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US demand for roofing is forecast to rise 5.7 percent per year to 263 million squares in 2015, valued at $24.4 billion. This pace represents a turnaround from the 6.1 percent annual declines experienced between 2005 and 2010. Advances will be driven by the rebound in building construction expenditures from their depressed 2010 base.

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Roofing to 2015

  1. 1. Roofing to 2015Published:November 2011No.Of Pages:378Price:US $ 5100Report SummaryUS demand to rise 5.7% annually through 2015US demand for roofing is forecast to rise 5.7 percent per year to 263 million squares in2015, valued at $24.4 billion. This pace represents a turnaround from the 6.1 percentannual declines experienced between 2005 and 2010. Advances will be driven by therebound in building construction expenditures from their depressed 2010 base.New homes to be fastest growing marketThe new residential market will see annual demand gains of over 20 percent through 2015as housing starts rise from their low 2010 levels. However, the residential reroofing marketwill continue to account for the largest share of roofing market demand in 2015. Thosehomeowners that delayed or canceled renovation projects -- such as roof replacement --during the 2007-2009 recession will go forward with their plans. Roofing demand in thenonresidential market will be spurred by the new construction segment, which is expectedto see 7.5 percent annual gains through 2015. Rebounding office and commercial andinstitutional construction spending will drive advances. Increasing demand for suchstructures as educational and health care facilities, retail sites and office buildings willpromote demand for roofing materials.Browse All Manufacturing & Construction Market Research ReportsEnvironmentally friendly products to support growthIn both the residential and nonresidential markets, roofing demand will be supported byconsumer interest in environmentally friendly products. Such items as light-colored roofingtiles and membranes, metal roofs, roofing made from recycled materials, vegetative roofsand integrated photovoltaic roofing will see increasing use. Consumers will install theseroofing materials to reduce energy costs and minimize urban heat-island effects. Demandwill also be supported by the efforts of state and local governments to pass laws mandatingthe use of these products in new and renovation construction.Laminated asphalt shingles to gain market shareAsphalt shingles hold a dominant position in the residential market and thus are the mostpopular roofing material. Demand for asphalt shingles will rise nearly seven percent peryear through 2015 as residential building construction expenditures rebound. Laminatedasphalt shingles, which accounted for 40 percent of shingle demand in 2000, are projectedto account for 85 percent of demand in 2015. Demand for laminated shingles will be spurredby their superior aesthetic and performance qualities. In the long term, the increasing useof laminated shingles will constrain replacement demand, as these products can havelifespans more than twice that of conventional asphalt shingles.
  2. 2. Roofing tiles to see fastest gains among other productsAmong other products, roofing tiles will see the most rapid demand advances through 2015.Gains will be driven by increasing residential building construction spending in the West andSouth, where roofing tiles are most often installed. Growth will also be promoted by risinginterest in the use of roofing tile because of its favorable aesthetics. Lightcolored tiles canalso serve as cool roofing materials, helping homeowners reduce energy use.Study coverageThis new Freedonia industry study, Roofing, presents historical demand data for the years2000, 2005 and 2010, and forecasts for 2015 and 2020 by product (e.g., asphalt shingles,bituminous low-slope, metal, elastomeric, plastic, roofing tile, wood shingles and shakes),market (residential, nonresidential) and US region. The study also considers marketenvironment factors, details industry structure, evaluates company market share andprofiles industry players.Table of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYII. MARKET ENVIRONMENTGeneralMacroeconomic EnvironmentDemographic OutlookConsumer TrendsPersonal Income & ExpendituresConsumer FinancingBuilding ConstructionResidential BuildingsHousing StartsHousing StockImprovements & RepairsNonresidential BuildingsNewImprovements & RepairsNonresidential Building StockPricingInstalled CostsHistorical Market OverviewMaterials & Technology TrendsEnvironmental Legislation & Regulatory ConsiderationsGeneral Regulatory IssuesEnergy Savings & Cool RoofsGreen RoofsSolar Energy IssuesEnvironmental ConcernsForeign Trade
  3. 3. III. PRODUCTSGeneralAsphalt ShinglesDemand by Product & MaterialProducersProduct CharacteristicsCost FactorsBituminous Low-Slope RoofingProducersProduct CharacteristicsModified Bitumen SystemsBUR SystemsPrimary Roll RoofingCost FactorsBituminous Sheet Roofing DemandAsphaltic Sheet RoofingCoal Tar Sheet RoofingStandard Roofing FeltsModified Bitumen MembranesMetal RoofingDemand by TypeProducersProduct CharacteristicsCost FactorsElastomeric RoofingDemand by TypeProduct CharacteristicsCost FactorsPlastic RoofingDemand by TypeProducersProduct CharacteristicsThermoplastic OlefinsPolyvinyl ChlorideSpray Polyurethane FoamsAll Other Plastic Roofing ProductsCost FactorsRoofing TileDemand by TypeProducersProduct CharacteristicsCost FactorsWood Shingles & ShakesDemand by TypeProduct CharacteristicsCost FactorsOther Roofing MaterialsDemand by MarketDemand by Material TypeComposite & Other Green Materials
  4. 4. Composite & Recycled RoofingGreen RoofsPhotovoltaic RoofingAll Other RoofingIV. MARKETSGeneralResidentialNewReroofingDemand by Housing TypeSingle-FamilyMultifamilyManufactured HousingNonresidentialNewReroofingDemand by Building TypeOffice & CommercialIndustrialInstitutionalOther NonresidentialDemand by SlopeV. REGIONSGeneralRegional Demographic & Economic ActivityPopulation PatternsEconomic OutlookConstruction ActivityHousing TrendsRegional Roofing DemandNortheastNew EnglandMiddle AtlanticMidwestEast North CentralWest North CentralSouthSouth AtlanticEast South CentralWest South CentralWestMountainPacific
  5. 5. VI. INDUSTRY STRUCTUREGeneralIndustry Composition & Market ShareMarket LeadersProduct Segment LeadersProduct Development & ManufacturingCompetitive StrategiesMarketingDistributionMergers & AcquisitionsCooperative AgreementsCOMPANY PROFILESAllied Building Products, see CRHAmerican Building Components, see NCI Building SystemsAmerican Buildings, see Nucor CorporationASC Profiles, see BlueScope SteelATAS International IncorporatedAtlas Roofing, see Hood CompaniesBASF SEBerkshire Hathaway IncorporatedBITEC, see IndexBlueScope Steel LimitedBoral LimitedBridgestone CorporationBuilding Materials Corporation of AmericaButler Manufacturing, see BlueScope SteelCanroof, see IKO GroupCarlisle Companies IncorporatedCertainTeed, see Saint-GobainClarke GroupCopperCraft, see Euramax InternationalCRH plcDECRA Roofing Systems, see Fletcher BuildingDow Chemical CompanyDuro-Last Roofing IncorporatedEcoStar, see Staroba Plastic and Metal Products of New YorkEuramax International IncorporatedFabral, see Euramax InternationalFiberteq, see IKO Group and Owens CorningFirestone Building Products, see BridgestoneFletcher Building LimitedGAFMC, see Building Materials Corporation of AmericaGenFlex, see BridgestoneGerard Roofing Technologies, see Metals USA HoldingsGulf States Manufacturers, see NucorHanson Roof Tile, see HeidelbergCementHCI Steel Building Systems, see BlueScope SteelHeidelbergCement AG
  6. 6. Henry CompanyHood CompaniesHunter Panels, see Carlisle CompaniesHyload Roofing Systems, see IKO GroupIB Roof SystemsIcopal A/SIKO GroupIndex SpAInsulated Panel Systems, see NCI Building SystemsInsulfoam, see Carlisle CompaniesJohns Manville, see Berkshire HathawayKirby Building Systems, see NucorKoppers Holdings IncorporatedLiberty Building Systems, see BlueScope SteelLudowici Roof Tile, see TerrealMetal Building Components, see NCI Building SystemsMetals USA Holdings CorporationMetl-Span, see BlueScope SteelMonier Group GmbHMonierLifetile, see BoralMW/MB, see IKO Group and TAMKO Building ProductsNCI Building Systems IncorporatedNorandex Building Materials Distribution, see Saint-GobainNorth American Roofing Services IncorporatedNucor CorporationOwens CorningPetersen Aluminum CorporationRedland Clay Tile, see Monier GroupRobertson Building Systems, see NCI Building SystemsSaint-GobainSiplast Icopal, see Icopal A/SStar Building Systems, see NCI Building SystemsStaroba Plastic and Metal Products of New York IncorporatedTAMKO Building Products IncorporatedTerrealUS Tile, see BoralVarco Pruden Buildings, see BlueScope SteelVulcraft, see NucorWestile, see CRHAdditional Companies Mentioned in StudyLIST OF TABLESSECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary TableSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators2 Population & Households
  7. 7. 3 Personal Consumption Expenditures4 Consumer Financing Environment, 2000-20105 Building Construction Expenditures6 Residential Building Construction Expenditures7 New Housing Indicators8 Housing Stock by Type9 Residential Improvement & Repair Expenditures10 Nonresidential Building Construction Expenditures11 Nonresidential Building Improvement & Repair Expenditures12 Nonresidential Building Stock13 Selected Roofing Product Prices14 Roofing Market, 2000-201015 US Roofing Products Foreign TradeSECTION III -- PRODUCTS1 Roofing Demand by Product2 Asphalt Shingles Demand by Market3 Asphalt Shingles Demand by Product & Material4 Asphalt Shingles Installed Cost5 Bituminous Low-Slope Roofing Demand by Market6 Bituminous Low-Slope Roofing Installed Cost7 Bituminous Sheet Roofing Demand by Bitumen, Product & Application8 Asphaltic Sheet Roofing Demand by Product9 Coal Tar Sheet Roofing Demand by Product10 Standard Roofing Felts Demand by Material & Surface11 Modified Bitumen Membranes Roofing Membranes Demand by Material Type & Surface12 Metal Roofing Demand by Market13 Metal Roofing Demand by Type14 Metal Roofing Installed Cost15 Elastomeric Roofing Demand by Market16 Elastomeric Roofing Demand by Type17 Elastomeric Roofing Installed Cost18 Plastic Roofing Demand by Market19 Plastic Roofing Demand by Type20 Plastic Roofing Installed Cost21 Roofing Tile Demand by Market22 Roofing Tile Demand by Type23 Roofing Tile Installed Cost24 Wood Shingle & Shake Demand by Market25 Wood Shingle & Shake Demand by Type26 Wood Shingle & Shake Installed Cost27 Other Roofing Materials Demand by Market28 Other Roofing Materials Demand by TypeSECTION IV -- MARKETS1 Roofing Demand by Market2 Residential Roofing Demand by Product & Application3 New Residential Roofing Demand by Product4 Residential Reroofing Demand by Product
  8. 8. 5 Residential Roofing Demand by Housing Type6 Single-Family Housing Roofing Demand by Product & Application7 Multifamily Housing Roofing Demand by Product & Application8 Manufactured Housing Roofing Demand by Product & Application9 Nonresidential Roofing Demand by Product & Application10 New Nonresidential Roofing Demand by Product11 Nonresidential Reroofing Demand by Product12 Nonresidential Roofing Demand by Building Type13 Office & Commercial Roofing Demand by Product & Application14 Industrial Roofing Demand by Product & Application15 Institutional Roofing Demand by Product & Application16 Other Nonresidential Roofing Demand by Product & ApplicationSECTION V -- REGIONS1 Population by Region2 Gross Domestic Product by Region3 Construction Expenditures by Region4 Regional Housing Indicators5 Roofing Demand by Region6 Northeast Roofing Demand by Subregion, Market & Product7 Midwest Roofing Demand by Subregion, Market & Product8 South Roofing Demand by Subregion, Market & Product9 West Roofing Demand by Subregion, Market & ProductSECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Roofing Sales by Company, 2010LIST OF CHARTSSECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Year of Construction of Housing Stock, 20102 Roofing Prices, 2000-20203 Installed Costs for Selected Roofing Products, 20104 Roofing Market Growth, 2001-2010SECTION IV -- MARKETS1 Nonresidential Roofing Demand by Building Type, 2010 New Vs. Reroofing2 Roofing Demand by Slope, 2010SECTION V -- REGIONS1 Roofing Demand by Region, 2010SECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Roofing Market Share, 2010
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