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  • VIDEO: “Socialnomics” by Erik Qualman
  • Infographic from pagemodo.com – which is a service businesses can use to enhance their FB page (free and paid options available)Sources for the next few slides: EdgeRank, Mashable and Sales Force Marketing Cloud
  • Posts like these generate shares, because that’s what you’re asking for. It uses a photo that grabs attention and notes a clear call to action. This type of post can go viral.
  • The giant spike is what happened when we asked for shares with our water bottle photo. The best part – I only actually had to send out one water bottle. No one else claimed theirs.
  • This post will get likes because you’re asking for them. There’s not a picture, but a clear call to action is there.
  • Lawrence Habitat asked for likes for our Women Build page with a post and a photo because we were giving away what was in the picture.
  • Habitat for Humanity is a great page to follow for inspiration. Here’s a fill in the blank. These kinds of posts are aiming to get comments.
  • Disney is letting its fans know that Finding Dory is coming out in 2015. This is an update on their products and it earned likes, shares AND comments.
  • Coke wanted to tease its fans with updates from its Super Bowl commercial ad shoot. These are posts related to the brand. They’re trying to pique interest for its Super Bowl commericals.
  • Don’t forget about holidays! What page is this? (audience answer) This is a Sharpie “Happy Easter” post. Easter doesn’t have anything to do with Sharpies, but the picture is clever and you clearly know what it’s for. These are posts than can be scheduled so you can set them and forget about them.
  • It’s technically for non-profits, but the author, Heather Mansfield, is up to date on what the latest trends are.
  • Other sources I’ve used in the past.
  • Fb for biz smclk

    1. 1. How to harness the power of social media to improve your brand Lindsey SlaterCommunity Outreach Coordinator, Lawrence Habitat @LindseySlater @LawrenceHabitat
    2. 2. Hired as Lawrence Habitat’s first-ever Community Outreach Coordinator in April 2012. Spent (almost) 5 years as a reporter, anchor and producer for 6News Lawrence and the LawrenceJournal-World (before they broke up).BSJ from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism 2007
    3. 3. “Socialnomics”Socialnomics by Erik Qualman
    4. 4. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    5. 5. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    6. 6. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    7. 7. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    8. 8. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    9. 9. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    10. 10. Post Your Way to Facebook Success
    11. 11. Six “Best Practices” for Page Posts• Photos will calls to action (shares)• Calls to action with text only (likes)• “Fill in the Blank” (comments)• Updates on products/services• Messages related to the brand• Messages unrelated to the brand Source: AllFacebook.com
    12. 12. Get Shares• Use a picture with a call to action
    13. 13. Get likes• Use text to request a call for action
    14. 14. We asked for likes…
    15. 15. …and promised a t-shirt to 5 of our newfollowers…once we hit 300 likes.
    16. 16. Get Comments• Make a post with a “fill in the blank”
    17. 17. Update fans on products/services
    18. 18. Post things related to your brand
    19. 19. Post messages unrelated to your brand
    20. 20. Never stop learning!nonprofitorgs.wordpress.com Sign up for their Nonprofit Tech 2.0 newsletter.
    21. 21. Where else can I get tips & tricks?• SocialBrite.com• AllFacebook.com• SocialIRL.com• SocialMediaExaminer.com – If you sign up for their newsletter, they will send you an in-depth video about Facebook marketing!• Pagemodo.com
    22. 22. Connect with us! LawrenceHabitat.org Facebook.com/LawrenceHabitat @LawrenceHabitatGoogle+: Lawrence Habitat for Humanity Me, too! @Lindsey Slater slater@lawrencehabitat.org
    23. 23. Who to Like on Facebook• Lawrence Habitat• Social Media Club of Lawrence• Doctor Dave Computer Repair Lawrence Kansas• Lawrence Kids Calendar• Traci Bunkers – Bonkers Handmade Originals• Bridesmade Blooms• Chakrana• Kneaded Relief Lawrence• Relay for Life of Douglas County, Kansas• Phil’s Phighters• Leo Hayden Artwork• Ichiban Tattoo Studio• Visit Lawrence• Brainville Trivia