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  • trendsGrowing segment of the reading population. More people own dedicated e-readers and/or read e-books on other devices.E-Readers tend to read (and buy) more books.E-Book checkouts increasing – Overdrive stats through September 2011 show a 200% increase from the previous year.Access to downloadable collections driving new library card registrations – Overdrive stats indicate 2 million new users registered across all Overdrive libraries Use of tablets and mobile devices for e-reading increasing exponentially – 21% of checkouts via mobile app, 2 million downloads of the Overdrive Media Console for mobile devicesIn a nutshell – our e-book and digital audiobook collection is an increasingly important part of library service. It is also increasingly important that library staff become comfortable and familiar with the service, the books, the hardware and software, and with helping patrons.
  • Overdrive is “full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content. We deliver secure management, DRM protection, and download fulfillment services for publishers, libraries, schools, and retailers--serving millions of end users globally…. [They host] more than 650,000 premium digital titles from more than 1,000 publishers … [and their] digital distribution services are utilized by more than 15,000 libraries, schools, and colleges worldwide.Basically, theyAcquire digital content and negotiate lending policies with publishers Manage the e-book/digital audiobook catalogProvide free software to manage downloading and reading/listeningProvide training and PR materials for libraries []PLS pays for this service. Content purchases are separate costs.
  • OWWL2GoPLS branding for the Overdrive serviceCollection of e-books and digital audiobooks selected and purchased by PLS librariesEnd resultPatrons can borrow e-books and digital audiobooks 24/7Multi-step process for finding, checkout, download, and returnDifferent loan policies than regular materialsSeparate catalog – but PLS has added records for downloadable materials to our online catalog that link to OWWL2Go catalogPatrons use their OWWL library cards to borrow downloadable materials
  • E-BooksA book-length publication in digital form…published through, and readable on, computers or other electronic devicesCommon formats: ePUB, PDF (there are many more)Common devices: Nook, Kindle, smartphone apps, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. available from OWWL2GoAdobe EPUB – “electronic publication”key feature: “reflowable” contentText display adjusts according to the particular device used to read the book; basically – word wrapAlso able to adjust the text sizeBest for regular, text-based books rather than books requiring special layout, such as poetry and graphic novelsOpen EPUBDRM-free EPUB File must be saved to your computer. Will not be automatically deleted at the end of your lending periodAdobe PDF – “portable document format” Key feature: displays text as printedText display allows only minimal adjustments, such as fit to width (device screen)Best for graphic-heavy books, or special format books, like poetry or graphic novelsNot supported by most smartphonesKindle BookAZW Format supported by the Kindle reader and appsKey features: reflowable and resizable textKindles do NOT support EPUBSpecific devices (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, etc.) support various file formatsDisplay/ReadingMost e-books require some kind of software to correctly open, process, and display the text – just like a word processing document requires specific software. For OWWL2Go e-books, the options include: Read using device-specific Overdrive Media Console appRead using Adobe Digital Editions on a computerTransfer to an e-reader using ADEGet from Amazon and read on a KindleRead using Kindle appAdobe Digital EditionsThe first time you download Adobe Digital Editions, you need to activate it. If you plan to read your e-books on multiple computers/devices, you need to create an Adobe ID (usually your email address). You will then need to use your Adobe ID to authorize all your devices (you can authorize up to 6). This allows you to transfer between and read books on multiple devices. See the Digital Help—FAQ > Adobe EPUB eBook – Software help for more information.
  • Digital AudiobooksRecording of a text being read or dramatically narrated, produced in digital form for playback on computers or other portable media players.Common formats: MP3,WMACommon devices: iPod, smartphone, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. available from OWWL2GoMP3Use on Windows PC, Apple devices, MP3 player, Mac, Android, Black Berry, Windows 7Larger file size, slower download and transfer (also depends on local connection speed)WMAUse on Windows PC, transfer to Apple deviceSmaller file size than MP3, faster download and transfer (also depends on local connection speed)Listening/playbackListen using Overdrive Media Console on your computerTransfer to a media player using OMC Use device-specific OMC mobile app
  • Digital Rights Management“Access control” technologies used by publishers and copyright holders to limit the use of digital contentMajor vendors use their own DRM schemes: Adobe, Apple, Barnes & Noble, AmazonDRM interpreted by the software used for display/playback: Adobe Digital Editions, Overdrive Media Console, Kindle appsDRM interpreted by the hardware/device used for display/playback: Nook, Kindle, Sony, iPod, MP3 players, smartphone, etc.DRM files are bundled with the actual content files and downloaded to your computer or device. “Open” or public domain files do not include DRM files restricting access to and use of the content files.
  • What do you need?ComputerInternet connectionLibrary card number and passwordLibrary account/card no need to register/create an account/or sign up to access the download serviceAdobe Digital Editions (eBook) and/or Overdrive Media Console (digital audio)You do not need special e-readers or MP3 players – you can read e-books and listen to digital audiobooks using your computer.
  • Most people want to read or listen on a dedicated device, and there are a LOT of them. Go to the Overdrive Resource Center to see a comprehensive list: Each device has it’s own: Process for transferring your book – usually called “side loading”Mobile appFeatures, functions, and navigationWhen assisting patrons, direct them to > My Help! This wizard provides customized help and includes details for formats and software for the specific device.
  • Apps for desktop and mobile devices can be downloaded from the OWWL2Go site in the Quick Start Guide, from My Help!, and elsewhere.Only download the apps you need – for example, if you never listen to audiobooks, don’t download the Overdrive Media Console for your desktop. If you only listen to audiobooks, don’t download Adobe Digital editions.
  • My Help!Because there are so many variables – audiobooks vs. e-books, devices, patron’s personal computer settings, etc. – the best way to get a patron help is to use the My Help! wizard. Starting with what the person wants to do – listen or read – it provides customized help based on the patron’s device. It’s easy, clear, and provides live links to any required software or apps, and includes FAQ questions & answers.I stronglyrecommend poking around the various help option, even if you do not personally use a particular device or type of resource. This is an easy way to get an overall sense of different options and issues.[refer to Ask 24/7 answer of the quarter – using My help on behalf of a remote patron, without knowing specificsOther resourcesAdditional help options can be found in the right panel menu, under “Getting Started” – these resources include more in-depth information about devices, software, the checkout and download process, and more. Unfortunately, they tend to be very texty and a little harder to navigate. When all else fails, the “Digital Help—FAQ” page includes a link to a “contact support” form – have the patron fill out as much information as possible, and PLS staff will follow up with the issue.
  • Digital materials are accessed and managed through their own catalog at the OWWL2Go home page. Downloadable materials records in the OPACPLS has included title records for Overdrive materials in the regular online catalog. They are described as “downloadable [ebook or audio] file” in the search results. In the Title details view, there is an Access Restrictions note indicating that is available from OWWL2Go, and an Online Resource link directly to title record in OWWL2Go.Searching the OWWL2Go catalog Different than searching the online catalog.BrowseNew MP3, New Arrivals, Always Available, Things You May Have Missed – center Home pageGenre, Nonfiction categories, Collections – side bar menuQuick SearchKeywordTitle, Creator, ISBNLimit to AvailableAdvanced SearchKeyword, Title, Creator, ISBNFormat, Publishers, Subject, AwardsCan search for all items within a category without adding a keywordPublishers in list correspond to items in catalogDate added Change number of resultsI like to change this to the max - 25Change orderI like to change this to CreatorCan also change search results sort order after doing the searchLimit to available“Creator”Typically the author, but also used to search for audiobook narrator
  • SearchSelect a titleSelect your formatClick Add to CartClick Proceed to CheckoutIf you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do soSelect your Lending periodThere are no renewals and materials will automatically expire on the due date – if you are a fast reader/listener, select a short lending periodE-Books can be returned early but NOT audiobooks Click Confirm Check OutThe item can be downloaded immediately or later
  • Connect your device to your PCFollow prompts to authorize your device (first time only)Open Adobe Digital EditionsDrag the e-book cover icon to your e-book Reader (in the “Bookshelves” list) – example Nook ColorWhen transfer is complete, disconnect the reader
  • Connect deviceOpen Overdrive Media ConsoleHighlight title, click TransferFollow the Transfer Wizard prompts
  • My CartTemporarily – 30 minutes – holds titles you are interested in while you browse. Limit of 5 titles in the cart.Lending PeriodVarious options for the length of time one can borrow a title. You can select a lending period at the point of checkout, or if you often select the same period, set it as a default. Even if a default is selected, you can pick a different one at the point of checkout.Kindle Books, EPUB, PDF, Open EPUB, Open PDF – 7, 14, or 21 daysMP3 or WMA – 7 or 14 daysMy CheckoutsList of titles currently borrowed, with download link and checkout / due datesThere are NO renewals for download materialsMaterials cannot be returned from My Checkouts or My AccountAlso, you can give a basic “star” rating to titles you have borrowed. The star rating – but not the accounts rating the title – will be visible to other OWWL2Go users.My HoldsList of non-available titles on which you have placed holds. Holds are filled on a “first come first serve” basis. Because there are fewer copies and set loan periods, hold waits can be long.Limit of 4 holdsIf you have reached your checkout limit – 4 titles – you will not be able to checkout available holds3 days to checkout an available holdNotified by emailWish ListKeep track of titles you want to borrowno limit of booksOptions to Add to cart or Place HoldRated TitlesList of titles you have ratedChange ratingAdd to Cart or Place Hold
  • Only possible to return eBook early – NOT audio books.Must return from Adobe Digital Editions.If books have been downloaded to multiple devices, remove titles from each device first, THEN select “Return Borrowed Item” from ADE. Apps allow you to delete the title, but not return it.
  • Don’t fear the e reader

    1. 1. Don’t fear the e-reader: get a handle on the Overdrive downloadable service PLS Fall Support Staff Workshop October 28, 2011Lindsay Stratton, Training Coordinator; Pioneer Library System
    2. 2. Topics• Overview of Overdrive vs. OWWL2Go• Basics of e-books and digital audiobooks• A brief intro to DRM• Necessary hardware and software• Get and read digital materials
    3. 3. A few stats…
    4. 4. Our vendor
    5. 5. Our collection
    6. 6. E-Books
    7. 7. Digital Audiobooks
    8. 8. DRM
    9. 9. Minimum requirements
    10. 10. Devices
    11. 11. AppsOverdrive MediaConsole Kindle
    12. 12. Help & Resources
    13. 13. Search
    14. 14. Get your book
    15. 15. Transfer e-book to device
    16. 16. Transfer audiobook to device
    17. 17. My 2Go Account
    18. 18. Return eBooks Early
    19. 19. Time for hands on exploration!
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