Why Visit A Dentist Regularly If You Have

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Dr. Linda King\'s presentation on Healthy Oral Care

Dr. Linda King\'s presentation on Healthy Oral Care

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  • Teeth cleaning used to be just the polishing of stains, a good flossing and the scraping of tartar off of the teeth. When we examine teeth for cleaning we use a measuring device called a probe to see how healthy and tight the gums are.


  • 1. Linda J. King, DDS, MAGD Master of the Academy of General Dentistry
  • 2. Regular exams and X-rays check for oral cancers, decay and periodontal problems
  • 3. Examination inside the mouth includes the following  Visual exam for any pathology (oral cancers and growths)  Tactile exam for lumps and bumps  Gum exam for signs of inflammation and health  Tooth exam for any leaky fillings, cracked teeth and decay
  • 4. X-Ray Examinations  Panoramic X-Ray goes around the whole mouth to reveal oral cancers, jaw joint problems, larger cavities, bone loss and gum disease  Bitewing X-Rays will show cavities between the teeth and bone loss Full mouth series of X-rays will show where the level of the nerves are and any long standing abscessed teeth
  • 5. Panoramic Xrays to check All teeth at once Impacted teeth Sinus problems Jaw joint problems Obvious Abscesses Fillings, crowns and cavities Simple- nothing goes in your mouth Can be performed standing or sitting Should be performed every 3-5 years to see progression of possible bone loss
  • 6. Light assisted Oral Cancer Screening
  • 7. Visilite Plus Oral Cancer Screening Checks for pigmentation under the skin
  • 8. Cleaning and Whitening to boost self confidence
  • 9. Just a cleaning is more than that The scraping and polishing still happens but now we are checking for signs of Inflammation Diabetes Heart Disease Strokes
  • 10. Abscesses Waiting to Happen
  • 11. Although nothing hurts, conditions will drain your immune system causing  Lack of energy and  Oral-systemic vitality connection – just not  Decrease in a healthy about clean teeth diet  Early detection for inflammation that something else may be going on in your health
  • 12. Periodontal problems
  • 13. Missing teeth replaced by  Dentures  Partial dentures  Bridges  Flippers  Implants  May develop certain problems if not checked on regularly
  • 14. Older teeth are like slippers Loose fitting dentures Darker Teeth Hard to chew with lower partial plate Bone melted away
  • 15. Many people who have dentures have had them for years  bone supporting the  Partial dentures can loosen denture over time melts regular teeth and develop away causing dentures decay around them and and partials not to fit should be checked for quite as snugly as it problems while they are should small  This causes an  Oral cancers may develop overgrowth of tissue in irritated areas and possible irritation under the dentures
  • 16. Trying in Teeth to fit personality
  • 17. Older dentures can show age Ill fitting denture needed to be relined or remade. This denture was made before her natural teeth were removed.
  • 18. New smile New life Diabetes and dry mouth cause the upper denture to have a loose fit but the new denture makes Sybil look younger and happier.
  • 19. Immediate Dentures to prevent embarrassment
  • 20. Final Denture try in Sometimes people will keep their first set of teeth for ten years before thinking about making another one. LB waiting about 2 years because of health concerns.
  • 21. Why Decay more in aging populations  Medications  Dietary  Habits-Cough Drops and  Lack of Dexterity due to peppermints arthritis  Posture over sink  More gum recession causing root exposure  Lack of Saliva
  • 22. How we can help to change  Larger handled Toothbrushes  Flossing is ideal but can use Go-Betweens or tooth-picks  Dry mouth medications  Awareness of habits
  • 23. Get the plaque out
  • 24. Rinses and pastes to help rebuild enamel and reduce the acids from plaque
  • 25. Biotene products I love
  • 26. Dentures are not the only solution
  • 27. Sometimes you can’t just fix one tooth Before broke one front She needed back teeth tooth
  • 28. Professional cleaning reduces plaque acids and provide fluoride  We Check the fit of the  Sometimes the dentistry prosthesis – relines or we had done twenty to remakes are quite thirty years ago is not as common every 3-5 years servicable such as bridge  We can tighten clasps work and need special around partial dentures help to clean it and ultrasonically clean the prosthetic device
  • 29. Nutrition with the five food groups is essential to good health. Having teeth to help break down food is desirable in order to prevent tummy troubles BUT Having performed dentures and partials for a number of years, some people just can’t adapt to something artificial in Their mouth Chewing is pleasurable and most social events revolve around eating with loved ones and friends
  • 30. Lower dentures are not stable unless you have a lot of bone. The bone melts away over time and eventually may melt into the nerve chambers making wearing lower full dentures more painful over time Implant supported lower dentures may be a solution
  • 31. Just like a regular denture or is it?
  • 32. Locator attachments snap the denture into place preserving bone and preventing movement
  • 33. Can always have more implants if there is more bone
  • 34. Seeing a dentist for regular professional cleanings help detect early problems from getting worse and help better communicate with your physician
  • 35. Thank you for your time and consideration