The importance of quality commercial painting and flooring


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TTM Finishes Inc. is the leading commercial flooring and painting service company in the GTA.

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The importance of quality commercial painting and flooring

  2. 2.  Two commercial services that you may not consider too often, but really do hold some importance are flooring and painting. How the walls and ceiling are painted and the state of the floor you walk on are the kinds of things you probably won’t even notice….if they’re done well. It’s when the painting and flooring are done poorly that people are likely to take notice. A professional job just blends in with the rest of the building and the business or organization they are part of. It really pays to take the time to seek out companies who take their work seriously when you need commercial painting or flooring services.
  3. 3. COMMERCIAL PAINTING Commercial painting services may refer to virtually any painting job that is required in a commercial setting. Some of the more common settings for commercial painting include:  Office buildings  Warehouses  Factories  Retail stores  Apartment buildings  Condominiums  Laboratories  Shopping malls  Parking garages
  4. 4. COMMERCIAL PAINTING Aside from looking nice, commercial painting services can also help to provide a safe working environment for employees and a clean environment for everyone else. Some of the considerations that must be kept in mind when it comes to commercial painting are the function of the particular building that’s being painted, the people who will be frequenting the space and the budget of the project. Finding a contractor who has experience painting the type of building you need painted is the key to getting it done right. When the job is done correctly, business can continue on as normal with the least amount of interruption.
  5. 5. COMMERCIAL PAINTINGSome of the common paints and coatings that are used for different commercial painting jobs include: Direct-to-metal coatings Oil and latex paints Industrial enamels Polyurethanes Flame retardant coatings Low emission VOC coatings Epoxy coatingsSome of the different surfaces that commercial painting may cover include: Ceilings Walls Floors Metal roofs Frames and support structures Siding and paneling
  6. 6. POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS Obviously, the flooring in any workplace, retail environment or warehouse must be safe. One of the ways that some companies accomplish that is by installing polished concrete floors. Concrete polishing utilizes diamond tools to polish and grind the surface of a concrete floor. Polished concrete floors are beneficial because they are safe, attractive and are more sustainable than many other types of floors. With polished concrete, the slab of concrete that the building is built upon becomes the floor. This avoids the need for bringing extra materials in to do the floor and also saves on labor. High quality concrete flooring should have a shine that’s balanced over the whole floor, with an even texture. For ultimate safety and visual appeal, polished concrete floors should also be completely level and have no nicks or scratches.
  7. 7. POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS In order to get a high quality polished concrete floor, it’s important to utilize contractors who have a proven track record polishing concrete. Look for at least five years of experience and possibly some positive reviews or testimonials on the company website. The same as with painting, the wisest thing to do is find a company that has a proven track record polishing concrete and supplying quality floors in a variety of situations. Taking the time to find a professional company to do the job will leave you with a safe and attractive floor that will serve your employees or customers or both for many years.
  8. 8. EPOXY FLOORING Epoxy flooring is another option when it comes to commercial flooring that will give a professional look and feel. Epoxy flooring refers to a flooring surface that’s made up of multiple layers of resins and hardeners to a depth of at least two millimeters. Epoxy floors are strong enough for use in even the toughest industrial situations, as the hardeners and resins mix together to form a strong plastic-like material. Some of the different types of epoxy flooring include:  Self-leveling epoxy floors  Self-dispersing epoxy floors  Self dispersing with quartz sand  Mortar epoxy floors  Epoxy flaked floors
  9. 9. EPOXY FLOORING The exact type of epoxy floor used will vary depending on the needs, whether they are strength, easy to clean, anti-slip or visual appeal. No one wants to think of an employee or customer being hurt because of the poor quality of a flooring surface. Ask questions and get reviews when you’re looking for commercial flooring or painting services. Then, you’ll be able to get a quality job done at a decent price, so everyone is safe and everything looks great.