Eating healthy tools and tips for busy professional


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Eating healthy tools and tips for busy professional

  1. 1. Eating Healthy:Tools and Tips for the Busy Professional August 16,2011 Presented by: Lindsay Baker, RD, LD Outpatient Oncology Dietitian Georgia Health Sciences Cancer Center
  2. 2. Objectives Increase awareness of healthier options when eating out. Learn healthy breakfast and lunch ideas. Learn how to plan healthy meals/snacks ahead of time when on the go or busy. Gain knowledge of what resources to use to find nutrition information on menu items. Know how to reduce calories and fat when eating out. Become aware of healthy food staples to be purchased at the store.
  3. 3. What are the Facts? Results from the 2007–2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) showed that over two-thirds (68%) of U.S. adults are overweight or obese  BMI 25 – 29.9 – overweight  BMI ≥ 30 – obese  BMI ≥ 40 – morbidly obese That was 3-4 years ago…  Do you think those numbers have gotten better or worse?
  4. 4. What’s Reality?  You are busy & on the go  You need foods that are fast & convenient Fast food restaurants are not going to go away
  5. 5. You are in Luck!There are ways to include fast & convenient foods into your day! And guess what? They can be healthy too!
  6. 6. What Do You Need?  A positive attitude Willingness to commit to your health A small, portable cooler & storage bags  Support  Knowledge  A game plan  Most importantly…A GOAL!
  7. 7. Did You Know?Restaurant sales were estimated to be $580 BILLION in 2010!  How much did you contribute?
  8. 8. Friends with RonaldMcDonald? – Big Mac, Large French Fries & Large Coke • 1,350 Calories, 54g Fat, 194g Carbs, 75mg Cholesterol, & 1410mg Sodium – Chicken Strips (3 pc), Large French Fries & Large Coke • 1,210 Calories, 49g Fat, 172g Carbs, 50mg of Cholesterol, & 1380mg Sodium – Double Quarter Pounder & Cheese, Large French Fries & Large Coke • 1,550 Calories, 67g Fat, 189g of Carbs, 155mg Cholesterol, & 1750mg Sodium
  9. 9.  Ranch Snack Wrap w/ GrilledA Better Chicken  270 Calories, 12g Fat, 25g Carbs,Choice! 45mg Cholesterol, & 700mg Sodium  Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken, w/o dressing  290 Calories, 8g Fat, 28g Carbs, 70mg Cholesterol, & 650mg Sodium  Caesar with Grilled Chicken, w/o dressing  190 Calories, 5g Fat,10g Carbs, 70mg Cholesterol, & 580mg Sodium
  10. 10. South of the Border? Fiesta Taco  Nachos Bell Salad, w/salsa Grande  775 calories, 45g of  770 calories, 42 g of fat, 80g of Carbs, fat, 79g of Carbs, 65mg Cholesterol, 30mg Cholesterol, & & 1480mg Sodium 1050 mg Sodium
  11. 11. Can You Believe It… This is Better… Italian Combo on  Smoked Turkey Breast on Ciabatta Country Bread  430 Calories  980 Calories  3 g Fat  41g Fat  66 g Carbs  95 g Carbs  30 mg Cholesterol  145 mg Cholesterol  1650 mg sodium  2620 mg Sodium
  13. 13. Common Pitfalls Breakfast Meetings Lunch and Learns Vending machines Travel Lack of planning Food fundraisers Excessive hunger
  14. 14. Healthy Breakfast Ideas Plain instant oatmeal made w/low or non fat milk. Add walnuts and fresh or dried fruit. Make a smoothie with low-fat milk, a banana, peanut butter, and honey. Top a multi grain waffle with low-fat yogurt and fruit. Whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and a banana. Add ham or turkey and low-fat Swiss cheese to toasted whole wheat English muffin.
  15. 15. What Should You Pack for Lunch?!
  16. 16. Healthy Lunches What should your lunch  Pile on the healthy toppings! Use assorted greens, include? sprouts, sliced cucumbers,  Lean/low fat protein paired onions, tomatoes. with complex carbohydrates  whole grains, beans, nuts, vegetables,  Hummus is a GREAT fruit alternative to mayonnaise. Sandwiches  Side items  Use whole wheat breads,  Fresh fruit pitas, or wraps  Vegetables (baby carrots,  Choose lean fillings like sliced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hardboiled eggs, tuna fish, side salad) reduced fat (2%) cheese or  Low fat string cheese lean meats (turkey, chicken).  Low fat yogurt  Almonds, walnuts
  17. 17. Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas Black beans, brown rice and salsa, topped with low fat shredded cheddar cheese Vegetable Quiche with fruit salad Whole-wheat tortilla wrap with hummus, lettuce, sliced tomatoes, feta cheese and black olives, with fat-free yogurt and berries. A green salad with chunk light tuna, carrot strips, pepper slices, tomato wedges, red beans, and dried cranberries topped with balsamic vinaigrette. A peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread; baby carrots and low fat yogurt or glass of skim or 1% milk. Whole-wheat tortilla with sliced turkey, sliced low-fat mozzarella cheese, red pepper strips, and lettuce, with fruit salad and baby carrots. Cereal with skim or 1% milk and a piece of fresh fruit.
  18. 18. Planning Tips Bring pre-packaged leftovers for  Keep portable lunch supplies at lunch home. Put lunch together for the next day  wide-mouth thermos while you’re making or after dinner  insulated lunch bag when you’re already in the kitchen.  reusable containers Cook in bulk!  baggies, plastic utensils, napkins  On the weekend, make a big pot of and straws chili, soup, or rice and beans and  Bring a reusable water bottle to freeze into individual portions that work to fill up throughout the day are ready to take to work. Convenience foods  Frozen meals paired with a side salad, piece of fruit, or low fat yogurt will provide enough calories to keep you feeling full.  Watch the sodium intake on these meals. Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, and Healthy Choice tend to have the lowest amounts.
  19. 19. Grocery List Breakfast Lunch Whole grain bagels, breads, buns, pitas  Whole wheat bread, pita bread or Whole grain cereals, served cold or hot sandwich flats Plain Unflavored Oatmeal  Romaine lettuce Apples, berries, grapes, bananas  Tomatoes 100% fruit or vegetable juice  Cucumber Tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms  Baby carrots Dried fruits and nuts  Bags of apples & oranges Skim or 1% milk  Light tuna in water Low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese or  Sliced ham or turkey cheeses  Low fat sliced cheese Eggs  Hummus Peanut butter  Healthy frozen entrees  Low sodium soups
  20. 20. If eating out is your only option….. BE PREPARED!
  21. 21. Breakfast Tips Ask for your toast or English muffin dry and use jam/jelly instead of margarine or butter. Choose an egg on dry toast instead of scrambled eggs with sausage and hash browns. Choose whole wheat toast or English muffin over biscuit. Ask for skim or 1% milk for cereal, to drink, or for your coffee or tea. Grab a whole wheat bagel and cheese instead of a donut or a regular fat muffin.
  22. 22. Lunch Tips Use low fat-fat free dressing  Salads  Sandwiches Decrease amount of fried foods  Order a small size when you really “want” them Choose a small diet drink or WATER  Rather than a large soda FULL of empty calories  Many restaurants will reduce the price of your meal when you order water. Cover your food when you are done  Put your napkin or place your knife and fork entirely over your plate when you feel comfortably full to signal the waiter
  23. 23. More Tips Replace French Fries with….  Side Salad with Low Fat/Fat Free Dressing  Baked Potato with salsa or broccoli and cheese  Fruit (now offered at several fast food joints) Skip the Sour Cream on Mexican/Potato dishes  Instead use Salsa or Chili  Ask if they have a low fat version Choose a smaller, simpler hamburger  Without all the bells and whistles  a.k.a (Fat & Calories) Order a kids meal = Portion Control
  24. 24. Get Educated  The nutritional content of some foods may surprise you!  Check out your favorite restaurants nutritional facts beforehand or when you get there  If you can’t find it…ASK!  Check the back of the tray covers for info Check out…  Phone Apps  Nutrition Facts  Restaurant Nutrition  Fast Food Calories  Nutrition Menu - Calorie, Exercise, Weight & Water Tracking  Most restaurants have a website, so there are no excuses not to know what’s in your favorite foods!
  25. 25. Things  Make yourself a PRIORITY!  Take care of yourself & the ones to around you by making healthy choices.Remember  Don’t fall victim to excuses  You have all the tools to succeed  Hold yourself accountable  Have a game plan every day  Know your triggers!  Avoid self sabotage!
  26. 26. Questions?