How to delete books from nook


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If you are searching for the way how to delete books from nook, here is the guide for details. Choose the proper way that fits your situation please.
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How to delete books from nook

  1. 1. How to Delete Books from Nook Posted by Jonny Greenwood on 3/5/2014 11:35:29 PM. If you are searching for the way how to delete books from nook, here is the guide for details. Choose the proper way that fits your situation please. delete books from Nook 1st edition Situation1 or Situation2 online delete free samples books from nook Situation2 only delete books from Nook for android and IOS app Situation1 or Situation2 delete books from Nook color, Nook glowlight, etc Situation1 or Situation2 Situation 1: Remove books from Nook but archive If your device is the first Nook edition, you should do this online website. But if your devices are Nook 2 Edition~, you can do this directly on your devices, including Nook eReaders and Nook for Android and IOS app. Step1: Find "My Nook Library". You should firstly log into your Barnes&Noble account. Then click "My account" in the top right menu. Find "My Nook Library" and select that. Step2: Choose the book you want to delete. In the library you will see all your books are listed clearly. Press and hold on the book cover, a menu that offers several options will pop up. Tap "Archive", then these selected books will disappear from the library. But don't worry they remain on a shelf called "Archived". For this way you just remove your nook content from your device but the e-books remain in your B&N account and can be redownloaded at no charge. Situation 2: Delete books from Nook completely This situation only applies for removing books purchased from Barnes&Noble. I want to stress you do not begin this part at random unless you're sure you no longer want to read these books. Because the deletion is permanent and deleted books will have to be re-bought if you want them back or recover. Nearly the same as the steps at part 1, find your nook books you want to fullly delete, then from the pop-up options touch the "Delete" button. It will prompts you to comfirm the deletion.
  2. 2. Tips: 1. For deleting books from N1E, you'd better delete them from the account area of the web site. 2. Whatever you do on your device, Don't forget to touch "Check for new B&N content" to sync your NOOK to your account after deleting some books. Frequently asked questions about Nook How to delete Nook free samples? I want you know that all your free samples of nook books couldn't be archived. To get rid of them you can only delete them from your account area completely. How to hide archived B&N eBooks? For the situation 1 you just delete your books from device but they are still in your Nook Cloud. These archived files appear in gray on the B&N library screen. If you want to hide them or make them disappear from the list, select the "Hide archived items". How to share Nook books with friends? There are 3 ways that you can have a try. Share nook books with friends by the same nook account, by lending out, or by removing DRM from Nook. Considered your privacy I strongly recommend you choose the way to remove Nook DRM. You can not only share nook books with your friends, but you can also share your nook content on your multi-devices. For example, read Nook books on Kindle, read nook books on iPad, etc. The tool you can use is All DRM Removal. You can download it free for a trial.
  3. 3. For detail: • How to share Nook books with friends You may also like -How to delete books from Kindle This PDF is generated upon this page: books-from-nook.html, and the original author is Epubor.