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European marketing conference FDI campaign team presentation

  1. 1. UKTI Marketing Inward Investment Campaign Team Marketing Action Plan
  2. 2. Strategic policy objectiveGrow pipeline over three year horizon 2
  3. 3. Meet the team 3
  4. 4. Marketing strategy: Segmentation and targeting alternatives By campaign theme targeted to identified markets (entrepreneurs, advanced engineering supply chain, EHQ etc) By sub-sectors of greatest promise in markets of greatest promise By “market taker” targeted to established markets or “market maker” targeted to both established markets and potentially BRICS (e.g. entrepreneurs, Tech City, “HOTHOUSE” etc.) 4
  5. 5. Marketing strategy: Core message alternatives “GREAT” Experimental/”HOTHOUSE” Safe but competitive choice Springboard to global and European growth 5
  6. 6. SMART Marketing objectives: by end March 2013[We do not control product or price but can influence place, promotion and process] Segmentation - emphasise the most promising segments and keep a decline list Quality - ensure sales support collateral is of sufficient quality and sales force fully resourced (see ROI evaluation on slides 25 and 26) 6
  7. 7. SMART Marketing objectives: by end March 2013 (continued)• Customer Journey stages - Create awareness for “pre the sales pitch” and triggers for action “post the sales pitch” through comparatively selected digital, above and through the line channels, and PR (evaluate by channel)• Pipeline building - Ensure through countersigned business case/templates all discrete marketing projects support the sales effort or entry to pipeline following self referral 7
  8. 8. Recommended activities and justifications• A summary justification is shown on the following slides for each activity. Each activity meets a customer need or takes advantage of emergent trends and opportunities• Timings and steps planned or taken are indicated• Main evaluation methods are shown 8
  9. 9. Intelligence gathering and customer research• This will inform marketing activity• Competitor review planned and entrepreneur perception surveycarried outWhat are the factors that make a location attractive to entrepreneurs and encourageentrepreneurship?Do you think the UK can be considered such a location? If yes, or no, please say why youhave this view.How do you view the support which the UK currently provides to encourageentrepreneurship compared with other locations globally?• Evaluation by contribution to entrepreneur and other campaigns 9
  10. 10. Web messaging• Easy to segment and cover three prongs of FDI Marketing: UK, UKTI, and sector/sub-sector• Continuous work based on a parallel messaging architecture project• Ongoing evaluation against hit rates and unique visitors and click- through, rapid adjustment possible 10
  11. 11. “HOTHOUSE” mainstreaming and link to “GREAT”• Learnings from “HOTHOUSE” pilots in France, Germany, USA and Canada can now make “one to many marketing” a sustainable part of FDI business strategy. Elements of HOTHOUSE can gain additional funding and developed as digital GREAT marketing• MC FDI team’s report being compiled, digital “GREAT” bid submitted• Hard and soft measures should both be part of evaluation 11
  12. 12. DIGITAL INVITATION TO ENTREPRENEURS, CREATIVE, MEDIA & TECHINVESTORS (Hothouse follow on) (Inward Investment)  Concept: Target digital savvy entrepreneurs, focusing on creative, tech & media, using digital channels to develop a new pipeline of potential investors. Target highly digitalised markets: US, Canada, France, Germany, HK, Singapore, India.  How it will work: - use digital channels (online multipliers, thought leader bloggers, twitter, etc to bring ‘many’ to ‘us’) - leverage google, linked in, twitter to creative buzz and generate more leads and find the most lucrative (need urgently to put measures in = huge progress & innovation opportunity) (Market research; paid digital media; targeted digital dissemination of messaging with the right tools, software licences 100k; creative development & production, incl. translations & local customisation, mobile accessible web pages; UK event offer for entrepreneurs & investors)Cost: £4 million Return: Increased awareness of the UK offer to our target audience generating 180 active investment leads.  Landing 60 investments over 2 years, bringing £420 million of capital expenditure into the UK. Source: (UKTI FDI database)  12
  13. 13. GREAT DIGITAL & PR CAMPAIGN PLAN FOR ADVANCED ENGINEERING(INWARD INVESTMENT)Concept:   This campaign will win new inward investments and re- position the UK advanced engineering sector in the eyes of potential investors who see the UK as a service driven economy.  How it will work: Working with BIS. Focus on C suite and government decision makers using a targeted digital media and PR campaign. Target markets: Japan, Korea, US, Canada, Germany.Cost: £1.8mReturn: Generate a measurable increase in awareness of the UK offer amongst our target audience and generate 75 active investment leads.  This will translate into 25 investments over 2 years, bringing £175 million of capital expenditure into the UK.   Source: (UKTI FDI database) 13
  14. 14. Attracting More SME’s to CHINA – MISSION 100 (EXPORTING)Concept: We will identify the next 100 ‘export hungry’ companies by running a UK competition using the web (including partners) and a Sunday Times press ad – the top 100 entries will win a grant to support them attending a 5 day China Trade Mission.How it will work: UKTI, VB and FCO in collaboration with CBBC - introduce them to a network of supply chain companies; - host VIP evening at the Embassy meeting UK/Chinese government officials; - provide pre mission education, familiarisation and business requirement statements.Cost: £250kReturn: £82M export revenues & £11.7M net profit 14
  15. 15. The China Story• 58 FDI projects initiated in last decade… peaking at 13 in 2009… but down in recent years, e.g. 7 in 2011• Projects sourced from 41 companies – Mindray Medical International prime mover with 13 (31%)• Projects delivered 3,482 new jobs (globally) with capex of USD$883m• Leading source cities are: Shenzhen, Beijing, Tianjinand Shanghai• Western Europe secured 50% of all projects• Germany leads the way with 50% of WE projects.• US and UK joint second with 18% each 15
  16. 16. Marketing delivery of ID ‘Pathway 3’ campaigns• Eight campaigns have been identified by ID Campaigns and Special Projects Directorate based on work done by the Investment Services Team market intelligence unit and agreed by ID• Templates have been completed for entrepreneurs, EHQ, business process outsourcing, supply chains (with particular emphasis on advanced manufacturing), and offshore wind. November/December events are planned for entrepreneurship, BPO and offshore wind.• Metrics are set out in each campaign template document but the parts of the campaign MC provides (e.g. brochures, events) would also be evaluated 16
  17. 17. Mini campaigns and development of marketing resources for hubs andposts• The mini-campaigns are useful at all stages of the customer journey and can be used across segments. They can be adapted by hubs for local market conditions• First campaign concepts on tax shown to hubs. Awaiting roll-out• Evaluation by feedback from hubs 17
  18. 18. PR, advocacy and social media – holding the conversation• Third party endorsement and thought leadership could sway senior decision makers, social media is medium/long term play that could work for us as China-India human resource investment did• PR manager investigating blogging strategy, influencing the influencers will form part of ID entrepreneurship campaign, we have core script but need materials bank• Social Mention and similar packages can track positive, negative and neutral mentions in social media 18
  19. 19. Sub-sector infographics for external audiences• The c.35 subsector propositions will then be accessible to clients and drive decisions to investigate a UK investment• All sub-sector propositions to be summarised and available as infographics by end of March 2013 then updated on a rolling basis. Top eight to ten will have more detailed treatment.• Evaluation by feedback from hubs and overseas sales teams 19
  20. 20. Inward investment videos• Short videos are state-of-the-art marketing that appeal to the new generation of entrepreneurs but are stronger in some sectors than others, especially creative industries and software, so longer videos also planned• Plan to make a series of some ten longer videos in-house and edit BBE testimonial footage• Evaluation is rapid from client feedback and cost of investment in a single video is relatively low 20
  21. 21. Multi-sector brochure and quality of life kit• The creation of a multi-purpose brochure will cover a variety of business needs. A quality of life kit will enable the UK lifestyle to be promoted to inward investors• Work on the multi-sector brochure has now resumed• Evaluation by stock reports, survey monkey 21
  22. 22. Development of online map as a marketing tool• The map can enable active engagement with the UK offer and put the investor in the driving seat. New features such as clusters, case vignettes and details of Enterprise Zones will show the richness of the UK offer and lead to firm inquiries• Upgrade based on earlier specification to be complete by March 2013 subject to budget• New visitor numbers capturing mechanism is in place 22
  23. 23. Evaluation Issues, out-takes and outcomes 23
  24. 24. Evaluation and risk• FDI success is linked [retrospectively] to economic performance but by marketing in one segment and not another comparable segment, overall marketing effectiveness could be gauged• Evaluation should be both summative (during projects) and formative (at the end to apply learnings to future projects) 24
  25. 25. Marketing ROI metrics: methods to capture out-takes Web metrics Social media metrics Stock order figures broken down to identify companies and intermediaries 25
  26. 26. Marketing ROI metrics: methods to capture outcomes PIMS survey of investor decision drivers Feedback from sales force E-surveys of sales force 26
  27. 27. Team roles and responsibilities David Lines – Campaign Team Leader +44 207 215 4957 Budget and relations with Investment Services Team Overall team planning and content implementation including material for Strategic Accounts Offshore windpower campaign lead European HQ campaign lead Jamie Clements – Senior PR Manager +44 207 215 2491 Tech City PR lead Core script and briefing lead Press tours and link to BIS News Entrepreneur campaign lead BPO campaign lead Nicola Parry – Marketing Manager +44 207 215 4951 Umair Ahmad – Digital Marketing Manager +44 207 215 8587 Advanced Engineering campaign lead HOTHOUSE and creative sectors lead UKTI Investment webpages lead Life science lead Team social media lead Mini-campaigns lead inc. posts’ feedback Sustainable construction campaign lead Team performance monitoring Lead for relations with UKBA and visa marketing Message architecture lead Lead for PSO Markets’ FDI Marketing 27
  28. 28. UKTI MC Inward Investment Campaign Team Marketing Plan: DRAFT 130812