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Skate slides

  1. 1. College life can be stressful sometime, but Troy Schmidt and FernandoGabriel have a different way to fill up their free time.Yup! Skateboarding is the way to refresh their mind.
  2. 2. Troy and Fernando took me to this skate park in the middle of nowherein St.Charles area. It didn t take long until they started cruising aroundand show off their skills.
  3. 3. Troy Schmidt is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in Chemistry inLindenwood University. Hes a junior and Hes been skating more than 4 years back in his hometown, Arkansas.
  4. 4. Fernando Gabriel is a international student from Panama and currentlypursuing his bachelor degree in International Business. He startedskating 4 years ago with some friends in his neighborhood.
  5. 5. Troy pulled up a Nose Stall to started his day at this skate park, andit s quite impressive.
  6. 6. Fernando started with one of the basic tricks, which was Ollie.Dang!He pulled up a pretty high Ollie.
  7. 7. Troy and Fernando are not the only people in this skate park. I didn tcatch his name but he did a Pop Shove-it on that steep ramp. Welldone, sir.
  8. 8. One thing that caught my attention other than the amazing tricks thatthese guys did was the graffiti around the bowl.
  9. 9. Heres another graffiti that I thought was pretty cool looking.
  10. 10. I heard Troy called my name and he wants me to catch him doing a Nose Grind on of the rails in that skate park. I said, yes sir.
  11. 11. One of my favorite tricks is kick flip and I asked Fernando he can do thattrick for me. He said, Of course.
  12. 12. Here is a different angle of Troy s favorite trick, Nose stall.
  13. 13. It looks like we have a new comer in this park. This guy just pulled alegit Heel Flip and I was pretty impressed.
  14. 14. I yelled can one of you guys do 50/50 grind? Fernando yelled back tome, you got it! Troy in the background getting ready to topFernandos trick.
  15. 15. This shirt-less guy kept entertained me with some great tricksthroughout the day.
  16. 16. Fernando was singing, Everyday I while doing a kick flip. It was hilarious.
  17. 17. Yeah, that s the same question that I said in my head. Can you do tricksother than Nose Stall?
  18. 18. Fernando applauded Troy s Nose Stall trick. I think he was beingsarcastic to Troy because that s all he did in this park.
  19. 19. He topped Troy s trick by Crooked Grind.
  20. 20. Who knew that skateboarding can be so relaxing? Well, these guys do