4 C’s + School Librarians = Common Core for St. Louis Suburban School Librarians

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Presentation for St. Louis Suburban School Librarians Spring Meeting 2013.

Presentation for St. Louis Suburban School Librarians Spring Meeting 2013.

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  • 1. 4 C’s + School Librarians = Common Core Success Linda Dougherty @ljdougherty Blog & Resources: lindajdougherty.comSt. Louis Suburban School Librarians Regional March 5, 2013 METC 2013 Presentation Resources http://bit.ly/VRP7Bm
  • 2. http://bit.ly/VRP7Bm
  • 3. Connect• Connect Common Core Standards with local, state, and national standards• Connect standards with information literacy skills.• Study the CCSS literally!
  • 4. Connect• Connect AASL Cross Walk of the Common Core Standards• Use the College & Career Readiness Anchor Standards as a beginning point.
  • 5. Connect Informational TextStudents must be able to read complexinformational texts in these fields withindependence and confidence because thevast majority of reading in college andworkforce training programs will besophisticated nonfiction."English Language Arts Standards -Anchor Standards -College and Career Readiness AnchorStandards for Reading." Common Core State Standards Initiative. Web. 12 Aug. 2012.
  • 6. Example: School Library http://blog.scho ollibrarymedia.c om/index.php/2 013/02/06/mar k-it-up-pass-it- along-see-who- comes-School Library Monthly January 2013 issue knocking/
  • 7. Connect from Mark It Up…..• Study where the library fits into the CCSS,• Highlight, mark-up, and explain directly on the document what standards can be taught in connection with the school library• Pass the marked-up standards along to the subject area teachers!• When teachers consult the standards, they’ll know when to come knocking on the school library door!
  • 8. Matrix for School Librarianshttp://bit.ly/WmrzBx http://bit.ly/15cB4I9
  • 9. Curating & Communicating Informational Text• Lexile Reading Levels• Differentiated• Content based• Informational• Nonfiction• Current Topics• Formats to include print and electronic
  • 10. Destiny Quest• Search by Lexile levels• Search for ebooks by content and Lexile level – especially books that have simultaneous access.• Make Resource Lists
  • 11. Destiny Quest Searches
  • 12. Destiny Quest Ebook Search
  • 13. Warning! Text Ahead!
  • 14. MOREnet Resources• EbscohostLog into EBSCOhost on your library’s computer and choose a database with Lexiles, such as• Primary Search,• Middle Search Plus or• MAS Ultra.On the Basic Search screen, check Full Text, then type in a magazine name in the Publication field. Click Search. EBSCOhost will bring up all of the articles from that magazine. Each article will have a different Lexile measure.
  • 15. Ebschost Advanced Search
  • 16. Ebscohost Search by Source1. Advanced Search2. Change Search Field to SO Source3. Key in Magazine Title
  • 17. Ebscohost Search by SourceLimit Search by• Source Types• Full Text• Publication Date
  • 18. Ebscohost – Search by TitleScholastic Education Magazines ExamplesScholastic News – Grade 3DynaMath – Grades 3 - 6SuperScience – Grades 3 - 6Storyworks – Grades 3 - 6Junior Scholastic – Grades 6 - 8Scholastic Scope – Grades 6 - 8Scholastic Action – Grades 6 - 12Scholastic Math – Grades 6 - 9Science World – Grades 6 - 10
  • 19. More Ebscohost Titles
  • 20. Ebscohost Search by Source
  • 21. Teacher Guide Excerpt
  • 22. High School Resources
  • 23. World Book Encyclopedia• Lexile levels noted on most articles• Great way to “front load” information for units in any curriculum area• Embedded video and audio clips• Primary sources• Vocabulary help and quizzes• Quick video tutorials for teachers
  • 24. World Book Discover
  • 25. Reading Level Search
  • 26. Communicating & Curating Common Core Resources• LiveBinders• Scoop.it• Symballo• Dropbox• Evernote• Storify• Pinterest
  • 27. Livebinders• http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=847 77Tutorial:LiveBinder Introduction Video• http://www.livebinders.com/welcome/video_ window?video=%2Fswf%2Fwhat.swf
  • 28. Click this Dropbox link to sign up!http://db.tt/hxGfsor
  • 29. Collaborating• Click over lesson plans on Pinterest
  • 30. Smore Newsletters NHS Library Example
  • 31. http://www.islma.org/ISAICollaborating L.htm
  • 32. ISAIL Example
  • 33. School Librarians Supporting Common Core
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