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  • 1. Rails Girls First experience in software craftsmanship. 1Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 2. Finland - the backbone of Internet MySQL, SSH, IRC, Linux, Nokia, Assembly - the global backbones of ICT - all come from Finland. Mainly from Finnish men. At the same time have a strong open source culture, a legacy of stellar education and some of the most awesome women in the world. What if we decided that code is the modern day literacy and built a whole new software culture based on our Finnish values - equality, education and open-source? http://railsgirls.com/ 2Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 3. Rails Girls workshops Rails Girls aims to give girls the first experience in software craftsmanship. It’s a finnish concept being organized by volunteers worldwide. It connects non-technical women to the world of technology in an approachable, fun and international way through a daylong workshop with local developers. During 2011 - 2012 we organized seven workshops in Finland, around Europe and Asia with 30 - 70 attendees in each. Alltogether we’ve received almost a thousand applications and interest from tens of cities. More: railsgirls.com/pressThursday, May 3, 12
  • 4. “Learning to program teaches you how to think. Computer science is a liberal art.” – Steve Jobs Coding is not lonely or mathematical. More like learning a new language and writing something that affects millions. Much like literacy. Hands-on, minds on. 7 events - hundreds of girls, hundreds of volunteers. Ramping up for a full open-source teaching stack. 4Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 5. Hands on, minds on. We’re building an international network of volunteers with an open source stack of coding curriculum to teach technology. We want to give girls confidence and a global network.Thursday, May 3, 12
  • 6. Open source model 7 events, 600 applicants, 70 coaches and 40 000 visitors later we we’re ready to open source the building blocks. In a matter of days developers all around the world started building exercises, translating guides and organising events. . 6Thursday, May 3, 12