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How live video is developing and becoming more and more used by people. An article I wrote in the October issue 2008 of our trend report Urban Lifestyle Report - New Media.

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  1. 1. 39 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE LIVE VIDEO a part of our everyday lives? Text: Linda Pierre The trend is continuing to point upwards and we have seen a lot of new services enter the arena like mobile live video services Qik and Swedish Bambuser, and also sites like Mogulus and Ustream.tv focusing on the computer as a streaming platform. For the mobile services a success factor might be coming pre-loaded on mobile phones, which is something that Qik has succeeded with. And you no longer need a smart-phone to use Qik, they recently launched a broader support for many other regular mobile phones from Nokia and SonyEricsson. In early 2007 we were all invited to follow Justin Kan who mounted a webcam on his baseball hat and started streaming his life 24-7 via a backpack with a laptop and mobile Internet. Justin swore not to stop streaming his life ever, but really the goal was to generate buzz for a community of lifecasters called Justin.tv which now has over 1 million registered users and several million unique visitors each month.
  2. 2. 40 BRANDS MEDIA PEOPLE SMS has just passed voice calls as the is at physical events. If you can’t be there biggest use of mobile phones in the US and in person you can at least look at the most according to analysts live video will be one interesting keynotes from it in the comfort of of the most important ways for people to your home or office. show what they are up to in the future. The fact that Qik now becomes available Sharing everyday life experiences with for a wider audience might just increase the friends and/or the rest of the world is a speed with which mainstream consumer strong trend and has grown a lot the last groups will accept this new technology. But I couple of years. The will to do so has think it will take a while before “everybody” probably been there for much longer, but it starts sending their lives live 24-7. But there is now that it is becoming cheap and easy are huge opportunities for brands to use enough to be able to do it on a large scale. this new technology to entertain, educate Blogs for instance are a widely popular and and or engage in interesting conversations used platform to do so and status updates with the consumers and open up for more on sites like Facebook are quickly becoming transparency. Without going through big a part of people’s lives. It remains to be seen media’s editing room and being colored by if live video will be as huge as blogs. If so it journalists, companies can actually talk won’t happen over night, at least not for the directly to consumers and even let them ask mainstream consumers. The services are questions in real-time. still in most cases in beta mode and mostly a in life. Another similar example of sharing playground for early adopters. One challenge the moment of birth is Ginny-Marie Case who Of course this trend comes with both though is the mobile Internet connections twittered her way through her labor when she opportunities and threats for brands. The that for most people cost money depending had a baby, well maybe not the whole process good news is that this is a great tool for brand on how much data they transfer. If we would but pretty much... ambassadors to spread the word about your see more widespread free wifi in more places products and services. But the flip-side to I think that would definitely give a boost to Having the opportunity to start streaming that is there might also be people who will these types of services. your life live to the world at any moment is use this tool to show their dislike towards really mind boggling. In these cases it’s not your brand. We are entering a world far more For tech savvy early adopters this is not a like TV channels going live to push out well complex when anybody can start sending high price to pay to be on the bleeding edge produced content, it’s about people sharing live video at any moment without an editor of technology. One of those people is Stephen their lives. It gives you an opportunity to or clear ethical guidelines to follow. There is Heywood who sends The Tech Buzz via his have a conversation with your viewers and always two sides to new technology, brands Ustream.tv channel on a regular basis. On to interact while streaming. Maybe even let and marketers need to see them both in order a special day in his life in early September them influence the direction of what’s going to make the best of the situation, to utilize the when his wife gave birth to their daughter on. Another interesting area in which live new opportunities and to avoid the threats as Samantha he also streamed her first moments video is starting to become an important part much as possible.