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10 things to use for ministry (1)


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  • The resources that we will talk about tonight might be new to some of you. Some of them will be familiar, but the key is to use these resources in creative ways.

    When Jesus was here on Earth, he went where the people were, and today the people are on the Internet.
  • Point traffic
    Online Home, front door
  • More conversational
    Allow for comments
    Blogs are great for ministries
    A good way for pastor to connect with their congregation
  • Good Blog examples:
  • Don’t have to archive all sermons/programs
    File types
  • Can’t afford video? Check out Adventist Channel on Youtube.
    Weekly devotional
    Poll after this slide about social media
  • Jesus went where the people went
  • Make a page
    Using your personal page as an outreach, build relationships
  • Not free
    Good investment
  • Big Church/Small Church
  • People are busy
    Almost any website can generate an rss feed
    Deliver content
    Control to the user
  • Transcript

    • 1. 10 Ways to Use the Internet to Reach Your Community Hosted by Geoff Blake Associate Pastor, Paradise Valley Adventist Church
    • 2. Helpful Hints for Participants If the audio on your computer is not clear, call the telephone number in your confirmation email.
    • 3. Helpful Hints for Participants Participate by typing your questions into the webinar tool box. Questions will be answered during Q&A time at the end of our webinar.
    • 4. Helpful Hints for Participants Share what is happening in your church by completing the polls that will be taken during our webinar. Use the webinar tool to respond when prompted.
    • 5. Helpful Hints for Participants Stay online following this presentation for live question and answer time with Lindsay Peterson. Type your questions into your toolbar throughout the webinar.
    • 6. Helpful Hints for Participants This presentation is being recorded. The PowerPoint presentation, video, and resources from tonight’s webinar will be available online at in 48 hours.
    • 7. Follow Us On Facebook To become a fan of Growing Churches on Facebook, log into your Facebook account and type “Growing Churches Webinar” into the search bar. Select the “Discussions” tab to join the conversation about this webinar.
    • 8. Webinar Overview • Introduction of Presenter & Subject • Presentation by Lindsay Peterson • Recommended Resources • Q & A Time • Upcoming Webinar • Chat with the Presenter
    • 9. Our Webinar Presenter Lindsay Peterson is part of the Adventist Church Connect team supporting churches on their websites. She will complete her degree in marketing at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln in May 2011.
    • 10. Jesus said……
    • 11. Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Mark 16:15
    • 12. Websites Adventist Church Connects’ goal is to encourage churches and schools in Bermuda, Canada, and the United States to use the Internet to reach their communities.
    • 13. What Should Be On The Website? - Easy-to-use navigation - Attractive Design - Communication - Interactivity
    • 14. Good Examples
    • 15. Blog
    • 16. What Do I Do With A Blog?
    • 17. Blogs are available from these sources:
    • 18. Video People love a visual experience. Video gives a personal and visual touch.
    • 19. WMA, FLV, and AVI, Oh My!
    • 20. Resources - - - - - Embed video here
    • 21. Facebook Giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.
    • 22. Groups vs. Pages - Pages are for organizations - Groups are for several people with the same interest
    • 23. Twitter Twitter is a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now
    • 24. What Do You Do With A Twitter Account? - Promote Events - Feedback – ask a question of the day
    • 25. Easily Update FB & Twitter - Hootsuite - Tweetdeck - Tweetie
    • 26. Foursquare Foursquare is a mobile application that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. It is a social city guide and a game that challenges users to experience new things.
    • 27. Interactive Church - Create badges - At the very least have your church listed - Open doors
    • 28. Webinars/Webcasting It is short for Web-based seminar, is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar transmitted over the Internet.
    • 29. Grow Church Online - Prayer meeting online - Bible Study - Baptismal Classes
    • 30. Email Newsletter Reduce your church printing budget by updating members through their email.
    • 31. Benefits of Email Newsletter - Reduce printing costs - Members receive message sooner - Stay connected - Less management needed - Shorter lead times
    • 32. • Show examples within email
    • 33. RSS Feeds Really Simple Syndication allows users to subscribe and read when it is convenient to them.
    • 34. Creating A Feed • • Church website • Blogs • Twitter • Facebook
    • 35. Google Applications Powerful, intuitive applications like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs can help reduce your costs and help people collaborate more effectively.
    • 36. Available Applications Adwords Webmaster Tools Site Search Calendar Email Addresses Chat Docs All available @
    • 37. Proving Online Ministry Is Worth It! Google Analytics – - Use it on - Websites - Blogs
    • 38. Bible Verse and Closing Thought
    • 39. Resources Quick Start Guide to Tech Ministry Available from AdventSource at or 800-328-0525
    • 40. Resources Quick Start Guide to Communications Available from AdventSource at or 800-328-0525
    • 41. Resources The Blogging Church Available from AdventSource at or 800-328-0525
    • 42. Resources Sign your church up for a free website at
    • 43. Connect with Lindsay Facebook – Twitter – Wordpress –
    • 44. Resources Download the PowerPoint presentation and video from tonight’s webinar in 48 hours at
    • 45. Email Newsletters Sign up for email updates about upcoming webinars and other email newsletters for your ministry at
    • 46. Q & A with Lindsay
    • 47. Thanks to AdventSource for sponsoring the Growing Churches webinar series
    • 48. Stay Online for Open Chat with Lindsay