World and China Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum Market Report 2013


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Buy the report "Global and China Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum Industry Report, 2012-2013" at US $1950 for a Single User PDF License from RnR Market Research Reports Library.

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World and China Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum Market Report 2013

  1. 1. RnR Market Research Offers “Global and China Alumina and Electrolytic AluminumIndustry Report, 2012-2013” Report at US$ 1950 Single User License. The report gotpublished in Apr 2013 & Contains 50 Pages.China’s bauxite features poor quality and low self-sufficiency rate of high-quality bauxite. With the gradualrelease of new alumina capacity and expansion of downstream smelting capacity in China, China hasrapidly increased the import of bauxite. China’s imports of bauxite mainly come from Indonesia, Australiaand India, among which, Indonesia accounts for more than 70%.As the electricity cost in western region is lower than that in the eastern region of China, the electrolyticaluminum capacity of the western region has continued to expand, but in the meantime, the high energy-consuming and high-cost electrolytic aluminum capacity of the eastern region hasn’t been reduced inlarge scale, leading to serious overcapacity in China’s electrolytic aluminum industry in 2012.Other countries also encountered with the problem of overcapacity as China did.The rising bauxite and power costs as well as the sluggish LME prices have led to large-scale losses inthe aluminum industry. In order to cope with the dual pressure from rising costs and sluggish prices,domestic and foreign enterprises have integrated upstream resources and expanded downstreamproducts. In addition, giants like RUSAL have planned to cut the production moderately and eliminatebackward production capacity.Global and China Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum Industry, 2012-2013 mainly analyzes the supply &demand and industry development trend of alumina and electrolytic aluminum in China and worldwide,and sheds light on the business performance and development planning of key enterprises in the globaland Chinese aluminum industry.Get Report Details @ a giant in the global aluminum industry, RUSAL mainly produces primary aluminum, aluminum alloy,bauxite and alumina. RUSAL is a typical producer of upstream aluminum products with a relativelycomplete industry chain, and its own bauxite resources can meet 70% of its demand. Meanwhile, RUSALcontinues to integrate upstream hydropower and thermal power resources. In 2012, RUSAL reduced theoutput of primary aluminum to 1.038 million tons, it also plans to eliminate 300 kilotons of primaryaluminum capacity before 2013, and increase the output proportion of processed aluminum products to39%.In 2012, CHALCO increased the output of cost-competitive products, with the bauxite output of its ownmines increased by 27.29% to 17.26 million tons and the alumina output by 8.08% to 11.9 million tons. Tointegrate upstream resources, CHALCO cooperated with an Indonesian company to exploit bauxite, andthe project can achieve an annual capacity of 1.8 million tons upon completion. In January 2013,CHALCO cumulatively acquired 70.82% stake in Ningxia Electric Power Group, increasing another 16million tons of coal production capacity per year.Inquire for Discount @ of Content1 Upstream of Global Aluminum Industry Chain
  2. 2. 1.1 Status Quo of Bauxite in the World1.1.1 Overview1.1.2 Bauxite Reserves & Distribution1.1.3 Production1.1.4 Global Trade of Bauxite1.2 Global Alumina Industry1.2.1 Supply & Demand1.2.2 Production1.2.3 Consumption1.3 Global Electrolytic Aluminum Industry1.3.1 Production1.3.2 Consumption2 Upstream of Chinas Aluminum Industry Chain2.1 Policy Environment2.1.1 Access Policy2.1.2 Development Plan2.1.3 Trade Policy2.2 Industry Environment2.3 Chinas Bauxite Industry2.3.1 Bauxite Reserves and Distribution in China2.3.2 Bauxite Trade in China2.4 Chinas Alumina Industry2.4.1 Supply2.4.2 Regional Structure2.4.3 Demand2.5 Chinas Electrolytic Aluminum Industry2.5.1 Supply2.5.2 Regional Structure2.5.3 Demand3 Import and Export of Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum in China3.1 Alumina3.1.1 Import3.1.2 Regional Structure3.1.3 Export3.2 Electrolytic Aluminum3.2.1 Import3.2.2 Export4 Alumina and Electrolytic Aluminum Prices4.1 Alumina4.1.1 Pricing Model4.1.2 Price Trend4.2 Electrolytic Aluminum4.2.1 Global Price4.2.2 Domestic Price5 Foreign Enterprises5.1 RUSAL5.1.1 Profile5.1.2 Operation5.1.3 Dynamics5.2 Rio Tinto5.2.1 Profile5.2.2 Bauxite Reserves
  3. 3. 5.2.3 Operation5.2.4 Aluminum Group5.2.5 Dynamics5.2.6 Outlook and Strategy5.3 ALCOA5.3.1 Profile5.3.2 Bauxite Reserves5.3.3 Operation5.3.4 Cost Control5.3.5 Dynamics5.4 HYDRO5.4.1 Profile5.4.2 Operation5.4.3 Dynamics5.5 BHP Billiton5.5.1 Profile5.5.2 Operation5.5.3 Aluminum CSG5.5.4 Dynamics of Aluminum CSG5.6 Alba5.6.1 Profile5.6.2 Operation5.6.3 Dynamics6 Chinas Enterprises6.1 Aluminum Corporation of China Limited6.1.1 Profile6.1.2 Operation6.1.3 Revenue Structure6.1.4 Gross Margin6.1.5 Major Event6.1.6 Development Strategy6.1.7 Operation Forecast6.2 China Power Investment Corporation6.2.1 Profile6.2.2 Operation6.2.3 Development6.3 Xinfa Group6.3.1 Profile6.3.2 Dynamics6.4 Shandong Weiqiao Aluminum & Electricity6.4.1 Profile6.4.2 Operation6.4.3 Key Project6.5 Shanxi Luneng Jin Bei Aluminum6.5.1 Profile6.5.2 Operation6.5.3 Major Event6.5.4 Development Strategy6.6 Kaiman Aluminum Co., Ltd.6.6.1 Profile6.6.2 Operation6.6.3 Dynamics
  4. 4. 6.7 Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.6.7.1 Profile6.7.2 Operation6.7.3 Revenue Structure6.7.4 Gross Margin6.7.5 Development6.7.6 Operation Forecast6.8 Bosai Minerals Group Co., Ltd.6.8.1 Profile6.8.2 Operation6.8.3 Development6.8.4 Development Plan6.9 Yunnan Aluminum Co., Ltd.6.9.1 Profile6.9.2 Operation6.9.3 Revenue Structure6.9.4 Gross Margin6.9.5 Operation Forecast6.9.6 Development Strategy6.10 Shanxi ZhongDa Corporation6.10.1 Profile6.10.2 Operation6.11 Other Enterprises6.11.1 East Hope (Sanmenxia)6.11.2 Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Co., Ltd.6.11.3 Longkou Donghai Alumina6.11.4 Luoyang Heung Kong Wanji Aluminum6.11.5 Sanmenxia Yixiang AluminumFor more details contact Mr. Priyank Tiwari: / +18883915441Website: