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Intel Essentials Course Overview9 09
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Intel Essentials Course Overview9 09


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  • 1. Intel ® Teach Program Essentials Course Overview
  • 2. Intel  Teach Program Essentials Course
    • The Intel ® Teach Program is a worldwide initiative to provide teachers with the skills to effectively integrate technology into existing curriculum to improve student learning.
    • Since 1999, the Intel Teach Program has helped over 4 million educators in more than 35 countries.
    • The goal of the Intel ® Teach Essentials Course is to help classroom teachers develop student-centered learning through technology integration and project-based approaches.
  • 3. Course Focus
    • The themes of the Essentials Course include:
      • Using technology effectively in the classroom to promote 21st century skills
      • Identifying ways students and teachers can use technology to enhance learning through research, communication, collaboration, and productivity strategies and tools
      • Providing hands-on learning and the creation of curricular units and assessments, which address state and national academic and technology standards
      • Facilitating student-centered classrooms that encourage student self-direction and higher-order thinking
      • Collaborating with colleagues to improve instruction by problem solving and participating in peer reviews of units
  • 4.
      • Unit Portfolio
      • Teachers create all the products listed.
      • These items together make up a complete Unit Portfolio.
      • Peer reviews are conducted on the products teachers create.
    • Unit Plan
      • Aligns to standards
      • Focuses through the use of Curriculum-Framing Questions
      • Includes Assessment Timeline to note ongoing assessment
      • Provides accommodations to support all learners
  • 5. Curriculum Modules
    • Module 1: Teaching with Projects
    • Focus: Project-based learning and unit design
    • Module 2: Planning My Unit
    • Focus: Curriculum-Framing Questions and ongoing student-centered assessment
    • Module 3: Making Connections
    • Focus: The Internet to support teaching and learning
    • Module 4: Creating Samples of Learning
    • Focus: Project outcomes from a student perspective
  • 6. Curriculum Modules
    • Module 5: Assessing Student Projects
    • Focus: Formative and summative assessment
    • Module 6: Planning for Student Success
    • Focus: Student support and self-direction
    • Module 7: Facilitating with Technology
    • Focus: Teacher as facilitator
    • Module 8: Showcasing Unit Portfolios
    • Focus: Sharing Learning
  • 7. Typical Module Schedule
    • Pair and Share
    • Pedagogical Practices Discussion
    • Hands-On Activities
    • Modifying Unit Plan
    • Planning Ahead Activities
  • 8. Prerequisite Skills
      • Participants should possess intermediate-level
      • computer skills
      • Ability to:
        • Format and edit text
        • Copy, cut, and paste text and graphics
        • Save documents
        • Use e-mail
        • Navigate and perform a search on the Internet
        • Use a word processing application
  • 9. Expectations
      • Attend all 32 hours of hands-on in-class training
      • Be on time
      • Participate in all activities and discussions
      • Complete Planning Ahead activities between sessions—up to 16 hours of out-of-class for planning activities and completion of unit materials
  • 10. Incentives
    • Support from Four Corners Literacy Council, the Four Corners Writing Project and GMCS:
    • 1 Infocus projector
      • 1 interactive white board with wireless upgrade
      • Digital cameras
      • Flash drives
      • External hard drive
      • Graduate credit available for purchase from UNM IPT
  • 11. Programs of the Intel Education Initiative are funded by the Intel Foundation and Intel Corporation.  Copyright © 2007 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Intel and Intel  Education are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.  *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.