Online Branding for Entrepreneurs & Artists by Usable Tech Co

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This presentation was presented at the Sarah Lawrence College Reunion 2014. This and other trainings available at

This presentation was presented at the Sarah Lawrence College Reunion 2014. This and other trainings available at

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  • 1. For Entrepreneurs & Artists Online Brandingloading.. Lindsey C. Holmes '04 LIKES 1500 SLC Reunion 2014 by
  • 2. WHAT IS ONLINE BRANDING? A brand is a set of ideals. Branding dictates how your brand will 'stand 'out from the crowd...' The crowd online is MASSIVE.
  • 3. 01Voice Though your brand identity includes your name, logo, tagline, and company uniform in most cases, your online identity is FUELED by your voice. Find Your
  • 4. How To Find Your Voice Set Your Vision - decide what you want your brand to be and ultimately become Be Clear - create your mission and infuse it through all of your online properties and interactions Be Authentic - align your vision, mission and yourself
  • 5. How To Find Your Voice Who am I? What are my core beliefs? How can I inspire confidence in my craft, when others don't believe in it?
  • 6. 02 Your By identifying who's influencing your brand/ brand influences online, and monitoring their online conversations, you can identify new opportunities. Identify Influencers
  • 7. How To Identify Your Influencers Context - Flush out the numbers to find true influence Reach - The numbers do mean something... In context Engagement - How actionable are their followers
  • 8. Tools to Identify Influence Google Search Advanced Google Search Twitter Search Social Listening
  • 9. 03Website Your website is often the first window to your brand online. Artists' websites must reflect their crafts! UpYour loading.. Step
  • 10. Step Up Your Website Revisit your Brand Ideals Choose a Framework - Try Wordpress, Joomla, for ready-made themes, easy visual styling Go Responsive - reach mobile subscribers, any screen size
  • 11. 04 Choose Identifying key networks that speak to your niche, your abilities and that integrate, saves you/ your brand time, effort and content. The Right LIKES 1500 Platforms
  • 12. Choose the Right Platforms Social Networks - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn - Categorized into General, Professional, Niche, Multimedia - Six Degrees of Separation MicroBlogs - Twitter - Stream of consciousness - Okay for quick sell Bookmarking Sites - Delicious, Stumbleupon - Place to share interests, links
  • 13. 05 Be A Thought Leader Showcasing your thoughts, opinions and art in a unified voice and often, establish thought leadership.
  • 14. Becoming A Thought Leader Establish your opinion, make it congruent with your brand, and share it heavily online Start with a blog - Place to create longer content, solidify your opinion, and drive traffic from social channels Showcase your work on your blog and through social media Brand social profiles accordingly
  • 15. 06 Create Through the power of the social web, press and media relations is more tangible than ever. The game has changed, be a game- changer. Your Own Press
  • 16. Create Your Own Press Bookmarking sites act like press syndicates on the web. Information travels fast and easily Post releases on, - Content sites with social posting ability Newswire services - Professional syndicates such as PR Newswire, PR Web give you access to up to 5,000 targeted news outlets Writing copy for the web (links, hashtags, tags) gives massive results
  • 17. 07 Get Make your online branding productive, find tools that allow you to share easily, and win! Productive
  • 18. Get Productive Find tools that align with your brand - Visual Artists should start social sharing from Instagram, Videographers should begin on YouTube, People with long form skills should blog Make some money - Try crowdfunding a project using or Gain funding while utilizing branding platforms. allows you ro make a few dollars and to generate larger leads Try Evernote - The productivity tool gives you a platform to draft content, share content and more. Your social branding flow can and should be seamless .
  • 19. Questions? . Online Branding for Entrepreneurs & Artists By Lindsey C. Holmes @lindseycholmes