Planning a career

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  • 2. Career A career is a chosen field of work in which you try to advance over time.
  • 3. Occupation An occupation is another term for career
  • 4. Job & Employment A job is any activity done in exchange for money. Another word for job is employment A job application is a form that a worker fills out
  • 5. How to Plan a CareerWhy do we need to plan a career?
  • 6. Step 1 Look at the big picture  What jobs are the fastest growing?  What kind of education and training will workers need for these jobs?
  • 7. Step 2 Ask yourself questions about your talents and the way you want to live.  What are your talents and interests?
  • 8. Step 3 Explore different careers Why?  To make sure you are finding what you want to work at day after day
  • 9. Step 4 Create a plan for your career
  • 10. Step 5 Get hired or volunteer
  • 11. Looking at Career Trends A trend is a direction in which something is going. What affects those trends?
  • 12. Unemployment What is unemployment rate?  The percentage, or fraction, of unemployed people in the labor force looking for jobs.  Labor force is all the people looking for jobs.  If the rate is high, then the economy is not doing well.
  • 13. The Demand for Goods &Services Goods are things you can see, touch, buy and sell. Such as: clothing, food items Services are types of work that a person does for others, usually for money. Such as: salespeople, doctors, hair stylistsEXAMPLE: New productsthat use the latesttechnologies are verypopular today –i.e. cell phones, plasma tvs
  • 14. Recession vs. Depression A recession is a slowdown in the economy where unemployment occurs lasting 6 months or more A depression is a long, severe recession.
  • 15. World Events World events can affect the production of goods and unemployment rates in the U.S.
  • 16. Major Employment Trends More demand to produce services than to produce goods.  Forexample: the greatest number of jobs will be in service occupations such as:  Dental Assistants  Insurance salespeople  Fast-food workers  Gas, Electric & Water workers
  • 17. Major Employment Trends Technology is continuing to change the workplace  Some of the fastest growing occupations today are computer related. Usually called Information Technology.  Some examples:  Emergency medical technicians  Medical Records technicians
  • 18. Workers need to be bettereducated. Lifetime Earnings by Education Level Less than… High School Some CollegeCollege Degree 0 2000000 4000000 Earnings in Millions of dollars
  • 19. Get Started on your careersearch!