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Advanced ceramics
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Advanced ceramics


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Advanced CeramicsPublished:September 2011No.Of Pages:290Price:US $ 4900Report SummaryDemand to advance 6%per year through 2015Demand for advanced ceramics in the US is forecast to rise 6.0 percent annually to$14.2 billion in 2015. After the recession of late 2007-2009, demand will advanceas original equipment manufacturing in the US rebounds, especially motor vehiclesand electrical equipment. Further growth will come in environmental markets,where new regulations will dramatically increase demand for pollution controlsystems that se advanced ceramic filters and membranes.Electronic components to remain largest marketThe electronic components industry was responsible for more than one-quarter ofall demand for advanced ceramics in 2010, and it will remain the largest marketgoing forward. Semiconductors are the biggest single segment of this market,followed by capacitors. Advanced ceramic capacitors are used in many everydayitems. However, US production -- and associated materials demand -- forcapacitors and semiconductors will grow at a below-average pace, asmanufacturing activity continues to shift to lower-cost countries. Transportationequipment to register strong growth Transportation equipment markets will registerdouble-digit gains through 2015. An upturn in automotive production, especiallymedium and heavy vehicles,will spur increased demand for used incommercial diesel and gasoline engines. Additionally, new regulations (now beingphased in) that control diesel particulate emissions, as well as other pollutants, willsparkgrowth in the filtration and catalystsegments. Also, as jet enginemanufacturers work to make their products more efficient and quieter, the use ofadvanced ceramic materials is forecast to expand.Advanced ceramic turbine bladesare lighter, more heat resistant and durable than their metal counterparts. Coatingscontaining advanced ceramics are already in wide use in the aviation industry.Environmental markets will also rise at a strong rate through 2015, spurred by arise in emissions control spending by US industry. Greater use of ceramicmembranes in filtration applications, along with increases in demand for ceramicfilters and catalyst substrates, will fuel gains in this market.Browse All Manufacturing & Construction Market Research Reports
  • 2. Membranes trap more materials and allow higher flow rates than competingfiltration technologies.Ceramic membranes also have the ability to handle extremeenvironments,and stand up to sterilization and cleaning better than othereconomically feasible materials. Filters and catalyst substrates have becomepopular for similar reasons.Filters can withstand extreme environments and havemuch longer lives than textile or metal alternatives. Ceramic substrates have highporosity and large surface areas, which make them ideal for use withcatalysts.Improvements in manufacturing technology have reduced the cost ofproduction for advanced ceramics and, in turn, opened several small markets togreater growth. Machining advanced ceramics is expensive, as they are similar todiamonds in hardness. Near net shape processing, where the ceramic is formed toclosely resemble the final part before sintering, has grown in popularity and saveson finishing costs. Smaller grain sizes decrease sintering time and increasehardness, and pre-sinter machining.Study coverageAdvanced Ceramics is a new Freedonia industry study priced at $4900. It presentshistorical demand data (2000, 2005 and 2010) plus forecasts (2015 and 2020) bytype, product and market. The study also considers Advanced Ceramics Marketenvironment factors, evaluates company market share and profiles US industryplayers.Table Of ContentsINTRODUCTIONI. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1II. MARKET ENVIRONMENT 4General 4Macroeconomic Overview 5Demographic Trends 9Consumer Spending Overview 13Manufacturing Outlook 15Historical Trends 18Pricing & Competitive Materials 21Technology Trends 24Regulatory & Environmental Factors 26World Outlook 28Foreign Trade 29III. TYPES 31General 31Alumina Ceramics 36Titanate Ceramics 38
  • 3. Barium Titanate 40Lead Zirconate Titanate 41Other Titanate Ceramics 42Zirconate Ceramics 44Ferrite Ceramics 47Silicon Carbide Ceramics 49Cordierite Ceramics 53Boron Carbide Ceramics 55Beryllia Ceramics 57Silicon Nitride Ceramics 59Other Advanced Ceramics 62IV. PRODUCTS 67General 67Monolithic Ceramics 70Electrical & Electronic Parts 73Catalyst Supports 76Filters 78Body & Vehicle Armor 82Wear Parts 85Bioceramics 89Membranes 90Engine Parts 93Cutting Tools 96Other Monolithic Ceramics 97Ceramic Coatings 99Wear Parts 102Cutting Tools 104Engine Parts 106Other Ceramic Coatings 108Ceramic Matrix Composites 109Wear Parts 112Aerospace & Engine Parts 114Cutting Tools 116Other Ceramic Matrix Composites 118Demand by Process 119V. MARKETS 123General 123Electronic Components Market 127Electronic Components Outlook 127Advanced Ceramics Demand 128Semiconductors & Integrated Circuit Packages 130Capacitors 132Other Electronic Components 135Electrical Equipment Market 137Electrical Equipment Outlook 138
  • 4. Advanced Ceramics Demand 140Insulators 142Permanent Magnets 144Other Electrical Equipment 146Transportation Equipment Market 149Transportation Equipment Outlook 150Advanced Ceramics Demand 153Motor Vehicles 155Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment 159Machinery Market 161Machinery Outlook 161Advanced Ceramics Demand 163Chemical & Plastic Market 165Chemical & Plastic Industry Outlook 166Advanced Ceramics Demand 168Environmental Market 171Pollution Control Equipment Outlook 171Advanced Ceramics Demand 173Body & Vehicle Armor 176National Defense Expenditures Outlook 176Advanced Ceramics Demand 177Medical Product Market 181Orthopedic Implant & Dental Procedures Outlook 181Advanced Ceramics Demand 184Other Markets 187VI. INDUSTRY STRUCTURE 191General 191Market Share 194Acquisitions & Divestitures 200Cooperative Agreements 201Marketing & Distribution 203Manufacturing 205Research & Development 208Competitive Strategies 209Company Profiles 211American Technical Ceramics, see KyoceraApplied Materials Incorporated 212AVX, see KyoceraBrush Engineered Materials, see MaterionCeradyne Incorporated 213CeramTec, see Rockwood HoldingsCerCo LLC 217C5 Medical Werks, see CoorsTekCookson Group plc 218CoorsTek Incorporated 220Cormetech, see Corning
  • 5. Corning Incorporated 223Covalent Materials Corporation 225CTS Corporation 226DENSO Corporation 228DuPont (EI) de Nemours 229Ferro Corporation 230General Electric Company 232Goodrich Corporation 234HC Starck GmbH 235Hitachi Limited 237Honeywell International Incorporated 239KEMET Corporation 241Kennametal Incorporated 242Kyocera Corporation 244Materion Corporation 248Momentive Performance Materials Holdings LLC 250Morgan Crucible Company plc 253Murata Manufacturing Company Limited 256Natel Engineering Company Incorporated 258NGK Insulators Limited 259Noritake Company Limited 262Pall Corporation 263Panasonic Corporation 265Refractron Technologies Corporation 266RHI AG 267Rockwood Holdings Incorporated 268Saint-Gobain 271Stryker Corporation 274Sulzer Limited 275TDK Corporation 277Thermal Ceramics, see Morgan CrucibleVesuvius Group, see Cookson GroupVishay Intertechnology Incorporated 279Zentrix Technologies, see MaterionOther Companies Mentioned in Study 281SECTION I -- EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSummary Table 3SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Macroeconomic Indicators 82 Population & Households 123 Personal Consumption Expenditures 154 Manufacturers’ Shipments 185 Advanced Ceramics Market, 2000-2010 20SECTION III -- TYPES1 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Type 34
  • 6. 2 Alumina Ceramics Demand 383 Titanate Ceramics Demand 404 Zirconate Ceramics Demand 465 Ferrite Ceramics Demand 496 Silicon Carbide Ceramics Demand 537 Cordierite Ceramics Demand 558 Boron Carbide Ceramics Demand 579 Beryllia Ceramics Demand 5910 Silicon Nitride Ceramics Demand 6211 Other Advanced Ceramics Demand 66SECTION IV -- PRODUCTS1 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Product 692 Monolithic Ceramics Demand 723 Electrical & Electronic Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 764 Catalyst Support Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 785 Filter Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 826 Armor Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 857 Wear Part Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 888 Bioceramic Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 909 Membrane Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 9310 Engine Part Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 9511 Cutting Tool Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 9712 Other Applications for Monolithic Ceramics 9913 Ceramic Coatings Demand 10114 Wear Part Applications for Ceramic Coatings 10415 Cutting Tool Applications for Ceramic Coatings 10616 Engine Part Applications for Ceramic Coatings 10717 Other Applications for Ceramic Coatings 10918 Ceramic Matrix Composites Demand 11119 Wear Part Applications for Ceramic Matrix Composites 11320 Aerospace & Engine Part Applications for Ceramic MatrixComposites 11621 Cutting Tool Applications for Ceramic Matrix Composites 11722 Other Applications for Ceramic Matrix Composites 11923 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Process 122SECTION V -- MARKETS1 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Market 1252 Electronic Components Shipments 1283 Electronic Components Markets for Advanced Ceramics 1304 Semiconductor & IC Package Market for Advanced Ceramics 1325 Capacitor Market for Advanced Ceramics 1356 Other Electronic Components Markets for Advanced Ceramics 1377 Electrical Equipment & Appliance Shipments 1398 Electrical Equipment Market for Advanced Ceramics 1429 Electrical Insulator Market for Advanced Ceramics 143
  • 7. 10 Permanent Magnet Market for Advanced Ceramics 14611 Other Electrical Equipment Markets for Advanced Ceramics 14912 Transportation Equipment Shipments 15313 Transportation Equipment Market for Advanced Ceramics 15514 Motor Vehicle Market for Advanced Ceramics 15815 Aerospace & Other Transportation Equipment Markets forAdvanced Ceramics 16016 Machinery Shipments 16317 Machinery Market for Advanced Ceramics 16518 Chemical & Plastic Product Shipments 16819 Chemical & Plastic Market for Advanced Ceramics 17120 Pollution Control Equipment Shipments 17321 Environmental Market for Advanced Ceramics 17622 National Defense Expenditures 17723 Body & Vehicle Armor Market for Advanced Ceramics 18024 Orthopedic Implant & Dental Procedures by Type 18325 Medical Product Market for Advanced Ceramics 18726 Other Markets for Advanced Ceramics 190SECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 US Advanced Ceramics Sales by Company, 2010 1922 Selected Cooperative Agreements 203SECTION II -- MARKET ENVIRONMENT1 Advanced Ceramics Market, 2000-2010 212 World Advanced Ceramics Demand, 2010 29SECTION III -- TYPES1 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Type, 2010 352 Increase in Advanced Ceramics Demand by Type,2010-2015 35SECTION IV -- PRODUCTS1 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Product, 2010 692 Increase in Advanced Ceramics Demand by Product,2010-2015 703 Monolithic Ceramics Demand, 2010 734 Ceramic Coatings Demand, 2010 1025 Ceramic Matrix Composites Demand, 2010 112SECTION V -- MARKETS1 Advanced Ceramics Demand by Market, 2010 1262 Increase in Advanced Ceramics Demand by Market,2010-2015 126
  • 8. SECTION VI -- INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 Advanced Ceramics Market Share by Company, 2010 195About Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports andin-depth market research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. Weprovide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers. Get in touch with us foryour needs of market research reports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog