Othello PBL for year 11 students


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A PBL that could be used with year 11 students based on a study of Othello.

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Othello PBL for year 11 students

  1. 1. Love, lust and thegreen eyedmonster.Linda Rubens
  2. 2. Shakespeare• Quick introduction to Shakespeare �
  3. 3. Driving Question How can teenagers navigate a corrupt world?
  4. 4. Discover  As we read through the play, work in pairs to make notes about the issues and events that occur in the play and that could also occur in your life.  Share your notes with each other. Some ideas could be: • the need for effective communication with parents • hate crimes/violence • suicide • prejudice Gathering Processing Thinking Relating to othersUsing symbols, language and text Managing self Participating and contributing
  5. 5. Flip this!• Click on this link for a summary of the plot��
  6. 6. Discover: SHMOOP Thinking Relating to others Using symbols, language and text Managing self Participating and contributingChoose one of the following aspects to research the common universal concerns from Shakespeare’s time. Use SHMOOP to answer the following: Themes/ issues Characters Setting http://www.shmoop.com/othello/ Symbols and motifsCreate a short documentary film/ presentation to present your information.Link to Shmoop ✏ ? ? Gathering Processing Applying
  7. 7. Gathering Processing Applying Create: The ProjectWork in groups of 3 to create a presentation . Look at the themesand characters in Othello and how universal and timeless theseare. Find links between then and now Thinking Relating to others Using symbols, languagePresent your findings as a Keynote, PPT, Presi, blog, and text Managing selfYouTube clip using Explain Everything. You choose. Participating and contributingYour audience will be your parents/ guardians at a brag evening.
  8. 8. Gathering Processing Applying A theme song Twitter hashtag playlist Advice newsletter PicCollage of Podcasts of Documentary offilms with similar interviews with problems andthemes teens advice Design a digital Design a quiz: Facebook page invite to be sent to character and theme parents Blog your essay Create a list of Analyse your and comment on eachShakespearean terms favourite scene others work
  9. 9. Create your own essay topic:• Examples of exam essay topics: ...still to do...
  10. 10. Presentations must have: A mix of examples and quotes from Othello and equivalent 21C ideas. Ll The essay blog is a must. There must be an oral component.
  11. 11. Oral component could include:• Performance poetry ��������• Dramatic presentation of a scene from Othello�• iMovie of your performance���
  12. 12. Presentations• The date we are working towards is....• We will present in the library.• Remind your parents by resending your invites.
  13. 13. Reflection Thinking Relating to others Using symbols, language and text Managing self Participating and contributing1. Peer feedback on presentation2. Create a blog post to answer the following questions: Describe your role in the creation of your presentation . What was the key thing that you learnt from this project? If you could change anything, what would it be and why? Did you enjoy the project? Explain why/why not.3. Tweet the link to your blog. Processing Applying
  14. 14. YouTube links• Othellos final speech����• 1995 trailer for the film���