Garage houserules


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Garage houserules

  1. 1. Just what is Aalto Venture Garage and how to be a part of the community? I this f h i ? In hi slide set we’ve compiled a few things you need to know.
  2. 2. Respect the Past 1) THE GARAGE STORY Examine the Present 2) HELLO POLICY ) Build h Future B ild the F 3) WHAT NEXT
  3. 3. Respect the Past 1) THE GARAGE STORY ) h
  4. 4. Winter 2009-2010 Wi t 2009 2010 Building and planning planning.
  5. 5. Today Aalto Venture Garage is a free work space where entrepreneurs throughout the Baltic area get support and work together to grow their businesses. Bootcamp is the program that Aaltovg runs 4 times a year With a community of 3000 year. entrepreneurs, 50 startups, Garage faces a bright future
  6. 6. MEET THE STAFF Kristo Ovaska Tuomo Kuikka Natalie Gaudet The self-starter and founder of The handyman of Garage is the one to Natalie knows her way around the all things entrepreneurial, Kristo is in turn to when something is missing, Garage communications. Always on charge of Bootcamps and building the broken, lacking or not cool. the look for a good story, Natalie buzz brings some Canadian attitude to the team. Ask for.. introductions. Ask for how to build anything out of for.. Ask for for…. authentic all-american all american kristo (a) nothing. voice-overs . tuomo (a) natalie (a)
  7. 7. teams 2009 2010 t 2009-2010 Jalo J l Helsinki, H l i ki Audiodraft, A di d ft HeiMoi, H iM i Illtags, Illt Shobble, Smile, Widsen, Aalto Brain Company, Barisma, D B i DreamTravel, Fi d b T l Finderbase, K i Hi i Kassi, Hipui, LucSens, Makumaku, Relationship Games, Videolla, Thermophotonic H t P Th h t i Heat Pump , MDA I S k SMS MDA, IncSpark, IT, Living Canvas, Alfa, Octarine, Buffee, Micro Polling, P P lli Pamoja I j Innovations ti
  8. 8. 3 5 6 2 7 1 4 1 Aalto Venture G A lt V t Garage 4 Pizza Tapiola 7 Bus t B stops. 102 195 103 102, 195, 2 Aalto Design Factory 5 Aalto Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) 3 Alepa (open 7-23) 6 AYY
  9. 9. a toes co F b k / lt t twitter com/aaltogarage #aaltoes Sign up to the bi-weekly Aaltoes newsletter Check-in to Foursquare Tag pics at Flickr with #aaltoes
  10. 10. Examine the present 2) HELLO POLICY )
  11. 11. What should you do? ?
  12. 12. We are priviledged to have a wonderful cleaning All lady, but we are not your mommy. Take out trash, tidy up work surfaces, put about books back in the library, gather up chairs, y, g empty and refill the dishwasher. p , community Busy hands help thinking Look around, there s thinking. around there’s surely something that takes less than 15 seconds to fix up.
  13. 13. HOT OFFICES ARE FREE TO USE ALL THE TIME TIME. All whiteboards should be wiped and set on their places after use. Keep the offices clean and don t leave your stuff around. don’t around
  14. 14. EVENT POLICY Work takes W k t k precedence over socializing. d i li i Events that help support the space as a whole take priority over other projects. h l t k i it th j t Members are responsible for their guests.
  15. 15. KITCHEN. All dishes must be washed and put to their places and the dishwasher emptied. AV EQUIPMENT. All connections, microphones, and cables must be in order after use. CHAIRS. Stacked next to the container, if no other orders are given. All other furniture must be put back how they were in the first place. LOUNGE CHAIRS, SOFAS, AND TABLES are in nice order and easy to use after the event. If these instructions are not followed and the staff is spending more than 5 minutes cleaning up after your event we charge the tenant for the cleaning.
  16. 16. ..and what are the benefits? ?
  17. 17. OPEN 24/7 (but be nice to the guards and only working after 12 p.m)
  18. 18. FREE FOOD Post event free FOOD. Post-event food is often available in the Garage & DF Ruokalistat net DF. shows all the lunch menus in Otaniemi. Otaniemi REAL FOOD Eat real food. FOOD. food Share meals with people: bake, cook bake cook, boil – Garage has the equipment. Remember to label your personal food. food CHEAP COFFEE Not COFFEE. everything wants to be free: coffee costs at the moment 20 cents.
  19. 19. GARAGE LIBRARY Loan books or magazines from the library. Entrepreneurial classics ship from Amazon regularly along with the monthly Wired, HBR and Inc.
  20. 20. OTHER RESOURCES We have: AV equipment video cameras equipment, cameras, washing machines, you-name it. Use them wisely.
  21. 21. GARAGE MENTALITY It s It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission.
  22. 22. Build the future 3) WHAT NEXT? ) h
  23. 23. Great! Feel like Listed below are some ideas. Pick a task, call Tuomo for help or just do it! helping out? >> Take pictures & organize photo shoots. Document the journey. Write a blogpost (and use tag #aaltoes in knitting or the next big thing thing. >> Design some marketing materials for Garage social medias) >> Build proper system for the library >> Have impromptu community dinner p p y >> Help out with the signs p g events, invite guest lecturers. >> Design a recycling system >> Organize a skill swapping event on >> Bring old entrepreneurial magazines soldering, Ruby on Rails,