Peer Review, Digital Humanities Style


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Peer Review, Digital Humanities Style

  1. 1. Peer Review,Digital HumanitiesStyleLindsay IllichCurry College
  2. 2. Word Cloudsvisual representations of texts inwhich the frequency of wordusage determines the size of eachword used in the text (excludingstop words)
  3. 3. What can word clouds help students see?• Word clouds may reveal high-level concerns in an essay, such as purpose, focus, and method• Word clouds can sometimes point to sentence-level concerns, especially word choice issues
  4. 4. Essay #1 Rhetorical AnalysisFor this assignment, you will write a 3-5 page rhetorical analysis ofeither Martin Luther King Jr.s "Letter From Birmingham Jail" orBrenden Lorbers "Why Occupy Wall Street Has Already Won: APoets Report From the Trenches.”What is a rhetorical analysis?Simply, a rhetorical analysis analyzes rhetorical effects. ConsiderAristotles definition of rhetoric: "The ability, in each particular case,to recognize the available means of persuasion." In other words,rhetoric is a skill we use to unify others and to build consensus.When you perform a rhetorical analysis, you discuss how a rhetorachieves certain effects (think of "effects" in the same way its usedin the term "special effects"). For example, you may consider wordchoice, different appeals the rhetor used, imagery (to name only afew). How did these elements work to unify others and buildconsensus?
  5. 5. 1. Informing your reader with evidence and key facts is the most influential way to unify youraudience so people can join the movement or even create remorseful feelings.2. This connection of noticing something is wrong is a clear way of unification rather forcingan argument upon me that I may not agree with till I know more information.3. His way of saying things compared to Brendon Lorber’s way are actually opposite and bothhave different affects.4. Some examples to me is that demanding anything in life is a hard way to come by whengenerosity is the best way to get your point across.5. An Invading Army also doesn’t sound to welcoming for me because it’s just not the best wayof comparing yourself so early in paragraph one.6. The reason why Martin Luther King was so successful was because he presented histhoughts in the nicest way possible, through positive and courteous tone.7. Attacking anything when trying to make a change in a situation is no way to resolveanything.8. Lorber presented himself in a way that was hard to realize where he was actually getting at.
  6. 6. Visual Analytics in theComposition Classroom:• Reed-Kellogg Diagrammer• Juxta – tracking the evolution of drafts, especially for portfolio reflection