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what does it really mean to retain your members and how do you do it?

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  • While prospect Awareness before an acquisition begins is not mandatory, recognition—assuming it is positive—can make the work of the acquisition effort much easier and more successful.Advertising in targeted publications and other media, but it is hard to trackDirect mail, known as the workhorse of direct marketing, and for good reasonEmail, a low cost narrow or broadcaster, often combined with other messagingWeb advertising, now reaching its prime as e-commerce continues to expand
  • Creative design is intended to drive interest and promote receptivity to the messaging. It is the most fickle ingredient in membership acquisition and relies particularly on testing to get it right.The membership offer seeks to strike the optimum balance between what prospects will give up and what they will receive in exchange in order to be a member. It’s often the final and most critical hurdle in prospects’ decision process.
  • Due to changing economic factors, many of the Baby Boomers are remaining in the workforce longer, and even some of the Traditionalists are as well.  This is due, in part, to the need for health care benefits, income to supplement or replace anticipated retirement income, or to help with the care of aging parents or continuing support of children. Communication channels should not be limited based upon perceptions of the sender. Many Traditionalists and Baby Boomers have embraced technology as a means to stay in touch with their work and family worlds, while some Gen X’ers and Millenials feel that they want to protect their privacy and work-life balance and don’t engage via technology. The best way to determine how to communicate is to ask because you might be surprised.
  • Deliver true value and deliver it with passionLearn from your membership what is important and deliver it.ResearchBe specificBe as ‘personal’ as you can be when delivering the benefitPersonalizeNicheVolunteer Recognition ProgramsVirtual Conference OptionsCustomizable NewslettersReferral ProgramsMember Orientation VideoRSS FeedsWebinarsPaired Mentorship ProgramsBlogs and Resource Wikis Social Platforms
  • Send the renewal notices to every contact on the membership, and one addressed to “Accounting Department”Incentivize people to renew earlier in the process: Let them know they get the best deal up frontThe quicker you renew someone, the less total you spend on the later effortsMake the process easy! Too much work or confusion = nonrenewalStay away from any process that feels like a tax returnIncrease the tone of urgency as the member gets closer to expireSend an email and/or make phone calls on the day the member expiresForms that look like an invoice, personalized with engagement dataPersonal phone calls from staff , leadership or calling firmsSimple emails that remind members what they will miss if they do not renew. Keep email copy short.Mail that looks official…sometimes even boringHigh frequency, regular contact with expiree
  • Statistically value sampling
  • If your association is targeting more of the executives and head decision makers, LinkedIn is an excellent choice for lead generation campaigns.
  • MGI employs various online monitoring tools to study what is driving traffic to your website and also that of your competitors.MGI also employs several social monitoring tools that can research what is being said about your association and also what your target audience is talking about relative to your industry.Combined with your own internal research regarding trending topics, all of this information is compiled to develop lead generation offers and drive traffic to your website.
  • MGI employs various online monitoring tools to study what is driving traffic to your website and also that of your competitors.MGI also employs several social monitoring tools that can research what is being said about your association and also what your target audience is talking about relative to your industry.Combined with your own internal research regarding trending topics, all of this information is compiled to develop lead generation offers and drive traffic to your website.
  • Mail, email, phone calls
  • 2012 scte presentation_lsc_updated_2

    1. 1. Effective Ways toKeep Your Members Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM Association Connector Marketing General Incorporated lchreno@marketinggeneral.com @lindachreno
    2. 2. What I Promised:One definition of Retention is the confirmation of the value thatmembers feel they have received from the organization – avote of confidence or no confidence. But the retention processdoes not begin 3 months before the membership expires – itbegins BEFORE the individual is even a member. During thissession, you will learn the 5 Steps of the Membership Lifecyclefrom awareness to recruitment to engagement to renewal(retention) to reinstatement and how each step is necessaryand builds upon the others for the membership program to besuccessful. Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM @lindachreno
    3. 3. Thank You VOLUNTEERSVolunteer Appreciation Week April 23-27, 2012
    4. 4. I donate to your What have foundation. you done for I attend your Hello, I’m me lately? conferences. Jeremy.I buy your I read your books. magazine. I’m much more likely to VS. UNENGAGED ENGAGED become a member or MEMBERS renew my membership or MEMBERS be an SCTE evangalist.. I’m much less likely to become engaged. Follow you on I blog about twitter. the organization.
    5. 5. Membership Lifecycle • Awareness • Recruitment • Engagement • Renewal • Reinstatement
    6. 6. AWARENESS and RECRUITMENT• Awareness …when prospects first discover you.• Awareness—recognition of the SCTE organization by the segment or profession it serves.• Member Recruitment and Acquisition uses a variety of messaging formats and communications. – Advertising – Direct mail – Email – Web advertising
    7. 7. Recruitment … When Prospects Choose toTry YouRecruitment begins by understanding target prospects—who,what, where, when, and how they are reached. This isarguably the most important component in memberprospecting.Messaging evolves from the Unique Selling Proposition and anorganization’s indispensability—the one thing it does betterthan anybody else—with copy that is benefit, not featureoriented.
    8. 8. Four generations are represented in theworkforce.NOTE: depending upon your source, the birth years might be slightly different and different names applied to the groups. Aspeople live longer and work longer, generational communication considerations will become even more important.The Traditionalists (Silent Generation), those born 1922–45,prefer inclusive language such as ―we‖ and ―us.‖ Words aremore important than body language. Avoid informal languageand rely on face-to-face and written communication.For Baby Boomers, those born 1946–64, body language ismuch more important. You can be much more open and directwith this group, but be prepared for tough questions.Controlling, manipulative language is a turn-off, but presentingoptions and showing flexibility will be welcomed. Face-to-faceand electronic communication will be most effective with thisgroup.
    9. 9. More GenerationsThe Generation ―X‖ers, those born 1965 – early 80’s, want youto learn their language and use it. Informality is appreciated,and e-mail is the preferred channel. Communicate in shortsentences that are very clear. Talk straight and present thefacts. Asking for feedback will engender good feelings, as willsharing information immediately and often.For Millennials (Generation Y), those born 1980 –98, youshould let language paint visual pictures. Action verbs, alwaysimportant in writing, are even more important to thisgeneration. They may be young, but they don’t want to betalked down to. You must show them respect if you expect ityourself. E-mail and voice-mail are preferred channels. As withGeneration X, seek feedback. Humor is effective with thisgeneration.
    10. 10. EngagementThe Progression to Membership Success for SCTE Membership Growth Loyalty and Increased Revenue Engagement
    11. 11. Reach Out to Your Members http://player.vimeo.com/video/40414507
    12. 12. FIRST YEAR ENGAGEMENT PLAN Goals Sample Plan• Multi-Channel • Orientation email• Multi-Step • Mailed product• Evoke second voucher interaction • Benefits survey • Courtesy call
    13. 13. Some CalculationsRESPONSE RATE measures the number of prospects whoresponded to a marketing effortRESPONSE RATE = Total number of responses/Total numberof prospects contacted X 100.COST TO OBTAIN A MEMBERThe cost to obtain a member is the total costs you spent onacquisition divided by the total members acquired.COST TO OBTAIN A MEMBER = Acquisition costs/membersacquired
    14. 14. 2 More CalculationsRENEWAL RATERenewal rate measures the number of members kept over aa given period of time – usually a fiscal or calendar year.RENEWAL RATE = (Total Number of Members TODAY minusthe new members in the period of time) / Total Number ofMembers in Previous YearAVERAGE TENUREDefines how long on average members stay with anassociationAVERAGE TENURE = 1 / (reciprocal of renewal rate)RECIPROCAL OF RENEWAL RATE – 1 minus renewal rate(also known as lapse rate)
    15. 15. Retention (Renewal)In 2010, 6% of people who did not renew their association membershipsaid their reason for not continuing was ―I forgot.‖First Year members renew from 45% - 60% – Didn’t see the value? – Didn’t take advantage of the benefits?Renewals are a function of the success of the engagement processHave you cultivated the member so that their decision to renew is a no-brainer?
    16. 16. Lifetime ValueDefines the economic value produced by a typical member.LIFETIME VALUE = (annual dues revenue per member +average annual non-dues revenue per member) times AverageTenure
    17. 17. Sample Renewal ProcessRenewal CommunicationEffort # Channel Date 1 Email 120 days before expire 2 Direct Mail 90 days before expire 3 Direct Mail 60 days before expire 4 Email 45 days before expire 5 Direct Mail 30 days before expire 6 Email Day before expire 7 Telephone Call Day of expire 8 Direct Mail 15 days after expire 9 Telephone Call 60 days after expire 10 Email Exit Survey 75 days after expire
    18. 18. Reinstatement―Look not where you fell, but where you slipped‖- Chinese proverbExpires are your best prospectsHow long after a member expires do you continue to let them receivebenefits?In general, after the grace period the process is working to reinstate theformer memberFind out why they let their membership lapseBe sensitive that they were once a member when recruiting them backTwo-way communication in between renewal and reinstatement
    19. 19. 2011 MGI Annual Membership Benchmarking Report Over 650 Participating Associations Share What Worked Best
    20. 20. Where Do You Fit?
    21. 21. Where doyou currentlyget yourmembers?
    22. 22. SEO and Web-Content Management - an Ongoing ProcessWhy do you need SEO: – Attract new members – Keep current members – Inform the public – Provide information/data to members public Two Resources: www.dailyseotip.com www.searchenginejournal.com
    23. 23. Keywords• Keywords are ways that you are found byyour members, customers, etc.• Best keywords must MATCH your uniquevalue proposition with the words used by yourmembers.• All staff should be up-to-date with keywordsbeing used - include in conference copy, etc.• http://semrush.com• Competitors, Google keywords
    24. 24. Online Research – Social Mediaoffers the ability totarget: by industry by job titles by groupswhich allows for finiteslicing and dicing ofyour target audience
    25. 25. Online Research – Social Mediacontinued growth as a socialmedia platform;documented effectiveadvertising outlet
    26. 26. Search Engine Marketing1 2 3 Online Behavior Lead Gen Offers Online Media 1. Understand online  FREE Whitepaper  Co-Registration behavior of association Offers an excerpt of the  Online News & PR audience segments. latest industry research.  Search Engine Ads 2. Utilize keyword and social monitoring tools to  Ad Networks identify key topics and  FREE Trial Membership  Article Submissions content within target Offers a 30-Day FREE Trial  Blogs & Forum Posts audience. Membership.  Social Media Ads  Sponsored Links 4 LANDING PAGE Recruitment Campaign SCTE 5 Web Site
    27. 27. Example – Online Lead GenerationCampaign 1 Targeted Ad Placement. 2 Data Capture on Microsite. 3 Cultivation e-mail campaign with additional content offers.
    28. 28. Lead Generation – First Page
    29. 29. Lead Generation – Second Page
    30. 30. Why Is This Important?
    31. 31. What doyou believeis the ONETOP reasonmembersjoin SCTE?
    32. 32. Example: Lead Generation CultivationSeries 2 3 4 1• Confirmation E-mail • Additional White Paper • Free Video/Webcast • Free Industry Report• Link to Download • Why Others Joined • Most Popular Benefits • Member Testimonial• Learn More Link • Click to Join Link • Click to Join Link • Click to Join Link Also be sure to market Conferences, Seminars and Books to your leads.
    33. 33. What arethe mosteffectivemembershiprecruitmentchannels?
    34. 34. What are the most effective social mediaoutlets in reaching membership goals?
    35. 35. Which of the following communicationmethods to you use to ENGAGE newmembers?
    36. 36. How are Your Members Engaged?
    37. 37. Overall Renewal Rate?
    38. 38. How many CONTACTS do you make beforethe membership expires?
    39. 39. When doyou startthe renewaleffort?
    40. 40. Whendo youendrenewalefforts?
    41. 41. What types ofmarketingefforts do youuse for yourrenewalefforts?
    42. 42. Do you offer renewal options?
    43. 43. Why Don’t They Renew?
    44. 44. Bonus Information http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xen ulink.html Find broken links on your website – PC ONLY http://www.belarc.com/free_download .html www.websitegrader.com Useful & free information
    45. 45. Resources:Marketing Phrase Book By Gail HamiltonThe Nonprofit Marketing Guide By Kivi Leroux Miller8 Google Tools Jessica Meher6 Ways to Measure Your Social Media Results Social Media Examiner
    46. 46. More Resources:• MGI Tipster, www.marketinggeneral.com – free newsletter• Marketing Profs, www.marketingprofs.com – free newsletter• MarketingSherpa www.marketingsherpa.com – free newsletter• membershipmarketing.blogspot.com• Email Institute www.emailinstitute.com – free newsletter• Smartbrief on Social Media www.smartbrief.com – free newsletter
    47. 47. 2011 MGI Membership Report 2012 Report will Be available shortly.
    48. 48. Thank you for attending my session. Contact Information: Linda S. Chreno, CAE, IOM Association Connector MARKETING GENERAL INCORPORATED 1539 Hays Street San Leandro, CA 94577 510.352.8197 lchreno@marketinggeneral.com Follow me on Twitter @lindachreno