Mobile Marketing Strategies


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For MCOM43 and MARK5000

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  • On-the-go Connectivity Search & Social
  • Channel strategy, Product Placements, PR or DRTV, Commercial Strategy but not a Television Set Strategy Mobile can be direct or traditional / brand. Mobile can be for any stage of the funnel depending what strat you choose. Great for a/b splits and testing in real-time.
  • Immediacy IGW – instant gratification world
  • Lifecasting (shares, posts, likes, pins, checkins )
  • Multi-Screen
  • QR codes Quick Response Code
  • NFC = Near Field Communication **don’t need a reader, suppose to be universal but are they?
  • mSite Accessible (SEO) Quick to Load Easy to Find Info Info that matters on the go (platform detection / switchability ) Shareable
  • mCommerce **In-store mobile strategy
  • Apps In Event mGames L'Oreal INOA colour capture app This campaign, created by In the Company of Huskies, aimed to help drive consumer footfall into salons to experience INOA, L’Oréal Professionnel’s 'most innovative hair colour to date'.  The app enabled consumers in the UK and Ireland to grab either a complementary INOA hair colour service and/or a free INOA Colorcare sample pack by downloading the app and capturing augmented reality colour bubbles around participating salons. The results: Over the course of the six week campaign, mobile voucher redemption rate over the course of the campaign was 20%, compared to an industry average of approximately 8%. 13,914 unique registered devices actively engaged with the app. 11,752 vouchers were claimed and 20% were redeemed. These drove an additional 2,398 customers into salons across the UK and Ireland.
  • IKEA catalog app This campaign, from McCann New York, aimed to  re-inject inspiration into the world’s oldest direct marketing campaign: the IKEA catalogue, transforming it into an interactive platform.   The app allowed users to unlock extra content by scanning the pages, thus enchancing the user experience.  The results:  Globally, the app was the number one downloaded marketing app for a brand in 2012 and the catalogue received three times the attention of the 2011 catalogue. The revamped experience across print and app increased engagement significantly. Users spent an average of eight minutes with the app compared to three minutes with just the catalogue. 6.2m installs .
  • Texting Air flight info – but what about deals within airport?
  • Checkins – 4square
  • Georelevance *auto ask for location GPS/LBS apps ready = crucial
  • User-Generated Micromedia (UGM)
  • Photos – cheques Augmented Reality – Google Glasses Principles KISS Value
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing Presented by Lindsey Fair
    2. 2. 91% of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24 / 7
    3. 3. Did we have a TV Strategy? How about a Computer Strategy?
    4. 4. IGW
    5. 5. Lifecasting
    6. 6. Multi-Screen Society
    7. 7. Search
    8. 8. Referral
    9. 9. QR Codes
    10. 10. NFC
    11. 11. >mSites
    12. 12. >mCommerce
    13. 13. >Apps
    14. 14. >Apps
    15. 15. >Texting
    16. 16. >Email
    17. 17. >Social
    18. 18. <Georelevance
    19. 19. <mCoupons
    20. 20. <User-Generated Media MICRO
    21. 21. 2 Principles in 1 The valuable KISS strategy