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A short presentation of our SaaS solution, Language Management Central.

A short presentation of our SaaS solution, Language Management Central.

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  • 1. Lingsoft LanguageManagement Central
  • 2. Language Management Central● LS LMC is a centralised language management solution● All of Lingsofts and many third-party language solutions are offered through this platform ○ Spell checking, grammar checking, stylistic checking ○ Hyphenation ○ Inflective synonym lookup ○ Morphological and dependency analysis ○ Terminology management and look-up ○ Translations ○ Speech recognition and synthesis● New services are created and expanded ○ New tools can be added to the platform● Flexible and robust
  • 3. Language Management Central● Software as a Service model (SaaS)● Each service exposes an interface for integration ○ REST/JSON ○ WebServices● .Net server solution● Successful integration in a variety of settings ○ Desktop publishing ○ Search engines ○ Online stores ○ Terminology management solutions ○ Natural language processing solutions ○ Translation services ○ Subtitling services
  • 4. Proofing Service in LMC● Several proofreading services available ○ Spell checking ○ Grammar checking ○ Stylistic checking ○ Hyphenation● Available languages ○ Finnish ○ Swedish ○ Norwegian Bokmål ○ Norwegian Nynorsk ○ Danish ○ German ○ English (spelling)● Lingsoft proofing has previously successfully been integrated as the standard checkers for eg. Microsoft Word
  • 5. Proofing Service in LMC● Domain-specific spell and style checkers ○ Specialised checkers optimised for specific language domains ○ Contains the standard language and additional specialised vocabulary and grammar rules ○ Examples ■ Finnish medical ■ Finnish EU language ■ Finnish IT ■ Swedish Finlandisms● Custom vocabulary and checker customisation ○ Lingsoft can also create checkers containing your vocabulary
  • 6. Integrating the Proofing Service
  • 7. Morphology Service in LMC● Offers morphological and sentence analysis ○ Analyse words and return dictionary forms ■ crucial for processing of inflecting languages ■ example from English: left returns left (adverb), left (adjective) and leave (verb) ■ example from Finnish: kädessäni in my hand finds käsi hand ○ If a word returns multiple dictionary forms, sentence disambiguation can identify the desired baseform based on sentence structure ■ example, English: left in he left for school will return leave ○ Generate word forms ■ example from Finnish: requesting the inessive singular form with possessive suffix of käsi hand returns kädessäni ■ example from English: requesting past participle of leave returns left
  • 8. Morphology Service in LMC● Available languages ○ Finnish ○ Swedish ○ Norwegian Bokmål ○ Norwegian Nynorsk ○ Danish ○ German ○ English ○ Russian ○ Swahili● Applications include ○ search systems ○ document indexing ○ language learning ○ supporting tasks for other language processing
  • 9. Search Systems and LMC● Search expansion using Morphology Service ○ When search for a word or term, it is possible to automatically also search for inflected forms of the word ○ Can also find compound words ■ For example, search for käsi hand in Finnish can find käsikirja handbook/manual ○ Greatly simplifies search queries and expand the results pool ■ for example Finnish, where a single word may have thousands of different forms● Search correction using Proofing Service ○ If a user misspells a search term, it is possible to offer "Did you mean?" functionality by offering suggestions from the proofing service
  • 10. Search Systems and LMCSolution – custom library for Lucene programmingLingsoft Custom Analyzer for Lucene ● A Java library for Lucene ● Calls LS LMC (address configured from settings) ● Package contains a Java library with a settings file and some example codes (open source) ● A customer would program their own solution on top of this Custom analyzer ● Lingsoft provides LS LMC services and consulting for searching and indexing
  • 11. Terminology Managementand LMC ● LS LMC offers a fully fledged terminology management system ○ Administration and editing of customer terms and customer termbases ■ The entire term management workflow is supported ○ Term search and proposals ○ Multilingual termbases supported ○ Brand language management ■ Accepted and rejected terms ○ Several tools supported ■ TermWeb, Trados Multiterm... ■ More can be added ■ Standard format, TBX
  • 12. Terminology Managementand LMC
  • 13. Terminology Managementand LMC ● Intelligent Term Search ○ Intelligent term search when using Lingsofts language tools (search expansion) ○ Search targets ○ custom termbase ○ static termbase (for example MOT-dictionaries) ○ public terminologies (f.ex. WordNet) ○ Lingsoft language tools functioning as terminologies (for example synonym dictionaries) ● Term Highlighting ○ Recognizes terms from written text by highlighting ○ Can use accepted/rejected -division ○ Interface returns positional and other term-related information ○ Possibility to select target termbases
  • 14. Terminology Managementand LMC ● Term Suggestion ○ If the term is unrecognized, the customer has the possibility to propose it ○ Possibility to ■ select target termbase for the suggestion ■ add basic information about the suggestion ○ Terminology admin will see the suggestions (unprocessed terms) ○ If the administrator approves the term, LS LMC will publish it in use through the platform ● Other language tools ○ LMC can utilize termbases for other language tools ○ Examples ■ Accepted/Rejected terms can be brought as a part of proofreader, so they will be used with the Proofing Interface also (style info/errors) ■ Key terminology can be utilized when creating search engine index ■ Possibility to utilize terminologies for creating totally customized spellchecker
  • 15. Integrations● CKEditor● MS Word 2007-2013
  • 16. LS LMC ● Full API description and trial accounts available on request ● For more information, contact us at ● Visit us at ● Follow us at @Lingsoft