Lets explore the power of subconsious mind


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Lets explore the power of subconsious mind

  1. 1. Lets explorethe Powerof ourSubconscious MindBy Lingaraj Meher(sanjib)12MBMB25
  2. 2. FL0W• Our Mind• Conscious vs. Subconscious Mind• How the subconscious mind effects in our life• The gardener metaphor• Programming our mind• Power of thinking• A Roadmap to the subconscious mind5/28/2013 12MCMB25 2
  3. 3. Our Mind•Conscious Mind•Subconscious MindOverall Mind Power5/28/2013 312MCMB25
  4. 4. MindCONSCIOUS SUBCONSCIOUSWorking knowingly Working unknowinglyNormal Power 30000 > power of conscious mindLike computer programmer Like computer languageconscious mind is like the driver and isresponsible for giving orders and settingyour directionsubconscious mind is like the vehicle thatmust follow the driver’s commands.5/28/2013 412MCMB25
  5. 5. subconscious patterns are always running in “auto” mode in thebrain.When we think a thought long enough, it automatically goes into“auto” modeHere are some examples•your heart keeps pumping blood all the time•You drive your bike control it easily automatically.•Reading a word correctly at a time•Doing small mathematical calculations .And much more…..…..5/28/2013 512MCMB25
  6. 6. Your subconscious mind can solve problems foryou effortlessly, even while you sleep.An exampleBenzene StructureThe German scientist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitzwas a remarkable figure in the history of organic chemistry.5/28/2013 612MCMB25
  7. 7. The Subconscious Mind is The sun within us5/28/2013 712MCMB25
  8. 8. Why we deprives of itspower ?AndIf we have This Powerfulsource then why don’t wehave these all good thing inour arm ?5/28/2013 812MCMB25
  9. 9. The subconscious mind – The sleeping power5/28/2013 912MCMB25
  10. 10. The Gardener MetaphorIt can not judge or question (noidea of right or wrong, good or bad)subconscious does not reason - it simplyreacts to and follows the instructions andguidance of the conscious.subconscious mind is like deep fertilesoil that accepts any seed you plantwithin it.Your mental thoughts are active; theyare seeds to your subconscious5/28/2013 1012MCMB25
  11. 11. We have programmed our subconscious mind fromour childhood unknowinglyOur life and behaviors– The reflection ofSubconscious mind5/28/2013 1112MCMB25
  12. 12. How we program our mind ?5/28/2013 1212MCMB25
  13. 13. we program it by our thoughts !!!!subconscious mind picks up all the things ourconscious mind feeds into it.5/28/2013 1312MCMB25
  14. 14. ThoughtsAll physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy.Your thoughts too are vibrations of energy.Our thoughts have a powerful influence; they affect whathappens to us.Simply what you focus on you attract.Water takes the shape of whatever container holds it,Likewise, our mind will create and manifest according tothe images you habitually think about in our daily thinking. This is how your destiny is created. A new life is createdby new thoughts.5/28/2013 1412MCMB25
  15. 15. The mandate of the subconscious is to attractcircumstances and situations that match theimages you have within.FLASH..5/28/2013 1512MCMB25
  16. 16. A ROADMAP TO SUBCONSCIOUS MIND•Visualization•Affirmations•Acknowledging•Repetitions•Intense believing5/28/2013 1612MCMB25
  17. 17. VisualizationOur mind works on picture and not on words.Affirmations+ I am the best+ I can do this- I can not talk- I cannot trust anyoneAcknowledging“we thought about previous success and feel success,” youvibrate with success energy and act accordingly.Repetitions-bike exampleIntense believingfaith can move mountain inside5/28/2013 1712MCMB25
  18. 18. -What ever we saw yet we are doingunknowingly-Can we do it knowingly ?-Can we reprogram our mind ?-Can we train our subconscious mind ?-can we script our own dream?5/28/2013 1812MCMB25
  19. 19. Yes we can……•we have to tune ourselves to that vibration/frequency•We are tuned to this frequency twice , this is calledalpha state (ardhha chetan abasta).•Script your dream and live it.5/28/2013 1912MCMB25
  20. 20. Thanks for listeningAny Queries ????5/28/2013 2012MCMB25
  21. 21. Have a good day5/28/2013 2112MCMB25