HIS cousin I m A coworker 42. What time does the store open on 44. Where most likely are the speakers? lA) In a mllseum (8) At an auditorium box office Ie Al a store checkout 10) In a shoppIng mall 45. What is the purpose of the man's visit? Salurdays? (A) To buy Irckets to a performance IA) EIght o'clock (8) To return an unwanted item IB) NIne o'clock lC) To purchase an airline ticket (D~ To Invite a friend to a concert Ie) Eleven o'clock 0) ,t [ Twelve o'clock • " 46. What section did the man originally want? 43. What would the customer like the 0 ~ (A) Seclion A salesperson 10 do? (B) Sechon B tAl Provide a dIscount 18) Put aside an Hem at the stofe (e, Open the store earlier (C) Section C (0) Sect ion D to) Exchange an ilern ie.I·~ti"'';''t~Ytmtf. W'iW .nll antrivlE' t .(on I ,"IU;.d "1"1 ~I 11.", 71 I
  • 68. 47. What will the man do for the woman? fA) Meel a new client 'B Send some files CI Speak with Sam (0 ) Find an a-mail address 48. What does the woman have to do with the new clien ts? AI She mu st send them an e-mail. 53. What will probably happen in the afternoon? The financo department will be working late I The compuler network Will shut down. j C. ) The fmanclal reports Will be distributed 10 employees. tr'JAn important meeting Will be held. 54. What did the woman do last montt)? Attended a social func tion )) Worked on a computer Virus 6) She musl send them able. rl She must Sign a new contract (t'l She must S81 up a meeting I Hired a new director Installed new locks 49. What does the man say about the new company pOlicy? ,X) A director must attend a new chellt meeting. 'R, E-mail addresses muSI be listed on the contact sheet. ... ) Supervisors must be Introduced to new cllenl s. 10) Files must be sent bye-malt 0 a supervisor 0 50. Why is the woman going 1 New York? (A) To give a presentation B To meet With a clienl (.;) To vlsllthe sights IDI To attend a bllslIless conference 51. What time wi ll the woman arrive at the station? IAj AI 30'clock IS'r AI 4 o'clOCk (C) AI 5 o'clock 10 ) AI 6o'clock 52. Wha t will the woman do while she is waiting? IAJ Eat dtnner !(3) ReView her notes Ie.) Schedule a meeting Work on a presentation 55. What does the woman suggest the man do? Manage the chams more poli tely J Get help to comple te the reports Work In her olllet? 10 complete the report Submll the reports to the board 56. What are the speakers discussing? A Submil1ing a budget report 18 Compleltng financial stalements I -, Arranging a business Inp 0 New York rn I Working overtime 57. What does the woman say about the finance department? They haven ', returned I"ler calls . , [. They I"laven't completed the work They aren't Walking velY hard r The director '1as on a bUSiness trip _ 58. What will ihe woma n probably do next? I She will contact someone rn New York (t..) SI18 Will tell the director 10 cancellhe meeting Il l Si1e 'NIH tell finance to change the ir work plan. I [) She Will move to another clepartment to, wwwnhi'l' II rlV rC' .(OIJ'
  • 69. 59. Where will the convention be held? 65. What are the speakers talking about? IA) Singapore (A) Changing a conference da te 10) Chicago (B) A place to host a convention Ie) Toronlo (C) Meellngs wltl1 eirents (0) Plans for a conference (01 Miami 60. What does th e man say about Singapore? 66. Wha t is the man currently working on? ') He wenllhere on Ilis lasl vacallon . (8) Thele are ma ny places to visIt. Ie) The ai rfare IS (1) (8) FlIlish mg reports lor the convention expenSive (C) Confirming the number of guests (1 I TIckets are not availabl e. 61. According to the man, what difficulty do (0) DecId ing the loca hon of Ihe conventton 67. Why is the woman concerned? many people experience in Singapore? (1',) ~) ContactIng the conference presenters (A) Th ey have not invi teel enough guests Weather condllions (8) Tl1e list ca nnot be fou nd, Accommodation (C) They will not have enough lime to prepa re. (e) Transportallon ')) Language barners ',0) T I1e confe rence schedu le has changed ~t ~ ~ 62. What are the speake rs talking about? 68. Where do the speakers most likely work? (A) W hem 10 buy a computer IA) An office supplies sto re 8) W hen to access the cornpw er network (B) A consu ltfflo Il rm Ie) Where to store compute r fIles (C) An IT company (D) A pubtish;ng com pany [DI Hov-.' 10 receive electronic documen ts 63. What ooes the man svggest they oo? IA) Call an externa l IT finn 8) Hire a new IT technical assis tant 69, What (ioes the man inteno to Jinish by next Tuesday? 1'-'1 Reduce the number of files stored (A) tnsta ll some soiCwa re (B) Creale a network to, Upgrade (C) Register some complain ts the computer ne twork (0) Purchase some equ ipmen t 64. What department will most tikely help the man? 70. What is the woman's problem ? tAl Human resources (A) Slle can'l access the websil e ,PI Accounting fC) Ma(ketlng (B) She has many meetings to attend 01 Information technology (e) She doesn't know ho"." to Install the prog ram , (0) She lost Ihe In ternet company's con tact J1u mber, ';1'.'1'/ I , tl,,"IIIYU~ I , ... nrll • • 0 •
  • 70. Part 4 Direction s: You will hear some shon talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked 1 answer 0 three questions abou1 what the speaker says III each shor1 talk. So!ect the besl response to each question and mark Ihe letter (A) , (8). (C), or (0 ) on your answer shee!. The talks will be spoken only one lime and will not be ponted In your test book 71. What is bei ng adve rt ised? (A! Digital cameras (13) Professional photography Cl Hol iday movIes rDI EleClronlCS exhIbItion 74. What should th e customer do to set up an Internet connection? Press two on the telephone (8 Press nine on t/1e telephone I C) V,slt the website lA"t )) Visil a store locallon 72. What group does the advertisemen t focus on? (') Families fB I Professional photog raphers (C) Office workers (01 Students 75. How long will Zodiac coupons be ava ilable on the website? IA) Only today (8 For the next two weeks It::;) For SIX months iDI Unlll December 73. Where is G ibby's Electronics located? (II, On tile hIghway (B} In 1I1e electron ics district (Cl Downtown (D) Next to the market 76. Where can the customer use Zodiac coupons? (A) On the website (8) At a Zodiac store (e l At any electronics slore (0) ft.t the customer service center 14 7 j.,'f111"I1V 1.1.. 11.01 www.ntIJntrivll?t.(Olf·
  • 71. 77. What is this seminar about? 83. What IS needed at Ihe lime of installation? Increasing overseas bUSiness Improvlflg customer ! ela tions I l IA} Photo Identlflcation IBl Pay",enl Creatrng a new eeparlrnefll J Developing a company website 78. What should employees do alter reading the company policies? D,scuss the policies I, Wnw the policies down on paper .( f Correct the grammatical errors ,r Share then Ideas wltn the group 79. Wllere does this talk lake place? 11 a tralnmg seSSion • AI a restauran t '_1 At a Job IntervIew I On a webSIte r) An order pacl<age (n, A technical aSsistant 84. Approximately how long does the installation process take? AI Twenty-five minutes tBJ Half an hour 'e) One hour DJ Two I)ours 85. What happens if you are not present for the Installation? (AI You are nOI perm llted (0 enter the home. (m You must make another apPoIntment ie, You must cancel your subscnptlon. rn) You must reg lstor online. B O. To whom is the speaker add ressing ? I Real eSlale agents I Investors Apartment tenants Olflce workers 0 86. What is Dr. Robertson 's profess ion? IA She IS a rnoliv2110na l speakeI' (8' She is an Intemallonal financial analyst (C I She is an environmental researcher. 87. What will Or. Robertson lalk about? They are completely IUlnrshed ,0) Her research group's need lor hnanclng They each have balconies. Most 01 Ihem have already femed .r B) The besl methods for conduCli r"lg group researCh Thev have a popular and common C I The benefIts at rnlernal lonal research deSign collaboration [) Ways 10 reduce the harmful effects on 2. What will Ihe group do atter the tour? tbe environment Fin iSh the cans lruci lon Have lunch ~ ~ ,j l. Whal does 1I1e speaker say about Ihe A e ~ ([) Sile works for an elecillclly p!'Ovidef. oH ices? ~t 88. What will happen after the speech? Attend a speech tAl Participants wrll eat lunell Fill oul a form fB) Delegates Will wnle a repon (C I Questions can be asked. (D) 01. Robertson Will sign autographs . ( ... .
  • 72. 89. What is the reason for the caU? (Al To confirm the customer's address td) To notify the customer 01 an order problem Ie) To receive paymen t for the pll(ctlase to, To purchase office equipment 95. What the pu rpose of the meeting? (".1 To talk about new chen I accounts (R) To announce a new finance policy (C) To Introduce new employees IS tD} To speak about overspending 96. What is part-tim e staff expected to receive? 90. What does Il1e caller offer Mr. Underwood? (A) To deliver the equipment herself 113) To lei 111m use a comparable pnnter (Cl To provide hUll wi th additional software (0, To give Ilim a discount on his order (A) Cash bonus (81 Less responsibility (C) More work hours rD) Credit cards 97. When should employees contact HR? 91. What will be delivered to Mr. Underwood on Thursday? IAI General office supplies (13) Computers [C) Prrnter cables (0) A computer networking system (A) By the end of Ihis week (B) The beginning of next week (e) By }he end of the month (O) The beginning of next month 98. What is Irene phon ing about? 92. What is the purpose of this speech? IAI To introduce tile presenters (8) To invite guests to dinner (e) To cance l future pedormances (01 To celebrate an opening ceremony 93. How many performances are scheduled over the next tew months? {,l.~ Five f£l} Six (C) Elghl (DJ Ten 94. What can audience members do during the break? 11'', Take photos (8) Use their cell phones (AI A Ie 51 resul t 1.13) A request for blood donations (e) A job opportunity I D) An upcoming apPolnunenl 99. What should Jemma bring wi th her to the appoiolmenl? tA) 8) (C) 101 A credit card The results of her tests Her 11eallh card A photo of l1er lamily 100. When will Jemma find out about her test resu lts? ,) Tomorrow /8) Wlltlin a week tel Within two weeks (0) Witt1in a manU, (C) Meet the periormers I-jave a drink m, 1 76 1:('H'III1' It 1f~~1 " .'WW ,n hoJ n t r IW(>I.(om
  • 73. ~his IS ~he ",':W ,nha n{rivi end of the Listening test. ,khml '1"('.. 1 tIS 77 1
  • 74. Listening TEST In the Listening test. you will be asked 10 demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire listening lest Will last approxima tely 45 minutes . There are four pans. and directions are given for each part . You must mark your answers on the separate answer shee!. Do not wrile your answers in the lest book. Part 1 Directions : For each question In this pall. you will hear fou r statements about a picture in you r test book. When you hear the statements, you must select Ihe one sla temenllhat besl describes what you see in lhe picture. Then find Ihe number of Ihe quesllon on yOUt answer sheet and mark your answer. The s tatements Will nol be printed In you r lesl book and Will be spoken only one tIn'e. Example Sample Answer ~ Statement (C). M .s 'mling in a He notebook, ~ , 1 I' t ~ • 0 is Ihe best description of the picture, so you should select answer (C) and mark li on your answer sheet . " l a
  • 75. 1. 2. t., ',,',w.nhi,ln(r''lct. :om ,t II 79
  • 76. 3. 4. www.nhan (li·Jjet.cOI
  • 77. 5. 6. .'NI.nhan tflvi m
  • 78. 7 , 8. R www.nhan[riviet.cQI
  • 79. 9. 10. ,~.'ll1h,1tllrlVU!t (om
  • 80. Part 2 Dl recllon s: You will hear a queslian or slmement and Ihree responses spoken in English . They will be spoken only one lime and will nol be printed In your tesl book. Seleel the best response to tne quesllon or stalem ent and mark the letler (AI, (8 ), or (C) on your answer sheet. Exampl e Sample Answer You will hear. You will also hear~ Where did you buy your he? IAI Nexlllme weill do A. • C beU~r. (6 Altha dovnto'm shOpping center. (C, We'll move to a new bunding soon. The besl response to the Quaslian ~ Where did you buy your li e?~ IS chOice (9). "At the downtown shopping cenler,M so (8 ) IS the correct answer. You should marl< answe r (8) on yow answer sheet 11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 29 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer shee t. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer 0/1 you r answer sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer shee t. 32. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your a nswer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet 20. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark you r answer on you r answer sheet. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. www.nllantn·,.,.I.(O
  • 81. Part 3 Directi ons : You will hear some conve rsations between two people. You will be askecl to answer th ree questions about what the speakers say in each conversation . Select the best response to each question and mark the leller (A), (8), (C), or (0) on you r answer sheet. The conversations will be spoken only one lime and Villi nol be pnnted In your lesl book. 41. Why has th e man not purchased his ticket yet? j ~l He's waiting to schedule a meeting . 44. What are the speakers talking about? (A) Making a presentation (B) GOing out socially (B) The trains are under repair. (C) Gelling a discoun t al the caletena Ie (0) Prepanng appetizers The lickets are sold oul. D Some routes have been cancelled 45. What did the man do yesterday afternoon? 42. When does U1e woma n suggest Ihe man go? (A) Worked on a presentation tAl Sunday (B) Had a meetmg with some clients I~I (e) Went out with some coworkers Monday C Tuesday (0) Attended a company t~U)cl1eon t_ D Wednesday 46. When will the speake rs meet? 43. What is the man planning 1 do on Monday? 0 Fly to Denver )1 Auend a training program ,.. Go on a holiday (A) 6:00 , (B) 6 :30 ~ " • • g (C) 7:00 (0 7:30 (D Have a meeting w"w nh, lnl(ivl(;t.torn ,clllal T..-"I "1) 8 s1
  • 82. 53. What does the woman want to do? 47. Where are the speakers? AI At a prese ntatIon (A Go to ChIcago (BJ Leave ea rty Ie) Work late ,J I Arnve early tomorrow (8) In an office bu ilding C) Al a flnanClal lnslltullon to In a post office 48. What does the woman suggest they do? 11 Stay and wall In line 8) Post pone the presentation lei Ca ll the director (0) Ret urn agam later A He can help wltl, the repon . (O He will contact the chen t In Chicago. (C) He will arrive late tomOHQW morn ing. (0) He can answer 1I1e phone. 49. What is the woman concerned about? IAI II a report 51)e asked for is ready 81 Whe re the meeting will be held " If the meeting room IS 1 small 00 )) What time the presentation 54. What does the man say about Trevor? W l rt begi n 50. What will most likely happen on Wednesday? f' The man will go nome early. 8; The man wIll be Intelvlewed by Mr Franklin The man W Ill read an accounting book. ,n, The man will change depal1ments. 55. What did the man do today? (A.J Flnls l'led the report 'B Spoke with hiS cllen (C) Contacted Trevor (0) VIsited ChIcago 56. Where did Adam stay in Las Vegas? '" I In a holel I.BI HIS cousin's l10use ( , In an express bus In a small Inn 57. When did the woman go to Las Vegas? (~ 51 . What does 111e woman suggest the man do? Go home early to prepare for a meeting l I VISII the accounhng department ! Buy Mr. Franklin breakfast 0) Altend a training session Last week (8 Last month ago " Six monthsago iO) Two years 58. How did Adam mostly spend his vacation? (A) FIshIng 52. What will the woman probably do next? (AJ Interview an appl icant r Speak with Mr Franklin C VISII the accountIng department lO Give the man a book lor refe rence 1 86 ! " 11"lm Il HII.lI (BI Gamblrng (C) Visiting illS pa rents 101 Relaxmg al home Nww.nh ' lIllr IVIt':I.(Om
  • 83. 9. Why are drinks nol included with lunch anymore? -hey lost one 01 therr main supplier!' There IS a coHee shop nearby. ) Not many people drink .;:olfee. Tile company is trying to saVQ money 65. How did the man learn abou l lhe posi tions? A HIS fnend IS In the HR department 8' He saw an ad In the paper C) He was searchIng their website. (0) He conmcted Ille markellng d,VIsion. 66. Why would Ihe man like to work in 60. What is the man 's concern? I GOUlg to a ncarby cafe Looking for a new Job PaYIng 101 a drink Sendmg In a complalnl 6!. Why does Ihe woma n recommend Ihe coffee shop? ., 1.;1 11 involves a lo t of trainlilg. (0 1 He has experience In Ihal field . 67. What wHl the man probably do next? (AJ VISit anothe r company , Her iriend owns the shop The company pays for lhe bill 1 he coUee tastes fresh The~1 marketing? He can make a 101 of money. 0, He has a frrend In Ihal divIS1Or). ,8) Wllte out hiS resume (e o Walt for an Interview Con tact the markellng dlVISIOl1 offer discount cards. ttl 68. Who most likely is lhe man? 62. What are the speakers talking about? ) Ashlpmem A document I Horne l umlsl11ngs J A colleague (/) A park supervisor 18, A real estate agent IC. A financial analyst (0) An olfice receptionist e , ~ ~ 0 ~ 69. Why would 1119 woman like to rush the 03. Why is Grace Cameron unavailable? She Isn·1 In Ihe office today. 1 She IS on vacation. ., She is in a rneelmg. f She is away al lunch pu rchase? (t., She IS Interested 10 jOlnlOg the team /8) Her office building IS expenSIve. (C) Her company IS launching an advertlsmg ca mpaign soon 0, She would liKe to be closer 10 home 64. What does the woman offer to do? ~) E-mail It to Grace 1 Fax II to her boss Sign the form Make a copy 70. What will determine Ihe selling price? (I) The number of people Inlelested In the space Ie.) Whelher or nOI the seller IS willing to sell rei Ii the bUildIng passes the InSpeCHOn / J, The location of the o frice lower .I .,.lil
  • 84. Part 4 Direction s: You will hear some short talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer th ree questions about what the speaker says in each short talk. Select lhe best response 0 each question and mark the telter (A), (B), (C), or (0) on your answer sheel. The talks will be spoken only one lime and will not be primed In your test book. 71. Where is the speaker? 74. Where does the speaker probably work? (A) In a medical clinic (A) Computer repair shop (8) In an II1surance office (Cj At school (8) Internet cafe (e) Software manufacturing plant (0) Auto (cpem shop (0) In a sporls equipment store 72. What information shou ld be included on the form? IA) (8) (C) (0) Height and weight Blood pressure reading Medications being laken Home address 73. What will happen after the form has been l illed out? (A) The bill must be paid in full. (8) Laboratory lests will be run. (C) Blood pressure and temperature will be taken. 75. When was the compu ter originally schedule(1 to be delivered? (A) Yesterday IBI Two days ago IC) Today (0) Last week 76. What time wi ll the business open tomorrow? (A) (8) (C) (0) At 6 AI? At 8 At 9 a.m. a.m. a.m a.m. (0) The doctor will prescnbe new medication 1 88 F,c,:'UlUlH I.e 1111111 WWW.nhanlnVI:·!,1
  • 85. 77. Where should the participants go first? 83. Who is listening to this announcement? IAI To Ihe fron l desk (A) Workers in a plant (8) To the group IlIncheon (B) VIsitors to a seminar (e) To the video screening (C) Internet providers (0) To Wentwort h Audi torium (D) Software salesmen 78. Where is the guest speaker schedule posted? (AI In Ihe Iran i layer (8) OUlslde the confere nce 11all (e) Al lhe receplion desk (0) In auditorium 79. What will the participants do after lunch? 84. What does the speaker say about the products? (A) They were more expensive. a long lime ago. (B) They I,ave helped millions of people. (C) They used to be solei only in a small number 01 stores. (0) Th ey t18ve always been available: online . (A) The re will be a surprise guest speaker. (8) The opening speeches will be gIven. (e) A shorl video will be screened. (0) A financIal pape r will be presented. 85. What is being advertised? (A) (8) Ie) (0) New model of computer Com plJter tra imng program Web pages New computer shop 80. When will the renovations start? (AI In two wee ks (8) In November te) At Ihe beginning 01 next month (D, ln March 61. What are Ihe employees asked 10 do? 86. When wililhe Irade show finish? (A) (8) (e) (D) Seplember Seplember Seplember Seplember 15th 161h 17th 181h ~ • 0 0 ~ (I) Contact the design department 181 Provide suggestions (C) Clear out their desks (l1) lnlorm their colleagues 82. What does the speaker wish 10 ta lk about at the next meeting? 11) When to begin the renovat Ions (9) How Tiley will budget for the renovations te) What new (Iepartments to create (0) Whose suggestions wilt be included 87. What will be displayed in the show? (A) (8) (e) (0) Rare art Medical equipmenl Food and wine Office furni ture 88. How will this event help Chicago? (A) The aIr pollu tion In the cI ty will decrease. (B) Tourism to the cilY will increase. (e) OrganIzers are makIng a dona tion. (0) Visitors WIll tell their fnends to viSI t Cilicago. e·Eij,.lrt1it~3a@+. A' k~1 no 89 1
  • 86. 89. Who is Martino Lopez? 95. What willlhe city mayor announce? (A) A university studen t (A) The number 01 new employees (8) A busmess execulLve (e) A columnist B) Building Ihe cily"s new bndge (C) Tile localion 01 a new bridge (0) A radio talk Sl10W hOSI (0) Renovating old bridges 90. How might people know Martino Lopez? (A) He has written books . (B) He has a popular name. Ie) He wo rks fOf a famous company (0) He has appeared on IIle show before. 91. Where did Mr. Lopez teach? 96. What benefits will the bridge bring? (AI Add 10 Ihe cily sk yline (6) Reduce the number of Hamplon residents (e) PrOVide the mayor with exposure 10 Ihe media (0) Ease Ihe traffic from east 10 west (A) In England (B) In lhe northwest 97. When is construction for the bridge (Cl In Columb,a scheduled to start? (Ol in New York (A) TIlls summer (8) At the end ollhlS year 92. What is the pu rpose of this announcement? (C) At the begmmng of next year (0) Nex.1 spring tA) To welcome guests to II1IS year's charity dlnne, (8) To announce tl1e winner of Ihe raffle (C) To thank guests for thei, contribu tions (0) To raise awareness abaut cancer researcl1 98. Where most likely is this announcement laking place? fA) At the customs oltlce (8) In an airport tCl ln a res taurant 93. When willihe promoters thank the guests? (DI In a Ira vel agency (A) Before dinner (8) Before the dance (C) Just before dessert 0) After dinner 99. What is the reason far the flight's delay? 'A) Bad weathercondJ!tons (S) Power rai/lire (C) MeGhanlcal problem 94. How willihis money most likely be spent? (A) To support ca ncer research projects (8) To found a sct1ala,shlp for students ee) To build new office buildings 10) To cover event 's marketing costs (Ol Employee Slnke 100. What are passengers asked to do? fA) listen far iurther announcements (8) Check Into lhe nearest hotel (e) Purchase dnnks 10 the lounge (0) Help the engineering terlJn 1 90 E1:umum Lt· HI(II) '/WW,nhantnt
  • 87. This is the end of the Listening test 'f1'l'I.nhan
  • 88. Listening TEST In the Listening lest. you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire listening lesl will lasl approxi mately 45 minutes. There are four parts . and directions afe given for each part. You must ma rk your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do nol write your answers in the lest book. Part 1 Directions: For each queslion in this pan. you will hear four statements about a picture in your lest book . When you hear Ihe statemen ts. you must selecl Ille one statement thai best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number 01 the queslion on your answer sheel and mark your answer. The statements w ill nol be printed in your lesl book and will be spoken only one lime. Example Statement (C), Sample Answer ~He is writi ng in a notebook ,M is the besl description of the picture, so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet. ww'w.nhan lriviet .com
  • 89. 1. 2. w'
  • 90. 3. 4. 94 EfOIHJIlI~ 1.( WOII VJ w/.nha nt fivier .(om
  • 91. 5. 6. 1e-:,z.:'j,.if11il;,YtU@. W',·.wJ1hantriviet.(om Aclu.d Tl.... t 117 95 1
  • 92. 7. 8. El'onolllY I.e JOIIl) www.nhantrivieLcom
  • 93. 9. 10. ,w(l'I, (>III,tlT,-,1 n'
  • 94. .." , ~ ' Le / ~ Part 2 Directions; You will hear a question or slatemenl and three responses spoken In Enghsh. They witl be spoken only one lime and will not be printed in your leSI book Seleci llle best response to Ihe ques tion or stalement and mark Ihe lener (A), (8), or (C) on your answer sheet. Example Sample Answer You will hear: Where did you buy your tie? You will also hear. (/) NeXI1mle we'll do baUer H~. AI Ihe downtown shopping cenler, (L) We'll move to a new bUilding soon, The besl response to lhe queslion "Where did you buy your Il e?~ IS choice (8). ~AI Ihe downtown shopping cente r ,~ so (8) IS Ihe correct answer. You should mark answer (8) on your answer sheet. 11 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheel. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on you r answer shee t. 22. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet 25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 1 98 1'.1'11110111 I J.: HjOrt www_nha ntriviel
  • 95. I Part 3 Directions: You will hear some conversations between two people. You will be asked 10 answer three questions about wh at the speakers say in each conversation. Select the besl response 10 each question and mark the letter (A), (8). (C) . or (0 ) on your answer sheet. The conversations will be spoken only one lime and wilt not be printed in your lest book . 41. Whal would Ihe woman like? (A) IB) Ie) ID) Some water Some dessert Her bill A glass 0 1 wIne 42. Whal does Ihe man oller 10 do? (A) To bring her some water (8) To speak with hiS manager lei To ge t her bill 0) To lind her wal ler 43. How long has th e woman been waiting? (A) For 5 rmnules (8) For 10 minutes lel For 15 minutes ID) For 20 mll1u tes ·....w.l1hanlrivietcom 44 . How did the man get to Montreallasl year? (A) By bus IBI By plane Ie) By car (0) By Irain 45. Why does Ihe woman agree 10 drive 10 Montreal? (A) Driving is faster. (B) II will be less expenSive Ie) She doesn'l like to lIy (D) There aren 't any lickets avaIlable. 46, Whal does Ihe man ask of Ihe woman? IA) To IlI1d a hotel IB) To conlact two peopte (e) To reserve tickets (0) To pay for gas
  • 96. 47. What are the speakers talking about? 53. What is the man working on? IA) Gomg shopp,ng (h) The conuaCl with U1e new partners (8) Dinner plans (8 The stall directOry and phone hSIinCl C) Their friends (0) A new store (C) The bUSiness tnp expense repor1 (0) The company's financial data 48. What does the woman like about the 54. Where will the woman be on Wednesday? bakery's bread? (A) Taste (AI In her ofilee B) At home 18) Freshness (Cl Ingredients Ie) On a business tnp 10) AI an employee orientallon (0 Size 55. When will the woman help the man ? 49. What will the woman probably do next? ,A) Tuesday 16 Wednesday IA) Order takeout food IB Call her boss IC Thursday (0; Friday II,) Go 10 lhe superma rket 10) Prepare some side dishes 56. Where is lhis conversation probably taking 50. What is the woman planning to do? place? (AI In an office fA) Rent an office space ,'81 Purchase an office space AI a doctor's oliice 1(,) In an office supplies store U I C) Purchase office supphes 10'1 51 . Open a real estate account What does the woman say about purchasing? AJ It will damage her C(edll roling , (6) It will COsl too mucl1 money (CI II is not an efiiciem use of money, u) In a boutique 57. How does the man usually gel 10 work? I ;', By subway 18) By bus IC) By car I")) By Iraln (D) Ills a way for tlef 1 make money, 0 58. When will the meeting probably begin ? 52 . What feature does the woman want the space 10 have? IA) A view of the nver (8) Proxllnily 10 the elevators (AI In 5 minutes r8) In 30 minutes (e) In a couple of 110lJ(S to) Tomorrow morning (e) Less than 800 square feel (0) Large windows 1 100 ! ('hIlUHl' I C' II~~I VJww.nhilntril!Ct.t.;
  • 97. 59. What is the man expecting by post? 65. Wllat is the purpose of the woman's call? [}I An invHatlon (A, To offer a discount telephone service (e) Contacl rn[ormal10n IB) To try and sell a new product (C ) To ask about prorJuct pricing Ie) Manufacturing costs 1)1 Sales dala 60. What wou ld the man like the woman to do? I (, 66. What is the diHerence with BTB? Return the document to the Sao Paulo office !~ (0 ) To update Ihe man's contact information Change Ihe delivery Information Contact 1118 Tokyo brancll office II») Deliver the Brazilian document to the finance divIsion A) Great customer se rvice 19) A lower monUlly bill ji:) An upgraded prodLlcl i O) Belter qual it y service 67. Wha t does the man say he will do? AJ LOOk up some more mfmmatlon 61. What is the man scheduled to do later? 1) (13, Leave fOf 9 ) Speak wilh 11is secretary .) Think aboullt a IIltle longer a bussness tnp Organize a busmess luncheon Have a conference call Visil produClion facl lilles 101 Swllch prOViders Immediately 68. What is the purpose of lI)is conversation ? I 62. Which depa rtment do the speakers probably work in? ) The accounting department BI The technical suppen team (,"/ The marketing diVISion I [I) The sales depar1menl 63. What does the man say about the marketing department? 1, They are on a busmess Inp. q TI1ey have already been 10 the workshop. (L.) Tiley are meeting WIt!1 Mr Towers (ll They have a project to Ilnlsl1. 64. What will Ihe learn do aHer the workshop? I j~ Go back to the of lice II.) A) Visitin g a branch office (3) Developing a business contract 'e) Taking part In an audition ID) ArrangIng files for nn Budil ~t 69. Why can't the speakers begin in the morning? ~ fA) The woman has 100 much work to do (f3l The re isn', a place to meet ~ • 0 ~ (c, The man has a prior engagement (0 ) They are scheduled to attend a meellng 70. What does the woman suggest the man do? (A) Begin the review 0 1 operations (BJ Finish hiS meeling earlier (C) Stay tate 10 complete the repol1s 1,0) Make an arrangemenl With his chen Is Meel with the marketing departmen t lei Go out to eat (1)1 Meet With Mr Towers '(I.',IV n h{nu i vil (( ( 'Ill '1'111,11 I , ~ lUI
  • 98. Part 4 Di rections: YOll will hear some short lalks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the spea ker says ill each shori talk. Selec! the besl response to each question and mark the letter (A), (8) , (e), or (0) on your answer sheel. The talks will be spoken only one time and will not be printed In your test book. 71. What is the purpose 01the announcement? (A) To report a schedule change (B) To announce a new performance date (C) To promote a new dancer (0) To talk about sealing arrangements 72. Where most likely is the announcement being made? (A) AI a rlluseum (8) At an advertlsmg frrm (e) At a dance school (O} At a thea ter 73. What time wililhe performance begin? (A) 6:30 p.m . tA) 7: 00 p.m. (e) 7:30 p.m. (0) 8:00 p.m. 74. Why was the price of Ihe ticket discounted ? (A) The arrangements were made In advance. (8) MI. Parnell has some air miles. (C) May has a partnership with Ihe airlin e (0) Mr. Parnell booked a 110lel as well. 75. What will the travelers receive upon arrival in Barcelona? (A) A complimentary lunell (8) Taxi service (e) A city tour (0) A spa package 76. What restriction applies to the travel package? (A) The package IS non· refundable. (B) The discoun t applies only to Me Parnell (e) Tilere is an additional charge lor a laxi service. (0) The amount of baggage is limited 1102 I~roll"m U ' tII011
  • 99. 77. Why should people share Ihe workbooks? fA) To 11elp each other learn i!3) To complete the assignments qUlcker Ie) There aren't enough copies for everyone. ,I)) Not enough people have attended. 78. What is the lecture about? tA) How to conduct an Ins tructional workshop (:3) How to IJse a new type of software (C) How 10 sell computer soHware (0 How 10 download software lrom the Internel 83. What mosl likely is Bill Buchanan's profession? (AI ConstructIon manager (S) C,IY ,nspeclor (C) Designer (D) Office reception lSI 84. Where will the two men meet? (A) (S) (e) (0) Al M,lle(s off'ce Al Ihe Kenl Slreel S,le At the Ulspector's office AI Buchanan's ollleD 85. What is the reason fo r the message? IA) To make a change In the cost of 79. What will everyone do after they finish reading page 54? IAI DISCUSS the problem WI1/1 il 1elf panner (8) Practice a common compute r situatIon IC) Close Ihell books '0) Raise some questions matenals (8) To discliss Ihe const ruction plan Ie, To alter the number 01 workers needca (D) To diSCUSS a problanl with The bUilding 's structure 86. Wha t is the reason for this talk? 80. Who is Richard Siokes? (AI A guita nst 18) A lesl,val planner Ie) A radio SllOW host tAl To thank people for an award (9) To Introduce a new franchise lC) To p,oll1ote a new prOject (D) To celebrate a promotion (0) II poel 87. Who is the speaker? 81. Why Is Myra Jones returning to New York? (AI To play al a rock lestival lB) To vis II the racllo station (C) To record a new album (0) To meet some guests CA) A motivational speaker (8) A franchise developer (C) A sales assocIate (D) The owner of lI,e company 88. How many stores does Klein Grocers have? 82. How ca n the listeners ask questions? 1111 Call Ihe slu(l,o (8) Attend Ihe New York Rock FeSllval Ie) Buy Myra's new album (D) Send Ille slallon an e-ma il "1'1'.',' nllan! IA) One (13) FOI1y te) Seventy-five (D) Two hundred ttl • E " • , " 0
  • 100. 89. What should employees do when they first arrive for their shift? I A) AnSNe r the phone (8) Go to tl1eir work station ~J) Speak to theif iralner 95. What is the main subject of this report? IA) Constructing a new city pa rk fBI Building a production facility (e') Requesllng local government support /0) Hinng a ne~'.' chalfman lor Appleton 0) Sign In Wltt1 their employee 10 96. According to the report. what is important 90. How rang will the employees be trained? (A) A week (81 Ti1ree weeks lei A monlh (0) Two months 91. What is in the training manual? lA) Answers to common questions (13) Rules and regulations Ie, Employee ID numbers •DJ Client contact mlmbers about Houston? tAJ It IS localed close 10 the border (B) It has favorable weather conditions (e) II has a large populallon . (01 It has favorable tax laws 97. What did Mr. Becket annou nce? [AI He wants to stay In Houston for len years (S) He thinks thallhe local government has been helpful (C) He doesn't want to leave New York. (0) He w.lllwe many local reSidents . 92. Who most likely is the spea ker? (i.) A museum tour gUIde tB) A university studenr te) An ali colleclol fQ) An antiques dealer 93. Wll0 does the mu se um benefit? lo'') The (A) Exercise trainers (B) Telephone operators (C) Busy exerCisers (0) Gym owners a.1 gallery owners IBI The gill shOp ((;) The community (0) 98. Who is Ihis advertisement most likely lor? The lour guides 94. Where will the vis itors go after the tour? 99. What do the OVOs do? fA) Make a workoui more eflectlve (8) Reduce work·related stress Ie, Reduce costs (O) Make exercIsing bonng (A) To see tile artwork rEl) To Ihe gill sl10p 1(;, To the museum restaurant • m To tile research center 100. What should the listeners do to receive a greater discount? (A) Ask one 01 the II1structors I B) Refer a fnend to the company (C) Order two copIes of the program (0) Cal l WIt hin half an hour 1 104 ".'''110111 U rr~1I1 WWW.llh<ln
  • 101. This I't,vw.nhanl l IS the end of the listening test. dlill T"~II>· l OS
  • 102. Listening TEST In the Listening test. you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English . The entire Listening test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts. and di rections are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the test book. Part 1 Directions : For each question in this part . you will hear four sta tements about a picture In your lest book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one stalement lhat besl describes wl1at you see in lhe picture. Then find the number ollhe queslion on your answer sheel and mark you r answer. The statements will not be printed in your lest book and will be spoken only one time. Example Sample Answer Statement (C). "He is writing in a not eboo k . ~ IS the best description of the pictu re. so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet. 1 10 6 Enllllllll' I.l' 1(1)(1 www.nhanln"'!~1
  • 103. 1. 2. '.nhantrlv;et,com ,'"lIal "1'....,,[ Il~ 10 7 1
  • 104. 3. '71iO-'" ".,. .. n' ., r .~ .. 4. 1108 F('onorm 1.(" IIM>l1 vww.n han trlvi (:i.(cr
  • 105. 5. 6. 'I'V nhanltiviC'
  • 106. 7. 8. 111 0 I';~{!lom' I r 11.10 I vww.nh'
  • 107. 9. 10. Ct-:·I'Vi")lttj4~3me. 111 I
  • 108. r Part 2 Directions . You VIII hear a queslion or statement and three responses spoken in Enghsh . They will be spoken only one lIme and wilt nol be printed In your lest book. Select the besl response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A). (B), or (e) on your answer sheet. Sample Answer Exa mple You Villi hear: Where did you buy your lie? You will also hear A • r: Next lIme we "II do nelter. ''J) Al the downtown shopping center C I We'll move 10 a new building soon The best response to Ihe queslIOn MWhere did you buy your shopping cenler,- so (6) IS lie? ~ IS ciloice (B). "At Ihe downtown Ihe correct answer. You should mark answer (8) on your answer sheel 11- Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answer shee t. 31. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on YOllr answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 21 . Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark you r answer on your answer sl1eet. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.
  • 109. lrart 3 Directions: YOll will hear some conversatIons between two people. You will be asked 10 answer th ree questions about what the spea kers say In each conversation. Select the besl response to each question and mark the leiter (A), (8). (C). or (0) on your answer shee!. The conversations will be spoken only one lime and will not be pJinled in your test book . 41. Whe re is tile conversation probably taking place? ~) Flower shop ~) Cooking school (C Grocery store 44. Where do the speakers most likely work? (A) AI a rugby siadium (8) At a newspaper company r,G) For a sports team 1.0) AI a bookSlore 1.0 Cafe 45. What would Ihe man like to do? 42. What does the woman ask the man? [A) Location of a product b The price of fiowers 'r Ingredients of a product ,J The man's positton (A Feature rugby IEl) Cover goll Ie) Write a new article (01 Walch a foolball game 46. What does the woman say aboul rugby? 43. What mosllikely will the man do now? Iill Call for assistance ) Help the woman to locate the II em t Give the woman a map of the slore ')) Crea te a bouquet for the woman I ','.ww nh;)nlri' tAl Josh IS a big fan of tile sport. i81 It IS growing in popularily. iC) It is clifficuilio play. (D) Not many people like it.
  • 110. 47. Where would the woman like to work? 53. What project is the man working on? (A) Restaurant (A) Renting equipment (6) OHice (9) HostIng dinner parties (C) Inslalling carpeling (0) Renovating a basement (C) HR department (0) Holel 48. What kind of employment experience has the (A) (6) (C) (0) 54. Why does the woman want to use the room woman had? Housekeeping on Thursday? Waitress (8) She decided to use hardwood instead. Chef (C) She and her husband are home on Thursday . (O) She is having gues ts over Ihal nigl11. Flighl aHendanl (A) She IS away lor the rest of the week. 49. What will the woman bring to the interview? (A) Identification 55. What wililhe woman do for the man? (9) An application form (A) Wait until next month to finish (C) A resllme (0) References (Bj Help remove the equipment (e) Install a new Sink (0) Take the man to the party 50. When will Sue begin her trip? (A) Monday 56. What will the man Iry 10 do on Monday? (6) Tuesday (A) Contact the accounting department (C) Wednesday (8) Order a new copier (0) Thursday (C) Launch a new campaign (0) Meet with the director 51. What is Sue looking forward to doing? (A) Meeting chents in New York (6) S,ghlseeing in Manhattan (C) Hiking in Cen tral Park (0) Transferring to the Manhattan branCh 52. How does the man describe Central Park? 57. Why is the man unable to use a copier? (A) The office supphes store was closed. (8) Tile accounting department has a new budget. (C) The order of a new copier is cancelled. (0) The department supervisor is on leave. (A) II is quile small. (8) The scenery is beautiful. 58. What are the speakers going to do? (C) II is very crowded. (A) Go and complain (0) There are a 101 of Ihings 10 do . (8) Work overtime (C) Purcilase a new copier (0) Leave work early WWW.nlla ntrivieLcom
  • 111. 59. Why is the man calling? 65. What most likely is the man's profession? (A) To cancel his appoin tment (A) An accou ntant (8) To advertise full'lime employment (C) To request an interview (0) To inquire about a lob application (8) An oUice supplies manulaclurer (e) A delivery Iruck driver (0) A shop salesperson 60. When are they scheduled to meet? (A) On (8) On (e) On (0) On Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 66. When will the man most likely arrive al the office? (A) In 30 minutes (8) Thi s afternoon (C) Tomorrow morning (0) Tomorrow ai1ernoon 61. Where is Mr. Jenkins asked 1 go for the 0 interview? tA} To the information desk fBI To the lobby (e) To 1116 confe rence room (0) To the sixth floor 67. Why is the woman worried? (A) (BJ (C) (0) She can' t copy some files. Sll e has lost an important file. She missed a meellng Ihis morning. She has broken the company's vending machine. 62. What would the woman like to do? I~) See a movie (8) Read an article Ie) Talk 10 the man's SISler fO) Make copies of a proposal 6 3. What does the man say about the movie? IA) He's already seen it (6) He doesn't think it 's very good. (C) II's showing a[ a local tl1eater. (0) It is very controversial 64. What does the woman ofter the man? (Al To lend him a copy of [he movie (6) To give him a copy 01 some reviews (e) To give him her sister'S e-mail (D) To discuss lhe movie with him 68. Where mosllikely is this conversation? (A) (B) (C) (D) At a clothing store At a bookstore Al a cafe At a newsstand 69. How would the woman like to take her purchase? (A) Gilt·wrapped (8) As It is (e) In a shopPing bag (0) Covered in newspaper ~ • • g 70. Why is the woman unable to pay by credit card? (A) 8 1 lost her credi t card yesterday. 1e (8) The credi t card was unaull10flzed. (C) The business does nol accept checks. (0) Tile cost 01 the purchase IS not enough .g.l" $I.)ltlR$:.itizm. 'IWW nhinlnvie 1'111011 TI~).I l)l'I 115 1
  • 112. Pa rt 4 Directions: You wHi hear some shorl talks given by a single speaker. YOll will be asked 10 answer three questions about what the speaker says in each shan talk_ Seleel the besl response to each question and mark the leite r (A), (8). (C), or (0) on your answer sheet. ThE:! talks will be spoken only one time and will not be pri nted In your test book. 71. Who most likely is the speaker? A) A salesman /SI A wedding planner A photographer Q An art gallery owner {I.. ) 72. What does the speaker say about good equipment? fJ It is difficult to hnd. fB) It is necessary to create good work .) II IS very expensive. ~ It IS Irrelevant to the work. 74. Who is Penelope Andreas? (A) An edlto' 8} A musical actor '(" A tourist IDJ A poel 75. W here is the interview taking place? ) In BlIenos Aires (8) In London Ie) In Montreal 0) tn Toronto 76. What does the spea ker suggest about Ms. 73. What wi ll happen at the end of the Andreas? demonstration? A) Her talents are not well known. A I James Will go Sl1opping. (& A book will be distributed. The listeners will take pictures. [, The speaker will surllhe Inlernet. (E ) She Will answer questions. Ie Her appearance wilt be brief. D J She will be leaving lor Buenos Aires WJW .nh arl trivi(!{.c (
  • 113. 77. Who is the advertisement for? I II I Store managers ,B, Fitness instructors C Healthcare providers I r H OverNeig~lt people 78. What is being advert ised? I A I The Olympic Games lSI A new manual lor dieters 1...) A discount on fitness memberships II II Reglslraoon for an employee Iraining program 79. How can a listener gel more information? if. By calling Hard Line Fi tness 181 By faxing Hard Line Fitness /I By vlsiling the websi te By viSiting an office 80. Who most likely are the audience members? r J 1 Flight attendants 83. What is the purpose of thi s message? (AI To sllggesl a location for the corporate semmar (8) To Inform an employee of a schedule change (Cl To inqUIre about a slaff member's plans on Fnday (0) To remind an employee abou t a lunch meet ing 84. Who should be contacted if an employee is unable to attend? (AI Lynn (8 I(alhenne (e) Lily (01 Fredenk Dyson 85. What time have the seminars been in the past? (AI At (lll At (C! At (D) At 10:30 11:30 ,t :30 2:30 B Researchers Reponers IL Tour operators 86. What is the purpose of the talk? (A) To welcome new patients to the nursing 81. How long has the speaker been working in the field? (I) For 10 years '8, For 20 years For 25 years L horne fBI To ask vol unteers aboLit their community knowledge (e) To In1erview new pallents for the home it • (0) To recruit new nursing 110mB volunteers < ~ For 40 years ~ • • • 87. Who will be able to work with the patients 82. What does the speaker suggest before working abroad? 'I.) Learn the language Talk 10 local people IC') Watch local teJevlslon 0 the most? (A) New volunteers (8) Returning VOlunteers Ie) MedIcal students (D) Nurses assistants Attend many bUSIness meetings 88. What will probably happen now? (1) Parltcipan ls Will sign up ior posrlions. (81 Participan ts will hand In their resumes. (C) Participants will visit the patients. (0) Panlclpanls will meet tile o ther stafL ,ltL ,lh ·.II,H 11 7 1
  • 114. 89. What is the main topic 01 this report? 95. Wha t was the purpose of this meeting? (A) A new verSIon 01 software (a) An advertising campa ign (A) To address the Issue of vacation lime (8) To plan for an upcoming conference (e) A company cha irman (0) A recruItment st rategy (e) To inform employees 01 a new system (0) To arrange transportation to tl1e manu factu ri ng plant 90. What kind of work does the company do? IA) Siock trading (8) Real eslaie (C') 96. Why do they need a new parking system? (A) There are not enough reserved parkmg spaces. Software development (O) Computer manufacllJnng (8) There is 100 much pollution in the ci ty ~C) 91 . What will the com pany do next? (A) Move to Wall Street 8) Markel the software In Europe (e) Hire a new chai rman (01 Begin advertiSing the softwa re 92. What is the subject o f the report? (A) A company has gone bankrupt. (8) A company IS moving its production facilities. (C) A new product IS being introduced. (0) A producl has been taken off tile market. Not enough people are bringll19 cars to work. (0) The office wants to make more money. 97. What are employees told to do? (A) Park in the lower parking blocks (8) Review an e·mall (C) Park their cars at home (0) Send ou1 an e-ma il 98. What kind of lour is it? (A) A marina tour (8) A bicycle tour (C) A walking tou r 93. What does the report say about Re~ Industrial Supplies? fA) Rex Supplies IS the biggest supplier in the American sou theast. (a) Rex Supplies products will no longer be avai lable in Fresno. (CJ Rex Supplies will be increaSing its l ulIl ime positions. iD) Rex Supplies will now Ilave len factory locations. (0) A bus tour 99. A t which place wililh ey listen to a guest speaker? (A t The Kline Street Cate (8 ) Burnab y Castle (C) Jumper Bridge (I) Macintosh Botanical Gardens 100. What is free lor visitors laking the tour? (A) Collee 94. What will probably happen? (A, Th e company will hire some American employees. (8) Lunch (C) A map (0) A souve nir (8) MeXIcans will not like Rex Supplies products. (e) Th e company slock price will increase. (0) Rex Supphes stOck price will no t change.
  • 115. This is the end of the Listening test. '.'NIW,nha nI rivieLe om
  • 116. Listening TEST In the Listening lest you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire listening test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts. and directions are given for each part. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do nol write your answers in the lest book. Pa rt 1 Directions : For each queslion in this part. you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book . When you hear Ihe statements, you must select Ihe one statement Ihal besl desc ribes what you see in Ihe pictu re. Then find the number of Ihe question on your answer sheel and mark your answer. The statements will nol be printed In YOllr lesl book and will be spoken only one lime. Example Sample Answer ~) Bi . ~ o, Statement (C), "'He is writing in a notebook," is the best description 01 the picture, so you should select answer (C) and mark il on your answer sheet. 1120 1-;('''111111, I{ IItI!1I www.nhan:tivlE"1 (C~
  • 117. 1. 2. ,nhanlriviet.(om
  • 118. 3. 4. www.nhantrr:
  • 119. 5. 6. ,,',';,lIh ~n!nvjel.(Om
  • 120. 7. 8. 1124 Ectl!1fum I.e IOI~' www.nllantriviet.(crT
  • 121. 9. 10. wl'(
  • 122. Part 2 Direction s You will hear a question or slaiemenl and three responses spoken in English. They will be spoken only one lime and will not be prlnled tn your lesl book Selecl the beSI response 0 the question or Slalemenl and mark the leiter (A). (B). or (C) on your anSW£or shee:. Exa mple Samp le An swer You will hear' Vou will also Mar: Where did you buy your lie? /I, • C , Nexllime we'll do bener el At the downtown shoPPing camer , We'll move 10 a nElW bUilolng $0011 The beSI response to the question "Where did you buy you r IJC?~ IS choice (B), "AI the downtown shoppmg cenler , SO (B) IS the correct answer You should mark answer (8) on your answer sheet J 11_ Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 26_ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12_ Mark you r answe r on your answer sheet. 27_ Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 13_ Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 28 _ Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 14_ Mark your answer on you r answe r sheet. 29 _ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15_ Mark your answe r on you r answer sheet. 30_ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 31_ Mark your answer on your answer sl1ee l. 17_ 32_ Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18_ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34_ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark your answer on your ans,," sheet. ,er 35_ Mark your answer on your answer shee t. 21 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36_ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38_ Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 24_ Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 39_ Mark your answer on your answe r sheet. 25_ Mark you r answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark your answe r on your answer sheet. 126 , II nl'
  • 123. Part 3 Dlrecl ions: You will hear some conversations between 1 people. You wi ll be asked to answer three '110 queslions about what the speakers say in each conversallon. Seleci the best response 1 each 0 queslion and mark the leller (A). (B). (el, or (0) on your answer shee. The conversations will be spoken only one lime and will nol be ponied in your lesl book. 41. How often do the buses run? t Every few minutes Every 10 minutes ' Every 15 minutes J Every 20 minutes 44. WI1ere was the orig inal localion of the report? (A I The con ference room H' Susan's office C The meeting fOom (I) In the file cabinet 42. Why was the man concerned? t, He doesn't like the weather He was lale to meet the woman . He might miss the bus II)) He had never laken the bus 45. What position does Susan hold? ~) Manager .) Director (e, RecepltonrSI ) Mailroom clerk 43. Why are the buses slower right now? Th e dnvers are on strike. It's ralnrng. It's rush hour. J J The road is under construction . 46. Where does the man expect to see Susan? In Ille employee lounge At a meeting .) At her chent's offIce (1) In her oflice t.. . w:!.'I.nh itntliVlet.(flnl 0'-: 11:,1 to.. '''I 127
  • 124. 47. Why is Ms. Wilson ca lling Mr. Jones? 53. What is the woman doing? (A) To request payment for Installation (B) To offer a cable TV package (C) To remind him of an appointment (0) To see if he IS satisfied wllh his service (A) Registerrng for an employee orien tation (8) Introducing a guest speaker to the audience (e) Taking a conference call (0) Buymg a ticket for a speecll 48. What does Kendra ask Mr. Jones to do? (A) Allow someone from her company in the house (S) Cancel his appointment (C) Inslali the service himsell IOJ Contact another provider 49. What time will the speakers most likely 54. Where is the Saturday talk located? (A) In the conference room (8) In Hle auditOrium (C) In Ihe main lobby (0) In the boardroom 55. What talk does the woman want to attend? meet? (A) ThiS afternoon at 2 p.m. (B1 Friday at 10 a.m tC) Friday at 2 p.m. (0) Sometime next week (AI Company regulations (8) Finance management (G) In ternational bUSiness (0) Time management 56. Why is the woman going to New York? 50. Why will the man be late for the conference? (Ai To vlsil a friend (8) To have a job interview (Ct To go on vacation (OJ To attend a meeting (A) The train will be delayed. (8) He lost the directions to tile bUilding. (e) His car IS being repaired . to) He has an Important meellng. 57. 51 . How will the woman get to the lecture? (III (B) (e) (0) By trai n By car On loot By bus 52. What does the man suggest they do? lA) Attend another confere nce (6) Send another em ployee as a replacement leI' Con tacl lhe guest speaker 10) Have lunch together What city does one 01 the lIights have a stopover in? (A) New York (B) Los Angeles (C) Chicago (0) New Orleans 58. What does the man offer to do? tAl (8) (C) 0) Look for another fl ight for Ihe woman Give the woman a discount Reserve a conference room Attend a bUSiness meeting Instead www.n hant(ivie t com
  • 125. 59. Who is Mr. Marshall speaking witl,? 65. Why doesn't the woman have a ticket? 11 A colleague 81 A relative e) His secretary IA) She lell il al home. (B) She gave ,110 a '''end. (C) She reserved il over Ihe phone. '0) A Iravel agent IDI She lOSI " allhe olflce ,D Why is the woman calling Mr. Marshall? . 66. What floor is the box office located on? (Al (BI IC) (DI To remind him of a special offer To schedule a meellng with hl111 (t ') To conftrm his ihnerary tO T0 request a company r,le I 61. What time does Mr. Marshall say he will One Two Three Four 67. What wi ll the woman most likely do next? return her call? 1 At 1 o'clock I ~) AI 3 o'clock AIS O'ClOCk )1 AI 6 o'clock (A) Reserve a Ilcket online (B) Visi l one ol lhe Ilcket booths ICI Call her Iriend (0) Wail for the man's help 68. Why is June Smith unable to help the 62. Whal is Ihe problem with Ihe order" speakers? 'A) She has been promoled. (e) She Is on sick leave. If:) SI)e recently had a baby. IA A new assembly Une 181 A defecllve product A sh'ppll1g delay A new ordenng system 63. Whal will Ihe woman probably do nexl? ~J Deliver the shipment I Make a tete phone call ( Assemble the parts u ViSIt the other plant ' 4. What does the man suggest could happen if the problem isn't fixed? 11) The whole system could be slowed down A The company might lose the contract. They ...·-,1 1 receive a large number 01 11 orders. C A shipment Will be delivered 10 the warehouse . , (0) She IS away on a bUSiness top 69. When will June Smith relurn? IA) Next week (6) Next montl1 IC) Nexl year (DI AI Ihe end o( Ihe yea, 70. Who wi ll most likely help Ihe speakers? (AI Kale (B) June C) Jordan IDI Wanda $_ ~ ~ • • ~
  • 126. . Part 4 Directions: You will hear some short talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked 10 answer three questions about wha t the speaker says in each short talk. Select the besl response to each question and mark the letter (A), (8), (C). or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your lest book. 71 . What wililhe staff be trained to do? 74. Who most likely is the speaker? (A) Use search software (8) Increase their sales pe rformance (8) A dietitian (C) Manage their time (0) Create a software program 72. (A) A doclor (el A sa lesperson (0) A chef What have employees been given ? 75. How is this program different? (A) A new e-mail account (A) It provides a weight gain guarantee. (8) A new set of business ca rds (8) illS specifically designed for each consumer. (C) A course manual (0) A new data 73. (C) It IS less expensive than its competitors. (0) It was designed by heallh practitioners . What does th e speaker request? (A) A personal trainer 76. W hat does the program guarantee? (8) A research cou rse manual (Al Lower price (e) A budgel plan (B) A membership card (0) A record of training hours (el Transportation (0) Short· lime period --------I-I-----~-"- "'--C--K-"-------------------------3 0 ,.< "- ) I.- II vww.nhanl nvieuom
  • 127. 11. What is the purpose of this talk? fA) To inform employees 01 a new system 1 To gain information about e-maIl use 0) tC) To urge employees to use less paper to) To insist that employees check thel f emall 78. What are employees told to do? 83. How much did the new conservation area cost? (A) S3 million (B) 55 million (C) S7 million (0 ) S10 million 84. What look place at the opening celebration? (A) Speak to thelf colleagues (A) A party (8) Change their passwo rd (8) A speech IC) Inform their clients about Ihe change (C) A dinner to) Sel up a meeting willl IIlel r managers (0 ) A rneetlng d . When wili lhe change be completed? 85. What happened after walking the trails? IA) Tuesday IBl Wednesday ICI Thursday ID) r-nday ijO. (A) A music performance (8) An awards ceremony (C) An loallgurat speech (OJ A group barbecue Why does Peter apologize to Bill? 86. What is Dr. Dunca n's currenl job? tA, For interrupllng a mee ti ng (B) For contacting him at home (8 ) Cancer research er (C) For asktng him to return 1 Ihe plant 0 Ie) Export company owner (0) For requeSling additional employees 61. (A) RadiO show host (0) Hospital director What does Peter ask Bill to do? (A) Examine the mam asse mbly line (8) Inslallthe conveyer sys tem (C) Contact the maintenance manager (0) Bring a new assembly kit to the plant 82. What is the reason for the urgency? (A) The company orders. IS trying to complete liS fB) A plan I tour will be given on the weekend . reI 87. Where is Dr. Duncan speaking ? (A) In a hospital board room (8) On a radio program (C) In a business meeting (0 ) AI a pharmace uTical con ference 88. How can listeners ask questions? (Al By calling Ihe statio n it (8 ) By visiting IIle station ~ (C) 8 y a-mailing the Sl alion (0 ) By mailing Ihe Sialion • " • $ The maintenance crew Is only available today. (DI An inspection learn will arr ive on Friday . 1'II'lWnhanlf ryiel .com At:ulul 'I C'~t 0 <) 13 1
  • 128. 89. Whal are Ih e listeners dOing? II' ) Vlsitmg a tounst in formation cenlel 95. What is Creekside Cella rs? (A) A shopping conler (B) A municipal govemment office (8) Attending a history class (e ) Taking a gUided lour (C) A wlnernaklng centre 10) lIstenmg to a political speech (0) A g;1I shop 90. What does the sp eake r say about dinner? 96. W hat did the mayor do at Creekside? (AI it Will be served a l Centennial Tower. (A} He made wine IB) 11 will consist of SOLIP and sa lad Ie) It Wi ll be ca lered by Ihe finest che f In the (8 He gave a mohval lonal speech cny (DI ll Will start al 4 oclock. Ie ) He presented an awarel (0 ) He conducted a lest. 97. Where did the mayor visil when he lell ihe 91. Wh ere will the group meet afler they finish building? shoPPing? IA, In the Centenmal Tower's restaufan' A banquet loom IS) A dimng area rB) tn front cl l he Robertson Palmer Convention Ce nler fC) At Guadalupe Casl le (Ol i n the fashion quane! (e) A souvel1lr shop d ) LI) A wIne cellar 98. What is the pu rpose of ll1 e lalk? fA) To announce the beglnmng of a sa If 92. When are employees supposed to p;ck up the packages by? IAI Tuesday iEl) Wednesday (t-) Thursday ,OJ Fflday 93. What are the app reciation packages for? Welcoming new board members (Bl Fullilling the company's sales targets thiS year lej Celebrallng tile company's anniversary (0) Signing a big contract wl lh an oversea s company 94. Wha t should the employees do if they are (8) To Introduce a new product IC) To launch a new website OJ To celebrate the company's sa fes record 99. What will happen in November? A) The company ma l kets . 181 The company support. 1(' Tl1e compa ny operahonal . {O) The company will expand IOtO overseE Will hire full-Irme tec hnIc. web51te Will beCOMe fully manager WIll be replaced 100. Whal is Joanne Malcolm's job? (A) Techmcal support 8) Accoun tant unable to pick up the package? Ie ) Web deSigner Leave a message (B) Send an e-mail (0) Project manager '. J lei Call a colleague (01 Visll Ole aI/Ice later 1132 h'Cfllunu I.e woo
  • 129. ) ::> Nnh;Jntrivit'I.{om thE: end of the Listening test ,rlu.ll Tl~1 0<) 1 33 1
  • 130. I Listening TEST In the LIstenIng lest, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire Listening test wilt lasl approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each pan . You must ma rk your answers on the sepa rate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the leSI book . Part 1 Direction s: For each question in this part . you will hear lour statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one s tatement thaI best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of Ihe question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements WIll not be prin ted in your lest book and will be spoken only one l ime . Example Statement Sample Answer (el. ~ H e is writing in a n ot eboo k , ~ is Ihe best description 01 the pIctu re, so you should select answer (C) and mark it on your answer sheet. 11 34 !-:~()ntml' I.e 111(11) WWW.n h an
  • 131. 1. 2. o .'1'1 _nhan (r iviet .com
  • 132. 3. 4. b':vllum~ lot: WOIl w.vv.nhantriviet.Con
  • 133. 5. 6. - g ,'I','.' nh.lnlflYiN.COlll
  • 134. 7. 8. www,nhant rivietcom
  • 135. 9. 10. ; o 'IIW nhill'ltrlvIC{.(Orn
  • 136. , f"i> 'L~' C • , "iT, '. f Part 2 Di rec tion s: You win hear a question or statement and three responses spoken In English. They will be spoken only one lime and will no! be printed In your lesl book . Selecl the best response 10 the question or statement and mark the leiter (A), (8), or (C) on YOll( answer sheet. Exa mple You will hear: You witt also hear: Sa mpl e Answer Where did you blly your lie? A • C Next time we'll do belfer. ) At lhe downtown shopping center .1 We'll move 10 a new bUilding soon. The best response 10 the queslion "Whe re did you buy your tie?" is choice (B) , ~At the downtown shopping center:' so (8) is the COfrect answer. Vou should mar$( answer (8) on your answer sheet 11 . Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 31 . Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 32. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 33. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 34. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 35. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 36. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 37. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 38. Mark your answer on your answer shee!. 24. Mark your answer on you r answer sheet. 39. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. 40. Mark your answer on your answer sheet. www.nhan triviet.(clTl
  • 137. Part 3 Directions: You will hear some conversations between two people. YOll WIll be asked to answer three ques!tons about what the speakers say In each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the lelle r (A), (B). (C). or (0) on yOU! answer sheet. The conversations will be spoken only one time and will not be printed in your test book. 41. When will the speakers meet Pedro? (A) At 4 o·ctock (B) At 5 o·ctock (C) At 6 o·ctock (0) At 70·clock 42. Where wi ll the speakers meet the C EO? (A) In the conference lobby (B) In a hotel room (C) In the hotel restaurant (0) In the hotel lobby 44. Where is the confe rence being held? (A) (8) (C) (0) Chicago Paris Zurich Frankfurt 45. Who must approve Mr. Fernando's pa rticipation? (A) The project coordinator (8) Mr. Fernando's manager (C) T he conference organIzer (0) The secretary 43. Wha t is the woman planning to do? (A) Have a cocktail in the lobby (B) Work on some papers (C) Meet a colleague (0) Attend a confe rence 46. What will the man probably do next? (A) Deliver information to a manager (B) Leave for Zuricl1 to attend a meeting (e) Reserve a flighl ticket (0) Give a speecl1 at a conference o www.nhaOlriviet .com :kW,,! r~. . : tI) 14l I
  • 138. 47. What costs do the receipts cover? !A) Shipment costs (8 ) Accounting salaries (Cl Off,ce furniture to) Travel expenses 48. Who did the woman give the recei pts to? ,,) Ms Wang IB) Ron • (e) Kelly (D) Her manager 49. What is Ihe reason the woman and Kelly will meet? (A) To exchange documents t8) To attend a sem inal Ie, To go on a business trip 53. When was the original departu re lime? tAl 7:00 A.M tEl 6:30 P.M Ie') 7:00 P.M. (D) 8:30 P M. 54. Why was the flight delayed? <AI Mechanical problems I B) Bad weather Ie) AIrport closUie 10) Employee strike 55 . Where will the speakers most likely mee!? (AI In lhe office (B) At the alfpM q At Ille recephon desk (D) In a hotet lobby OJ To catch a train 50. W hat are the speakers discussing? (A) A difference In company polrcies BJ New regulahons for mecl1anics !e: A change in an appoll1tmenllime 0,1 A sympoSium on Saturday 51. Why was Ihe man unable to lix the ca r? I,Al Tho repa Ir shop IS 100 busy. B f There was a delay in a parts shlpmenl. Ie) The man had 10 aHend a trainIng program. 10) The store IS closed unlll Tuesday . 52. When will the appointment most likely be rescheduled? IAI Monday (S) Tuesday lel Wednesday (D) Thursday 56. What are the speake rs discussing? (AI CommunicatIon difficulties With overseas clients tE The number of appoIntments they have thIS weekend 1< Results from a cu~lor1le r sallsfactlon survey ID) A problem wtlh Ihe ordering system 57. What will the speakers do un tillhe softwa re is repai red? (A Use another soflware program (B) Use anothe r cornputcr system (C I Write everything out by hand (01 HIre addItional staff 58. When most likely will the problem be fixed? (A) Today I, Tomorrow B, Ie' ThIS weekend (jJ) 1 142 h!!!lUIJlI U II III Next week v..'1WJ11 ' <lnlriv!l1't.{om
  • 139. 59. Where mosl likely are the speakers? 1) AI an art gallery B) At a pl1olographer"s stUUIO 65. What are the speakers talking about? (A) A new company employee (8) An in tenor agency (e) AI a shopping mall (C) A company cafeteria DI AI a clolhlng slore (0) A new branch office 60. What is Klive Anderson's profession? /I. MusIcian (8' Photograpller 1 Anlsl 10) Home Designer 61. What is special aboul lhe piece of work the speakers are looking at? lA,1 It's wonh over 2 million dollars. !B It was painted with differenl matenals. It 11 was made belare the 16th century. I[)I H took twice as long as the artist's other works. 66. What has the ca feteria cha nged? (1) Manager (8) Location IC, Siaff (0) Chairs 67. What did the man say about the cafeteria? (A) The menu is too limited. (8) The caterer IS very experienced. tC) The pnces are reasonable. (D) The service isn't very good. 68. What did Mr. Thompson do this morning? (AI He received a leiter. 62. Why is the man calling? , ) To renl an apartment ,BI To cancel an appointment -' To make a reservahon 10, To conlirm accommodation 53. What does the man specifically ask for? f A room with a veranda :I) A room tn the East Comdor C A room with an ocean view n) A room with Internet conneclton IBI He changed a l11eellng lune. (C) He hosted a conference call. (0) He submitted a proposal. 69. W hen does li1e man want to meet with Mr. Thompson? (Al On Thursday morning IS) On Thursday afternoon (C) On Friday morning (D) On Fnday afternoon 70. How wilt the woman contact the man? ;4. What is the issue with the room? A} The telephone IS bfoken 181 There IS no way to use Ihe Internet. r It tS booked fOt lhe date requested . (1) By express mall (B) By pllone ICI By lax tD) By e·mall 01 It is not In the East Corndor. -< ~ ;; .·).·'WJlh~['I!ll'.'i('L(Om
  • 140. Pari 4 Directi ons: You will hear some shari talks gIven by a single speaker. You will be asked 10 answer three questions about what Ihe speaker says in each short talk. Setect the besl response to each question and mark the tetter (A), (8), (C), or (0) on your answer sheet. The talks will be spoken only one lime and will not be printed In your lesl book . 71 . When is the office open late? (Ill Mondays 1(3) Tuesdays IC) Wednesdays 10) Thursdays 72. How can students request transcripts? AJ In person IB) By e·ma,1 Ie) By phone Dl By lax 74. What is the purpose of this talk? (A) To welcome a new employee (8) To announce a bank merger te) To introduce a new advertising campalgr (D) To talk aboullhe company budget 75. Where is Ms. Sinclair going to work from now on? (A) Schlick Advemsmg (B) First National Bank (C) Pearson Consulting ID) OHice Supply Cen ler 73. What were students previously allowed? tAl Access to more scholarshIps IS) Contact WIth registrar counselors (C) To request services over the phone (0) To obtain Information by e·mai! 76. How many years was Ms. Sinclair emp!oyea by First National Bank? IA) Two (B) Three ICI Four (D) Five Wvw.nhclntr ivietcom
  • 141. 77. What is the purpose of this message? 1 ' To lei employees know of a computer system change (£11 To ask employees lor aSSistance In fund raising activities Ir, To provide contact Inlormallon emergency 'J case of To announce opemngs lor computer techniCians following the installation? 1'1 Attend computer !ralnm!) seminars Resl~rt their computers Come 10 the technical services office j I 'I Make cop res of Impel lant C10cumenls 79. WI,at should employees do illhey have questions? 1 I Cont<Jcl 1I1el( supervlsol PI) Read Ihe employee handbook Leave a vOice mail message Cau 1/1e technical services diVISIon II On Tuesday (8) On Wednesday (C) On Thursday [ ,I), ) 0 On Fnday In 78. What are the employees asked 1 do 0 E 83. When is this show being broadcast? 84. What sort of music does Mr. Jones play? (41 Classical (13) Rock 'n' roll (C) Hlp·hop 101 Cou nhy 85. What is slaled about Mr. Jones' new album? "J It IS expec ted 10 sell a lew copies (8) It has been nominated lor an award 'CJ II IS expected 10 be popular (0) 1 might selt welt In England 86. Where is Ihe head office located? (A) Pan s B) TOlOnlo ) Stockholm (0) Sa n Francisco SO. Who is this advertisement directed towards? I A) Relared business people B) A small business owner WeaUhy Investors )/ BankCfs If I 61. What is be ing advertised ? I A bank loan A lob oponlng 1 An enTrepreneur .r A business book 87. What is the aim of tile meeting? IA) To address Ihe problem 01 dtSlnbUlton channels To discuss how to hire new international employees (I .. J To determine where to build Ihe new ractory m iD) To tIlves llgale the cause o f last year's unproved sa les 88. What are the listeners asked to do? I/J Meel wilh fellow employees 62. What happens if someone registers before next Thursday? ,I Free Items Wilt be gIven. A private consullant Will be provided. ,CJ An account balance Wilt nol be necessary ,[I The loan rale will be reduced I! I nTalk abou t new proollcllon methods (e I PrOVide some suggestions (D) DISCUSS JoinIng Ihe branches tl " ~ ~ • - ~ 0
  • 142. 89. What is the Portrait Gallery oflen calted? I A I The Red Room (8 I The Gilt Shop Ie) The Dlnong Hall IDI The Royal Family 95. Why have plans been changed? (1) The show has been cancelled. (8) Them are not enough people allendlng (e) The restaurant changed the reservat ion time . (01 The company has an emergency. 90. What happened to the dining hall? (/1 II was sold to a local Investor I B) It was redecorated in a modem slyle (e) 1 was demolished by residents. to) II was damaged in a fire . 96. What willlhe group do after dinner? (A) Return 110me (8) Go 10 Ihe theatre (C) Have some drinks (0) Go back 10 the oHice 91 . What willlhe tour include? IA) Lunch served In the dining hall (8) A speech by a member 01 the royal family (C I Free Irme al the gift shop (0) A photograph with a farnous person 92. What department does Ms. Kush work for? (A) Human Resources (BI Accounhng te) In formation Technology (D) The Call Ce nter 97. When wililhe group arrive at the theatre? (AI At 6 :30 p.m (8) At 8:00 p.m IC) AI 9.00 p.m. (DI AI 9'30 p.m . 98. Abou t how many unwanted computers are disposed of each yea r? (A) 5 11111110n (B) 6 million IC) to million (0) 15 mil lion 93 . Whal is Ihe purpose of Ihe message? (A) To report a meeting sched ule change (8) To ask abou t shi PP ing processes (C) To Inforrn an employee of overspent lunds (D"' To request an employee's account numbers 99. Who wi ll collect the computers? (A) Compu ter manufacturers (B) A non-profit organiza tion (C) Internet service providers (D) A government diviSion 100. What IS done with the collected computers? 94. What does Mr. Henderson have to do? (AI E)(plaln why he should be promoted fBI Explain how tile money was slolen te, Explain why excessive spending occurred (0) Explain why Ihe company shoute! sponsor his tnp (A) They will be sen t to landfill sites (8) They will be given to local educational mSlilullons. Ie) They wi ll be used tn resea rch. (D) They are dlstllbuted In underdeveloped counl ries. Ww ..... ll h~n irivrN.C O
  • 143. This is the end of the Listening test. o , , 'IWJ.nhclntr; kIll,! "l"t-;-I , J47 I
  • 144. Answers
  • 145. Actual Test 1 , , • • • • C ,., " B 17 C 22 A , • A B 15 C 6 A '" .. B " 27 /, 2. B J. A 9 A " A C r I. 0 A A " 3. B 3. A B C B ,., 'I c B C '5 c C o '" " A A .. 0 C A IirO f, B o " ·.9 • " C C B , " A A .. ,. •• " , B B A " C C A I A C " A " C C 36 C 11 6 " " <1 "" '" " ',9 '0 o os B B B B B 50 56 o o o B C 02 C A ~ D B , B 'S G A ., 66 C C A A " . 51 B 8 .0 o 50 o 6. A C " C " o C 8 C A B • B 1 A A A A C 38 •• , o. o , o C A ,/. , 2" I 7 -, C " C B A '3 A C A , B , , • C • '-• • 21 i:: " B J. 35 C C " Z. 6 1I B B . ,. ~ " " B C C A A 4. B 3' 3. C A " ." .. 42 (. •• .. •• ,. 47 B o B D A /, 50 o ,. B " B 33 a C :>, A 35 J6 B c B C 31 " J, A B A B C A L' A R3 •• B • B B o C B C A B o A B B A C C B o C .. .. ., o· lUO o /, A o c u ., e, A C &. A U 73 A " " ., "' o 7, " " " o 7' s. " .7 c o 5. o " o • o " ., ,. , 811 •• C A C C o A A • " • c ~S /l 7> - C I B B 6 Aclual Test 3 C B C':l C B A 3S C c 6 A C '.)2 C B B A B " A 2·' C C C C A o , • " , , '" A ... c C c 6 B ., " 5 7 .1G 37 " 52 o 4J C " " , • A 35 '4 o B B C ~ C B B C l Aclual Test 2 , 31 C C B B o A .. A C B A .,, % 11 68 B .0 C o I A A .2 6 C 53 B , " '"' ' C B 7. C c .1 ('2 C 0 A &:1 .;.1 A D B liS C C (0 A A 5 A C C o o B B ,. " 9 A D '00 A C A Actual Test 4 I B B A B 3 C , C • • B 7 C C •• A C C 27 ,. B B ,. A 30 A " C 6 " " " ,. '" C C 1 " • • " • • 0 B "., ,. , '" >9 C " <11) A " " 44 " <S C 4, 5. B " " C .. C " o o " C A c. A " .1 C J 8 C C 4 D 14 A I' B C • r, C 8 , C • B " 8 til B 1 I. " I. I. EC(J Il Ol II' lot C A c B 1{)11t) '22 2·' 27 28 B A .. 32 33 as A B B ~ B 52 . '13 54 C C t.)O C B 0 II 9. 0 C A ., C 91 o o " ., &2 B 92 D .. 0 A C A ., 0 A " A 93 -1 B 0 B 0 B B B ., B C 46 0 C o o A C 7. o A A A B 0 A 0 o C o c:'! •• 97 9a go C C B '" C B B S. S, B A A B •• lS A 03 .. B B o S C B A A ••1 68 5. A A 92 8' - C C B f.& 66 A .. C B C Aclual Test 5 , A /, " " C 1" n B •n C C 76 A o •• A A C 10 A o o ", .. " " " •• •• .. A o 97 i. C B .8 99 0 C B 100 C www.nhan!
  • 146. Actual Test 6 1 • A A ., B .. 25 C ,. A 2f> B A , B A C C • G · • , " 10 C B 0 11 B " C 21 A 22 ., n c '21 0 ( (: A 41 C 0112 C 51 . ., D 71 ~, A n C C C " C A . ., 3J B ., .. D 52 SI 0 C " ""l 4S E3 A 54 A J5 C A tiJ (A ~<; B OS B 7. A 36 C :16 /. GO 0 to ,1 C '" C " B " C '" D B1 C 2" , J' " C r 0 B ) " 8. Ot ( B c 85 ilci 77 . ., 0 B o C 97 A .e B 98 B I i'. C .. C SO , ''''' A ., A 52 0 8) A " 311 :i) B C B .11I 53 B ... B 78 B .lY A :;1) 0 40 A S' B 6ll C 6. 70 C , 7' 8. C D A .. A ., D A 42 ., 0 A '2 B C A ':'l A C B 61 (,2 $:1 0 C B ~1 0 C 73 CI ., ... 7' B 8' C ~s L5 I. OS 0 B "" SI .. B C 1~. 31 Actual Test 7 e B •• A t~ A 12 ) C 13 A .J D ,. C "33 .1 J5 5 C " " 17 B B A ~ 1 B .. C 0 ., A ., ,. A II C , ,~ B , D A 13 A .. r · · • • I. B 0 " " B ,. 27 C '7 "" 6 "" C C B C .0 " !l6 4':' 0 51 C 0 A C .. B ~e 4' G6 B A .7 .. B 0 " 0 " B 77 7. C B 7 A '" D .;g 0 .. C 'TV B •• B ti-{! 0 (0 R 60 C C ., B C 6 .p .l1 oJ A O " ., D C l4 A A. B A 35 A -45 '" ,'0, 5.~ c: J6 B .. & 0 ) 38 C H 0 I ·16 39 .~ A B B '11 B A C 12 J3 Actual Test 8 " 23 C . C D ,. C C • , I.:. 15 11 e '" n ,. 5 A " C 30 " " .. A OJ C D B ~.; B (is (; ~ C 56 0 B 51 B 0 Tn c • 10 A C >0 B M B -. 0 J9 A ~9 C 59 C ;. D ·IO A SO A 611 B 1 to • C A '1 D " D ~ 11 Ll o .. e c - 5 B 1 " IS n C 33 B B A '·1 C A lS •.6 J' , ' ,.. C A • , l '- c A B C 19 C. A C 17 A B B C A ,< , '7 ,. . C A C B C 52 ·13 B 53 r,4 B ., o B A .e B B C 4. '7 c " " •• B .,. A A 50 11 B "' J:> 3' C " " C P J> C ~J B J. Actual Test 10 c o C • • • , D A U U B B 13 C 2J l' B ,. 25 D A I. B A C 12 B 18 • 15 16 C ,. 2{) , '. W"Iv.n han t m B 1:3 C " ." " C B 71> 67 . .. B o A B % B 8' 87 A C 'J7 .. B g. 8' !IO D .. A B 100 0 .. ., 8'. " B " B C 69 c c B 10 .. 9' .. Sl A C o • A o C B (l 71 D ", B 7. 7. C A "" C S. 50 •• B A C .., A 91 A ~. A 92 o A '" •• B n C D C 0 o OS 86 7' B 7. , o A "" "" •• "" .7 76 C un I:~ o 50 " GO . ~0,1 P C "" 11 B 81 96 A g, B C D A B A 7, 7. B A B B C C A .. go 7 " 11)0 ~ C A C C C D B '~;l D 72 , C C ] C C ... B B B 7' "4 63: '.'4 D B B 53 .. 8l .. B 11 A <1 D .. C cI'i H ~!. 0 f.,:; C '6 C C 86 C C ,. " 'J!- 0 B 8T A C " C .. D A A ., B •• A A , D A 10 S ~!;i C 019 A l!) • 30 C '" B 1. SO B C B C B A C A ., B ., , " D .. •• C C B ' C D 0 :J1I J1 2e .. 50 B D C 9" 93 ,. , ., A " sa D B " B 0 , Actual Test 9 D '" .. :. A 51 " D •• B 57 C -, C A ;a 5. 60 D .. 9 B A C 6. 70 A 0 o e " 59 C A B 100 0 161 I
  • 147. Script
  • 148. Script 9. (Al The woman IS browsing 111 a bookstore. (Bl The woman IS bookmg a table. (C) The woman is opening her backpack. (0) The woman IS readIng at her desk 10. (A) A watter Part 01 IS laking orders from the customers (8) The people are watling 10 enter the cafe , 1. (A) He IS nding his bicycle. (8) He is pulling on a helmet (e) Mea ls are being served 10 the patrons oulsiCl (D) The people are SlllIng outdoors al a ca fe. (C) He IS fi xing his bicycle. (0) He IS s topped in tra ffic. 2. (A) Tl1e women are talking 10 each other tS) The women are checking the map . Ie) The women are shopping ,n the supermar1<el. (0) One o f the women is mopping lhe floor. 3. (A) He IS calling Irom a pubhc phone. (B) He IS looking al a telephone directory. te) He is standing in the hallway . lO, The telephone is being repaired. 4. (A) The bags are being s tacked on the shelves. (8) A customer IS paying for a purch ase. (e) Many bags are displayed lor sale. (0) The slore IS closed for business. 5. IA) The ma n is feed ing a horse. (8) The man IS bu ilding a fence. (e) The man is ndlng a horse. (0) The man IS laking all his cowboy hal. 11 . When did you last visit our laboratory? (A) 1 lasts about a week. (8) No, I dldn'l. (el Yesterday . with my boss. 12. Does anyone here know how to use this machine? tAl Thai sOlJl'ds like a good choice . IB, I don', know haw to thank you fe) Yes, DaVid does. 13. Where is Ihe closest parking lot? (A) Righi across the street. (8) To park my car (e) AI two o'clock . 14. How late are you open on Saturday? (A) Yes. wa are open loday. (8) Our bUSiness hours are from 10 a .m. io 9 p.n1 on weekends. (C) We're conslde nng opemng 6. (A) Mosl 01 the shelves are empty. (8) The shelves are IlIled with books. lel Some books have been plied on the 1I0ar. (0) A librarian lS putting away books. a shop 15. Don't you think we need more time to finish the prepara tion? (.: Because we already had II. fB) No. II starts al seven 100Ight. 7. (A) The Slreet ls closed to trall!c. (e' Yes. we really do (6) Some people are gell ing on a bus. Ie) People are wailing to cross the s treet. (01 Lines are being paInted on the road. 16. Where can I pick up the application? (A) In room 403. (8) Eve ry Monday mornin g. 8. (A) The bUildings are being demolishecL (C) Aboul 3 o'clock. (8) There are trees surrou nding the bUIldings. (e) A b oat IS passi ng under a bridge. (0) There are many bUildings near th e lake wwv.'
  • 149. 17, When does the message say we need to respond? 26. For which hotel should I make the reservation? (Al It'S for a retirement party . (A) We are all booked fo r tonight. (6) By Ihe end o f this week . (B) The one by the conference center. (C) Yes, I already sent him a bill. (C) From Monday 10 Friday. 18. How many people applied for the scholarships? tAl I'U apply lor the posihon . 27. Why didn't you bring the document to the meeting? (A) I forgOl to pick It up. (8) AI least twenty. (8 ) No. he won'!. (e) To submit the applica tion . (C) Five pages. 19. Would you like me to get you another cup of tea? (A) No thanks, one is enough . 28. I'm in the mood for a movie tonight. (A) Yes , I have read one. (S) At the end of the l1all. I think. (6) ThaI sounds like a good Idea. (e) I'm new around here. too . Ie) I enjoyed iI . too. 20. Why are the renovat ions being delayed? 29. How long does the delivery usually take? tA) Yes. bUil t should be changed . IA) AbDUl rour days. (8) We must get a permit ilfS. (8) Usually live dollars per hour. (C) It '.'lias delayed over (C) To the delivery department. tVJO hou rs. 21. You're going to the gym again, aren't you? 30. They'll refund our money if it's delayed. right? (AI Yes . since lasl Tuesday. (A) You can pay by cash . (8) We mel a tong lime ago. (6) Yes , that's the company policy . te) The fitness room closes at nine. (C) I don' t have enough money. 22. Do you have some time to review this or does Mr. 31 . I thought you were oul visiting c lients this morning. Andrews need you? (A) Yes. he often visilS the head office . (A) A quarter aller nll1e. (8 ) No. my meeting was called oil IB) Yes. I need one. (e ) ( lell them on my desk. Ie) Yes, I can check it now. 32. Are you ready to order. or do you need more time? 23. I'd appreciate it if you would turn the radio down. (A) Nearly an hour ago. IA) Turn on the light. (6) We ordered new merchandise last week. (B) It's down this hall. (C) I'll need a few more minutes. (e) 011 , sorry I'll tu rn It down. 24. What time is the workshop supposed 1 start ? 0 33. Can't Mr. Gomez wait untillomorrow to have the meeting? IA) She started working here last month. (A) Yes, I have to go now. tS) II begins in hall an hour. (8) I'll purchase one lomorrow . (C) He is nol in the office on Friday. (C) No, he wanls to have II righ t now. 25. 00 we have enough machines , or should I order some more? 34. Why did Mr. Wilson hire a bilingual person? (A) Most of the clients speak Japanese. (A) I can't operate the machine. (6 ) He came back yesterday. (B) We stili have plenty. (C) Yes. we need a new secretary . Ie) To save some money. wwwnhanlrivi(,I.COIll
  • 150. 35. The play starts at seven o'clock. (A) He started August t sl. 44· 46 refer to the f ol/owing co nv ersation. M (8) Then we'd better hurry. (C) They didn 't like it. 'II, 36. Mr. Williams gave a great opening speech at the conference. didn't he? (A) No, I can'l go there . Good afternoon Telus Mobility. What can I do for you? Hello, I was wondenng if you can help me with my cell phone bill. J haven't used my cell phone any more than usual, however the total this month seems to be much more than ill the past. 11 It could be that the monthly service charge has increased. but let me look over your Invoice. What's your telephone number? W· It's 555·9328. My last name is Hawk. (B) I saw the schedule yeslerday. (C) Yes, he did a good lob, 37. Are you free for coffee later? (A) Yes, It'S free. 47·49 refer to t he fo ll ow ing c on versatio n. (8) Five copies , please. w, Kevin . when is everyone meeting to commemorate Jim's retirement? M' The invitation said 7 o·clock. Do you know where the banquet hall IS? 1,'1, Yes. It's In the Weslbotlen Harborlront Hotel. neXl to the supermarket. But I need 10 SlOp by the bakery first. so I probably won't arrive un IiI 7:30. M: OK. I see , but don't be too late because I will be (C) I'll be free al about lhree. 38. This room is really hot. (A) The room is on Ihe thirteenth 11001". (6) You're meeting with the real estate agent. (C) Why don'l you open Ihe window? waiting for you. 39. Ms. Patel, could you telius how you'd promote the campaign? (A) Yes, here's a copy of my proposal. (B) Her promotion was approved. (C) If's nghl over there . 50·52 refer to t he fo ll o win g con versat ion. w: William, I just found out that you won an award fOI a piece of your artwork. Congratulations! M' Thank yotl. Pm so thrilled that the Kennedy Association has recognized my work. W: You should feel honored. Are yOll painting any O() pieces now? M. Well . I started work on a new oil painting this week and t hope to join a sculpture workshop in the lall. 40. Please call me when you have you r paycheck. (A) Sure. what's your extension again? (8) I'm glad 10 meet you, (C) No, I d,dn', call him. 53· 55 refer to the follo wi ng co nve rsation . ,Part 03 M. 41·43 refer to the followi n g c onversation. 11; 'J Julie. wou ld you please push back my 1:00 appoi ntment this aftemoon? I have an emergency meeting with tile president. Of course, Mr. La urie. W hen would you like to reschedule? t,l, Well, the president informed me that some clients will be arriving at 2, so lei's say 4 o'clock. I should be back in my office by then. w, W: M Great. I'll see if he can be here at 4. ----II-,-:-:- ,-A· "1 66 '(1111, w I'm here wil h a delivery. Some office supplies, a filing cabinet. and a bookshelf. I believe . I'm going to have to get someone to sign lor them . Is therea manager available? She's aul of the onice this afternoon. I'm her assistant. I can sign for them Thank you , thaI's great. Where should 1leave the supplies? The filing cabinet can go in the conference room and the bookshelf and boxes of supplies can be left nght here. 56-58 refer to the follow ing c onversation . w· Excuse me , how much is the entrance fee? M I.e 1111)11 It's six dollars for adults and four dollars lor seoro vww.n han ui".ic1.ctv
  • 151. u· and children under 12. II That's a lot more Ihan I expected. We only wanted 10 go to the gift shop. They just called abou t some posters that I had ordered. It'll only be about 20 minutes. Well, I can offer you a half price coupon. Would you like to use it? w It is on the eighth 1I00r, but you' tt have to turn left at the reception desk and go down to the end of the hall. II 's direclly beside the Human Resources department. .Pat:104 59-61 refer to the following conversation. ! Okay. the office is up on the eighth floor by the mall room , right? Is th is monitor available In black or silver? 71 -73 refe r to t he foll owi ng te lepho ne message. Currenlly. we only have the while one In Slack. but il you'd like we can order either the black or the silver. You can also gel a 21 -inch model for an additional 200 dollars. Hello. thiS IS Kalie Burke calling from Cogeco Internet Services. Mr. Clifford, the reason I'm calling is we I' I'd rather order the 17-jnch in black. I heard thaI sliver painllends to look old qUickly. haven 't received your payment for Ihe installation of the modem and cable. We need your payment in order to activate your service. Please contact us at 1-800·222- ~ Greal, then leI 'S go to the customer service counter to fill out the forms. You should have your new monitor wi thin 10 business days. Saturday. Thank you. We look forward 10 hearing from you at your earliest convenience. 4503, between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m .. Monday through 74-76 refe r to the f oll ow ing a nnouncement. 62-64 refer to the following conversation. Richard, have you gotten your new pa rking pass? I picked mine up on Tuesday. .II. I am pleased to announce the grand opening of Atlas Steels Corporation here 1n Hamilton. As director of Tuesday! No, I haven·t even goUen a call lor mine . I have to get the parking attendant to lift the gale for me every day. operations, I can only try to express how proud I am . We will open the plant doors In early July and will look Maybe you should contact someone in getting you a card. HR about Good idea. I'll callihem flghl alter the meeting. 65·67 refer to the following conversation. . I'd like something Simple. like the receptionist's my 01 course. I actually just completed a 'what's hot ~ seminar last week in New York, and that style was one that we focused on. rt. Oh, did you? You make me feel more comfortable and excited about the changes to my hair. 68·70 reter to the following conversation. Hi. June, have you had any trouble with the phone systems this afternoon? I can" seem to check my voice mail. II The system cleared our 10 numbers last night. You'J! have to visit the techmcal support staff to resel your password. 'IW' closer to the end of the year we will most likely bring on another 75 people . We've expanded quite a bit since our first production facility in MIlton. to our present day plants in Portland, Rochester. St. Louis, and now here In Ham itlon . We are looking forward to joining the What would you like to do with your hair today? Would you like some highlights or something dramatic done to It? style. Can you add some '1ighHghts to make hair look similar to hers? al hiring an additional 1 00 staff members. and then community. 77-79 refer t o t he fallowin g talk. Hello. My name is Claudia and I am happy to be your host and gllide this afternoon. It's currently 12:30 and we will begin Ollr tour of the facilities at 1:00. But before we gel started, I do have a lew announcements to make. Unfortunately. we do not allow any visitors to photograph the equipment or video the baking process. The first part of the tour will finish at 2 p.m. However, you will have a couple of unguided hours to visit our labs and tasting rooms before you leave the premises. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have al anytime throughout Ihe tour. I do hope Ihal you enjoy your visit.
  • 152. - - - - -------- --= -- ~-~-. - . 80-82 refer to the following recorded message. 92·94 refer to the following short ta lk. Thank you for calling the UnIVersity oj Washington's library. To access a Jlsling of staff and faculty extensions, please press 1 at anyHme. Our library facililfes are open from B a .m. to 4 p,m .• Monday through Friday. It you wish to access Ollr polilical archives. an appointment can be made with Edward Phillips at extension 15. If you would like our reception staff to return your call , please teave a message atter the tone . Thank you . Start ing next month we'U be introdUCing the company's new database computer system. The new network will combine a few features thaI will help us to stay connected more efficiently. especia lly on group tasks. Please remember that alllHes from the old database will not be moved to the new one, so it's essential that all staff back up their fifes by tl1e end of the month. If you fail to do so, important data could be lost. The full network will require two weeks to install. 83-85 refe r to t he fo llowin g ad vertisement. 95-97 refer to the following tatk. Do you like French food? If so. you will love Chateau Francois, on the corner of John Street and Richardson Avenue. Stop by lor dinner to enjoy tradilional French cuisine : escargot, homemade bread. and line wines. For dessert, why don't you try pastries with fresh fruit and rich dark chocOlate? The thing that makes Chateau Francois truly unique is the restaurant's loca tion. Our newly-designed chef's deck overlooks our estate vineyards and the beautiful Potemac River . Enjoy the view as you relax over a glass of wine. We took forward to seeing you for dinner. Good afternoon everyone and thank you lor coming 10 this year's conference on organizational behavior. My name IS Francis Lee and I'll be chairing the conference for the next th ree days. Each day we'll discuss a new area of organizational behavior. A few of the concepts we'll be covering include hiring practices , group dynamics and project management. Each of you will be responsible for responding dally to the lectures and posting your responses on our conference website. which also maintains a chat room tor you to discuss ideas with your colleagues. Undoubtedly. during the conference. you will benefit both from the fectures themselves, and by interacting with your colleagues. We wish you good luck over the next three days. 86·88 re fer to th e fo ll owi ng announcement. Good aftemoon. I need to remind you of an upcoming event prior 10 the beginning of our meeling. Newport Painters are arriving on Tuesday to paint the offices in the west wing of our building. The painters should be 98·1 00 reter to t he following excerpt from a meeting. here lor three days. II you have an ollice in the west Good aitemoon. This meeting shouldn't take more than wing. be sure to contact Ms. Peters in human resources to find oul where you will be relocated to. Furthermore, remove aU confidential files by the end of business on Monday. II you have any further questions, speak to Ms. Peters. 30 minutes. I wanted to make everyone aware 01 OUf 89·91 refer to the follow in g announcement. Good evening, OHice Depot shoppers. This is your Office Depot sales manager, Kendra Williams , informing you 01 some tremendous discounts we have for you in the store loday. In our stallonary section. all computer paper is available at a 20% discount. Also , shoppers with an OHice Depot Preferred Customer Card will receive an additional 5% off of all purchases. Don'l forgel the electronicS department, where computers. faxes, and printers are also on sale. And remember to pick up our new faU catalogue as you leave the store. It's your way of learnmg more abou t aU thaI Office Depot has to offer. new computer security system. PreViously. we had been able to use any compu ter with in the building freely, without having to log on . Recen Uy. the information technology department updated our computer network, requiring each of us to use a password to access any computer on Ihe premises. This should improve security and allow us to record employee productivity.
  • 153. ~~ 9. (A) There's a lamppost next [0 the railroad IS) A Iraln IS entenng the slallan. Ce) The area (OJ A car IS IS heavily wooded . drt/lng along the road. 10. (A) The man IS speakIng into a mIcrophone. (B) The man IS putting away his trumpet. 1. (A) The man 15 holding a pencil (e) The man IS playing the mUSlcallnslrumenl. fB) The man 15 sipping a cup of eolfee. (0) The man IS waving al the audience Ie) The man IS weanng a shorl·sleeved shin. (0) The man IS readtng a newspaper i Part 02 2. (A) Variolls goods are laid oul lor sale 11. What lime does our flight leave? (8) Tile orcl'ard is lull of fruil eel The fruils are being placed 10 bags. (0) The !IWIS have been piled m a truck IA) By 30·clock. (B) About three or lour lImes a day (e) lI's scheduled to tak.e all at 7:30 3. (A, They're watchmg a sports event tS} They're turrllny on Ihe computer. Ic) They're checking info/mation from reference books (0) They're looking at a computer mOOilor. 4. (AJ There arc some pedeslnans crossing Ihe road. 12. Where did you leave your glasses? IA) By laxi. (S) tn my ollice . Ie) AI9 a.m. 13. When will the presentation be over? 18) There are trees on both sides of the road. IA) OK. see you Ihen (C The road 15 lammed with traffic (B) Over there In Ihe hall. (0) Cars are parked on only one Side of the mad. Ie) In about two hours. 5. IA) The man is balanceo on a laoder. (A) The road construction held me up. (S) The man Is palfllrng a pIcture. (e) The man IS reading a sIgn on a buitdlng fO) The man IS hanging from some cables. 6. (AI A worker IS loadtng cargo onto 14. Why were you late for the supervisors' workshop? a plane (8) I'm working unll16 today. (C) Yes. Ihe supervisor asked me yesterday. 15. How willi recognize the guide? (8 People are seated on an aIrplane . (A) It's ava ilable. (C) A set 01 staIrs has been pushed up to a plane. (8) Yes, we can make It . (0, There are several aIrplanes stlhe terminal. 7. (A) She IS hanging up her coat on a rack ~81 She IS shopping lorcfolhes. (e) She'lI be wailing near eX11 8. 16. 00 you want me to ins tall the operating system? (A) No, It should be delive red on lime. (C) She IS holding her bag 10 her hand. IB) No. I'll do il mysell. 10) She IS wrappIng up the clothes. (e) ThaI 8. IA) They're dressed In Identlcalunilorms (S) They're walking through Ihe forest. (e) They're all carryIng bags on their shoulders. 10l They' re takmg a walk In Ihe country. wwv,nhantti '''I.rom IS quite a large operation 17. Would you prefer ice lea o r lemonade? IA) Yes. I can (8) III a refrigera tor. (e) Ice lea . please.
  • 154. 18. Why don 't you complain about the delay? 27. It's expected to rain tomorrow, isn't it? (A) It was delayed over two Ilours. (A) The report is due tomouow . (8) Yes, irs very convenient. (8) No. I haven't seen iI. (C) No, iI's going (0 be sunny. (C) I think I will. 19. What is Ms. Lydia's e·mail about? 28. Have you finished writing the monthly report? (A) I haven 't checked yel. (A) Please write clearly. (S) Five days ago . (8) It's almos! complete. (C) We've already mailed it. (C) Yes, it 'll be fil1lsl1ed by Monday. 20. Do yo u have the product evaluation form? 29. Doesn't Mr. Tanaka work in the personnel (A) Fill oul the evaluation . department? (Sl No. I lefl lion my desk. (A) No. I'm not here anymore. (C) He works In an adver1ising fi rm . (8) Yes, I prefer to walk . (C) No, he retired two weeks ago. 21. Why is that door locked? (AI In 'he safe. (8) Yes, near the exit door. (C) It's a restricted area. 30. Let's not make revisions unti l we get more accurate information. (A) Oh, I think we already have enough data. (B) No, I like tile fresh air. 22. The fina l reports are in the cabinet, aren't they? (el I don't know how to make it. (A) I'm nOl sure . (8) Yes. he's In a meeting right now. (C) We need more reporters'. 23. Who designed the booth for this year's exhibition? (A) By the end 01 next month . (B) To the design department. (C) One 01 my coworkers d id. 24. Isn't that grocery store open yet? (A) No. irs not my fault. (8) No. I think it usually opens a t 9 o'clock. {C) I haven ', read it yet. 25. Where is the working capital coming from? (A) From headquarters. (8 ) Yes, for the next few mon ths from now. tC) It's not expensive. 26. Let's check Ih e chart one more li me before our meeting. (A) I've already looked It over tWice. (8) We should submi t it on time. (C) He's leavlIlg to take Ihe chart . 31. Who won the contract to build the new bicycle path? (Al Yes, we don't expect to win this year. (8) Creative Construction. (e) Congratulations! 32. Should compla int forms be sent to the manager, or 1M CQns~nwr affairs Q~pa rtm en t ? tAl Yes. I agree wi th you. (8 ) The customers were very upset. (el l! depends on the nalU re of Ihe problem , 33. When does the editorial departmen t issue the newsletter? (A) By regislered writers. (8) On the last day of the month. (C) A parking permit was issued yesterday . 34. We've just purchased severa l new copiers , haven't we? (A) Yes, we ordered them over Ihe Internet. (6) It's included in the purchase price . (C) Cream and sugar. foIW'A' .nh a n I riviel.(orn
  • 155. 35, Where do you think is the progress report? (A) It progressed more rapidly, (8) I put il ln the cabinet by the door. (e) They will report your records every week. 44-46 refer to the fo llowing conve rsati o n . M' Maria, were you able to Ship the product for the customer's order in time for delivery? VI : No, the shipping office was closed this morning. I've already faxed them twice this afternoon to remind them. M; Would you please try calling them? I have to contact the customer this evening, and I'd like to leI him know when th e delivery will arrive. 36, I'm going on my coffee break. (A) Thanks, but I don't need any help. (8) A mechanic will fix II. (C) rtl join you . w' OK, I will do it right away . 37. You are planning to attend the format computer training session today, aren't you? 47-49 refer to the foll owing conversation. (A) No, I couldn' t see Ihe training schedule yesterday. M: Angela, I've just confirmed the departu re Icmes and it looks like our train will be delayed a couple 01 hours. It's now expected to leave at 7:00. W: That's a big problem . We won 't arrive in London in order to make ou r 9:00 meeting with Ollr partners. M: It will be okay. I was going to contact them anyway to confirm that they received the documents I couriered ea rlier today . (8) If's compulsory, isn't it? (C) New computers for new employees. 38. How did you get such a good price on the office furnilure? (A) We gal a special discounl. (8) I took a taxi 1 the theater. 0 w' Alright. so you can let them know our situation. (C) Yes . she's at the office. 50-52 refer to the following conversation. (8) Nearly one week ago. M: Good afternoon. I am here to deliver two parcels for Karl Michaels. Is this his office? VI ' Yes, but Mr. Michaels is out of town on business. However, he should be back this afternoon. t.I: 39. This local map is really complicated. (A) I'm not really good a l comparing ligures. Are you able (0 sign lor the documents? Or would you prefer that I return in a couple of hours? W: I can sign for them. Just put the packages on the desk. (C) Where are you Irying to go? 40, Are you finished with that market research report, or do you need more time? (A) Give me anothe r hour or so. (8 ) The store closes at 5:00. Ie) All the trains are on time. 53-55 refer to the following conversation. u' Part 03 41·43 refer to the followi ng conversation . M Welcome to Mitchell's. Do you wanl to hear aboul our specials today? W: I don', know what I feel like, so what would you recommend for lunch? M: Well, our club sandwich is very popular. and I particularly like the chicken fingers that come with curly fries. Does that sound good, or shall I name some other options? VJ ' I think I'll look over the menu one more lime before I order. While I'm thinking, could you gel me a chocolate milk? My Internet service is so slow. Ills really affecting my work. I think it's time that I changed Internet providers. '/: You should contact Roger's Inc. That's the company 1hat I use, They have great service staff. and their technical support is the best in the industry. ~( Thank you for the suggestio n. I'll keep that in mind. fl, And when you call, don't forget to mention my name. They'll give you a new contract discount and credit my account for referring a friend. www.nhan( 56-58 refer to the following conversation. M: Hello, I'd like to apply for a credit card . W: Do you have any identification containing bolh your address and signature, sir?
  • 156. - - - ---:- ~ ~ ~ -.::. - - - - - - ----'--, lunCh lI1ere WIth BUI this paSI Monday, The food was JUSl so-so, and the service could have been much better, Yes, 01 course. Here's my driver's license. Do you require any other forms of ID? w' No, this dnver's license is good enough . Why donI, you start filling oul this form while I photocopy you r dnver's license? - '., w· So, Sarah, has the bank contacted you since your interview wuh them? Yes, they phoned this morning, n1ey want me 10 meet with the vice·preside nt 01 the company next Monday. M; That's wonderful news ! WI1at lime is the interview? W: They wanted to meet in the afternoon , right after lu nch. But I asked if I could have the Interview In Ihe morning Instead. 62-64 refer to the following conversation. M: Ms, Jeffrey, I won' t be able to attend the seminar on Friday, so could you take notes for me? w~ No problem, Mr. Pauls. Are you finally going on thaI vacation you 've been talking about? ", No, unfo rtunately not. I have to leave for New York tomorrow morning to meet wi th our new client. We'll be diSCUSSi ng negotiatIons for the contract at his office, so I'll need a few exIra days to finalize things. '!: Wow, good luck with the talks. I hea rd that the Johnson & Johnson contract would bring in a lot of revenu e, I'll lei you know if they discuss anything Important altl1e seminar on Friday. 65-67 refer to the following co nversation , 1.1 Ms. Olas, we'd like to introduce the Spanish edition of Marketing a Successful Product by the end of the quarter, w That would mean t would have tess than a month complele the translaUon, That wan" be enough time to translate a 75·page article. Wow! That's surprismg. What did you think of the atmosphere? The wnte-up saId it was reatly fun . w 59·61 refer to the followi n g conversation , ',1 Yes, it was qU ite unique, but It doesn't make up for the ou trageous prices and average dishes. Pen.04 71-73 refer to the following telephone message, Miss Damon. This is Peter Bedford calling from the Air· !lalia Airlines secunty desk. I'm happy to inform you Ihal we have located you r baggage Irom flight AI 893. We'll be dellvenng it to the Nardizll Hotel I believe Ihls IS YOUr location while you're staying In Rome. The delivery should arrive this afternoon before 4 p.m. Should you have any questions, please conlact me al 1·888-567·4FLY , We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you once agaIn for your con tinued pat ronage . 74-76 refer to the fol/owing announcement , Good evening . shoppers! Our store will be c/osll1g in 10 minutes Please lake aU of your purchases to the nearest cashier counter, And don', miss out on our specials available In the cleaning products sechon. All lau ndry detergents are at 25% oflthe original Slicker price . The customer service desk is now closing. Should you have any Questions, please ask to speak to Ihe manager on duty, Ms. Barbara Henderson. We're pleased to announce thai our regular business hours have been ex tended to serve all your shopping needs. Beginning next Monday, our new hours of operation will be 8 a.m. to 10 p.m ., every day of the weel<. We'd like to thank you once agam for choosing Bargain Hunters and we look forward Lo serving you again, 10 1.1 Well. we may be able 10 delay the publishers a couple of extra weeks. Would that be better for you? w 11 I dedicate mysetf exclusively to the project, five weeks coutd be possible. 68-70 refer to the fo ll owi ng conve rsation. M: Did you see Ille review written up abou t Tangy Bangkok? II sounds like il has the best Thai food in town. VI: I read the ar1icle, bul l don't know if f agree. thad 77-79 refer to the following talk. Welcome to Peller MOrrison. My name is Cameron and I will be serving you this afternoon We have two special dishes prepared by our chef Ihis lunch, I would highly recommend both the sun dried tomato and leta stuffed chicken or the wild rice stuffed bell peppers. 80th items are pnced at 17 dollars and are served with a cup 01 soup and a side salad. Our paslry chef has also added an item to the dessert menu, It's a lavender infused mousse cake served wit h chilled whipped cream for 8 dollars. Would you like somethmg to drink while you are making your deciSions?
  • 157. 80-82 refer to the following announcement. Good morning. As director of the Phases Company markeling deparlmenl. I am happy to announce loday some great news. Our company has achieved record sales Ihis quarter, a jump of nearly 15%. I believe this growlh is directly related 10 the excellent advertising our team developed to promote the new product line I am confident that you will be 1hrilled to hear that due to the positive growth, all Phases Company employees will receive an increase in their yearly bonuses 83-85 refer to the following radio report. Good eve ning. This IS Dilana Miles at PRCK light Jazz, your lavorite jazz music station. I wanted 10 remind all of you thai Kevin Onawa. a renowned pIanist, will be performIng with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra tomorrow night. AI eighty-nine years old. Mr. Onawa will be the oldest member to ever perform a plano solo alongside the famous group. The concert wilt be aired on PRCK Light Jazz from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. We are also thrilled to announce that Mr. Onawa will joIn us here at PRCK Ught Jazz Friday morning. Be sure to remember to listen to this once-in -a-lifelime interview. Thai's Fnday morning at 9 a.m. Sarah herself has faced throughout her life. After many years 01 struggling in the film industry. il looks as though Ms. Sarah Polly has IInally caught a break. So, Ms. Polly, how did you stay motivated over nearly a decade? Ten years can seem like a lifetime. Many people wo uld have given up alter just five years or so. 92-94 refer to the follow ing advert isement. Good morning, this is Christina Irom Jiffy Lube Car Services. We've been a member of the Better Business Bureau tor over five yea rs. and we're proud 10 announce the grand opening of our new and improved store. That's right , we've expanded We stili offer the same great service on oil changes. tire rotation , alignment. and windshield repair. To celebrate the grand opening of our new store, we are offering a special dIscount. Only thiS weekend, purchase any discounted service package and receive a free oil change. If you would like more information, or to book an apPointment. please call us at 679·7310. 95-97 refer to the following news report. Ladies and gentlemen. we are eXlremely honored to have tonight's guest speaker here with us. I'm su re I don'l have 10 remind you of Dr. Nathan East's most Next up al 6:00, a special took at health care . Bul first. at the city courthouse loday, members of the community met with local law enforcement officials to discuss tl1e growing problem of violence, Domestic disputes were the main area of concern , The pOlice force is considering a zero tolerance policy with regard to arrests. Many supporters of the decision feel that it prominent works, including his resea rch on the effects will help 10 make Ihe community a safer place. And 01 global warming. After listening to Dr. East speak al the Global EnvIronmental Agenda in Tokyo la sl summer. I asked him to presenlhere tonight . though I was surprised to hear thai he wou ld be interested In speaking to such a small group like ours. Dr. East's talk lonlght is entitled "Simple Ways to Reverse the Effects oi Global Warming." We are pleased to have you with us, Dr. East. judges believe it will reduce the number of cases broughllo court. However, a lew upset citizens joined the talks downtown to raise concerns aboullhe possibility of false accusations and wrong ful arrests. 86-88 refer to the followi ng introduction. 89-91 refer to the followi ng broadcast. Good evening. Thank you lor joining us here at Gossip Centra l. I'm Jenny Jenkins. We have a special guest l'lllh us I,ere in the studiO today . Ms. Sarah Polly, dIrector of the hIt movie "Jumping through Hoops." Actors and producers alike have praised Ms. pony's directorial debut as reaching new heights in Hollywood. The storyline of thiS film mirrors Ihe hardships that 'IWW.nha n u wiel.e om 98-100 refer to the following te lephone message. Hello, BOb. This IS Wanda St. Pierre from parkIng services. I wanted 1 inform you that the parking 0 garage will be under repairs beginning on Tuesday while some issues with the facilities are taken care of. The projeci should require three days. and the area should be available by Friday. I realize Ihat many of your employees drive to work, so please apologize for any inconvenience Ihis may cause them. A shultle bus will be provided from the main entrance each morning and aftemoon on Wednesday and Thursday. Let me know If you have any downtown meetings, and I should 0 be able 1 arrange transportation. ;-'(,l'Ipl 173 1
  • 158. 9 . (A) T-shirts are hanging In the closet. (8) The people are shopping al an indoor market. (e) Sale items are displayed outside the store. (0) The people are SlUffing some clothes into a bag. Part 01 10. (A) The boats are racing through the water. 1. (A) He IS leaning against a tree. (8) The water is breaking on the shore. (S) He is siUlng in a restauranl. (C) A group of boats IS 1I0aling In the water. (C) He is mowing Ihe grass. (0) The boats have been pulled onto the beach (0) He IS watering the tawn. 2. CA) A patron is seated al a table outside . • (8) The chairs have been placec! on the tables. ee) The tables have been sellor a meal . (0) The chairs are arranged around Ihe tables. 3. (A) A clerk al tl1e counter is helpIng the customers. (8) People are waiting In fine for theif turn. ', Part02 11. Where is the nearest public telephone? (A) We Just moved here a week ago. (B) To call headquarters. (C) There's one by the post ollice. 12. What time is the meeting? (C) One 01 Ihe men IS paying for his lood. (A) It's in London . (Dl People are standing In front ollhe hotel. (8) I think II starts at 10 a.m . 4. (A) They're digging a di,c',. (8) They're cutting the tube Into pIeces . (C) They're working with the pipe. (0) They're measuring the pipe. 5. (A) The man is standing at the rear 01 the vehicle. (8) All ol l he car doors are open . (C) Yes. it was really Informative. 13. How did the new arrival get here from New York? (A) The bus is crowded. (B) For about a week . (C) By airmaiL 14. We are going to a movie this evening . Would you (e) The lires are being removed from Ihe vehicle, like to join us? (D) The man is loading a box on lop of the vehicle. (A) Yes, I enjoyed the party very much , (8) OK. When IS it? 6 . (A) They"re ascending a staircase . (C) No, I've already received them . (8) They're passing people in the hallway. (C) Tiley're riding the escalator to the next floor. (0) They're waiting for the elevator. 15. Are you sure Ihis disk has enough memory capacity to save all the data? (A) Yes, but it must be checked for viruses. 7. (A) The boats are docked a l the harbor. {S) Travelers are climbing into a boat. (8) That's so nice 01 you! (e) I'm sorry for the inconvenrence. (C) The boats are heading Qui to sea. (O) A shipment IS being unloaded al the POri . 8. (A) They're th rowing the ball into the air. (8) They're playing a game on the ground. (C) The game IS 16. Should we consider hiring a new analyst? (Al LeI's check the workload. (8) He was hired last mon th, (e) I'll have it afler my meal . being played indoors. (D) They' re laking a break under the trees. ----/-174 t'~:onOrU I.l"·"''..''',-------' www.nhil lll nvirt.cOf"
  • 159. 17, Will you be taking your vacation in July or August 26, How will the oflice equipment be transported? this year? (A) Nexl to the parking 101. CA) I'm sure It will be okay. (6) Somelime next week. (8) It'll be In Hong Kong . (C) II will go by couder. (e) I haven', decided yet. 27. Who's in charge of controling the product quality? 18. Would you like to join us lor dinner tonight? (A) I'm allergic to seafood . (6) Our praduchon depar1menl. (S) I wish I could . but I already have plans. (C) Choose the course you like. CA) It's available al no exira charge . (C) Let's take them with us. 28. When is the best lime to meet you? 19. Who sen t out this invoice? (A) No, this is my first time . (Al It arrived today . (8) Have (8) Someone in the delIVery department (C) Belween 10 and 11 a good lime! a.m. (e) Yes. I read It. 29. Whal's the Hmetine for the bid? 20, Shou ld we purchase new fax machines for the (A) He teft tast month. office or get multifunction printers? (8) I've been busy lor the past few weeks. (Al We need more computers for the new employees. (C) Il hasn', been discussed yet. (8) Because Ihe prmter Isn', work ing. tC) I like Ihe new office bUilding. 30. Aren' t you delivering an opening speech next week? (A) Yes, but I feel pretty well prepared lor it. 21. We really have to go now. IA) I really enloyed the play. (8) Yes, he was very surprised With the party. (C) No, il was delIVered on lime. (8) We have anolher few minutes. (e) Yes. she went to Ihe docto!. 22. Why do you need to cancel your appointment? 31, You want to adopt a new inventory control system, don't you? (A) Most olliS do. (A) Something came up unexpectedly. (B) I usually use Ihis system . (B) I was Just disappointed. (C) Our Inventory IS so low this month (C) On Monday morning. 32. Why did Barry request access to the database? 23. Should we meel for brunch today? (A) Sure. I'd love 101 (8) Yes, we meet regularly. (A) I've seen It before. (8) On his way to the post ollice. (C) To check lor any inaccurate Informallon. (Cl That's too many 33. 00 you have a Single room with a good view for the 24. Mr. Wilson has taken charge of international sales, weekend? hasn't he? (A) We only have doubles at tha i time. fA) It only Includes installation charges . (8) No. our trip was delayed. (8) No, he's responsible for advertisi ng. C) Yes, the view was fan tastic. (e) Call me whenever you like. 34. What's on the schedule lor tomorrow? 25. Where will you be sending this package? (A) 2:30 p.m. (Al It came this morning . (8) I'd like 1 reschedule my apPointment. 0 (6) To the address on th is note. (e) A meeting wi lh the technicians. Ic) rd rather go by bus . 'Iww.n han tI
  • 160. 35. The list includes the wrong address and information . 4 4 ~46 refe r to t he follo win g conve rs at ion . (C I'll revlev/ II. M Hello, I would like the number for the SheralOn Hotel located in Montrea1. VI: Which localion do you prefe r? I have listings for two Sheraton Hotels in the city. fl.: (A) Tomorrow morning. (8) It was retu rned. I don't know th e exact address. but I would prefer the downtown location. Also. could you connecllhe call please? 'I Sure. The number is 514·889·2093. Please stay on Ihe tine and I'll put you Ihrough. Thank you for using Belt Directory Assistance . 36. They're going to employ another person, aren't they? AJ No, in the employee lounge. (8) Yes, we need more physicians tC) Yes. but I'm working overtime. 37. Why don 't we prepare the auditorium for Ihe inte rview? (A) It'll be held III the auditorium. (8) Because we bought some office furniture. (e) That's not a bad idea. 47·49 refer to the follo wing conv ersat ion . VI' Hello. Jim, I just finished preparing these sandwiches. M; Thanks, Allie. That's so nice of you. w' It was quite a simple recipe. I roa sted some vegetables and added them 'lo a couple of slices of baguette. 38. Who has the keys to the conference room? (A) Thomas must have them. ro· (8) No, I dldn't attend the conierence , (e) She's in her of1ice. 39. Did Miss Yoshida finish the designs for th e lobby last week? {Al No, she's still working on them. (B) Yes, it's in the office, (Cl LeI's meet in the lobby. 40, Wasn'l Anderson's lasl ilem well received by Ihe market? (A) It didn' t se ll well at all. (8) Yes , I have a receipt. (C) It was checked on ly yesterday , That will be a great appetizer as Ihe guests are arnvlng , and it will go nicely with the beef kebabs I'm grilling. Why don'l YOLI set Ihem on Ih e coffee lable In the living room next to the fruit? 50 ~5 2 M' refer to t he foll o wing c onversation . I've been trying to contact him all morning, sending faxes and e·mails. Mario's away from his deSK. Do you know where he's gone? w. He had to meet with some clients at the downtown branCh . Apparently. their documents haven', arrived yet , and he needed to deliver them himself. M: I have some great news. Kensington Market has decided to lIse our advertising campaign. I'd love for Mario to oversee the project. W: That sounds great. You should try to contact him on his celt phone. He would love 10 hear Ihe news personally from you. ! Parl 03 53~5 5 41·43 refer to the fol lowing conve rs at ion. refer to th e following conversation. M' .. Pardon me. is this the information desk for the leadership training seminar? '/I' Yes . il lS, Wha t is your last name? I'll pull up your registration lite and package for you, r.; I just received my invoice Irom Ihe gas company in Ihe ma it. I can't believe the cost. w. Mine was quite high. loa. I lhink it's because I've been using my healer so much In Ihis cold weather. M; I have as welt. However. I still believe it's higher than it should be. Maybe I should contact the gas company 10 see il their regular rates have increased. Sounds like a good idea, Their customer service department is very attentive. Keep me updated on what they tell you. I'm Ted Dyson. And also, do you know whe re the talk on employee motivation will take place? Hmmm. It begins al10 a. m. III conference room A, here in the main convention building. 'I www.nhan
  • 161. 56·58 refcr to the following conversation. Bill. were you able to conlact technical services aboul my e-mail account? I'm working out the de tatl s of this contract and aU 01 my conlr~lcts are set up through that accounl. Yes. I did They'll have someone come over tomorrow momlng 10 take a look al it I'm 'larned Ihal it will be too lale. I laid our cHen! tha I I would conlacl her with the Initial oulilne before our meeting at I o'clock tomorrow. Could you conlactlhe support desk again to see if they can reschedule? No problem. I'll gel on Ihal right away. I'll speak to the supervisor on duty to see if they can allend to Ihe problem today 68·70 refer to the following conversation. Tim! I saw the hydro van parked in your driveway thiS morning , Was your hydro affected by Ihe VMd yeslerday? No, we never had any damage. However, my neighbors, the Jot1nsons, lost power when some tree branches fell on theil power lines. Oh. no. That sounds like quite a mess. Yes. Fonunately the cable company will cover the cost of repairing the lines. The Johnsons Sl10uld have power by Ihe end 01 the day, [] . -, ,. 71-73 refer to the following m essage. 59-61 refer to the following conversation. Hello. Suel Have you reseNed your hotel room for thiS weekend's trade show III Toronto yet? I'm not sure whether I Should slay for two or three nrghts. I reserved a room lor tllree nights. t want to stay tor the morning brunch on Sunday That's smart I'll can the hotel now 10 make the same reserva tion . You should conlaclthell1 as soon as possible. When I spoke wllh the hotel manager today he said there were only a few rooms left. 62·64 refer to the fo ll ow ing conversation. Good evening. This Is the headquarrers lor the Insh National Bank. The oHica is now closed. Our regular bUSIness hou rs are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m .. Monday 10 Sa turday, wilh the exception 01 nal ionat holidays Should you wish to speak 1 one of OUI company 0 represe nlatives. please leave a message aller the tone. You are also able 10 check account balances using our lauch tone service. You can also use our web servtce for bill payments, the lransfemng of fUllds. or to obtain new producl tnformat ion. Thank you for ctl00slng INS, and we look forward to serving you again soon. Good evening, Annabelle . WIll you be joini ng the 74·76 reterta the foll owin g radio annou nce m ent. other members of our team for dinner tOnight? Our reservalion is for 8 o'clock The township of Lmcoln would like to inform IS citizens I thoughl Ihal you were all gOing ou t tomorrow nIght so that Frank could come. Welt . we wanted 10, bu t Frank satd ho couldn" make II tomorrow ellher. so we deCIded to go out tonight Instead I see In Ihal case leI me finish my work and I'll meet you aI8:15. 65·67 refer to the following conversation. Good afternoon. Park Prinling . This is George. Who would you like to speak to? ,y My name IS Wilma JeHnes alld I run a recruiting agency. I would like to talk to Luke Newberry about having some personalized bUSiness cards pnnted . 0 1 the upcoming ci ty closures due 10 festival evenlS, Starting Friday November 9 th , SI Paul Sireet will be closed due to the Annual City Parade. Pedestrian (raific only wIll be permitted between Church Sireet and Jarvis Avenue . Pnorily access w ill be given 10 families wilh small children who WIsh to attend Ihe event. T he sireets are expected to reopen Monday November 12th. We sincerely apolog1ze for the Inconvenience; however, we do hope that all of Ihe reSIdents or Lincoln wllllo!n 10 the festIVities 10 help make lhe annual event a success. II you have any questions abOut other planned events, please contacl the clty's lOllrism authorIty at 239-3497. Unfor1una lety, Mr. Newberry and Ihe rest of the sates depanment have lell for Ihe day. but I can direct you to his voice malt If you'd care tQ leave a detailed message Yes , Ihat will be fine . I'U leave him a message then. '(1'.''."1.11 t~llrn'it'1 '.C - Y.ll' t77
  • 162. n·79 refer to the followi ng announ cement. bUI my lunch meeting wUh the new ctien ts started Good allernoon , ladies and genUemen , and welcome 10 our thIrd annual BUSiness Awards Luncheon , We wi11 Iilleen minutes latc. We should be getting our desserts In a few minutes. bul since I"S already 12:45 . I'm begin wIth opening comments from last year's worned that I won't make It back 10 the office In lIme for BUSiness Person of the Year, after which we WIll enjOy a buffet· style lunch Please remember that tickets are still available lor next month's charity ballroom dance event. entrlled "Under the Sea. whIch you can our meeting. 89·91 refer to the following excerpt from an interview. purchase althe reception desk. Shortiy a lter lunch we 'JIll be aCknowledgIng thIs year's award winners . To respond to your queslion abow how I became uwolved wilh pohtlcallssues. I knew I wanled 1 0 become a politiCian from the lIme I was a child After I Please SI1 back and enJoy began studying politICS at Queen's Unive rsity, I knew M tha t I had made the fight ca reer choice When I 80·82 refel' to th e f ollowin g rad io ad vert isem ent , Don't you deserve the mosl durable wriSlwatch on Ihe market? You'lI never have to worry about damaging your wa tch again With Thompson's new Skylime wnstwa tch, Our most recently developed wnslwalch IS became presiden t o f the university student council I had lillie time leI! to spend with my classmates. At age twenly·live, as student council presiden t. t Introduced twenl y new regulations to try to change the extremely accurate, and Is guaranteed for life. Our atmosphere of Ihe school. I was proud with what I had accomplished, bu t I was warned that I wouldn't go watches are not only rehable , Ihey're stylish too. It you beyond student·level politics . Ho...·'ever. now after being order now, Thompson wIll also mclude a pair of Dark recently e lected as state governor. I am happy 10 have been given the chance to have become involved so Horse sunglasses WIth your purchase. and will shIp your order wllhin 5 business days. Please phone one of our customer representahves now at 1·800-999· 7865. ear1y 92·94 reler to the fo llowing excerpt from a talk , As you are all awa re, we've been speakmg With BaSion 83·85 refer to the following announcement. Techmcal College about the traIning courses it I would like 10 Ihank you aU for jOining our board of dlreclors meehng this morning I wanted to lei you prOVIdes for ou r employees. Despite the fac t that these courses are provided free of charge, many of you have know Ihal we have chosen Ms, Josephine Reynolds as exp ressed concern over lack of Inleresl from some 01 a $vcce$sfv t ~pp Ii Ce.n l for the pasHlon 01 vice president Ihe employees In yOllr departmen ts. Some staff believe of linance here at Jones & Burwell Consulli ng that there IS no direct correlation between the courses Services. After successful completion of ou r executive and theIr salanes, however as managers '.'Ie see the traiTling program , Ms, Reynolds will begIn wor k WIth us advantages thaI exira tratnrng prOVIdes. We have spoken wilh Boston Tech abOut ways that we can In aboul fIve weeks. Ms Reynolds JOIns us wilh exlenslve expenencs in Ihe finance jndustry. haVing worked as director of finance al The Optic Group in make the courses more convenient lor our slaff As a London for the past three years Prior 10 Ihat, Ms Ihe courses In our conference rooms here al our Reynolds wOrked lor several years as an accountant WIth The Hudson Bay Company In Madnd. She will company headquarters. now spend four weeks prepa ring lor her new position In our Los Angeles branch alllce before relocating to our headquarters here In Seattle. We are Ihrllled to result, we have decided that the professors wtllieach 95·97 refer to the following telephone message , Hello. Barbara. ThIS IS Jim Michael. I'm calling WIth regard 10 Ihe change you had asked for in your travel welcome Ms, Reynolds to ou r group, a nd we look plans . t've looked InlO varrous fHghts from Calgary to forward to her success here Honolulu and Jet Quest Airlines IS the only one that In Sea ltle. connecls In Los Angeles, A stopover flight Is actually 86·88 refer to the following telephone message . 550 less Ihan the original price thai I had quoted you, so I have reserved a sea l for you on Iha t flight. Please Hello, June ThIS is SUB . Would you please lell Jenny and Anne that I'm gOlOg 10 be a lew minu tes late? We check wllh your secretary, as I have fa)(ed the new are scheduled to meet at one o'clock this afte rnoon. itinerary to your offIce. Also, please send me an e·mall wW.... ,nnantllllll?( (om
  • 163. should you wish to book accommodation in Los Angeles. I have found a few hotels in the downtown area, bul I'm unsure of your price range. I look forward 1 hearing from you soon . 0 98-100 refer to the fo ll owing introd uction. May I have your attenlion, please? As we end our program today, It is my pleasure to Introduce our filth and tinal speaker, Ms. Marie Dupont. Ms. Dupont's presentation today will outline her findings on her research in health cars . In detail, she will speak 01 her most recent study on a healthy diet from an early age: following a nutritiOUS lifestyle. You should also be aware thaI Ms. Dupont has been asKed to join a group of medical professionals working on Ihis topic in Ihe lield. And I have heard that she will be relocating to Pans to join these doctors for a th ree-year fellowship. Ms. Dupont will be happy to answer any questions at Ihe end of hel presenlation. However, if you have a question, wnte il down on one of the cards provided , so that your question can be read in order for everyone to hear it. Tilank you very much for being with us today, Ms. Marie Dupont. 1 . (A) The man IS dlvmg Into the wa ter. (6) The ma n IS fishing I(om the ralltng (el The man is packi ng up his fish ing gea r (0) The man is pu rchasing some !Ish. 2. (A) Neithe r of the phones is being used (8) The fWD phones are dilferen l In size from each olhe r te) The telephones are being repa ired. (0) Each telephone IS in a separate booth . 3. (A) The worker is preparing to dig th e ea rlh. (6) There are a 101 01 leaves on the road. (C) The road is being resurfaced . (0) The man is driving the truck down Ihe hili 4 . (A) They·re exchanging a documenl. (8) The man is adjusting hiS lie. (C) They are havtng a conve rsallon. (0) The woman IS lea ning on the coun ter 5. (AI The man IS bUYing a tickel allhe bus Sialion. (8) The man IS board ing the bus. (C) The man IS ilandlng hiS baggage to conduc tor a (0) The rna n is checking the bus tllnelable. 6. (/) Tile vehicles afe being Vlashed. (8) The traffic on the street IS ve fy heavy . (C) One of the cars IS leaving the area (D) Cars are parked in the outdoor pa rking lot 7. fA) Th ey' ,e put ling a fite In the ca binet. (8) They· re silting at a meeting table. (e) They're tooking at i he document. (0) They' re taking ou t some papers from their bags www.nha " l riviet.(om :O;("npl 179 1
  • 164. 8. (A) A driver IS stepping out of the car. 17, Do you feel any better after Ihe treatmen t? (B) The traffic sign IS being laken down. (A) We treat every employee equally. (C) No cars are on Ihe road today, (e The sooner thc better Ie, Yes. l"m gellmg bettet (0) The venlcles are slopped al a trafllc light 9. (A) She is climbing over the fence. 18. The cenlral library closes early loday, doesn't it? (S) She is moving Il1e Irash cans. (A) No, I canceled it yesterday Ie) Sile is carry ing a carton InlO a building, d)) Yes , that's INhal lhe staff said. (0) She is jogging along th e street. I.el Yes , I'll call him laler. 10. {AI The man IS folding up the chairs. 19, When can you finish drawing up the schedule? (8) Most ollhe seals are unoccupied , fA) Yes. Ihey've been sen I. (e, Thc man IS setting up Ihe stage for an even!. I B) This afternoon. (0) The chai rs have bee n put oul on Ihe grass. Ie) Irs for my cOlleague . 20. What's the fastest way 10 get to the station? (AI I'd lake 11. Who's going to give a speech this morning? (AJ No. I ca n give you a ride. (8) Tile manager WII! . (C) The speech was very Informative a taxI (0) It's aboul an hour by trarn. (C) You'll need to check tne departure It me. 21 . What lime are we supposed to be at the conference? (P.' He went to Paris for a conference. 12, Did you work overtime yesterday? (5) Three o·clock. llllink. (A) I always work on Fndays. iC" At lhe meeting room . (8) No I left at two o'clock. (e) Okay , 1"11 be nghllhere. 13. What do you do for a living? 22. Mr. Troy gave an informative presentation yesterday, didn't he? ( ) Yes , I enjoyecl it very much. (AI Fine. how about you? 18) No. I flke tea more Ihan coffee. :8) No, I was just leaving. Ie) He didn't give a reason . (C) I'm a pe rsonnel manager 23. That financial company is hiring more consultants , 14, When are you going shopping? isn't it? eA) In Rome . (A) Because of the hIgh Interest rate . (B) I'm J browsing. USI (0) Yes. they're Irylng to flnCl the fIgh l person (e) Rlgl11 after lunch_ (e) Please send thiS check to Mt. Chang. 15, How oHen do you visit the manufacturing plant? (AI Every two weeks . 24. Where will you stay in Brussels? (8) For an hour. 'lll Yes. I was Just leaVing. ([3) In hal f an hour. (C) He's staying with a fflend ,e 16. Would you prefer to sit in the corne r, or near the window? (A) I highly recommend it fS) No. t haven' t sent him a bill yel. (e) I At the Clearview Hotel. 25, He plans to improve the product quali ty, righ t? (1) Yes, that's his idea. S) No, to tile marketing departlllent. IC) On the flghl side. Eithe l would be fine. www.nllallt
  • 165. 26. You're taking the summer business course, aren't you? 34. Have they hi red a professional advertising company or are they waiting? (A I No, I usually lake a bus, L ) A) Th ey've Just offered some company the work. Last summer in Hong Kong . (6) There IS an excellent reslauranl near here. (C) II can wa it until tile morOlng. r.CI Yes I'm plannIng to 27. Would you J a ride back to the airport? ike 35. Who is ma king the hotel reselVation? (AI The hotel was already booked. (A Thanks, I'd apprecIate II. ((3) (8) Perhaps Mr. Chang. You're right Irs on the 6th. te) Submi t it bye-mati IC) Yes . II'S near the airport, 28. Should we review this translation today, or put it o ff unlillomorrow? (A ) We need to make the reVISIons loday, 36. Shouldn't we buy the thea ter tickets in advance? (I~) (6) That's a great Idea (C) About advances in constructIon technology, (BI Yes. Just put them in the recycling box, Ie) Tile view IS fantaslic, 37. Why did Mr. Ladd leave withou t the requi red document? 29. Is it going to cost a lot to repair your computer? tA/ l'm gOlO9 10 rent weekend. Lei'S go to a movie tonighl (A) He's returning for It after (he meeting, a beach house for Ihe (8) He has already typed the document. It,;) There IS non8 left GI Yes, many limes. IC) The maintenance man didn't think so . 38. How many customers do you visil in a week on average? 30. Why don 't you lake a day off to prepare for your (A} I lIslially take a taxI. trip? (B) Between seven and ten , Al Yes. I suppose I'd beuer. (8 Yes, t work at a manufacturing plant (C I He's Just taking off hiS coal. IC) Two weeks ago 39. Who can help me install this prog ram? (A) I have some Irme a fter the moming meellng. 31. Will you be able to take some calls, or should 1 ask Me Chan? (8) Yes, they were 11lstalled Ihis morning. (C) Irs in fron l 01 the bui ldIng. (A) He didn't mak e lIon lime. (B) If the phone rings , I'll answer it. 40. Do you know the password to access the network? (A) They passed the test. (C) Okay I'll call you SOOrl (8) II was blocked by a password . 32. Why isn't the seafood restau rant open? (CI I'm sorry , I have no Idea. (Al 1t closes every Friday. (8) I eRn'! see the sign (C) Tile soup IS very tasty, 33. Don't you want to contact someone downstairs and let them know the machine is broken? (A) Yes, we check regulady . (8) No, f can fIX II. Ie) Thanks, bU I f Ilad a tale breakfast 41-43 refer to the fo llowi ng conv ersation. I: ~ Are you looking at getting a new celt phone? v' No, I'm J ust having mine repaired. My IHght for New York leaves in the morning. and I have a few conference calls lined up while I'm there. Save YOllr receipts. I'm pretty sure the company pays for all business related expenses , ~,; W'f'N,nha ni rivie{.corq I've gO! 10 go to Mobile Communicat ions after work ,
  • 166. 44-46 refer to the following conversatio n . 56-58 refe r to the fo ll owi n g conve rsation. ',',' Good afternoon and welcome to Fiber Optix Plus. What can I do for you? w Good af1ernoon. Is this the shipping and receiving t,l: Well , I have an appointment to meet with Marty Kline . oN Sure. I'll contact Mr, Kline's secretary up on the hUh Iloor. Who can I tell her is here? ~I, My name is Kevin Fleming and I'm here to discuss an employment opportunity with the company. office? My name is Patricia LIghten and I'm expecling some documents to arrive this morning. J was wondering It they've been delivered. 1.1: Just a moment, Ms. Lighten . I'll took inlo that lor you. No. I'm sorry . there doesn't seem to be anything here for you . tV: Would you be able 10 check under my assIstant's name? Her name is Wanda Green. There should be two envelopes containing approx:imately five documents each . M. Yes. there are some packages addressed to Ms. Green. I was Just about to distribute the mall. I'll be around 10 deliver them shortly. 47-49 refer to the foll ow ing con ver satio n . W: We've lun out of bagels and rolls and we still have quite a few reservations tonight. Where did you go? '" J just stopped by the bake!), down the street. Don't worry. We have enough dinner rolls for the evenlOg . 59-61 refer to t he fo llowi ng conversation. 11 Oh great. Would you give me a hand? A customer al Ihe lable closest to the window would like SOme more coffee . M' Rebecca, do you know where the Samson file is? I wanted to look over tile linanClal charts before our meeting this afternoon. to', Sure. I'll go over right away . >'I: I thoughl J saw Jack With it In the boardroom Why? What pages In particular were you interested in? r.1 We're hoping to increase profits, so I wanted to do a sales and cost analYSIS. I'd like 10 also take a look at each sales representative's figures. w· That's a greal idea. That way we can see who is domg well, and which people need a little more training, Then we can work in a new course schedule. 50-52 refer to the fo ll owing con versation. M Hello, Judi. Are you still free for dinner tonlghl? I know a great new restaurant downtown. w Oh , Barry, I'm sorry. I forgot it's my parents' wedding anniversary tonighl. We're throwing a party al the Falcon Hotel down by the lake . Would you like to come along? M' That would be great. I'd love to meet your family. Have you already reserved a table? VI, No, but I th ink I wilt call dunng our lunch break . I heard the view from the hotel is just beautiful. 62-64 refer to the following conversation. 'J: Thank you for contacting Jones & Plane Marketing Inc. This IS Diana Plane. What can I do for you? M: Hello, Ihis is Francis Smith calling from the littleton Manufacturing Company. I'm calling to Inform you that we've decided to go wi th your advertismg campaign ami would like 10 send you a deposit. 53-55 refer to th e fo llowin g conversation . ',I' W: Sony to interrupt. bUI I got this shirt for my birthday a couple of days ago and it seems to be miSSing a few bullons , Could I exchange it for another one? Sure. it shouldn't I)e a problem as long as it was purchased within the past 14 days. Do you have Ihe receipt? I'll need to verily tile purchase date. '1· Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't given the receipt. It was a present from my fnend. She jusl gave It to me on Thursday, Ihough, so I'm prelly sure she bougllt it recently. "I I'm extremely sorry, Unfortunately, it's store policy thai all refunds and exchanges must be accompanied by tile o riginal receIpt. That's great, sir. Which bank will you be transferring the funds from? M Our account is with the London City Bank on Westchester Avenue. Oh. and I'd also like to schedule a meeting with your executives to discuss our promotional video for sometime after September 18. 65-67 refer to the following conversati o n . w Rick. I stopped by the construction site last night. I'm a lillie nervous. It doesn 't look like the '1wI/
  • 167. renovations will be complete in tlmB for the grand opening of my offices . M r. Jenkins' busmess flourIshed once more Before you leave the buildi ng, let's stop in the gilt shop, where We have been a liHle delayed because some of Ihe materials didn't arrive on time. Bu t we sti ll hope ta be ready in time far Ihe even t. replicas 01the Jenkins' many treasures are sold. Well , th e event IS scheduled for OClober 10th, so I was hoping to have the fumiture delive red by Ihe last week 01 Septem ber. T hat shouldn't be a problem . Even if a few more shipments are late. we should still have enough time to be ready by the firs t of October. 77-79 refer t o the fol/o w ing in1roduction to a radio interv iew . Up next we have A ndrea Vector. founder of Beauty First SklOcare Products. here in the studio. Beauty First has recently been awarded the BVC Products in Innovation Award for its non· tOXIC. all· na tural facial cleansers and moisturizers. Beau ty First products do not contain m any of the Irritant causing ingredients thai 68·70 refer to the fo ll owing c onve rsation . w· Do you know whelher Josh will return from his other sim ilar cleansers do. Ms. Vector will answer questions on how her previous expenence in the holiday before the marketing con ference begins on Wednesday? I. '0: cosmetic industry inspired her to develop her OWn line 01 beauty care products. Please call 1-889-753-5555 if He's scheduled 10 arrive at Fenway InternatIonal Airport on Wednesday afternoon , so I don't Ihlnk he'll be back to work untit Thu lsday. Do you think we should postpone the meelmg? you have any questions lor Ms. Vector. Tha i won't be necessary. I'll just have Susan give her noles on the guesi speakers to Josh when he gets back. OK. then I WIll not make any changes to the meeling schedule. 80·82 refer to the f ollowing rad io advertisem ent. Are you Interested In pu rchasing quahty. affordable products for your home? Then you need to VISit Design Depot. We have h'iendly and knowledgeable staff WIlling to herp you wi lh all of your design needs . There is no consultation lee and we are currenlly offering a 15% discount on all linens and draperies. We guarantee our p rices are less Il1an ou r com pelitors. To make an appoin tment with one of our deSigners, simply call 555-2200. 71·73 refer to the fo llow ing voi ce m ail m essage. Good aflernoon. I'm catting 10 leave a message for Lyle Peters In the laboratory. Hi Lyle. this IS Dr. Gina Weston Irom Northtown Medical ASSOCiates. One 01 my palients , Kelly Sanders. had some blood tests done a couple of weeks ago at you r hospital. It has been ten days and I'm slill waiting lor tile results. Could YOll please get back to me at your earliest convenIence to tet me know when t can expect to receive her file? I can be reached at 8926680. Thank you and have a nice day. 74-76 refer to the follo w ing tal k. This IS the final destination of our tour today. You'lI notice thai this room is unique in comparison to the other rooms we've looked at today. This is the master bedroom, and despi te the fact Ihat it was decorated over the same period, it looks much more modern. The olher bedrooms are a more traditional Renaissance style. However. completion of Ihls room did take longer than the olhers. due to tight finances in the Great Depression . Work was stopped for over two years. until wVv.n han !riviet.tom 83·85 refer to the following announ cem ent. Good evelllng, ladies and genllemen and welcome to Ihe Sydney Opera Center Because tonight's performa nce will be taped , we ask that alt guests refrain Irom taking photog raphs th roughout the performance. We would also ask that all cell phones and page rs be turned off while the periormance is in progress. Thank you for your cooperation and enJoy the show. 86-88 refer to the fo llowing"t raffic report. Welcome to the 6:00 news. T his IS Rod Whitmore with a speCial weather update. If you are on the roads Ihis morning we ask that you d nve slowly and carefully and expect delays. The rain that began yesterday evening continued th roughout the night and into the early hou rs of the day. However , that precipita tion will turn 10 hail as the temperature drops significantly. The drop in temperature may also cause some icy condilions. so we recommend that you stay on all major roules. ;"111111 18:~ 1
  • 168. 89·91 refer to the following telephone message. 98·100 refer to the following news report. Hello. Brilney It's Jesse. I hope everything is going well with you . We're planning to meet on Monday 10 finish Ihal reporl I mentioned 10 you. So, our group would like 10 gel logelher to celebrate. J was wondering if you'd like to join us on Tuesday night for dinner. We're interested in trying the new Italian restau rant downtown. I'm not sure about what time our reservation is for, but I thmk irs around 7'30 or 8:00. I'll confirm the time and get back to you. I'd love it if we could gel together for a drink afterwards as ....ell. There's a great martini bar around the block from Ille restauranl. Anyway . give me a call back and tet me know. Cheers. Research conducted by the WamerTelevlsion Nelwoll< has shown that more people are watching TV than evel before. Experts say Ihe growing number of programs available. as well as increased stress duringlhe average workday . has made people want to relax in front of the TV alter a hard day al the oflice Networks have reduced the number of commercials shown during programs In order to remain competitIVe. Initially. companies were unable to handle Ihe loss In advel11sing money, bul recently they have added commercials between programs . With the rise in ratings. viewers can expect 10 see new lelevlsion shows developed over Ihe next few seasons. 92·94 refer to the following news re port. In national news. Algonquin National Park Will soon be sold In lots to local builders. On Thursday. the local government mel to discuss which areas of the recreation facility will be protected from the change . The Conservational Parks Authority said that the news was both disappointing and tragic lor the natural seiling and the many species of wildlife . Some polil lcians, however. are thrilled with the deciSion to sell the lots of land. since they feel the change will boost Ihe stagnanl tocal and provincial economies. We'll be back with the weather report following this commercial break. 95·97 refer to the following telephone message. Hello. Ms. Blayer. This is Sung Min Lee from the operations department. I was wondering about the guest speakers you have invited lor thIS Thursday evening I have currently reselVed a conference rooOl that Will accommodate fifty people I would like 10 know il you know how many people witl be In attendance. Should you require more room. I will have to see if a bigger con ference room IS free. As you requested. I set up the projector. I did, however. want to double check whal type of computer your presenter Will be using as Ihe projector cables differ lor a PC and a Mac. I'll be In and out 01 meetmgs this morning. bu t if you leave a voice mall outlining my questions I can facilitate the arrangements. Please let me know if there are any other ways I can be of assistance to you . Thanks. WNWl1h.ll1lriVICi .com
  • 169. 9. (A) All the cords a re hanging on th e wall. (8) Lots of cords are plugged In. (C) A man IS la king ou l some cords. (0) The cords are lying on the floor. 10. (A) He is cutt ing down a tree . IPart 01 (8) He is bending over wi th a shovel (C) He is build ing a house. 1. (A) People are puttulg books on a shelf. (0) He is making a mark on Ihe walt. (8) There are people looking al books. (C) The shelves are lined up. (0) The books are alt the same size. []J : I>art 02 2. (A) The televisions are hangIng on Ihe wall. 11. When do you leave for J apan? (8) The chai rs are all full. (A) II left at 7 o'clock , (C) People are enJoymg a movie. (8) On Thursday m orning. (D) The.teleVISlons are lalling alf the wall . (C) Yes , they're from Japan. 3. (A) The men are lying on a bed . 12. Where can I buy (B) The men have the same clothes on. a stapler? (A) By car. (C) The men are wearing ha ts. (8) T hat's a good Idea. (0) A man is lifting a bed. (C) Try the convenience store. 4. (A) People afe runnmg In the l1a'1I5. 13, Didn't you think the presentation was boring? (8) People afe mopping the Iloor. (A) It was (C) People are hanging paintings up. a long time ago. (B) Let's take a break, (D) People are lookIng al the pain ti ngs. (C) No , I thought II was great. 5 . lA) A man is ge tting some water. 14. Hi, I would like to reschedule my appointment with (8 ) A man is wrapping the package. Dr, Roth, (C) A man is holding a pen. (A) May I have your name please? (D) 80th men are wearing lies. (8 ) He was apPoll1ted to the board . (C) Yes , he's my den tisl. 6. (A) The man 15 stacking wood. (8) The man IS working With a forklift. (C) The man is driving 15. Did you see my umbrella anywhere? a carl. (D) The man is dehverlllg a (A) No. it was raining hard this morning . presentation. (8) Yes, you lefl lt In my office . (C) Yes. I saw him at 4 p.m. 7. (A) He is tanning In the swimming pool. (8 ) The dogs are runmng in the water. 16. Would you like to try this jacket on? (C) He is plaYing With his dogs. (A) I'm glad you did, (O) He is feeding his dogs. (8) Yes. irs oHicla l. (C) What size is it? 8. (A) The bUIldings are the same height. (8) There are buildings next to each o ther. 17. When did you pick up the contract? (C) Every building has a balcony . (A) M y assistant will be picking me up. (OJ Some people a re moving (6) Nexi year. IntO the buildings. (C) I had it delivered to me . www.nhanl( ------- -----------------------------~-',~p~1 ~i 185 1
  • 170. 18, Wou ld you rather have cream or milk in you r coffee? ro.., Nellhet, Ihanks. g I made three copies. Ves I do 19, Why do you go to work so early every morning? A) No, I'm working until 6 today 27, What's the extension for the product support center? 1 Satlsfacl!on! 81 555. 5 dollars. 28. Do you know why Ms. Lopez is convening a meeting? Go 10 the secu illy oNlce, Ii ,r I //1 To introduce her new secrelary. So 1 can avoid Ihe Irallic congestion . (G' We had to submit the report Ie Sure. leI's meet In the ca feteria 20, How could you complete the blueprints for the new building so quickly? 29. 1don'l like the mood al Ihis place. r Al No, I'll call back (A} Are you oared? I!, I had some help i B) (L, We should complete II tomorrow, 21 . Could you please lurn the volume down? to Down the hall and 10 your left 13 Turn lell al the light I'm sorry I'll turn II down He IS very moody c! II looks IIko a new tIe. 30 , Do you know who will be replacing Alan when he retires? ) Yes, Mary has replaced the tires 1 ha sn't been deciaed YCI ,) ThIS lown IS known for liS seafood, ..I, 22. If your IIi9hl arrives after 4 p.m" Ill1ink you should rest throughout the remainder of the day. .1 As soon as rhe plane arnves. (b That's I G) a lovely Idea The afternoon would be good, 31. Mark has to submit his expense report to accounting, doesn't he? fA Yes irs very expenSive. (f' J Sorry I can', count exactly. Ie) The manager said II'S not necess81Y Ihls lime 23. Who's going to prepa re for Ihe interview? IAI Yes. II's a .1,ce I,ew. (8) I think Irs at 9 or 9:30 (( The personnel depar1ment will. 32. Where is the best place 10 buy office supplies? (A) Tl1e lIem 1t1ere IS always good rHI They're very rallable suppliers C) Thompson's. 24, Aren't the resea rch proposals due soon? A) Ves , a researcher will be here soon, ·8) Yes. the deadline 's tomorrow r.! It was qLl!le comfonable . 33 , Isn't there a recently released version of this computer program? (A) Tnars the only one we have /B1 No 1 don'llh,nk we need 10 buy II 25. I can help evaluate employees' performance. IC. No, they're selling well Al That should save me some lime. 13) We didn 't receive any course evall/allons. (el That was a great performance 26. Would you like to go oul lor dinner after the seminar? 34, ts Ihe new programmer we hired gening used to the work? A. Sure, she found a new place. (6, Yes , she's doing welt. (e) No, I don'llhlnk It'S necessary. Al Yes, how about nahan fOOd? 81 I've been there already Yes, last ycar J 186 I , UUOII I t 1t~1C1 ,'ww.nhanIIIVIE:I.(Om
  • 171. 35. Shou ld I have the itinerary sent to you or will you pick it up? (AJ I'll SlOP by 10 gel it. (8) No. slle can pick up the car (C) Yes. she grew up In Pans. 36. We received the linal app roval last week, didn't we? (A) Actually. almost a month ago. (8) We sent II by e·mall. (C) II was hard to prove. 37. Is there a faster way to process the lesl results? (A) Buses go very fast on this slreet. (8) Only a few minutes away. (C) Submit them In person . 38. Why does Mark want to work the night shift tomorrow? (A) He's got an apPointment with Dr. Charles during the day. (B) No. his coworker reIired . (C) I think we treal every worker equally. 39. How about sending tile samples th is afternoon? 44-46 refer 10 the following conversation. '/ I'm available to help the next person. M: Hello, I"d like to purchase two tickets 10 Fnday's concerts. N Unfortunately we only have seats available in sections C and D. Would that be okay? ~ t would have preferred section B. but 1 guess 1 ·11 take the best seats available. 47-49 refer to the following conversation . ,; I'd like to send these files to Kimberly Dawson. Do you have her e-mail address? '<1 w That would be greal. I have a number of new clients that [ need 10 set up meetings wi lh, so I'd like to let my supervisor know. "1. (C) Sounds like "N: ,~. a good idea w 40. How should we dramatically improve our methods a research learn worklOg on It. Well, the Irain shou ld be al the station at 5, but I conference untit you arrive. I." (B) Wel l. thaCs an Imp(ovemen l. (C) The re·s Brian, are you available to pick me up at the train station tomorrow afternoon? I'll be coming back from New York aUe!" the conference ends. I have meetings until 3, but if you're scheduled 10 arnve at around 6. I'll be there. can stay and wail. I'll go over my notes of th e of production? (A) I like comedies more than dramas . Well. make sure that you contact Sam as well. The company has decided thai both a director and a supervisor should be present at all new client meetings. 50-52 refer to the following conversation. (AJ No. by train. (8) lI·s a new model No, I don·1. Bul Jim in HR should have a list of all company accounts. I'll gel it from him and fOlva rd it 10 you later today . Great. 1"11 be there at 6 then . Why don·t we go lor dInner to discuss our presentation on Friday? 53-55 refer to t h e fo llowing conversation . ' 41-43 refer to the following conversation. ,. N Hello, what time are you open in the morning? rd like to come in and purchase a gift for a colleague. We open at9 a.m .. but unforlunately we open at noon on Saturdays. I should be able to get there by 9, but are you able to hold something for me until Monday in case I can't make il In? 1'1: No. I'm I/ery sorry. We don'l hold anylhing because people rarely return 10 purchase the Items. www.nhanl Karl, have you completed the financial reports? I have to de termine next year's budget before my important meellng with the director this afternoon M. Sorry, not yet. 11 seems like I"ve been answering my phone all morning and I can't seem to find the lime to finish them. My clien ts are very demanding. w Really? I met your clients at lasl month's social function and they seemed reasonable. Ask Jenny to help you finish the financial reports. I'll be away for a few hours, so she can use the computer In my office, That sounds good, but be su re nollo lock your door because' don·' have a key.
  • 172. 56·58 refer to the following conversation. M HI. Vanessa. Have you heard from the finance 68·70 re'fer to the following conversation. M: I have so many meetings this afternoon. I really don't think that I'll be able to complete the installation of our new software before Tuesday. w· That shouldn't be a problem. A few exira computers are scheduled 10 arrive on Friday , and the technical team won't finish reconfiguring the new network before Monday. ,~: That's great. I'll be sure to be done by then . 011, did you want me to check the Internet connection? w· Yes. somelimes I can'llog on 10 the website. I think there are some problems with the Internet. department? I'm still waiting for the financial reports for this quaner. w· I was talking to Jilt in finance a few minutes ago. She doesn't think they'lI be done this week. They've been realty busy preparing the budget for next quarter. 1.1- That's ridiculous. We have to get them to work on our charts first. I just got ao e·mait from the director, and the vice president Is coming from New York to review our progress. w; Wow. I'll call the department manager and lell her to make this quarter's reports a pnority. 59·61 refer to the following con versation. W· Fiona lold me that you've decided to hold the convention In Miami. 10: Yeah , I can't wail. Actually, we were thinking of Singapore at first. bullhe price of Ihe airline tickets is too high due 10 the seasonal demand. ,'1 ' Well , Singapore is fantastic. I spent my last vacation there and had a great time. M: Really? Many people said Ihat they found it diHicult to communicate while there. 62·64 refer to the following conversation . W: We were asked to save all of this month's computer files in order for the IT department to change servers. However, I thin k that the files are 100 large. Where should we store them? M' Well , we could reconfigure the computer network to gain storage. What about that ? W: That sou nds good. Let's try thaI. Do you know how to reconfigure the network? M I have no idea. The IT department will probably know how, I'll call them now. 65·67 refer to the following conversation. w· Have you contacted the convention center to confirm how many guests will be attending the conference? M' I haven', had a chance yet. t'm still going over the names of the clients that we are considering inviting. ',. Well. please try to get to it as soon as possible . If we postpone it much longer. we may not be able to gelthe staff to do everything we would like 10 lime. M I'll contact a few clients to confirm whether or not they will attend. I can finish it this afternoon. ' 188 b'I'HI II!! I.e 1lI111 1 Part04 71-73 refer to the following advertisement, Thanksgiving is a time for families to geltogelher and be grateful for their health and happiness. The best way to capture these moments is with a Canax digital camera . The quality and color in the pictures will help you go back to thaI moment in lime. Now is the time to head down 10 Gibby's Electronics for our annual holiday clearance sale. Allot your tavorite brands are now marked down to a iraction of Il1e price. Can· veniently located on Geneva Street, next to the downtown arena , Gibby's Electronics can fulfill all of your electronics needs. Stop by to see us today ! 74-76 refer to the fo llowing recorded message. Welcome to Zodiac Computers customer helpline. We are happy to assist you with any of your computerrelated questions and concerns. If you have a question relating to downloading software, press one. If you requi re help setting up an Internet connection or network, press two. For a list of our store locations, press three. If you would like to order a product and know the serial code , press tour. If you need to speak to a computer technician, press O. To listen to the options again , press 9. Please visit our website during the next two weeks and download Zodiac coupons, which can be used at any of our fifteen store locations. We appreciate your business and we will make every efton to provide you with the products and services you need. n-79 refer to the following short talk, I would ask everyone al th1s time to lurn in your company manual to page 15. This chapter ot the manual details our company policies. As you read over www.nh.)
  • 173. ihe va rious policies, please pay attention to those relallng to customer service, t will give you a few minutes to read Ihese policies and then we will discuss them as a group. Once you have finished reading, plea se lurn 10 the person silting nexi to you. DIscuss with your partner how you can better seIVe your customers. After you have spent a few moments speal<mg With your partner. write down your Ideas on a piece of pape r. At Ihe end of this seminar you will have a chance 10 share your ideas with the rest of the group. 80-82 refer to the following talk . We would like 10 welcome you all here today 10 the Downtown Juniper Office Complex. You have been asked to jOin us because, as investors. you have all played a sig nificant part in gelling this project started. Presently, we have rented nearly 80% of the office space. and I must add thai we are Ihrilled wilh Ihe results. I'd Uke to start by laKmg you for a tour of one 01 the model offices. Following the lour, I would like to Invile you to join me in the building's 5-star restaura nt for a lasting of som e of our deliCIOUS lunch specials. And once aga in. Ihank you lor your continued support with 'he completion ollhls project. 83-85 refer to the following telephone message. This Is the cus tomer servtce line for OUlckstart Intern et SeIVtce. All of our agents are currenlly on the H ne seIVing other clients. Our hours 01 operation are 9 a.m. 106 p.rn .. Monday 10 Friday. Please Slay on Ihe line 10 schedule an appointment. At the lime of installation. please have YOllr order number and a check or money order to cover the fees. The rnslall8110n cost is $59.95. It should only lake about 25 minules, and you will be able to access the Internel Immediately. Someone must be present at Ihe Irme the technician vlsilS, so H you are nol avaU able, you must make anothe r installalion appointment. Thank you for choosing QUlckslart Internel Service. 86-88 refer to the following introduction. Good afternoon_ It IS with great pleasure that I in troduce Or. Meg Robertson. Dr. Robertson is the leading research associate al the Clear EnVironmental Research Group. For th e past 8 years, the cenler has been responsible for deve loping some of the most unique methods related to the light agarnsf global warming. Or. Robertson has jOined us here today to talk about her group's most recell! efforts to reduce me harmful effects on the environment. There WIU be a question and answer period following the lalk. Please give a warm welcome 1 Dr. Meg Robertson . 0 89-91 refe r to the following telephone message. Hello, Mr. Underv/ood. This Is Maria Avila calling lrom Warehouse Olfice Supplies Limiled. I just received your e-mail regarding you r company's purchase 01 computers and pnnters. Unfortu nately. the pnnler model that you had requested is presently unavaIlable, and won't be In slock lor another couple 01 months We do. however, currently have another printer model that is comparable to the anginal one Ihat you had requested. We are willing 10 loan you this model while you are wailing for the other shipment. There are no problems with the compuler order. We will have your delivery shipped by Thursday afternoon. Please contact us about how you would liKe to proceed with respecl to the printers. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to hear from you soon. 92-94 refer to th e following introduction. We would like to thank you all for joining In the-grand opening of the Fallsview Ballroom & Theater. Tonight's opening performer demonstrates the kind of classical talenl that we will be showcasing over the next few months in our six-part senes. We befieve Ihallhese performances, and the overall charm of the Fallsview Ballroom & Auditorium . will add 10 the cultural charm of the area. And now let us begin tonight's performances. We do ask tllat you switch off any cell phones and page rs at Ih;s lime. There will be a len· minute intermission between each acl at which lime refresh ments will be served In th e main en trance. Tha nk you for your cooperation and enJoy the evenmg. 95-97 refer to the following announcement. The lasl item to talk abou1 today at Ihis afternoon's meeting IS the company's new policy with regard to expenses. We have discussed and approved two changes. The lirst has to do with receipts and invoices. Firstly. all bills must be submItted on the last day 01 each month. The other major change has to do with company accounts. We have also increased budgels by 5% , so as 10 accommodate aU employees. Part·time em ployees will be given a company credit card to use for travel and meal expenses when dealing with corporale cHents. Please speak to Sally in HR before the end of the week 10 receive your card.
  • 174. 98·100 refer to the fo llo wing phone m ess age. Good morning, Jemma. This is Irene Smith from Dr. Baker's office. I am calling to confi rm your appointment lor 8:30 a. m . on Wed nesday morning. Please arrive al least 15 minu les prior to your appointment so that we can fill out the appropriate forms. Don't forget to bring you r health insurance card and a piece of photo 1 to 0 the appointment. In total your physical examination shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. bu t you may need to stay afterwards lor some blood tests. Dr. Baker should be able to provide the results of your tests within 2 weeks. So remember, your apPointment is at 8:30 a.m . on Wednesday morning. Please call us if you have any questions. See you then! i Pari 01 1. (A) The boats are lIoatlng in Ihe water. (8) The boat is being pushed Into the water. (C) The boats are crashing into each other. (D) The boats are sailing on the open sea. 2. (A) The chIldren are washing a car. (8) Several people are gelling into a vehicle. (C) Some lools have been pi led up behind a vehicle. (O) The children are leaning against a car. 3. (A) The man is moving down the slope. (8) The mall is climbing a ladder. (C) The man IS wearing a safety helme!. (D) The man IS culling the rope. 4. (A) People are putting fruit in tile baskets . (B) The people are making pnce lags. (C) The woman IS looking at some fruit. (0) A customer has his arms folded. 5. (A) The men are usmg a ladder 10 climb a elllf. (8) The cable has been rolled completely Into a coil. (C) Construction workers have closed off the road . (0) The electricians are working on the cables. 6. (A) The road through the forest has been paved . (8) There are tracks in the field . (C) People a re farming to the field. (0) Farm machines are parked near a building . 7. (A) Some people are playing musical instruments. (8) People are watChing Ihe performance. (C) People in the back are gathered for a meeting . (D) The performers are bowing to the audience. 8. C People are crossing the stree!. A) (8) The cars are stuck in traffic. (C) The traUlc is moving in both directions. (0) There a re arrows palnted on the road . 1 190-"-m-,- n} LC l!lIj(j ",- l WWVJ .nha n trivi
  • 175. 9. (A) Framed pictures have been placed on the tables. 17. Didn't 1 write down your company name correcU y? (A) Yes, irs right over there . (8) Many pictures are being developed. (B) No, It has two J's. not one. lC) There are a lot of pictures posted on the wall (D) A man IS hanging pictures on the board. (C) I'm sorry, I can't. 18. Margaret McCarthy is the head of advertising. isn't 10. (A) The man is reading a sign in the park . she? (8) The man is sitting on a bench. (A) Yes, I work in Ihe advertising department. (C) The man is holding an umbrella. (8) No. she didn', make it. (0) The man is plan ting a tree. (C) Yes. she just gal a p romotion. 19. Where did you go on your summer break? [] IPart 02 11 . When is the new economic repor1 due? (A) 20 pages. IBl By the end of the mon lh. (C) A new supervisor. (A) At the end 01 the year. (8) Va ll. for a change. (C) The camera lel1s is broken. 20. Should there be more strict safety regulations at the workplace? (A) Yes , but II lakes place 10 September. 12. Would you prefer milk or juice? IAl From RUSSia . (8) Not al all. (C) JUice. please . 13. Do we have to pay for the tickets? (A) No. the company pays for Ihem. (8) No. irs in the safe. (C) No, the present rules cover everything. 21 . How long have you had this job? (A) For almost five years. (8) II is five kilometers away. (C) I work five days a week. IS} Yes. II'S a beautiful city. (C) No, I sent l11em by fax. 14. Who sent us these financial reports? (A) Brian did. (8) By e-rnall. (C) To review them . 22. Aren't you meeting with the real estate agent today? (A) No, our meeting was canceled. (8) By bus . usually. (C) To find a new office. 23. What's the exact size of the new office? (A) It IS co nvenIently located. 15. Why did you choose that office? tA} We need to choose a delegate for the conlerence. {Bl It has a great view. (C) Two days ago. 16. What should I wear when we attend the con ference? (A) I'd recommend a suit and tie. (8) I bought II yesterday. (e) Over there in the filting room. (8) Yes, it has three meeting rooms. (C) I'm nol sure. 24. Who can give us some assistance with the advertising campaign? (A) Yeah , irs really helpful. (8) Mr. Ramirez can help us with that. (C) No, she's a part-tune assistant. 25. Are the marketing reports nearly ready? (A) What are YOLI reporling? (8) Nearly a year ago. (C) We need more time. www.nhan l Sclipl 11 9·1---
  • 176. 26 . Excuse me, is this the express bus for Tokyo? IA.l We'd falher lake a taxI. 35. How long will it lake to implement the new procedures? (AI IBl Sorry, I'm nOI sure myself (C) To express App~oxj(nalely two months (8) By analYZing procedures. a concern. (C) About a new policy 27. This report looks pretty impressive, doesn't it? {AJ I'm JUSI browsing. 36. Why hasn't Ihe new equipment been installed yet? (A) U's from ASia . 8) Yes, they've done a good job, (8) No, I'll use other devices . (C) Tomorrow morning looks good , IC) They're wailing for an addiltonai pa n . 28, Why didn't anyone answer the phone this morning? (A) Sure, thaI's a good Idea (8) You can use my phone, fe) Ilhl n~ 37. When will the technical support team arrive trom London? (AI AbOul seven or eigh t people. Ih e of/ice is closed loday, (B) The plan hasn't been confirmed yel Ie) They worked cooperatIVely , 29. Where should I keep Ihese company letterheads? (AJ In the cabinet by the door (B) Lale this afternoon (C) My assistant will order lIlem. 38, Don't you wanl 10 join us for the free Irip to Disneyland? (AI Yes.. I'm looking forward to meeling he r (8 ) No, he usuat1y wears a unilorm , 30. The mainlenance department will install another air pu rilying system in the cafeteria . fe) ThankS , bu t t went last month. (AI No. I can' I. 81 Good , II' s hard to breathe 111 there as il lS rC) I'm not hungry yet 39. It was quite unexpected 10 see a long line al the new restaurant on the corne r. IA) About twenly dollars, (HI Yes, 1 was surprising to me . 1 00, 31 . Why don't we go over Ihe research results next? (I;) Medium fare, please (A) We could do thaI. IB) Yes. she did, Ie) Usually once a year. 40. How did you manage to find the new apartment near the office? (A) The present tenant IS a !rlend of mIne 32. When IS Amelia's resignation going to be officially announced? IBI Yes. the managor Will be here on Tuesday Ie) It's near Ihe post offIce (A) Yes. he was fired (8, Congralulaliorls on your retirement . (C) A t tile next board meeting, I thInk 33 . Would you prefer to meet in the meeting room, or somewhere else? Pal103' 41 -43 refer to the following conversation. (8J LeI me reserve the cafeteria . 'II' 00 you have your lraln hc~ e l for Denver yet? H No, all of the tickets are booked because 01 the holidays. Ii Vl Someone else Will take It. WeH. I thInk things II'IUI qUIet down by Sunday. Why don't you try to leave on Tuesday? ,j That won't work . Negoliations with Ihe clients are scheduled 10 begin on Monday, C) Ves, he's In a meellng, 34, Don'l you thin~ we should start looking for a different distributor? (AJ No , Irs a dllterent kind 01 paper. (B) I'm nol loo~lIl g lor a Job, Ie) You're probably regilt 1192 1.f(IIUln' 1.(' I{~IC' ww...v,nha
  • 177. 44-46 refer to the following conversation, N 56-5 6 refer to the following conversation . It's good to see you a9~un , Adam. How was your trip to the U.S.? Hello, Bill. How was the luncheon yesterday? I wasn't able to go. I was working on fintshing up tha i presentation we had for the new clients this morning. BUI a lew of us are tooking at going out tontglH after work. Would you care to loin? ", Fantastic. I went with a couple of close friends, We stayed at a big holel in Las Vegas for a week. restaurant again? Yeah , I loved Las Vegas when I was there twO years ago. Did you gel to see a lot willie you were there? No. lontght they have a discount on appetizers. The special starts al 7:00. so leI's meet in the lobby af 6:30. w Actually. only a little. We were more Interested in gambling althe hate! every day. Once In a while , we tried out some interestIng ba rs, though , Thai would be great Is iI mar1ini nIght at the new 47-49 refer to the following conversation. 59-61 refer to the following conversation. .' Can you believe the lineup? Why are so many /.. people at the bank 111 the middle of the day? We're going to waste our whole break waiting 10 tine! Doesn't the staN restaurant Include a beverage with lunc!,? Why don't I see thaI optIon anymore? I.'," The company has decided to cut costs where possible. And It lool<s like Ihe restaurant was the obvious choice . ,. 00 you think we should come back tomorrow? We should get back to prepare for the presentatIon this afternoon. M: I tl11nk you're right. 11 we keep wailing then we'll definitely be late for the presenta tton. Y I wonder If Llan in sates put the sales repon on my desk. I told herlhat I need It for loday's meeting That's too bad I always dnnk coffee after lunch, and tile exIra COSI can be expensIve In the tong ru n. W: Well . you could always stop by the coffee shop on your way back to Ihe office. They do have Ihat preferred customer discount card. 50·52 refer to th e following conversation. '1 ,,/ On Wednesday I have to go and see Mr. Franklin In human resources, and I don'l think I'm prepared for the meeting. He's interviewing me to see if I am quallfted 10 transfer Into Ihe accounting department. You'll be okay I spoke with Mr. Franklin yesterday aod he seems like a really friendly man. Why don't you go home early today and prepare for the Interview? 62-64 refer to the following conversation. ~.,. Hello, I'm here from Business Office Supplies. I have some file cabInets , tables, and chairs to be delivered for Grace Cameron . '~ Sure, leI me see if I can get her. Unfortunately, Grace IS In the middle of an Important meeting. ,. Well. I can't really wa it. I have dehvenes lined up aU afternoon. Is Ihere someone else Ihal can sIgn Ihe Invoice? Sure, I can do thaI. Why don'l I contact Ihe maintenance depar1menl to help you bring Ihlngs in? t~ That's a good Idea. I know Ihat he's Inlervlewlng a lot of people for the position and so I want to make a good Impresston. ..... '} I think you'll do line. l'Ulend you my accounting manual to study from 65-67 refer to the following conversation. 53·55 refer to the following conversation. /,. w Yes, but there IS only o ne opening right now. We "01 very busy today. Do you mtnd if I work late tonight? M ThaI's OK with me Maybe Trevor can help YOLl with the report for a couple 01 hours tontght. '/. That would be a big help. U's really Important for me to finish thiS report so that I can send il to Chicago, As a matter of fact , I spoKe with our client in Chicago today and he is waiting for the hnal draft. www.nhantri",iet.fom Hello, I saw an advertIsement in a newspaper Ihat you have a few postlions available in marketing. do have severa! positions available in the technical support dIVision. Would you like to learn more about those? l,~, Welt. I would prefer marketing, I have extensive experie nce in advenlsing, and I would only be interested in a technical support position if there were some training involved. w Why don't you go and watt In the VIsitors room , and I'll see if someone from HR can meet wilh you. :-;,'nJlI 1 1 93
  • 178. 68·70 refer to the following conversation. III 'Ihlnk thai this one has aU of 1he eleme nls that you're looking lor. There IS a corner office. the windows overlook Central Park, and the re is a kitchen in the back corner. '.'I' That sounds like exaclly what we're looking for. I'd love to look al il. We only have a month before we expect to launch our new marketing campaign. so 1 was really hoping to get into an office as soon as possible, How much does it cost? Well , the selling pnce is $500,000. We can look al presenting an offer slightly lower, but it will depend on the number of interested buyers in the market. w' Yes , I know . Can I make an appointment for my partner and I 10 come by this afternoon to see it? ParU'4 71-73 refer to the following talk , Accordmg to our records , Ihis is your first viSit to our clinic. Before Dr. Briant can examine you , you'll have to lill out these medical history and insurance forms. Please include a list 01 all medications you are taking and any allergies you may have. After you have lilled out the forms, our nurse will take your blood pressure and temperature . PII be l1e(e in my otlice if you have any questions 74·76 refer to the following mes sage. Good morning 1 Mr. Willows . This ;s Kevin Pine calling from Kinlord Electronics 10 let you know that your computer is ready . I apologize that we weren't abte to get your computer to you yesterday as we had promised, However there was more damage to the hard drive than expected. We're closing today at 6 p.m., but we will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m . tomorrow. Please call us if you are unable 10 come in, and would like to pay an additional delivery charge. I thank you for your patronage and apologize once again for any inconvenie nce this may have caused you. 77-79 refer to the fol lowing instruction. AU delegates, may I have your auenlion please. Now. please register at the front desk where you can pick up you r convention 10 card and Information booklet. Also. we have posted a list 01 guest speakers ou tside of the main conference hall. The keynote speaker will present Ihis morning at 10 a.m. in th e Wentworth Auditorium. We will then take a short break for a group lUncheon. Afterwards we gather once again for a video presen tation ent1t1ed "Your Money: Achieving Financial Success." narrated by Bill Gates. A short discussion will follow the screening. Should you have any questions or concerns. please visit the reception desk located on the main lIoor, I would like to thank everyone for joining LIS today, Please enjoy the presentations. 80-82 refer to th e following Instruction . Welcome , everyone. I would like to discuss lhe renovations that we will begIn at the end of March . While it is presently only Novembe r, we must develop the best execution plan possible. I would like lor each of you to note your comments on the cards I have left on the table, On lhe cards, please list what you feel am the most important changes for our office space. And we will meet agall1 in two weeks to determine whose suggestions we will include In the renovation plans. Please keep in mind thaI although the renovations are necessary, we would like to keep ll1e overall cost to a min imum, 83-85 refer to the following an nouncement. Good afternoon. everyone. II you are jOining us today at the Technology Made Easy Seminar. tllen Ihat means you are looking at making your computer and Internet work for you. And I know how difficult It may be, but once you practice these simple techniques you'll see how quick and easy technology can be. My program wUl help you to use Microsoft Office, anti-virus updating techniques, how to surf the web, and much more. Best 01 all. the whole program takes Just one day to learn, Until now, my products have only been available in select stores , but today we a re offefl ng free home delivery for only $49.95. Don't forget that if you are unhappy wilh the system, we will refund your money. 86-88 refer to the following announcement. Chicago's lwen ty-fifth annual OffIce Trade Show will begin on September 15th and continue until Sunday September 17th. The show will feature oWee products from diSlributors all over North America. OrgaOlzers are expecting to allract more Ihan fifteen thousand people over the cOUrse of the weekend, which will create a substantial economic boost to hotels and restaurants in Chicago's downtown district. Events will be organized throughout the weekend 10 cater to guests, as buyers www.nllar l triviel.(olTl
  • 179. and vendors converge on the city for this three·day event. ParticIpants will have the opportunity to win a brand new office suile in a raffle to be held on Sunday. 89·91 refer t o the foll owing introdu ct io n . 98-100 refer to th e followi ng announcement. May I have your attention please? The flight scheduled to leave Heathrow International Airport at 7:20 p.m . has been delayed. We ask that you remain in the boarding gale area until furl her notice. A mechanical engineering I'd like to welcome Martino Lopez. a world-renowned team is currently inspecting the aircraft. Upon impact business columnist, to our radio talk show Ihis morning . Many 01 you know Mr. Lopez because of hIs best· with the runway. one of the pieces in the landing gear jammed. However, it shouldn't take long to repai r. We selling marketing books. Mr. Lopez joins us today to discuss the concept of Internet marketing. Let me will depart for Paris as soon as the problem has been introduce Mr. Lopez by speaking briefly about his fixed. In the interim, please remain in your seats or join us in the lounge. where complimentary cocktails and education and personal background. Martino Lopez was born in Columbia in 1964. but traveled to England ref reshments will be served . We ask that you continue as a young man to attend schooL Alter studying abroad coope ration. to lislen for updates and we thank you for your lor several years, Mr Lopez returned to Columbia to teach at the University 01 Bogota before departing once again on a world speaking tour. Following our conversation, I will take calls from listeners who have questions for him. And now. tet's begin our talk with Mr. Lopez. 92-94 refe r to the f oll owI ng announceme nt. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have yatJr attentton, please? I have been asked to inform you that this year's charity dinner has exceeded our financial goals. The organizers and promolers of this years event will join me after dinner to thank you for your generous contributions. We believe thai this year's even l may be Ihe most successful ever. We sincerely appreciate your effort and hope that this money will make a difference In the fight against cancer. Thank you once again for your generosity. 95·97 refe r to the fo llowi n g news report. Th1s aflernoon at hIS weekly municipal meeting, the mayor is expected to announce plans to build a new bridge over Lyons Creek. The bridge will join east and west Hampton. Patterson Construction & Engineering. the company scheduled to design and construct the new structure, spoke to KVB News earlier today . They say the bridge will be orange in color, four lanes In width. and fit in with Ihe new modern theme the city has been trying to achieve. The bridge will no doubt be beneficial to a number of Hampton residents who make the now crowded commute from east to west on a daily basis. Patterson Construction & Engineenng has agreed to starl the project this summer, with hopes to complete the project next spring. wwwnhanl ,iviet.eom S('/ipl 195 1
  • 180. 9. (A) A man is putt ing sunglasses on . (8) A man is fixing his car. tC) A man IS opening the hood (O) A rnan IS reaclling to pick up a too l. 10. (A) The cook IS servlllg chicken (6) The man IS culling vegetables. 1. fA) The man IS gesturing with 11is hands. (8) The man is holding a hose. (C) The man IS getting In IC) The man IS looking at the loocl. (0) The cook is wearing a long· sleeved unilorm. a fire truck . (O) Tile man is pUlling out a lire. 2. (A) The gills are wrapped , (8) People are putting ribbons on Ihe gifts. (e) The packages are marked ior shipment. (0) The gifts are belOg handed oul. 3. (..... ) The lawn has been neatly mowed (8) The ground is covered with leaves. (eJ The man is talking on his cellular phone. (D,I The man IS pulling hiS boots on. 4. (A) AU of Ihe car doors are open. (8) The front 01 Ihe car is in good condition. (C) The wheels of Ihe car are broken. (0) The car is broken down on the side ollhe road. 5. (A) The woman is carrying her kids Into a bUilding. (6) The woman is giving some food to her kids. (e) The woman IS pushing a stroller. (O) The kids are seated in a car. 6. People are pushing cars down me road. (8) Cars are parked In a line. (A) All the rooms are booked. (8) No. thanks. (C) tt's on the 6th floor. 12. When was the chemical company established? lA) AboUI a year ago. (8) Two btocks away. (C) The results helven', been published yet 13. Where can I get additional informalion about the product ion schedule? (A) On the bulletin board. (8) At 7 o'clock. (C) Yes, it's a very popular product. 14. What are your ptans for this summer? (A) Next month would be mcer. (8) Yes, I met him (C) I'm going to visil my parents. (1) (C) TraHic IS moving into the InterSecllon . (0) Pedestrians are walking down the sidewalk In groups. 7. 11 . Would you like me to get something for you? iA) The off ice room is emply. (8) People are taking notes. (C) A woman is seiling producls. (0) People are working at their workstations. 15. That was a wonderful movie. wasn't it? (A) Yes. after a movie. (BJ Yes, I really enjoyed it. te) No. it isn·! expensive. 16. Who does the assistant supervisor report to? (A) I dan', think 1can. (8) To Ihe director. (e) It's his report . 8. (A) The men are titling some cartons. (B) One man IS loading a box into a ca rt. (e) The men are moving something together. (0) The men are stacking Items onto a wheel barrow I.'
  • 181. 17. Where can I go 10 buy a local newspaper? A) There is a convemence Slore around the cornOf 26 . Who decided 10 extend the sale until Friday? tA) II's on May 151. (B) 1I was Mr. WIlliams' idea (51 Pens and paper clips Ie) Yes, for the extension 01 a contraCI 'C Yes, I read II 18. 11 looks like we'll finish drawing up the documenl on lime. (A) Yes. IBI 27, I've been to the new Spanish restaurant several limes. (A) To Spain. we arnved exaclly on lime. rill glad to hear Il1al. (8) I've already had plen ty , thanks. (e) t haven'llned It yet eC) TomOlrow will be hne. 28, Aren', you going to send those boxes? 19. When can I expect 10 purchase your new novel? (A) Yes, next 1 Ihe box 0 (A) No. In Augusl (0) No, I"m not finI shed packlng them. (8) I had high expeclal!ons. IC) Send In this invoice (C) WithIn SIX 10 seven months. 29, Why has Mr. Wayne rejected the proposal lor the 20. Can we lake a break after the meeting? A) Yes, thaI's a good Idea new office building? (A) It's In Tokyo. (B) You need to submIt the proposal tomorrow. fS1 III10ughl II was broken. (e) It's lao far from Ihe planl. C' About a ne'-,I product. 21. Why did you go oul lor lunch so early today? (A) Sorry. bul I've already eaten lunch. (8) So I can send this report by live. (e) She always arnves earty 10f work. 30. Should we have an open ing ceremony in Ihe company ballroom or should we go somewhere else? (A) Yes, we should open a bra nch. IBl It was at the Grand Ballroom. 22 . Did you already renew Ihe maintenance cont ract or will you speak with the manager first? (A) I wilt talk wll lllhe manager. Ie) Ler s have It al the company cafetena. 31 . Are Ihere any seats available for OctOber 81h? ([31 The maintenance man fixed II. tA) Just one. (C) HIS presentation was a litHe boring. IB) Thank you . fe) I'll be available alter seven . 23, Don't you want help with the budget review? (A! Maybe I can help you IS) Yes, !l1al's the righl prace (C No, thanks. I thInk I can manage It. 32. The sales seminar is scheduled for tomorrow. righ t? tA) No, II was postponed un III nex t week 18) Sorry. 1"11 be a lil lie late 24. How about meeting me for lunch Thursday? (C) The semina r room downstairs. (AI Thai sounds like a good idea. fBI Because Ihey're holding a meeling. Ie) Irs in the box 25. There w ill be a special even t in Ihe restauran t, won't lhere? 33, Shou ld we visit the manufacturing ptant to conduct a safe ly inspection? (A) They dldn', VISIt It. (8) No, I'll water II. fC) Sure. let's go next Monday. (A) I'll try the spaghellL (6) He won't be late. tCI Not 811h!s Irme 01 day. www.nhanllivil.t.{L·nl :-;"';1'1 197 1
  • 182. 34, How are you getting to the library tomorrow 44-46 re fer to the following con versation. morning? (A) Yes I wenl there, tS) t'lIlake the bus. tel " Are you intending to fly 1 Montreal? 0 , That's a possibIlity . I flew there last year, bUl l think a group of us may dnve. Would you be Inlerested It's 111 the library. 35. 0 0 you know which bus goes 1 New York? 0 CA) The SWitch IS on the Side in carpooling? W: S ure! FlYing is delinl1ely laster. but I'm nervous w hen flying. Besides. Ihe weather this time 0 1 year will make lor a beaullful drive. We mlghl be able 1 0 do some sighlseell1.9 on the way. M. ThaI's a lamastlc idea, Why don't you phone Ruth and Jim? I'll speak to Ryan and lell hi m the pla n. tS) Sure, III send It nghl away (C I The number 12 36. Didn't anyone go over this medical report? fA) I need to get some medicine . 47~49 (B) Go to the hospital. w Ca n you stop by Il1e supermarket on your way refer to th e fo ll owing conversat ion. home? I need a few things ror dinner tonight. (Cl Yes , I checked it over tWice. M' Actually. I was gOing to slOp by the new bakery to pick up a couple of baguettes as well. Hey, why don't we InVIte Bllt and Jane over, too? W: That sounds grea l. And good Idea about the new bakery. r really like thel( bread . It's so fresh. I'll call Bill and Jane to see If they'd like to jOin IJS . M Well , wh y don't you prepare some appetizers 10 go along wilh Ihe bread, and I'JI grill up some pork tenderloin when I get home. 37, How about changing o ur m arketing strategy? fA) She missed Ihe stra tegy meellng . (61 Do you think it would help the company? (el Whal ls the exchaflge rale today? 38. Why d id Mr. Gomez send you a product catalogue? (A) Roughly in an hour, (81 We usually order ma ny different p foducls . (e) So r can keep up wi th Ihe latesllrends 39, Do yo u have a copy of our price lists? (A) Yes, bUI It'S not a hnal verSion. 50-52 refer t o the fo llow ing co n versation . t.l: Welcome 10 Lexing ton Office Tower W e would be pleased to g ive you a lou r of the rental oll ice and the facilities. 1/ . Thai sounds okay, bU l l preler buying 10 renling because I'm looking for an investment as well. Are there any offices avaIlable 10 purchase? (B) Irs too expenSive. (C) Cream and suga r. /,I' 40. When's the nexl !lighl to New York ? (.4,) No, I can', n9ht now . w' (8) In Iwo hours. Ie) AI galo 2. Pa" rf03 VI' Pardon me. have you seen ou r waiter? I'd like to order som e more water. M I'm te ffibly sorry. I'll see where he has gon e. You haven't been wail Ing long . have you? w O nly about 5 minutes. But that's okay, yo u look quite busy thiS afternoon. M I would like a space alleaSI 800 square lee I, overlooking the park, and close to the elevators. 53-55 ref er to the followin g con versation . 1,: 41 -43 refer to the foll owing c on vers ation. Well , actually we do have a few listed on the market. What fea tures are you looking for? Do you think you could come by on Tuesday 10 give m e a hand p feparing a presentation? We need 1 have Ihe slides and Ihe financ!al reports 0 ready by next week lor Ihe partnership mee ling . w· Unfortunately, I have mee tings all day on T uesday. T hen " m away on business and retum on Thursday. Would Friday work for you? f~ That should be okay. But we'll have to work all weekend on it to Iry and gel it finished by Monday, w I'll have my secrelary, JUI , send you an e-maif 10 confi nn a time for Friday. Yes, we a re now allu ll capacity. so everyone here Is busy al the moment. www.nhanlfivlel.coill
  • 183. 56-58 refer to the follo w ing conve rsation. M: I'm not sure. I've been happy with Rogers so tar. P.: I'm sorry I'm a little late. I had to take the subway this morning, since my wife needed to use our car. II look me thirty minutes longer by subway. w: If you do wish to switch prOViders. we will ensu re that your monthly invoice will be alleast 15% lower than it is now. w~ I'm glad you flnany made It. The chents should be arriving in 5 minutes and we'll slart the meeting right away. Should we meet in the conference room, or the boardroom al Ihe end of the hall? M, That sounds great, but I'll reatly have to confer with my secretary before I decide 10 change or not. 1.1' Why don'l we make it in the boardroom? I'll Just get my fites off my desk and meel you the re. w~ 68-70 refer to the following conve rsation . Okay, I will direct the clients to the room as soon as they get here. 59-61 refer to the following conversation . ,.. Ms. Thompson. there should be a documenl arriving for me this morning from Tokyo. As soon as it arnves, please call me at my desk. I need to go over the Asian sales figures immediately, Y.'; The auditors are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning 10 begin their review of our operations. Remember that we should spend all day organizing files so thaI the auditors can !lnish faster. M' I know, but I have an important meeting this morning. Can you start on your own? I can join you around 2 p.m. to help you finish. w' There's a lot of work to be done before the auditors arrive , Can you finish by noon? O lher.'Vlse I think we'll have to stay lale tonight. w A document containing sales figures just arrived from Sao Paulo. I haven't seen one from TOkyo yet. M· w; I'll take a look at it. Hmm ... Il1is one should have been delivered to finance. It looks like the Sao Paulo branch has the wrong contact info rmation. Please forwa rd this to finance and ensure thai the problem is fixed . Sure, Mr. Fenton. When the other document arrives, should I interrupt your conference caU? 62-64 refer to th e following conversation . M. Mr. Towers asked us aU to attend the compute r software Ifaining workshop in the auditorium this Friday. w Oh really? Would he like everyone from accounting to be present? You know we have to prepa re our accounts for the audit. /.I' Yes, every division. wilh the exception of marketing , must attend . They're working on Ihe new advertising campaigns 10 be launched at Ihe end of the month. W: Why don't we all go to lunch together alte r the workshop? There's a great new spicy noodle restaurant that just opened up downtown. 65-67 refer to the foll owin g conversa tion . W: Good morning. Mr. Parson . Our flies have shown that you have been a client of Rogers Mobility for quite a while. I'm calling to offer you a huge discount should you wish to transfer you r services 10 BTB. www.nhantriviet.(.Q1ll M These meetings usually run long, but I'll do my best to finish as quickly as possible . 71-73 refer to Ihe following announcement. Good evening, everyone. Unfortunately. tonIght's performance witt be postponed due to an inju ry to one of our lead dancers. We are waiting for the unde rstudy to arrive, and expect that we will begin al half past seven. In the meantime, we would li ke to offer you complimentary refresh ments in the auditorium lou nge. Please understa nd that we are unable to refund any tickets. However. should you wish to exchange you r rickets lor another night's performa nce, leel free to speak to one of the attendants at the box office. 74-76 refer to th e following telephone message. Good afternoon , Mr. Parnell. This is May calling from One Globe Travel. I'm calling 10 update you on you r travel itinerary. I've just reserved seats for you and your coll eague leaving for Barcelona on September 10th. By uSing a portion 01 both your ai r miles we were able to reduce the price by $229 each way. You are cu rrently booked in first class. as you had requested . A complimentary hotel taxi will pick you up when you arrive and drop you off when you depart. As a reminde r, once you have made a final confirmation, I am unable to provide a refund or an exchange. Should you have any questions rega rding this information, .'i(·11Pl 199 1
  • 184. please feel free to call me One Globe Travel is happy to provide you with all 01 your travel needs, and we do hope that you enJoy your tnp. n-79 refer to the followin g lecture. Good afternoon, and thank you for participating in loday's instructIonal workshop . Wou ld you all please 86-8S refer to the following short talk. 1 would like to thank you all for your continued suppor! and for nominating me as the recipient of this year's award. This award . Sates ASSOCiate of the Year, ca nnot compare to the pride I feel lor Klein Grocers as a company. When I first began worklOg for Klein sha re Ihe instruclional workbOOKS because we don', have enough copies lor everyone? Now, everyone has sIgned up today to lea rn about the new spreadsheet G rocers, nea rly fifteen yea rs ago we were a small store located in a residential district I never thought thai In such a short time we would grow to become a franchise oullet across the province. The efiorls of the software we have installed. WIth thIS software you dan', forty franchise owners and nearly two hundred have to input the same data lime afte r time. like you did with the old softwa re. T he [nstruchon book wi ll explain employees have helped make Klein Grocers what it is all of the operating procedures for you. Let's take a look at page 54. and then practice a common data entry situation. Aller our trainIng session today I assure today . I look forward to the many more years we will work together as a team. 89·91 refer to the follow ing instructions. you thai you will be able to com plete this sort of task much more quickly than Hllhe past . I'd like 10 welcome you all to Ihe customer service 80 -82 refer to t he following radio broadcast. please sign in with the computer allhe front desk using your employee ID number. When you arrive at your Good morning. I'm Richard Slakes a nd you're listening 10 Morning Madness, hom e of the best rock music in support center. Since this is the first shift lor most of you , I'd like to go over a few procedures. Upon arrival. Queens. ThiS morning , we are bringing you something ditferentlrom our regular new release rock lineup. With stauon you may begin answe ring calls. All new employees will have a training period of three weeks, where your partner will help you with an y concerns you us in Ihe studio is Myra Jones, world-renowned eleclric may have. Should you have any addi~lona l questions. guitarist, Ms. Jones is In town as part of Iler U.S. Tour, refer to the Frequently Asked QuestIons seCllon of your performing at Shoetess Jacks tonight , and returning at Ihe end of lhe month for the New York Rock Festival. On o ur show this morning, Myra Jones will playa Iraining manual. couple of songs from her new album , and then talk 10 Good morning, and welcome to the Castle Roma us about her long career in the music business. Ii you'd Museum . My name is KevlO and I will be showing you like to get your questions in to Ms. Myra Jones, send us an e-mail around Ihe premises today. On site , we have more than one hundred antiques, and more Ihan fi fty original 83-85 refer to the following voice m ai l message. works 0 1 a ll . The museum has been recently used by anthropology students from Columbia University to betler ulldersland the culture and history of the area . Good afternoon, Mr. Bill Buchanan. This is Jesse Miller from Clive Engineering and today IS Tuesday June 9th. 92-94 refer to the following talk. The museum is beneficial for Ih e entire community, as I'm returning your call with regard to the constructIOn project that your compan y has collaborated on. My team and I will be at the Kent Street Site Friday all proceeds are donated to the Com munity Wellness Fund . Aher a 1 01lr 01 the property we will be passing by th e gifl shop , where purchases and donations can be morning and we were hoping you could be there as welL We haven't heard from lhe city inspecto rs on made. whether our plan to add a rooitop terrace has been approved, so we may have to wait to make a few more related deCisions. We will have to go over a time line on Friday, however, to ensure Ihat we finish lhe project by our deadline. 1200 h ..... uOI1l 1.(' H.-X) 95-97 refer to the following news report . Applelon Furnilure Manu faclu ring has decided 10 I)Ulld its new production facility 10 Houston, Texas. The company has been looking for a larger site for Ihe past year and has sellled on the Texas location due 1 the 0 favorable tax laws. The slate governments decreased taxes last year, the pnce of commercial real estate has wwW.nhall1riyietconl
  • 185. dropped, and businesses are being encouraged to move to Houston. Appleton leels thai favorable taxes are necessary to ensure tllal lhe company continues to grow and that investors are confident in the company's fu ture potential. The company's CEO. Sam Becket. recently declared that he hopes that Appleton will be Part 01 able to remain in Houston for the next ten years. 98-100 refer to t he foll owin g ad vertisement. 1. (Al The man IS rowing a small boal. (B) The man IS fishing In the boat Are you bored with your usual exercise routine? Are (C) The man is swimmmg In the water. you too busy to gel to the gym? Well, Conner has arrived. Conner Pilates will help you to see your best results. And the new and easy DVDs, wi ll, multiple instructors, will ensure that you are doing the exercises more efficien tly. You'll burn more calories and transform your body into a leaner. more defined . (0) The man IS walkmg away from the boal. 2. (A) The walls In tile room are bare . (8) Lamps are hangJ from the ceiling. ng (C) Seal cushions have been positIoned on the cha lfs . silhouette. So, come on and call for your full series 01 basic, advanced , and expen OVDs. If you call within (D) The bed IS between the tamps. the next thiny minutes, you'll receive an additional twenty-five percent off the already discounted price. 3. (A) Tile woman is looking through a telescope . (B) The woman IS tying her hair back 'IJth a scarf. Hurry up and call. (C) The woman is stanng at something tn the pOl. (O) The woman is poSItioning the microphone 4. (A) He is cutting some frUiL (8) He IS rolling up his steeves. (C) He is holding a plate . (0) He is Il1rowing somelhlng away . 5. (A) They are writing leiters. (8) The woman IS holding a phone. (e) Both people have sung lasses. (D) The man IS talkIng on the telephone. 6, (A) The audience IS applauding the performance (B) One man is looking at hiS relJecllOn. (e) The men are standing on a stone. (0) The people are enjoying 7. a game outdoors . (1) They are laking a nap on the bench. (8) Benches are pOSitioned under tile bUlldJng. (C) They are resting on the bench. (0) The woman IS st retching oul on the bench , 8. (A) The men are repairing thOlr boats. (6) The boats are being loa(ied with goods. (C) The boats are sinking . (D) The men are standing 10 Iheir boals. www.nhantrivie!.com ~1'l i p l
  • 186. 9. ~A) Alilhe computers are turned oH. 18. Hasn't the copier 1 ordered arrived? (8) The computers are stacked on top of each other. (A) Yes, he did. (C) Seve ral people are working on the computers (8) No, nOI yet '0) An engineer IS wo rking on a computer. (C) All righ t I'll cia Illat. 10. (A) There IS a lone walker on a country road (B) The land near the farm IS fenced . 19. When is the company awards ceremony in New York (A) To welcome a new dIrector (C, The hay IS pi led neat ly on the ground. (B) AI the headquarters ~D) (Cl In the middle of the mon th. The road curves InlO the dIstance In New York 20. Who was that ca ll for? IPart 02 :- (A) I don', know why she is calling. (B) Oh. II was for Anna Lopez . 11 . Does anyone have an ext ra calculator? (A) She calculated 11 yesterday. (S) No. it should be here all !tOle (C) You can borrow mine. (e) No. by lax. 21. Mr. Rion is responsible for arranging Ihe farewell par1y. isn't he? (A) No, he dIdn 't leU me thaI. 12. Why dan', we inspectlhis result next? (AJ Yes. I received the etection resull yesterday. (8 ) Yes. he's in charge at It. (C) A table fOl fou r, please, (B) I'd be glad 1 . 0 (C) The Inspection Isn' t so dlflicull. 22. Did you visit Ihe new office building? (A I Yes, 13. Why is the post office closed? (AJ It's a na tional holiday. .t looks very nice. (81 No, I dIdn' t know (C) Because It'S very small (B) I dldn'l buy these slamps. (C) Next 1 the post ol flce 0 23. Isn' t this your new computer? tA) All of them were compu tenzed , 14. What's the problem with the new printer? (A) I like to play with my children, (B) No, he didn't like this. (e) Yes. Ihal's il. (8) Irs a long way from here. (C) 1 doesn 't print very well 24. How long have you been managing Ihe personnel department? 15. Where's Ihe extension cord to connect the computer in the living room I bought last week? (A) We used It atl up. (A) For nearly two years, (8) He is the personnel manager (e) 1 usually lakes three days. (8) It's about thlr1 y· live dollars a roll te) Check the power swifch flrsl. 16, Wou ld you like to come to my dinner party tonight? 25 . How would you feel about going to the beach this weekend? (A) I'd love 10. (A) Help yourself (8) No. I didn't feel well . (8) It's beIng prepared lor you now. sir. (C) Yes, here you are , (C) Sorry. I atready have plans, 26, Is this year's awa rds ceremony going to be in (AI Please use the Iruck. Osaka or Tokyo? (A) No , I didn't attend the ceremony , (8) 11 was repaIred loday. (8 ) Yes . it starts at 9. Ie) NOl ver; . (C) Thai hasn't been deCided yet. 17. Has your truck been fixed. or is it still being worked on? 1202 h "lilflt1I' 1.(' 1Il01I www.n han trivlc t.cOm
  • 187. 27. How did you send the package to the new client? 36. W he re can I find the bus stop? (A) She didn', pack the shipment. (A) The bus doesn 't come very often . (8) By express mail. (8) J ust across the street. (C) The assistant confirmed a reserva lion. (e) Sorry , I wasn't able to. 28. Won't she be here for the sales meeting? 37, Did you p roofread the report I sent ou l this (A) No, she has a scheduling conflict. afternoon? (8) Sales were excellent. (A) Ju st fill oul and send the form. (el (8) No, my report is the bound copy over Ihere. Yes, It'S on the desk. (e) Yes , [ corrected several errors . 29. When does the next fligh t to Tokyo leave? (A) I'm going to do it in the morning tomorrow. 38. Would you prefe r to meet in the lobby or by the gift (8) Ilell il al home . shop? (C) Irs been postponed . (A) [ prefer a window seat. (8) Either is fine. (C) What a nice gift. 30. Don't you think that we should attend the ma nufacturing conference? (A) No, I worked at a manufactuflng plant. 39. She was supposed to complete the market (8) Yes. I think it's worth gOing there . resea rch by last Friday, wasn't she? (C) In the conference rOOrll (A) No. it's not due unll l next week. (8) I reviewed the report. (e) Yes. I saw the memo. 31. W ho is making a design presentation? (A) Attendance figures were inaccurate. (8) Mr. Benson said Ihat he would. 40. I think the parking lot is near the service center. (A) Yes. ir s across the street from the serV1ce center. (C) You must use an overhead projector. (8) This park IS so beautiful. 32. This is your first company dinner party, isn't it? (Al WelL I don't know why. (C) No, I didn't work there . (8) Yes, al the reception pany last year. (C) No. I attended lasl month's. 33. Why was the product strategy meeting postponed? (A) Yes , In Ihe mailbox. (8) The president was out of the ollice . (e) Please post the nottce. 34, How many of these reports have been reviewed so [] ,Part 03 41~43 w· Pardon me. do you know where I can find tomato soup? M: (8) Yes . we can't seem to find it. M; got a good review . (C) II is quite far Irom here . 35. What's the charge for pressing a shirt? That'll be at the end of aisle 4, next to the flower cen ter. Follow me. ['II show you. 44-46 refer to t h e fo ll owing conversation. M: Ms. Martin, I really think that the photos from the weekend rugby match should be included in Ihis weekend's sports section. W: OUT readers prefer golf and football, so I usually (A) Four dollars per shIrt. (B) Just press Ihe bullon. I'm pretty sure iI's in either aisle 8 or 9. w. I've been looking up and down those aisles, but I lar? (A) About hall of them. refer to the fo llo wi ng conve rsation . (C) Tilere's one next 10 Ihe bank. include those sports instead. M: I understand, but we need to differentiale ourselves from Olher papers. Why don't we try WWW.nhan!
  • 188. offering something dilferent? M Oh, no, They cancelled the order last year as well . and now we'll have to wail another year? We shoutd really call a meeting with the department supervisor. 'ii' I agree . Our division should gel priority when .t comes to oUice supplies . I'll corne along when you meet wilh the director I don't think many at our readers are rugby fans. but t'l/talk .t over Josh and consider il. 4749 refer to the following conversation. '; Hi, t was wondering if the hotel has any part-tim e positions for the fall season. M: Yes. we do. We're looking to hire housekeepers. servers for the lounge. and front desk attendants. w I have a 101 of experience workmg as a server in 59-61 refer to the following conversation. ~,. Hello, Ihis IS Ted Jenkins I spoke to someone about lull-lime employment with Primeriea a couple of weeks ago. I was Vlondering .f you've made any decisions w ith regard to hiring. W: Well. Mr. Jenkins, I wanted 10 contact you because we were hoping to have you in for another interview, Are you free anytime next week? We'd like to see you on Monday or Wednesday. '.1' Tuesday would be better for me. Would 10:00 work for you? ' That 's lust line Please meet us on the flflh floor in the conference room. You can speak to Ms, Morgan at the recephon desk should you have trouble fmding I. restaurants. Would It be okay if I met wi th you this afternoon to discuss the poslhons further and to fill out an application form? M No problem . I'll schedule an interview with you this afternoon. Be Sllre to bring along your curriculum vitae and any trainIng certilicaies you may have. 50-52 refer to the following conversation. HI, Sue . I noticed Ihal you'lI be away next week. Are you gOing away on business? ~; Yes, I'm heading to New York on Monday. I'm really tookmg forward to seeing the sights of Manhatlan. I hear there are some great restaurants. too. I.l There are. I was there last month . I suggest you walk arollnd Central Park. too. The re are so many thlOgs to do. w· Thai sounds great. I'll be in Manhattan on Wednesday. I may see jf t can join a city tour. 62-64 re fer to the following conversation, ~ I've really wanted to see Ihat movie for some lime now, but I saw a nJ show lasl night thai said it was aWfuL ft: That's strange . My fnend said that it was one 01 the besl films of the year. II's playing al the cinema downtown. Would you like to go? '1; That sounds great. I'd like to check it out for myself. There have been so many reviews. both comments , good and bad. I've got a few up on my desk. I could make you a copy if you'd like P.1 Thanks. My sister 53·55 refer to the following conversa tion. IA The ca rpet IS nearly Installed. You should be able to replace the furniture by Friday, Y: I'm hosting a dinnel party this week. Is it possible 10 linish by Thursday? '<I~ To be honest, most of the work should be finished by Thu rsday, but we need to remove our lools and equipmen1. However. il iI's important for you to use the room on Thursday , we will do our best to have everything cleaned up, w· I really appreciate that! My husband and I can help w Good affernoon . Thank you for calling Dwight & Jones FlOanClal. How may I help you? M 56-58 refsr to the following conversation. Has the new copier arnved yet? I need 10 slart printing our new brochures lor the marketing campaign we're gOing to la unch on Monday. w. Didn't you hear? Accounting has decided thai it won't fit Into ou r budget this year, and they cancelled the order. really interested in that film. 65·67 refer to the following conversation. with the cleanup. II. IS Oh. hello. This is Kenneth from Xerox Canada . ,'m calling about the copy machine you had purchased lor your off.ce. I would like to deliver illomorrow afternoon, if that works for you. w· YOll know, I have to copy a number of documents tomorrow morning. Are you able to come II1ls afternoon? t" Yes, I have another delivery in your area. Why don't I call you aboul thirty minutes before I gel there? v'Nw.nhamn'
  • 189. ~ Only for purchases over 525 can you pay by credit catd. regular membership fee . Hard Lme Fi tness has expert trainers who are fit , enthusiastic and friendly, and our filness equipment IS top-ol-the-line. Our introductory fitness package Includes one month of fitness classes that Include aerobics, welghls, and stretching exercises. Furthermore, you'll be able to take advantage 01 our OlympIc-size swimming pool. Call now to get more information about us a t 1·800·988· VI I'll Just pay by cash , then. 3355. 68-70 refer to the following conversation. '" Your lolal comes to $23.00. Would you like to have this book gift -wrapped? w 011. no. Irs actually for myself. I'U just take illike that because I'd like to read it al a cafe. Do you accept credit cards? 80-82 refer to the following talk . Pa(l D4 71-73 refer to the fo llowing s peech . Before I get started Ihis afternoon, I'd like to briefly teU you a IItlle about myself. My name is James Norman and I have been laking pictures as a profession and as a hobby for nearly lilleen years. I'm thrilled to be here this afternoon to share my work with you . Now. let's get started talking about dillerent techniques . A good piece of equipment. lighting, and good film all play an essential part in creating beau tiful photos. We'll go through Ihe various apert ures and shutter speed techmques Ihat will give your picture character. After Ihal. I'U pass around a handbook uSing my lavorits shops and websites that WII! help you gel slaned. 74·76 refer to the following introduction. Welcome to Mont real. Tonight we'll be listenm g to Ihe words of Penelope Andreas. whose latest collection 01 poetry has risen to the bestseller's list. The book . entitled ~Amar is Love .~ was recently recognized by the Magnolia Lalina Association With its top prize. Her poems are written based on hel life as a famous musiCIan and socialite. Ms. Andreas was born in Buenos Aires , bUI immigrated to London as a young adult. Those of you who have seen her in the past may have heard her speak 01 the difficu lHes she laced dealing wHI1 a new culture. Tonight. we will lake requests tram the audience and accept questions for Ms. Andreas as well. 77-79 refer to the following advertisement. Are you interested in losing weight but don't want to spend all of your valuable lime stuck inside a gym? Fortunately, Hard Lme Fitness is now accepting new members for discounted rates. If you and a Iriend register far a six-month membership within the next hve weeks you will only have to pay fifty percent ot the www.nhdntl ivlet.(om As reporters. you are responsible for informing the public of every news story, here and abroad. I've been working as a televiSion reporter for two decades and would like to lell you thai worki ng from another country can be both challenging and rewarding. But when you've been sent on assignment to a new and distant country, it can be a lillie diHicult. I recommend that you stan by trying to make contacts with the loca l people before you leave. This can help to reduce sometimes 0 the awkward situations that arise due 1 cultu ral differences . And these ini tial contacts can help you with background information on your story. Just a little tip that will help you when Ylorking abroad. 83-85 refer to the followi ng telephone message . Hi. Katherine. It's Lynn from the Corporate Training department. It's 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday and I wanted 10 let you know that we have decided to change the dale of Ihe nexllraining seminar 10 Iry and accommOdate more staff. Instead of Friday, we'll be meeting in the boardroom on Monday at 2:30, the same lime as prevIous semIna rs. And just to be sure, don't forget 10 bring the manual "Motivating Yourself and Others" by Frederik Dyson when you come. It you are unable to attend, please contact Uly so that she will !lave an idea of how many employees will be there . Th ank you for understa nding and I apologIze for lile inconvenience. 86-88 refer to the f'o llowing excerpt from a talk, , would like to welcome each of you to the job faIr here at the Sunset Haven Nursing Home. The Su nset Haven Nursing Home has been a vilal part of communily life lor the past 30 years and we are cu rrenlly offering a variety of positions lor volunteers within the nursing facilities. You may not come into close contact With the pallents within your first work term , but if you return for a second term you will have SUll'l 205 1
  • 190. more opportunities to take care of the patients, Before we start a tour of the facilities , I would like to collect your resumes to beUer understand where you will l it within Ihe organization, 89-91 refer to the following business report. 98-100 refer to the following announcement. Good afternoon . I have been a member of the community here in Bracebndge for many years, and I would like 10 welcome you all here today. On our walking tour thiS afternoon , we will be visiting all or the On Wan Street this afternoon, New York's Softwalch beauiHlJl sites thaI the city has to offer, like Ihe historic Burnaby Castle, Juniper Bridge, and Macintosh Industries revealed ilS new versIon of spreadsheet software. Company Chairman Leon Walters mel wilh reporters today outside of the company's headquarters to discuss the release of the new software. Softwatch's Botanical Gardens. We will begin at and return to the Kline Street Cate. The entire lour should take approximately 3 hours. At the botanical gardens, a professional horticulturist will spea k to us about the latest version of Ihe spreadsheet wasn't expected to be released until early next year. Mr, Walters explained various kinds of unique plant and !lower species grown there. If you 'd like, complimentary coffee is offered just today that the decision to release the softwa re early was part 01 a revised marketing strategy by the firm. They will begin the marketing campaign lor this new softwa re late r this month . inside . Now, let's meet back here in 10 mInutes. 92-94 refer to the following news report. This morning Rex Industria l Supplies announced Ihal they will be moving their production facilities into Mexico, Rex Industrial Supplies has been the largest supplier 01 construction equipment in the southeastern United States for the past ten years and plans to begin producing various items in Mexico, Along with this decision. Rex Industrial plans to close their factory in Fresno, while maintaining Ihe main plant facilities in th e greater Los Angeles area. Furthermore, they will be cUlling nearly 100 futl·time factory positions and another 50 part-time jobs. Financial experts believe that the move will not have an effect on the company's stock prices, 95-97 refer to the following instruction. I have called you all here this morning to tell you about the new parking arrangements our office building has made. Many of you who drive to work have spoken to me about the lack of reserved parking spaces in the underground garage. Therefore , while we may have to pay slightly more for parking each mon th , from now on the company will set aside reserved parking spaces for you . This will make it more convenient for you to park your car. I have asked Samantha Callaway in HR to send out an e-mail today describing lhe Changes. Kindly review this message as soon as you receive it. If you are sltH unclear as to how the new parking system will work , please visit Samantha in HR. I 206 E.·, )I)lllU~ 1.( 1l"~1
  • 191. ~~ 9. (A) The people are walking through the lorest. (B) The people are fish ing from the riverbank. (el The people are laking a walk. (0) Tile people are looking al each othe r. [] . Part 01 ' . ' - -' . - '-' ' 10. (AI The man IS conducting an expenment (8) The man IS examinIng the report. (A) He is sweeping the area . (Cl The man is working in Ihe library. fB He is pulling a shirt on. (e) He IS plar1ting some flowers . 1. (0) The man is treatIng (0) He 2. IS kneeling down on the ground. fA) The contents ollha con ta iners afe being poured . (8) A researcher IS checking a sample. fe) The test tubes afe being tabelecL (0) Vanous types of bottles are arranged . 3. (A) Some passengers are gelling on the buses. (8) The buses are pa rked next to each oUler. Ie) Vehicles are 'Nailing al the crOSSing. (0) The buses are passu1g through the countryside. 4. (A) The birds are landing on the ground (8) A bird IS on the woman's head. (C) The woman 1 feeding the birds . 5 (0) A lIock of blrds;s flying over the water. 5, (A) Each car is lhe same model (B) Cars are pa rked outdoors (e) The road is jammed with trafhc. (D) Some of the cars are being shipped. 6. (Al There IS a lamppost next to the road (8 ) People are Jogging along the road . (C, Trees are being planted near the house. (0) The road is under construction. 7. 8. (AI They are taking photographs. (8) The fountain is in operation . (el People are sitting on the foun tain ledge. (0) Tmvelers are carrying their luggage. (AI The man is hold ing a publ ic phone. (B) The man is inserting some coins. (el The man is repairing tl1e phone booth . {OJ The man is using an ATM . www.nhan trivlet.(om [] Part 02 a patient. . . - 11. Where should I put these boxes? (A) I suppose so. (B) Tomorrow is good lor me . (C) On the desk. 12. Who was the guest speaker althe banquet? (AI I had a good tI me, 100. (8) It was Dr. Adams. (C) In hall an hour. 13. Why didn't you stop by the slore? (A) I was very busy . (8) Last week . (C) No, I dldn' l buy II. 14. When is the report due? (A) Professor Abraham (S) Monday. (C) The reporter is coming tomorrow. 15. Who is the woman in the pink shirt next to Mr. Yoshida? (A) I didn't receive the shirt I ordered . (8) Pink would be nice . (C) That"s his new accountant. 16. I wonder if Alan sent the sample yet. (A) Irs a Simple method. (8) He'lI do it tomorrow morning. (C) In the box . 17. You're going to the foolball game on Friday, aren'l you? (A) No. I went there . (S) I hope so . (C) II was ven; enjoyable . S.:nl'l 207 1
  • 192. 27. Do you prefer the white or black model? 18. Can you give me a ride home? (A) Turn leU (A) Either one is fine with me. f8) At this bus stop . (8) I had no choice. Ie) Sure , J ust leI me gel my car key (e) Yes, It'S 19. When does the delivery man usually gel here? (A) By truck r think a wOl1hwhlle deCision 28, We need to get new computers and a copier in our office, (8) No, there are some delays. (A) No, it's broken , (C) Belween 10 a.m and 2 p.m. (B) It's in front 01 the office . (C) Yes. out VIe can't alford to cia I. 20. Where can I connect my laptop to the Internet? 29. How are you getting to the airport tomorrow nigh t? (A) I'm fine for now. (8) I'm planning to dnve my car, (A) Over the re in the meeting room. fB) Yes. we did, (C) II's about 20 dollars. (C) She'll teave at five thirty. 21 . Oon' ( you need to visit their headquarters? 30. Don't you need to reacl Ihe manual belare you try (A) Yes. irs a main office . (8) II 's on the first floor, to install the new software? (C) No, I wen l lhlS afternoon . (A) I'It try again tomorrow . (6) Yes, bll l I'll be a little lale, (C) 1 already know the method, 22. How rang have we used that copier? (A) II's about 15 I<ilometers . 31. What time are you meeting with the new client? (8) I'll be there lor two vieel<s. (A) t will leave lor I1ls offIce nght alter lunch. (C) Oh, aboul th ree yea rs. (6) Yes, she's one of our special clien ts. (C) The meetIng sta rted on time. 23. Did you enjoy your stay in Tokyo? (A) Yes. it'll be held In Tokyo, (B) I want to have a chance 1 join your team , 0 32. Mr, McAdoo is the landlord of this office, isn't he? tAl No, he bought II yesterday. (C) I was 100 busy to go to many places. (B) Yes, Ilhlnk he IS. 24, Wou ld you like to join us for Thursday? a tennis game this (A ) Let me check my calender. iB) Yes, we got 10gell1er. (C) Basketball and tennIS, 25. Do you think Ms. Brown's presentation was (C) He's In his oflice 33. Why do you think they closed the main entrance this morning? (A) Yes. they are very kind. (B) They were repalnng i' (C) It's so close 10 here. boring? (Al No, il was qUIte inlonnafive, (8) I need to present It io the manager. (C) It's far from here. 34. Can you send me you r resume by Wednesday? (A) No, by e-mM (6) I received il myself (C) Certainly, I'd be glad to . 26. When do you think you'lI finish the report? (A) Yes, I have al ready received their repor! . (8) II has a happy ending. (e) After the resulls are analyzed . 35. Is it still possible to register for the marketing seminar in the lobby? (A) No. iI's my new hobby, (B) Yes, and it won'ltal<e 100 long, te) Nexlto Ihe cash regIster. 1208 h '('lIl'lIl lA' HklU VWW.nhanlriviet.colli
  • 193. .Ko. hat do you think about the marketing strategy for the new plOducl? IA) I expect It'll be effective. 47·49 refer to the followin g conve rsati on. ~. ,Bl He attended the strategy meetmg . lel Monday at noon. I think. I. 37, The workshop for sales managers is ready to sta rt isn't it? (AI No. irs already been completed. (B) N Yes. t th ink It IS. (C) 1"11 be right there. M 38. Would you like a table near Ihe window? (A) To meel with cllenls. '8) Sure, she's very kind. (e) Yes , we'd like lila I Good afternoon , Mr. Jones. ThiS is Kendra Wilson from Cogeco Cable Servtce calling to confirm the installation of your cable service for Friday a1lemoon. Yes , that 's right. Friday at 2 p.m. Will it be necessary for you to do any of n,e in~tallat ion In the house? Actually , we'll have to access lhe main cable indoors. We'll need someone to lei us in. Well , could I change the appointment time to 10 a m. then? My wife and I will both be out to the atlernoon . 50-52 refe r to the foll owi ng co nversation, Do you know whallime the conference is scheduled to begin? 11 39. 00 you want to talk about the new office desigl now or tomorrO'" morning? (A) Yes. I arnved yesterday. (6) Let's take care 0111 now. " (e) II takes two days. .0. Wou ld you recharge the battery for my portable storage device. please? M The first speaker will start at 9:00, but I may be a IitUe lale. I have to take my car to the mechanic, so my wife will drive me afler dropping the kIds off at school. I'm catching the 8:00 traIn, so I think I'll be on time. Why don't I take noles so thai you don·t miss anything important? Thanks. That's great. Why don't we try thai new restaurant on our Illrlch break? (AJ But I charged II yesterday {Bl No. there IS no charge . 53-55 refer to the following co nversatio n, (Cl il 's very convenient. w· I'd like to register lor Ihe guesl speakers lecture on Friday October 20lh in Ihe main conference room. [] Part 03 - __ -"-: I. 41-43 refer to the follow ing conversation. Have you seen Ihe number j 0 city bus? w Not yet, but they do come by every twenly minutes. I expect you'll see one In a few minutes. M: Unfortunately. all of the tickets are sold oul for that program. However, we stili have seals available for the Sall1rday talk. located In the auditorium. w; ' was really hoping to learn more about money ~ Great. I overslept and was worried that I already missed it. w. You're lucKy. The buses run slower in wet weather. M management. 00 any of Ihe weekend talks relate to finanCial planning? The Satu rday afternoon talk is focused on investments with major financial institutions. You may find il beneficial, 56-58 refe r to th e following conversation, 44-46 refer to th e fo llowing con versatio n. !: w: Would you please make me a copy of the new Japanese account? M II isn't in the file cabinet under "New Clients" where I had left it. Do you know where it may be? I brougl"tt II wilh me 10 the conference room for my meeting with the director. Susan. Ihis morning, She may have laken it to her desk. W: M: Okay, t'll ask her about it at the management meeting later today . NVVI/.nhan ttl"i!? 1; W· ", Is there a fligh t that will arrive in New York by 9 a,m. Friday? I have a meeting at 10 a.m. Yes, there are two available flights. One leaves at 6 a.m. and connects through Chicago. The other IS a direct flight from Los Angeles and departs at 6.30. Well , I'd prefer a directllight. but is there a big difference In price? The tater flight is about 20% higher in cost, but jf you purchase it today you can get a ticket at a cheaper price. !'n;p: 2 09 1
  • 194. 59-61 refer to the following con versation. '."f Hello. Mr. Marshall. This Is Sandy Hildebrand caUinglrom Unigtobe Travel Company. I'm calling to remind you that today IS the last day we are accepting bookings for the Italy tour package, and atsO thai you are still eligible lor the group discount Oh. greal Unfortunately I have meetings beginning at 1 o'clock . Can we discuss this a HUle tater? What time would be best for you? VI; 1"11 be in Ihe oHice until 6 today. BUI remember. the final bookings musl be made today. M Of course. I am very interested and I'll comac! you at around 5. 62-64 refer to the following con versat io n. 'J ., Has Ihe most recent order of hard drives been assembled yet? Some 01 the components haven't arrived from our other plan!. There's been a delay tn the shipment I'll have to call over and see what's keeping Ihem. We have a large number of orders that we have to get out this week. ',I I know. We don't want one order to back up the whote system . 65-67 refer to the fo ll ow ing con versation. '-1 '!; M: If you give me your ticket stUb, I can show you to your seat. Well, t don't have one . Actually, I reserved my ticket over the phone. Do you know where I can pIck it up? The box office IS located on the main floor. just outside the entrance. YOU'll see three ticket bOOtilS there: booth B is for lickel pick-ups. w· Great. Thanks for your help. 68-70 refer to t he fo ll ow ing c onve rsation. ',VI Hey, Kate. I was thinkmg that June Smith. the company's strategic adVisor, would be able to assist us with the negoliations of the new proposal. m That sounds great. Wanda . Unfortunately, she's away on maternity leave for the rest of the yea r, WI 71-73 refer to the following talk. The day after tomorrow we will start our ne...' dala search training program , which some of you may be familiar with from past expenence . I have chosen this particular data search program based on your suggestions about what sort of program the company needed. You·ve all been given an agenda , which assigns you to a certain study group and Includes a course manual. I am asking all employees to keep a record of Ihe number of hours they spend training on this program , Everyone should tog at least , 0 hours of training. 74-76 refer to the followin g adve rtisement. Both exercise and dlel are now a major part of our everyday lives. The Importance 01 maintaining good health has been emphasized by health and fitness prachtJoners alike . We are here to offer you a fresh starl. Our pmgram, Core Fitness, combines nutri!ion and diet with regular exercise. Not everyone is alike. so unlike other weight loss programs. our trainer Will provide you With a nulrilJon and exercise plan tailored specifically for you. We will work together in order for you to obtain your desired results in weight toss by providing you with the tools you need. We are committed to providing you with fast results: it's our 30day guarantee, 77-79 refer to the fo ll owing talk. The company is selling up a new e·mail system , so beginnlOg thIS Thursday there will be no e-mail service for 24 hours. Instead you'll have to rely on phone messages and faxes to communicate with your clients. This means that you'll have to inform your clients immediately about this change so that if they need 10 get in contact with you they will be able to. We'll have the informalion technology team up here Wednesday night to beg," installing the software and e-mail shoutd be restored by Friday morning, You'lI receive a memo later today thai Will explain all of this 111 more delail. That's too bad. She really is an expert in this field . W2 We coutd look at aSking her replacement. Jordan, I hear he's qUite bnght as wetl. 12 10 LC<llIull 1.1.: IU)lJ
  • 195. 80- 82 refer to the following voice mail mes sage. Hi. Bill. ThiS Is Peter from tl1e manufacturing facility. I know Ihal you were at Ihe planllhis morning, and I don', mean to be an Inconvenience. however 1</as hopmg Ihal you could come back 10 Ihe plant as soon as you get a chance . There seems fo be a problem with the main assembly line. The conveyer system isn't working properly , and I was hoping you could come by and take a look al it. Unfortunately. we can't continue wi th production until this situa tion IS reclified. As you know, we have a number 01larg8 orders we were hoping to complete bel are the weekend, Agai n. P m really sorry 10 bottler you. 83-85 refer to the following radio broadcast. The Bruce Trall, Highton'S newest conservation area, celebrated its grand opening on Sunday. After nearly 7 yea rs In the making. and 3 million dollars in donalions from local residents. participants ver8 thrilled with Ihe successful co mpletion ol lhe proJ ect. The fesllvl!es S1a ned with an inaug ural speech made by the city 0 mayor Thousands turned ou l to pay a tribule 1 Ihe newest city addition, walking the tralls that IlOk the take front wllh Highton's downtown core . FollOWing Ihe 5· kilometer trek , people gathered lor a fantastic pertormance by a loca l band. Blues ExplOSion, and an enormous fireworks display over Ihe escarpment. 86-88 refer to the following in troduction . Good afternoon. My name IS David Poulin and you're listening to Health Talk. JOinIng us loday IS Or. Jennifer Duncan, lead researcher at the Amenca" Cancer Cenler In Syracuse , New York. 8elore 10lning the research team, Dr. Duncan practiced medicine in the oncology departmenl at Ch icago General Hospital for 12 years, and she is an expert In chlldren'S tumor care. ThiS afternoon Or. Duncan will talk 10 us about the future 01cancer treal ment Following her talk she wlll be taking questions via e-mail here al lhe station. 89-91 refer to the followi n g ta lk . To your right you'll notice the Grand Guadalupe Caslte. constructed in 1867 by Ihe famous Spanish architect. Julio Piedras. The structure to the west of Ihe castle is the Robertson Palmer Conven tion Ce nter, constructed in 1945 To the east you wilt notice the famous Centennial Tower, where we will have dinner th is evening. I have made a reserva tion lor our group under wwwnhantrtvleLcom lhe name Petrova . There are numerous clothing bouliques in thiS fashion Qua rter ollhe city. I'll give you a couple of hours now to do some shopping U you would like, but please meet back In front of the Robertson Palmer Convention Center at 4 p.m . If there are a ny further questions, please see me now. 92-94 refer to th e foll owing an nouncement. To celebrate Ihe company's success in meeling our sales largets Ihls year, all employees will receIVe a special appreciation package. However, employees must drop by the human resources department to pick up their package . The HR depar1ment would appreciale it ir you could pick up your package by this Fnday . If any employees a re lInable to pick up therr package . please contact Irene Blayer at 887·9966, extension 5342. I am very pleased with everyone's periormance so tar Ihis year. Keep up rhe good work . 95-97 refer to th e fo ll owi ng report. Mayor Rawling was prese nt this afternoon al the grand opemng of Creekside Cellars . a new wine and culinary ce ntre, located outside Ihe town of Jordan. Creekside has been created III order for tourists and members of the communily to expenence winemaktng and cooktng seminars. Th e mayor Ined hiS hand at winemaklng before join ing local members of the community in the wine lasting ce llar He also sa mpled traditional Jordan recipes prepared by the nea rly twenty Iracned C hefs on slaff Before leaving the premiSes, Mayor Rawling slopped in the gill shop to purchase local crafts in support of the communi ty 98-100 refer to the fo ll owing s h ort ta lk . Good afternoon. everybody! I am pleased to announce Ille launch ing of our new company website. We are intending to have the site tully operationat Within 2 months - that's November. As you a re aware, we want everyone's inpul to make Ihis website a success. I hope thai everyone here at Bridgestone Consulhng Will make an effort to contnbute theI r ideas to making thiS a success. Also, I have hired a web·deslgner and a tech nica l support slaff. Most importan tly, I've hired a prolect manager, Joanne Ma lcolm. St>lipi 2 11
  • 196. 9. IA) Tl1e woman is pushing a bIcycle. (8) The woman is silting al her desk. (el The gardener is trimming the bushes. (0) The bicycle is leaning against the bench 10. (A) The roofs of Ihe bUIldings are Uat. (B) There are some cars between the bUildings. (A) They are siltrng in a circle. (C) Drivers are wailing for people to cross. (6) They are reading their notes. 1. (0) lines are being painted on the road. (C) They are shaking hands with each other. (0, They are haVing 2. a diSCUSSion. (A) The bus IS leaving the statIOn . (8) The travelers are waving to thelf Iflends. (C) The bus is running al lull speed . (0) Passengers are boarding Il1e bus 3. (A) The man is painting a picture. IS) The man is pointing al a posler. (C) A vanely of paintings IS on display. (D) The palnhngs are hanging 4. (A) Curtams are lIapplIlg 111 a gallery. m Ihe wind. (B) Chairs are placed around a table. (e) The room is full at books (01 There are lamps beside the bed. 5. (AJ The man is havmg hiS hair cuI. (6) The man is brushing back his hair. (C) The woman is examining the patient. ID) The woman IS culling a piece of paper 6. (A) They are pUllmg away their instrume nts. (8) They are perfonnmg outdoors . (e) Alilhe women are holding liD Hags. (0) They are purchaSing some umforms. 7. (A) Some people are restmg on the grass . (8) The child IS drawing a picture ou tdoors. (e) The child is looking at paintings In a museum. (0) The child IS walchmg an artist at work. 8. (A) Scooters are parked along the side of the road. (8) A motorcyclist is wall1ng at the curb. (e) A truck is parked next to the motorcycles. (D) People are brOWSing at the displays . I 12 12 F('''n''1l1~ 1.(' !t~.1 11. When are you going home today? (A) To buy some sandWiches. (8) After the meehng. Ie) II look three days. 12. Where does the number 24 bus stop? (A) I'd lake a laxi (B) Behind city hall. (C) Yes. I hope so. 13, Excuse me, can I use your cell phone for a while? (A) No. I can't sell it. IS) Yes, bye·mail. I.C) Sorry. I don't have It With me. 14. How much is il to send this package 10 Japan? (AI IllS 100 heavy. CB) Twenty dollars. (Cl She's 011 vacation next week. 15, Why dan', you take the bus? (A) I'd rather walk. (B) Two kilometers. (C) You took very tired. 16. Are you licensed to repair this system? (A) It was Installed this morning (8) Irs one of the palf. (C) No, but t have permiSSion from the boss. 17, Who will be attending the farewell party? (A) No, I don't have time to go (8) All store managers. (C) Very well, thank you.
  • 197. 18. How long do you think you'll be needing the car? 27. Should we have something delivered. o r go oul to (A) II has air conditioning . a restaurant? (B) He JUSI star1ed reading It last nigh!. (A) As soon as 1 arrive. (e) For Ihree days. (B) Let's order In from that new Chinese restauran t (C) Yes , I can give you a nde, 19. Would you care to join us lor lunch? IA) Su re, If thaI's okay (B) She wants 10 lOin our leam IC) W llh a Irull salad and soup , 28 , Didn't you take the Irain to work today? (A) N o. I decided to dnve myseU , (B) t'll take three of them please (e) Yes, Ir s not wOIklng , 20. W here would you like to store Ihe packages, in th e supply room or the warehouse? 29. C an I give Ms, Miller you r e-mail address? (Al That's a good Idea, (A) S ure. she can contact me about the ptan , (8 Ellher would be fine (6) Yes. we have he r add ress. (C) Yes In Ihe packages (C) No, she senl it abou t a week ago, 21 . When do you plan to move here 10 London? (A) At the main oltice, 30. The weather is wonderful! II looks like winter is rea lly over. (8) No, I don't think so. (A) You look very Olce, (e) In a month , (B) Is it snowing outside? (e) I think you're figh t 22 , Did you th ink the new design team worked very well? 31 . Do you have Dr. Stewan's phone number? (A) It's faster than walking (A) Every Monday. rB) Yes , they did a good rob (8) Why, are your knees hu rting again? Ie) I work five days a week (e) Oon'l worry, It'S my trea!. 23. Should we go to the Italian restau rant after wo rk? 32. Are we throwing the retirement party indoors or (A) No, il stans at noon , outdoors? (Bl They JUSI printed new menus, (A) W e'U sel up the tables in the banquet hall (e) ThaI's a great Idea, (8) By the end of Ihe week. (e) Okay, that'll be hne. 24. What did you do for your vacation? (AI Yes, he did. 33. W hy does the di rector dislike the design sample? (8) I wenl 10 the country to Visit my parents , (A) The colors a re 100 bright. (e) They're away on vacation , (8) Yes, I'll sign up fo r lhe course. (e) Thanks . I'll try. 25. You'd prefer a window seat , wouldn', you? (/. ) No, I haven't seen II. ~B) Yes, I would (Cl Open the Window , 34. Does Mr. Brown know that Ihe lawyers will be here on Monday? (A) Sure. I know the way to the courthouse. (8) He's been notifIed 26. Who organized the meeting schedule? (el No, I have never studIed law. (A) No. I don'tlhirlk It'S necessary. (8) We're a litlle betlmd sclledule, (e) Mr Rogers did. 35. Did yo u meel wi th the new client, or did you reschedule an appointment? (A) Actually . he VIsited us. (8) I'm not dIsappointed, (C) Next 10 the office. www.nhanli lvict.colll :->I.'np1 2 13 1
  • 198. 36. Excuse me, do you know where the accounting department is? 47-49 reter to the follow ing conversation . ',4 Ms. Wang, I haven', receIved your expense receIpts lor yOllr accommOdation and meals lrom your business trip 10 Tokyo, '! Ron , I'm pretty sure thaI I gave them to Kelly in accounting along wilh the additional flight expenses. n (A) Sorry , I don'!, Well, I'll have 10 ask her to forward them to me as soon as possible . TIle quanerly reports must he completed by Fnday '.'/: I'll see Kelly laler today al the uaining seminar Why don' l I get a copy of the Invoices? I'll stop by your desk around 5. (8) I can't agree with you rC) You need 10 do Ihal 37. You printed out the repon for the next board meeting, d idn't you? (A) t took care 0 1 it yesterday (81 You II board In twenty minutes , (Cl Yes. please pnnt II oul. 38, How many employees visited the new manufacturing facility? (A Yes. I'll VISit him again next week , ( ) 1 can 't say lor sure 50-52 refer to the fo llowing conversation . 14 ICI Tha t's my fault. 39. Can we take a break now? w Oh, I was really hoping to get my car fixed as possible. Is there (A) Oh, are you tired? (B) Yes, t'lIlake It. Yes , we had hoped 10 gel the required parts Hl on Saturday, however it looks like they wan" arnve until Tuesday w Well. I'm out of town on buSiness untIl Wednesday, Why don', we make il for Thursday afternoon? IA) No, he won't. (B) I have already bought them (C) Usually by pnnter 35 soon a problem? M' (C) For Ihe reSI of the audience . 40. You won't fo rget to order tickets, wilt you? Herta, I'm calling frorn Johnson Auto 10 reschedule your appointment to have your car serviced on Monday. 53-55 refer to the fo llo w in g c onversation . I know t promIsed 1 give you a ride 10 Ihe airport 0 toelay, bUI I'm not sure what time we should leave 1/1' Part 03 ,'" My Hlghl was originally SCheduled to leave al 7 p,m. But it's been delayed because of bad weather, The departure time IS now scheduled lor 41-43 refer t o the fo llo wi ng conve rsation . M Pedro Wi lt be coming by around 4:00 after the conference ends. ".. Great. And where witl we be gOIng after that? 1, He'll drop us olf at the hotel by 5:00. Then we'll meet his CEO for dinner and drinks in the lobby at 6:00. 8:30 p.m. ,' 1, w. Sounds good. That should be enough l ime lo r me Thai works belter for me anyway , We should leave a couple of hours before, so that you have enough time to check in. That sou nds great. By (he way, where are we gOing to meet? Wha l aboul In my hotel lobby 3 1 6:30? to prepare the documents, 56 -58 refer to th e fo llowing conversation , 44-46 refe r to the f ollowing c o nversation , Yf I, w Will Ms. Jones allow Mr. Fernando to attend the conference In Zu rich? Well , Mr. Fernando's manager will have to give him permIssion. Ms. Jones is Just the project coordinator. The conference organIzer has requested his pa rticipation , They want hIm 10 speak at the conference. u· I'll be sure to pass thai information along to Mr. Fernando's manager, { 214 hUIUUI 1.(' 101_1 .'. Are we sllll experienCIng difficulties with the ordenng software? ,.,' Yes. When inputting the customer's relevant Information, an error message continually appears. ..,. We'll have 1 vmte everything manually uOlil we 0 CCln have it repa ired. Have you contaCled the computer programmers we usually w ork wit h? I was hoping they could come by later today. w. I have, but iI doesn't seem like we'll be able to ge l an appointment unll l next week II looks li ke we'll have another difficult weekend. wW'NJlhantnvl('[.com
  • 199. 59-61 refer to the following conversation. ,~: This piece of work created by Klive Anderson is beaullful. Ilhmk it's greal as well. Irs the only lIme he's used watercolors , isn't II? Yes. He usually works wiln oil palOts, but I think he wanted 10 try something different. Well , It reaJly paid off Shall we move on to see the rest of Ihe exhibit? 62-64 refer to the follow ing conversation. .1 This IS MIchael Duncan calling . I phoned a few weeks ago to arrange accommodation. I wanted to make sure thai you have my reservation on file. 'h' Of course, Mr. Duncan. Just a moment and I will check our system for you. You're stayrng for two evenings. Is that right? ~: Y Yes, that's correct . Now. are there any rooms available In the East Corndor? I've heard that the view ai nigh I is absolutely beautiful from there. You're in ruck. Mr. Duncan. I have one room available In tile East Corndor. Unfortunately, it isn't equipped with an Internel connection. Is Ihal okay? 65-67 refer to the following conve rs ati on . Pari 04 71-73 refer to the following voice mail message. ThiS IS the office of Ihe universIty registrar; the office IS open weekdays from 9 a.m , until 6 p.m., and on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 10 p,m. Students may request transcripts In person dutlng these tlnles. Please also visit Ihe university webSIte 10 obtain Information rega rding flnanClat services and scholarships available to students. PrevIously we had allowed students to request transcripts and other services over the phone . However. we do not accept phone requests at thiS time. 74-76 rofer to the following introduction. Ladles and gentlemen, may 1101roduce to you our newest manager al Pearson Consulting. Rebecca SinClair Prior to Joining our company, Ms. Sinclair worked for a few years in Ihe advertising Industry; she also worked lor First National Bank for four years. I would ask all of you to please make Ms. Sincla ir comfortable and go out of your way to show her around the office over Ihe next few weeks. 77-79 refer to the following instruction. ',~ Yes, and I really think there's a big Improvemen t in Ihe variety of the load. t wanted to make sure that you were all aware that you will be unable to access the computer system. inCluding e-mail access, beginning this afternoon. The computer technicians will be working on upda ting our " I agree. I was delinilely ready lor a change. I also systems with allille latesl so~ware In order to Increase liked that Ihe location was moved to the main ftoor. lI's much more convement for me. efficiency and reduce Ihe number of system crashes. We ask you to save alililes and documents pnor to one o'cloCk today, so as not to lose any information. When the installa tion Is complete you will be contacted by voice mall message, Afler you have received Ihis message, restart your computer in order to aclivate the new system. Should you require any aSSistance, leel free to contact the technical services department at extension 2151. Have we employed a new caterer in the company cafeteria? '.1 It's much more aHordable as well. 68-70 refer to the following conversation . M Drew, when are we meelrng With Roy Thompson on Friday? w· My apologIes. I should have told you earlier. Mr. Thompson e-malled the office this motOing and rescheduled Ihe meeting to Thursday al1emoon. Are you stilt free? As a matler of facl , I'm nol. Please ask Mr. Thompson il Thursday morning would be alright. VJ I'll call him right away and then send you an e-marl to confirm the time . wwv.nht1nlll~IP;:.(om 80·82 reter to the following advertisement. Are you benefiting from MJ Bank's special loan program for entrepreneurs? II you are not laking advan tage of this opportunity, you might be limiting your sma ll business from valuable growth ."':'·npl 215 1
  • 200. opportunities. Regardless oi whether your company is jusl beginning, or if you've been around for several years, you'll find the financial planning advice from MJ Bank extremely helpful. Register for an entrepreneur loan before next Thursday and we'll offer you a 4% loan rate, which Is much lower than other banks. 92-94 refer to the followi ng telephone message. Good morning. Mr. Henderson, Ihis IS Charlene Kush from Accounting . r wanted 0 ask you about your monthly expense accounts: your depanmenl I,."as over budget again Ihis month. Unfortunately, I have been 83-85 reter to the following radio b r oadcast. given strict instructions by my senior manager to report all departments that are over budget. Would you like 10 send me a written explanation regarding why this Good morning. Welcome back 10 the Wednesday segment of Music Today on CKRV Radio. I'll be your hoslloday as we meel one of Ihe rising stars in the problem has occurred? Or. would you rather speak to my manager in person? Call me or e-mail me when you have a chance . Thank you. music industry, country singer Bluegrass Jones. Mr. Jones recently released his fourth CO. entitled ~Sla n ding on a Corner," which is expected to reach the 95·97 refer to the fo llowing announcement. top of Ihe charts later Ihis week. An accomplished musician . Mr. Jones began performing when l1e was only 9 years old. Many of you will recognize his most recent song. "Alone and Crying." Now II's time to listen to his new song. 86-88 refer to the following talk. Ladles and gentlemen, I am sorry to report Ihat a sCheduling error has caused Ollr plans to change. The onginal plan was to meet at Ihe restaurant al 7 p.m. and Ihen to proceed to Ihe theatre for around 9 p.m, Unfortunately. I have been informed Ihallhe restauranl reservaliOilS have been changed to 6:30. So, Instead of arriving at 7 p,m., we will be meeting at the restaurant at 6:30 and then going to the theatre afterwards. We'll keep the same departure lime to the thealer and meel al the !healre entrance before the show begins. It is my pleasure to welcome all at our colleagues here today to our San Franc1sco headquarters. Many of you have Iraveled here thiS al1ernoon from our international branch offices in Paris. TorOnlO, and Stockholm . As you have been informed, our purpose in meeting here today is to discuss how 10 improve the company distribution channels. There have been unacceptable delays in production over the past year as a result of a It IS estimated thai nea rly' 0 million computers are disposed of each year in the United States atone. These used computers are significantly adding to the landfill problems experienced by nearly every stale . poorly o'ganizeo system 01 olstribvtion ano we are Locat computer guru, KlivB Anderson, has developed a gOing to do our best to change Ihat here today. If you solution to Ihis problem . His non-profil organizat10n, Electronic Helper, accepts used computers and have something to add during my presentation , don' t hesitate to talk about your ideas with all of us here. 98~100 refer to the follow ing repon. 89-91 refer to the following tour information. electronics, and after upgrading the software. donates Ihe unilS to educalionallnslitutions in developing nations. Presently, donated compulers have reached And now we are entering the Portrait GaUery, which IS studenls in the Central American countries of onen called the ~ Red Room" and was built in 1831 . It is well known internationally for its collection of portraits of British royalty. As we leave the Portrait Gallery, you'll nolice the magnificent oak doors. Nexl, we are able to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua. and Er Salvador. Future plans Include Shipments 10 coun tries in South America and Africa. For more information on this cause or for ways you can help, visil see the dining hall, where the royal family would enjoy their meals. The dining hall was originally constructed in 1830, but a tire in 1902 destroyed much of the wood paneling and needed to be replaced in 1903. We'll leave the dining hall now in order 10 take a short tour of Ihe grounds. Afterwards, you will have free time to visit Ihe gift shop. www.nhannivieLcom