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4CLS Patrons in Pajamas

4CLS Patrons in Pajamas



Learn how to log in to the Four County Library System website, use the online catalog to find materials, and place a "hold" request to borrow materials. 4CLS serves Broome, Chenango, Delaware and ...

Learn how to log in to the Four County Library System website, use the online catalog to find materials, and place a "hold" request to borrow materials. 4CLS serves Broome, Chenango, Delaware and Otsego counties of New York.



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  • If you’re a newcomer to the Four County Website , these slides will help you get your bearings. After that, you can poke around the site and see what’s there—which is the best way to become a savvy Web user.
  • To borrow physical materials like books or DVDs from member libraries you need to logon to the 4-County site. If you don’t need physical materials, you can get information from electronic sources without logging on to the site. Clicking on Internet search opens a page of links to search engines like Yahoo, Google and DogPile where you can search for materials to view online. By clicking the Research Center, you may access the NOVEL collection of online reference materials. You will need your 4-County library card number to access NOVEL through this link.
  • What’s on your screen now is both the home page and the search screen for iBistro , also known as the Online Collection Library Catalog or OCLC. We’ll help you log in; then we’ll show you the resources available from iBistro .
  • If you have difficulty getting logged on, the problem is probably in the numbers. The numbers on your library card are small and hard to read. Make sure you are entering them correctly. It’s also possible that your library has a different phone number on record than the one you entered. If you can’t log on and can’t figure out what’s wrong, seek help from staff at your library.
  • iBistro gives you a series of places you can look for information. They include: Kid’s Library includes both physical and electronic sources for children and teens. Search uses the search boxes on this screen. Power Search lets you restrict your search by combining several search terms. Use Power Search to find a particular kind of material (like audio tapes or large print books) or if there are hundreds of titles on your general topic. Find It Fast! is a collection of bibliographies on popular topics. Collections may have hundreds of items. The lists on the iBistro Seach/Home page link you to prize-winning and popular books and information sources.
  • Using any of these gateways to information will bring you in a few clicks to a list of search results. Search results show items held by libraries that belong to the 4-County system.
  • For each item, you’ll see in bold dark print a call number for the item and its publication date . On the next line, you’ll find the title and the author . To the left of each item are three buttons. Details lets you see more information about the contents of the item. Keep lets you check items you may want to borrow. (The list lasts only until you log out. The next time you log in, you won’t have access to that list.) The Place Hold button opens a screen where you can ask to borrow the material.

4CLS Patrons in Pajamas 4CLS Patrons in Pajamas Presentation Transcript

  • A Quick Introduction to the Four County Library System Website http://www.4cls.org Patrons in Pajamas
    • Broome
    • Chenango
    • Delaware
    • Otsego
    4-County is your public library system if you live in one of these New York counties: You’ll need a library card to borrow materials or place a hold request. To use this the online request system, you also need a Personal Identification Number. Click on a county name to learn where to get a card and PIN free .
  • In these slides, you’ll learn to In a few minutes, you’ll be able to request materials online anytime you choose — even if you’re in your jammies.
    • See what’s available for loan.
    • Log on to the 4CLS Website.
    • Place a “Hold” request.
  • 4-County Home Page Clicking Find a Book, Tape or CD takes you to All but the top item link to materials to use online You must logon at the iBistro Search/Home page before you can request any physical materials using the online system.
  • iBistro is an online card catalog You can look in the card catalog without logging on, but you can’t request any materials unless you are logged on. How to logon
  • Here’s how to logon 1. Enter your 13-digit library card number as your user ID. 2 . Enter the Personal Identification Number ( PIN ) your local library assigned you. Don’t have a library card? Have a card but not a PIN? Get your card and/or your PIN from a local library in the 4-County Library System. The map on slide two links you to a list of member libraries, their locations, hours, and telephone numbers. You can’t get either a card or PIN by phone: you must go in person.
  • Resources at iBistro include
    • Find It Fast! bibliographies on popular topics.
    • Kids’ Library for children & teens.
    • Search using a single search term.
    • Power Search by combining several search items.
    • Recommended reading , best sellers , and hot sites links .
  • Search/Home lets you search them all.
  • You’ve got results! Whichever vehicle you take to find material, your results will appear in a Search Results list. Items are listed starting with the most recent. Click Details to see more about an item. If you want to borrow the material, click Place Hold . A new screen will open.
  • Hold the Books, Please! If items you request are available, they usually ship to your pickup site in 3-7 days. Your librarian can tell you the local procedure for notifying patrons when their “holds” arrive. You can also look in My Account. If the book is waiting for you, it will show as “available.” You can pick up items at any 4-County member library.
  • Where to Get More Information
    • Ask your librarian
    • Check for other presentations at http:// www.WizIQ.com
    • Contact Lin da Aragoni through WizIQ.com for live, interactive workshops & classes
  • About Linda Aragoni Linda is an educational communicator with a passion for the printed word and over 30 years’ experience as a writer, editor, and writing teacher. She hosts You-Can-Teach- Writing.com , a web site for busy English language arts teachers and their home-schooling peers, and GreatPenformances , an ad-free blog site containing contemporary reviews of vintage novels. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. You may copy, distribute and transmit these slides for non-commercial purposes, providing you include the copyright notice, the links, and “About Linda Aragoni” note above. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/