Websites that generate customers not just visits


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Interactive Web Marketing Course at St. Lawrence College

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  • To convince ... (your TM here)To ... (action you want them to take)Instead of ... (action you are replacing)Because ... (the main reason they should take this action. Also known as your USP) Campaign Style vs Brochure Style
  • Conversion Rate OptimizationPoll EverywhereNever have there been more online resources to learn about conversion rate optimization. It’s never been easier to run an A/B split test on your website. Earlier this year, Google made testing a feature in Google Analytics. What is it? Rather than whimsically making changes to your website (changing content, design, etc) it is a much wiser approach to test each change you make with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors who take a desired action such as fill out a Web form or purchase a product, etc. Conversion optimization is the process by which a Web page is optimized to increase the rate of conversions. That means taking a look at the where traffic is coming from, the messaging, imagery, and calls-to-action that all have role in whether or not a visitor will become your next customer. There is a science behind the methodology and can result in unbelievable gains in ROI. So what? Conversion rate optimization is the single most powerful way to increase your online marketing ROI. It astounds me to find out how few companies employ CRO as a regular practice when planning website changes. It’s become so easy these days to implement an A/B test that it’s silly to not do it. WHY?????
  • Take Inventory of High Performers and the losersMost shared or viewed content High-trafficked pages Best performing/ranking keywords and associated pages Number of inbound links to individual pages
  • Call to ActionGive out cue cardsPut them on every page. Use colorful buttons to draw attention to your offers. Place them above the fold and at the top of your sidebar. Keep them simple and limit the number on any one page (it can paralyze people into making no decision) Use action oriented verbs and avoid “click here” whenever possible. Create short forms and ask only for the information you need. Use multiple offers that help those who aren’t ready to commit still take an action (watch a video vs. download)How many on this page?
  • Content Rules (inbound marketing)Rich Media – Image CentricLess is MoreAvoid Glaze Over – Interactivity, Gamification (Find the Nude Dude)Make it shareable
  • eCommerceMobile wallet (more on Monday)http://rebel8.comAd RetargetingFollow UpData Capture
  • Design Trends**if time have them work in groups to come up with 5, add to list on board ones that others haven’t addedHTML5 is the new black… er flashCSSFixed Header BarsScrolling is back in (Single Pages)Large Photo BackdropsTransperancySliders are not just for burgersSkeuomorphism Is Out, Flat Is Definitely InDynamic Layout
  • Components / Steps Required:Domain NameHostingSSL CertsDesignProgrammingMarketing & PromoAnalyticsContent (CMS)DatabaseBrowser, Platform choicesActivity::: Design a site for…..
  • Websites that generate customers not just visits

    1. 1. Website Strategies To turn visitors into customers Presented by Lindsey Fair
    2. 2. The Brochure Site is a Waste of Paper To convince ... To ... Instead of ... Because ...
    3. 3. Conversion Rate Optimization
    4. 4. Take Inventory of High Performers
    5. 5. Call to Action
    6. 6. eCom is mostly about Ad ReTargeting
    7. 7. Web Design Trends
    8. 8. Steps to Creating a Website
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