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  1. 1. IT 7100Linda C. Johnson12/12/11
  2. 2. In many parts of the world, mobile devices are thefirst types of internet capable devices to be used in educational settings.
  3. 3. The IPad can be used as a web browser, an e-reader, to sendemail, as a note-taking device, and for numerous otherapplications, some which are still to be developed.
  4. 4. IPods in the classroom can help make everymoment a learning one. At points during the day,students can look up a word when needed, journalthoughts, use the calculator, work whole class withthe teacher for short blasts of instruction/response.
  5. 5. 1. Exemplify the convergence of several technologies that can impact their use in education2. Generally inexpensive and are familiar technology3. Can be used as electronic book readers, annotation tools, applications for creation and composition, and social networking tools.4. GPS allows high-tech location and positioning.5. Digital capture and editing bring rich tools for video, audio, and imaging.
  6. 6. Abilene Christian University, in Abilene, Texas, business studentsstudying in Oxford are using i-Pads to implement research plans, presentproduct concepts, and conduct market research. As part of the program, thestudents will evaluate the use of the mobiles for education and research.Bucks County Community College in Newton, Pennsylvania, a mobileapplication for the campus community has been developed. Early featuresfocus on library use, allowing users to browse the library collections, map aroute to BCCC campus locations, and communicate with library staff. Theapplication will be expanded to include course offerings and other campusresources.
  7. 7. Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus, in Brooklyn, New York. Asuccessful pilot program in which freshmen were issued iPads hasimproved the campus wireless network and committed the university tosubsidizing iPad purchases for its 11,000 students.Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana, Computer science facultymembers are developing mobile applications for politicalscience, computer science, and chemistry. Once the applications aredeployed, the faculty plans to conduct longitudinal testing to evaluate theeffectiveness of mobiles as a study tool.
  8. 8. The Indira Gandhi National Open University, in New Dehli, India, inpartnership with Ericsson , courses are offered on mobile phones tomore than 2.5 million students. Ericsson will build a 3G environmentfor students to download IGNOU course contents.
  9. 9. Mobiles are instruments of technology which assist the 21st Centurystudent in problem-based learning. Mobiles can be used as:Calculators. Although most schools have them in math class, otherclasses that dont have them on hand for students can benefit fromnumber crunching. For example, social studies students studyingelections can quickly determine percentages of electoral votes or otherscenarios. Science classrooms can use them to perform calculations relatedto fieldwork.Digital cameras. Not all schools or classrooms are outfitted with digitalcameras, although many can benefit from them. For example, studentscan use them to document a variety of things for multimediapresentations or reports. Fieldtrips can be documented andincorporated into digital travelogues.
  10. 10. Internet access. Many smartphones have wireless Internet access, thusopening up a world of possibilities for class use. Science studentsmight conduct fieldwork and submit their observations or data to eitheran internal or external data gathering site. Students can subscribeto podcasts that you produce or offered by a multitude of other sources.Dictionaries. Students in literature and language arts classes canbenefit from being able to quickly query the definition of a word.Additionally, students who are English learners especially can benefitfrom translation dictionaries which are becoming available on cellphones.
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