eLearning Achievement Statement: 2011


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The Three eLearning goals for 2011 and progress to date.

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eLearning Achievement Statement: 2011

  1. 1. SOMERVILLE INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL CURRICULUM ACHIEVEMENT STATEMENT FORMATCurriculum Area: eLearning Year: 2011School development arises out of self review. This is a summary statement of studentaccomplishments, programme and staff development initiatives. Supportingdocumentation is attached where available.Current Goals: (Established as part of forward planning. Particular goals relevant to the current year. Reference also to curriculum policy and strategic plan).Each of the goals align with the six goals of the eLearning policy andtakes into account the goals for the ICTPD Cluster.Goal One:To improve students learning and achievement through e-learning bydeveloping a clear understanding of their current eLearning capability andimplementing strategies to enhance these.Strategy:To create a clear view of where students are in regard to eLearningcapability and the next steps in their learning.Using the student rubric developed by Jacqui Sharp the eLearning team willgather data at the beginning and end of 2011 that will give information onstudent capability and identify areas for development.This data will be used to develop and source relevant resources for studentsthrough online environments. Teachers will be given access to theseresources and support through the ICTPD programme. At the end of 2011the survey will be repeated.Goal Two:To improve teacher capability in the area of eLearning by developing a clearunderstanding of their current eLearning capability and implementingstrategies to enhance these.Strategy:Curriculum Achievement Statement: 2011 page 1
  2. 2. To create a clear view of where teachers are in regard to eLearningcapability and the next steps in their learning.Using the survey developed by Jacqui Sharp the eLearning team will gatherdata at the beginning of 2011. This data will be used to develop relevantresources for staff PD which will be delivered through staff meetings andICTPD initiatives. At the end of 2011 the survey will be repeated.Goal Three:To provide students with ubiquitous access to a online classroom learningenvironment so that learning is facilitated and supported both at school andat home.Strategy:To provide support through staff meetings and mentors to ensure all areas ofthe school have active in online environments. Data will be collected andanalyzed to give a view of how effective the OLE are and what support isrequired to develop them further.Note:The school enters the third and final year of the ICT Cluster contract in2011. The variation document from the cluster will have some impact on thedirection of ICT next year.In 2011 systems need to be further developed and implemented that allowteachers and students access to the ever growing number of learningresources online. To ensure access the wireless access throughout the schoolneeds upgrading so students can bring in their own computing devices andstaff can be assured of access to the network and internet at all times.To further the use of OLE the school will be using google apps for educationfor both staff and students.Curriculum Achievement Statement: 2011 page 2
  3. 3. Current Data February 2011(Performance indicators may include - number of students involved, special studentachievements, range of activities, quantitative data, information showing value addedlearning, special venues, special resources, programme and staff development initiatives.Bullet points. Numbering data should correlate to the goals e.g. Goal 1 - Current data1a, 1b, 1c...)Goal 1To improve students learning and achievement through e-learning with afocus on opening up new and different ways of learning.The student survey results have been gathered for over 80 of the students.The results to date are attached.The remaining will be collected in Week 8 and 9.Survey available at:Google docsGoal Two:To improve teacher capability in the area of e-learning with a focus onopening up new and different ways of learning and teaching.The survey will run during Week 8 and 9 of Term 1Survey available at:http://puttheeinlearning.wikispaces.com/SomervilleGoal Three:To develop online learning environments for all areas within the school that create ablended eLearning environment.Curriculum Achievement Statement: 2011 page 3
  4. 4. JuneGoal 1: November Achievements to date include:Goal 1: Summary Statement NovemberGoal 1:Conclusion BudgetsBudget Purchases for 2011Proposed Budget for 2012Curriculum Achievement Statement: 2011 page 4