An Overview on Learning with Palos Verdes Learning Center


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The Lindamood-Bell Palos Verdes, CA Learning Center is hosting a complimentary Overview on Learning to discuss the sensory-cognitive issues surrounding the development of reading and comprehension skills. This paper highlights the aspects of their language and literacy instruction.

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An Overview on Learning with Palos Verdes Learning Center

  1. 1. Lindamood-Bell’s Palos Verdes Learning Center instruction improves reading, comprehension, and math skills. Use this summer to make the difference of a lifetime in your child’s learning. Join us for an Overview on Learning Wednesday, June 23 @ 6pm RSVP: 310-541-2977 Summer months can be a daunting time for many students and their parents. Watching students loose many of the concepts they learned during the school year can cause frustrations for parents, students, and schools as they spend the first few weeks of every new school year re-leaning what was taught the prior year. Adding to this are the difficulties faced by many students who have difficulty learning information and leave the school year with a learning gap larger than their peers. To help minimize this difficulty for those students struggling with learning, it can be wise to use the summer months to utilize an intensive language and literacy development service to close that achievement gap. Lindamood-Bell is an organization dedicated to enhancing human learning. For nearly thirty years, we have helped thousands of children and adults reach their learning potential through our individualized instruction at our Learning Centers and Professional Development. We were founded by the authors of research-based education programs that teach children and adults to read, spell, comprehend, think critically, and express language: • Seeing Stars®: Symbol Imagery for Reading Fluency, Sight Words, and Spelling • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS®) Program for Phonemic Awareness & Phonics • Visualizing & Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® (V/V®) • Talkies®: for Oral Language Comprehension and Expression • On Cloud Nine® Math Our unique instruction stimulates basic sensory functions related to learning and are recognized as being effective on the symptoms of dyslexia, hyperlexia, autism spectrum disorders, ADD/HD, CAPD, and learning difficulties in general. Specifically our programs develop: • Reading • Phonemic Awareness • Reading Comprehension • Spelling • Imagery • Listening Comprehension • Math • Critical Thinking • Following Directions • Writing • Study Skills • Academic Performance What started as one small Lindamood-Bell® Learning Center years ago has now grown to 43 centers, including London, England and Sydney, Australia. Our Learning Centers offer a variety of Instruction Programs including our Intensive Instruction, which often produces years of learning gain in just weeks of daily instruction. Getting started on this successful path is simple. First call to schedule a diagnostic learning evaluation to determine specific strengths and weaknesses. Following the testing is a
  2. 2. consultation that will clearly explain what was found and any instructional recommendations if needed to then schedule instructional sessions. It is simple and worth it. Our philosophy is that accurate diagnosis and relevant instruction enables individuals to learn to their potential. We look forward to sharing the Magic of Learning with you. Lindamood-Bell Palos Verdes Learning Center for Reading and Comprehension: (310) 541-2977 Helpful Resources: • Locations • Testimonials • Financing • Videos • Authors Information • Research Note: As the validity of our programs and our popularity has increased, so have the number of individuals and organizations trying to look like us. While we make our programs available to the public, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes does not endorse third-party workshops or clinics because we cannot control or guarantee the quality of these workshops or clinics. Therefore, please note that Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes is the only provider of instructional services and workshops endorsed and licensed by the authors of the Lindamood-Bell® programs, Patricia Lindamood, Phyllis Lindamood, and Nanci Bell. Students we work with have often had one or more of these prior diagnosis &/or labels: Dyslexia | Dyslexic | Hyperlexia | Hyperlexic | AD/HD | ADD/HD ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder | ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Asperger’s Syndrome | Autism Spectrum Disorders | Autistic | High-functioning Autism CAPD-Central Auditory Processing Disorder | Learning Disability | Learning Difficulty Non-verbal learning disability | Fragile X syndrome