Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market 2013 to 2018


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Buy the report "Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market, 2013–2018" at US $2900 for a Single User PDF License from RnR Market Research Reports Library.

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Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market 2013 to 2018

  1. 1. RnR Market Research Offers “Homeland Security and Emergency Management Market,2013–2018” Report at US$ 4650 (Single User License). The report got published in Mar2013 & Contain 199 Pages.This report presents a complete analysis of the global homeland security market across the next fiveyears. It analyses about the factors driving the market, the challenges faced by the industry and about thefactors restraining the growth of the market. It also discusses the key industry trends, market trends andtechnology trends that is about to influence the global homeland security market. It provides a completemarket size of the global homeland security market over the next five years and talks about the marketshare by different sub-sectors. It provides insight in to regional trends in spending and analysis themarket size by region and also provides data on spending patterns by sub-sector for each region. Ittracks, analysis and lays out the market size of the major defense spenders in each region and providesmarket share by sub category namely, Aviation Security, Mass Transit Security, Maritime Security, CriticalInfrastructure Security, Cyber Security, Border Security, CBRN Security, Counter-Terror Intelligence, IT &C3I and First Responders. It talks about leading competitors in the global homeland security market andapart from a general overview of the companies it also provides details on their financial position, keyproducts and markets and key developments.The Global Homeland Security Market is estimated to be $415.53 billion in 2013 and is expected toregister a CARC of 5.54% to reach $544.02 billion by 2018. The threat of cross border terrorism,cybercrime, piracy, drug trade, human trafficking, internal dissent, separatist movements has been adriving factor for the homeland security sector. The sector is highly competitive with a host of industryparticipants vying for contracts and the tightening financial situation in most western countries is expectedto increase competition. Budget cuts in most of the western countries are anticipated to have minimalimpact on the homeland security market; however, spending on cyber security, surveillance systems, ITand communications systems is set to increase. The industry is fragmented and most of the tier-1 playersare from US and Europe. These firms have the required know-how and technology and have an activepresence across the globe thus making the major share holders in this growing market. Increase inmerger and acquisition, technology transfer, joint development and production and partnerships andoffset agreements between western and other developing nations are anticipated.This Global homeland security market research report categorizes the global market on the basis ofhomeland security sub-sector, geography and by country; forecasting revenues, market share andanalyzing trends in each of the sub sectors:Get Report Details @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/homeland-security-and-emergency-management-market-2013-2018-market-report.htmlOn the Basis of Homeland Security Sub-sector:This market is segmented on the basis of revenue generated across the various sub-sectors:- Aviation Security- Mass Transit Security- Maritime Security- Critical Infrastructure Security- Cyber Security- Border Security- CBRN Security- Counter-Terror Intelligence- IT & C3I
  2. 2. - First RespondersOn the basis of GeographyGeography is classified into,- North America- Europe- Middle East- Africa- Asia- Latin AmericaOn the basis of CountryThe following countries are covered in this report:- Australia- Brazil- Canada- France- Germany- India- Israel- Mexico- Russia- Saudi Arabia- South Africa- United Kingdom- United StatesStakeholders- All departments pertaining to homeland security, public safety, Internal affairs and Home affairs- Armed Services- Defense and Security system manufacturers- IT and cyber security service providers- Sub-component ManufacturersInquiry For Discount @ http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/contacts/discount?rname=86110Table of Content1 Introduction1.1 Key Take-Aways1.2 Report Description1.3 Markets Covered1.4 Stakeholders1.5 Research Methodology2 Executive Summary3 Market Overview3.1 Market Definition3.2 Market Segmentation3.3 Overview4 Market Dynamics4.1 Introduction4.2 Drivers
  3. 3. 4.2.1 Increase In Terrorist Threat4.2.2 Political Dissent and Separatist Movements4.2.3 Economic Stagnation and Protest4.2.4 Drug Trafficking4.2.5 Human Trafficking and Illegal Immigrants4.2.6 Cyber Threat4.2.7 Impact Analysis of Drivers4.3 Restraints4.3.1 Uncertain Financial Environment4.3.2 Impact Analysis of Restraints4.4 Challenges4.4.1 Slow Adoption and Lack of Proactive Measure4.4.2 Large Scale Government Projects Deterred By Costs Concerns4.4.3 Need for Skilled Work Force4.4.4 Lack of Awareness and Willingness To Adapt5 Market Share Analysis5.1 Global Homeland Security Spending5.1.1 Global Homeland Security Revenue Analysis5.2 Regional Analysis5.2.1 Africa Homeland Security Spending5.2.2 Asia Homeland Security Spending5.2.3 Europe Homeland Security Spending5.2.4 Latin America Homeland Security Spending5.2.5 Middle East Homeland Security Spending5.2.6 North America Homeland Security Spending5.3 Country Analysis5.3.1 Australia Homeland Security Market5.3.2 Brazil Homeland Security Market5.3.3 Canada Homeland Security Market5.3.4 China Homeland Security Market5.3.5 France Homeland Security Market5.3.6 Germany Homeland Security Market5.3.7 India Homeland Security Market5.3.8 Mexico Homeland Security Market5.3.9 Russia Homeland Security Market5.3.10 Saudi Arabia Homeland Security Market5.3.11 South Africa Homeland Security Market5.3.12 The United Kingdom Homeland Security Market5.3.13 United States Homeland Security Market5.4 Sub-Sector Analysis5.4.1 Aviation Security Market Analysis5.4.2 Border Security Market Analysis5.4.3 Cbrn Security Market Analysis6 Competitive Landscape6.1 Market Share Analysis: Company6.2 Market Share Analysis: Country7 Company Profiles7.1 Ibm7.1.1 Introduction7.1.2 Domain and Services7.1.3 Financials7.2 Lockheed Martin
  4. 4. 7.2.1 Introduction7.2.2 Domain and Services7.2.3 Financials7.3 Unisys7.3.1 Introduction7.3.2 Domain and Services7.3.3 Financials7.4 Saic7.4.1 Introduction7.4.2 Domain and Services7.4.3 Financials7.5 L-3 Communications7.5.1 Introduction7.5.2 Domains and Services7.4.3 Financials7.6 Boeing7.6.1 Introduction7.6.2 Domain and Services7.6.3 Financials7.7 General Dynamics7.7.1 Introduction7.7.2 Domain and Services7.7.3 Financials7.8 Eads7.8.1 Introduction7.8.2 Domain and Services7.8.3 Financials7.9 Safran7.9.1 Introduction7.9.2 Domain and Services7.9.3 Financials7.10 Dell7.10.1 Introduction7.10.2 Domain and Services7.10.3 FinancialsFor more details contact Mr. Priyank Tiwari: sales@rnrmarketresearch.com / +18883915441Website: http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/