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Collaboration is the Name of the Game in Library
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Collaboration is the Name of the Game in Library


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METC 2012 Workshop

METC 2012 Workshop

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Collaboration is the Name of the Game in Library Presented by Linda Dougherty Andrea Huisinga Stefanie Tisius
  • 2. Collaboration
  • 3. Bloom’sOrangeBloom’s Taxonomy Poster forElementary Teachers
  • 4. Common Core Standards
  • 5. DOK Levels Teacher Evaluation
  • 6. Curriculum Writing
  • 7. Free Blogging Sites
  • 8. Blogging with your students After you have set up an account, you will log in here.There are FREEblogging sites you canuse with your students.All you have to do isset up an account andyou are ready to beginblogging.• Here are just a few: – Edublog – Blogger They offer a FREE version! Click below for More useful tips for building a Blog
  • 9. Click to access EduBlog To view the blog as it will appear to your students.Add new Comments: Will showposts from if there are any that needthis page. your approval. Dashboard = where you will run and administer your Blog. Read and approve student comments.
  • 10. Book ReviewsWork with teachers to use these as an alternative to book reports.Use the Review feature in theOnline Catalog = Destiny Quest Scholastic’s “Share What You’re Reading” Read Write Think Lesson: site allows students to share their written Two Thumbs Up! reviews online. Get Students Writing and Publishing Book Reviews
  • 11. What goes into a Book Review?1. Introduce the book2. Tell about the book, DO NOT give away the ending.3. Tell about your favorite part OR make a connection.4. Give a recommendation: - If you like…, you will love this book. - I recommend this book to anyone who likes….5. Write an ending sentence.
  • 12. Identify which Reviews are: Good Better Best
  • 13. 3 4 After listening to the story, work as table groups to write a review of the picture book. Remember you are3 5 trying to get the younger students to check out the book! Don’t give away the ending.
  • 14. Edit your Review:When you are finishedwith your review, usethis “RevisionQuestions” sheet toproof your work. If youfind you are missingsomething or wouldlike to make yourreview better, now isthe time.
  • 15. Peer Edit:After you have made revisions, we are going to trade our review with a differentgroup. You will read each others reviews and give constructive (kind) feedback.
  • 16. Internet Safety Unit 5th GradeCreated by: Susan Ferguson, Fairway Elementary And Rhonda Reed, Kehrs Mill Elementary by: Stefanie Tisius, Murphy Elementary
  • 17. Internet Safety http://cybersmartcurriculum.orgPBS Kids Webonauts Other Useful Sites: For older students: “Choose What Happens Next” Watch the Video
  • 18. 7 Internet Safety Lessons Know the Rules1. The NetSmartz Chat Abbreviation/IM2. Passwords/Private Information3. Netiquette4. Meet the Wizzywigs5. Who’s Your Friend on the Internet?6. Digital Citizenship
  • 19. NetSmartzChat Abbreviation Lesson 2 Learning Targets = 2:27 minutes I can compare and contrast cyber pals and face-to-face friends. I can recall that private information should not be given to anyone in cyberspace without permission from parents or guardians.
  • 20. Chat Abbreviation • IM • BFF – Instant messaging Click to reveal answer –Click to revealforever Best friends answer • WWW or W3 • KIT –Click to reveal Web World Wide answer –Click toin touch Keep reveal answer • UYN • @TEOTD – Click to reveal answer Use your NetSmartz – Click to end of the day At the reveal answer • BRB • JK –Click right backanswer Be to reveal –Click to reveal answer Just kidding • ?4U • 2G2BT – I Click toquestion for you have a reveal answer –Click to revealbe true Too good to answerSafe Talking in Cyberspace Activity Sheet #1
  • 21. NetSmartzBad Netiquette Stinks Targets = Learning I can recognize good and Lesson 4 6:45 minutes Bad manners when online. I can analyze behaviors that could be considered cyberbullying and generate solutions with dealing with these bullying situations. Good Email Manners Activity
  • 22. When you’re online, the people you are talking to can’t see your face, so they maynot know how you are feeling. You can type an emoticon to help explain how you feel.
  • 23. Cyberbullying Good Manners• Students will complete this The links below offer activity to have a better CyberSmart lessons on good manners & cyberbulling understanding of cyberbullying Do the Right Thing Group Think: Activity Cyberbullying Activity Sheets 1 & 2 The Power of Words
  • 24. Collaboration in Middle School• Know subject area curriculum• Approach teachers outside of communication arts, especially science, SS, and specials• If teachers not used to collaborating, start small.• Offer to teach skills students can use later on in class too.• Kids can check out books in science/SS too
  • 25. Middle School Collaboration Ideas• Started with 1 science teacher – earthquake preparedness scripts through Audacity• Next year, all 7th grade science teachers – rock Photo Story projects• Math – flip cams showing how to solve problems (enrichment kids or everyone)
  • 26. Middle School Collaboration Ideas• Social studies – country reports / Big 6 method• Music / Art – biographies• Social Studies – museum boxes• Topic-specific websites
  • 27. Ideal for Middle School• Photo Story• EduModo• Voice Thread• Audacity• Glogster• Google Docs• Blogging
  • 28. Web Evaluation• Skill most students don’t have and most teachers have no time to cover – perfect way to start collaborating• Handout – accuracy, currency, bias, authority• Buy Dehydrated Water or Tree Octopus website together• Have students choose 2 fake websites to evaluate on their own
  • 29. Fake Websites• Buy Dehydrated Water• Tree Octopus• Drivers’ License• Dog Island• All About Explorers• Fisher-Price Airplane• FVZA
  • 30. High School
  • 31. Multimedia Book Reviews
  • 32. Googlicious