China citric acid industry


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China citric acid industry

  1. 1. China Citric Acid Market and ProductionAs the natural acid, citric acid industry has seen a fast growth in China before 2008 due to increasingdemand from both of overseas market and domestic market. However, in the past five years, Chinascitric acid production has been expanding slowly due to demand increase very slowly. Whats more, theprice of citric acid’s raw material witnessed the uptrend in the same period. What has happened in thecitric market in past five years? How is the current competition structure of citric acid in China? Who arethe leading producers now? What is the future relationship between supply and demand in the citric acidmarket?With the application of citric acid is quite wide in China due to its long history and natural acid, how is thecurrent competition structure of citric acid in China? And how do citric acids major downstream industriesdevelop in China? What is the consumption trend?Besides the aspects mentioned above, the current situation of export and import in citric acidindustry also can be seen in this report.Report Details:Published: April 2013No. of Pages: 42What’s more, what will be the development trend of citric acid industry in China? You can find theanswers in this report.This report combines CCM’s expertise in citric acid market research. Highlights of this report areas follows: Brief introduction to citric acid industry Introduction to key raw materials of citric acid Supply and demand of citric acid in China Import and export situation of citric acid Detailed description on citric acid’s consumption pattern, market size and application fields Forecast on future development of citric acid industry in ChinaTable of ContentsExecutive summary 1Introduction and methodology 2
  2. 2. 1 Brief introduction to citric acid industry 41.1 Development of citric acid in China 41.2 Government policy toward citric acid industry in China 52 Introduction to key raw materials of citric acid 62.1 Corn 62.1.1 Supply 62.1.2 Circulation (price, import & export) 82.1.3 Consumption 92.2 Cassava 112.2.1 Supply 112.2.2 Circulation (price, import & export) 132.2.3 Consumption 143 Supply and demand of citric acid in China 163.1 Supply situation, 2008–2012 163.1.1 Summary of citric acid production 163.1.2 Key citric acid manufacturers 173.2 Price of citric acid 193.3 Import and export situation, 2008–2012 203.3.1 Antidumping issues involving Chinas citric acid 203.3.2 Export situation 223.3.3 Import situation 253.4 Consumption 273.4.1 Consumption pattern of citric acid 273.4.2 Consumption in food and beverage industry 283.4.3 Consumption in detergent industry 333.4.4 Consumption in pharmaceutical industry 343.4.5 In other industries 354 Forecast on citric acid industry in China 36Contact for more details.