The asthma, copd & allergic rhinitis market outlook to 2016


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The report provides an in-depth analysis of the respiratory franchise. It also highlights the key R&D trends that may influence treatment sales and includes a thorough analysis of the competitive dynamics of leading brands within each indication, enabling the reader to identify growth of the leading brands, key drug classes and leading players through 2016.

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The asthma, copd & allergic rhinitis market outlook to 2016

  1. 1. The Asthma, COPD & Allergic Rhinitis Market Outlook to 2016Published:May 2011No.Of Pages:81price:US $ 3835IntroductionThe report provides an in-depth analysis of the respiratory franchise. It alsohighlights the key R&D trends that may influence treatment sales and includes athorough analysis of the competitive dynamics of leading brands within eachindication, enabling the reader to identify growth of the leading brands, key drugclasses and leading players through 2016.Features and benefits* Quantify patient potential and assess treatment trends and sales patterns acrossthe major respiratory indications in the seven major markets.* Discover which indications have the greatest potential to provide growth andunderstand the growth drivers of the major drug classes.* Analyse the respiratory franchises of top pharmaceutical companies across majorindications, and evaluate the market share of these companies.* Gain comprehensive understanding of how recent events are affecting theperformance of major products and companies.* Forecast sales of the leading products as well as key pipeline products in therespiratory market over the period 2010–16.Browse All Pharmaceuticals Market Research ReportsHighlightsThe global respiratory market was valued at $44.0bn in sales in 2010 withasthma/COPD drugs being the key revenue drivers of the therapeutic segment.Of respiratory indications, asthma represents the main area of R&D interest forpharmaceutical companies, with an estimated 300 compounds in various stages ofdevelopment. The COPD and allergic rhinitis pipelines are of lesser strength,comprising around 140 products.Among several once-daily LABA/LAMA combinations in development, BoehringerIngelheim’s BI1744/Spiriva is at an advantage as this combination product uses thecurrent gold standard COPD treatment Spiriva. Other promising Phase III
  2. 2. compounds in development include: Novartis’s NVA237 (glycopyrrolate) and GSK’s642444 (vilanterol trifenatate). NovartYour key questions answered* What will be the major growth indications and the accompanying growth driversin the global respiratory market over the period to 2016?* Which companies have the strongest respiratory portfolios and ?* What are the promising compounds in clinical development for major respiratoryindications, and what is their forecast commercial potential?* What are the current trends within the major therapy areas such asasthma/COPD and allergic rhinitis across the seven major markets?* What are the recent regulatory changes in the respiratory arena and what will bethier impact on the marketed products?Table Of ContentsExecutive SummaryOverview and epidemiology of respiratory disordersGlobal market analysisPipeline analysisCompetitive landscapeAbout the authorDisclaimerOverview and epidemiology of respiratory disordersSummaryIntroductionAsthmaDisease overviewDiagnosis, treatment and managementEpidemiologyForecast epidemiologyCOPDDisease overviewDiagnosis, treatment and managementEpidemiologyForecast epidemiologyAllergic rhinitisDisease overviewDiagnosis, treatment and managementEpidemiologyForecast epidemiologyGlobal market analysisSummaryIntroductionKey events in the global respiratory marketNew FDA recommendations state that LABAs cannot be used as monotherapy
  3. 3. FDA requires new outcomes studies for currently approved LABAs in asthmaFDA: inhalers that contain CFCs to be phased out in USMerck’s Dulera (formoterol/mometasone) approved by the FDA for asthmaForest/Nycomed’s Daxas approved in EU for severe COPDSkyePharma’s NDA for Flutiform rejected by FDANovartis’s Xolair rejected by NICE for pediatric asthmaAstraZeneca launched Symbicort in JapanGSK and Mitsubishi Tanabe ended Japanese tie-up for co-promotion of AdoairLeading respiratory brandsSeretideSingulairSpirivaSymbicortNasonexPulmicortFlixotideCombiventVentolinAllegraMarket analysis by drug classDrug class analysisAsthma/COPD drugsAllergic rhinitis drugsRespiratory sales forecast to 2016Pipeline analysisSummaryIntroductionKey R&D eventsGSK dropped darotropium from its COPD pipelineSpiriva’s safety review reveals that the drug was not associated with CV riskGlobal respiratory pipelineLeading drugs in developmentProfiles of key pipeline productsRecently launched compoundsNew drug application filedPhase III compoundsPhase II compoundsPipeline forecastsCompetitive landscapeSummaryIntroductionGSKMerck & Co.Boehringer IngelheimAstraZenecaNovartis
  4. 4. AppendixScopeMethodologyMarket size methodologyEpidemiologyMarket forecastReferencesPrevalence of asthmaPrevalence of COPDPrevalence of allergic rhinitisAbbreviationsAbout Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports andin-depth market research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. Weprovide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers. Get in touch with us foryour needs of market research reports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog