Global and China Tire Industry


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In 2012, the global tire market size approximated USD185.8 billion, up 2.6% from a year earlier. The estimation shows that the growth rate in 2013 will be no more than 0.5%.

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Global and China Tire Industry

  1. 1. 2013 Global and China Tire IndustryIn 2012, the global tire market size approximated USD185.8 billion, up 2.6% from a year earlier.The estimation shows that the growth rate in 2013 will be no more than 0.5%. In 2012, theglobal tire shipment reached roughly 1.461 billion units, of which, the OE tire for PLT use grewby 6%, for RT use dropped by 4%, for CV declined by 5%, and the RT tire decreased by 4%. InEurope, the shipment of OE tire for PLT use dived by 4%, and that of RT tire dropped by 10%,for CV declined by 4%, and the shipment of RT tire slumped by 10%; in North America, theshipment of OE tire for PLT use increased by 16%, that of RT tire declined by 2%, OE tire for CVsurged by 2%, and the shipment of RT tire dropped by 2%; in Asia, the shipment of OE tire forPLT use grew by 11%, and that of RT tire rose by 2%, OE tire for CV declined by 9%, and theshipment of RT tire decreased by 6%; in South America, the shipment of OE tire for CV droppedby 30% as a result of the sluggish economic situation in Brazil.In spite of sluggish market, the tire enterprises have enjoyed excellent performance, due to thefact that the cost of NR and SR, which are raw materials of tire industry, took a sharp decline.By the way, NR and SR make up around 50-60% raw materials cost of tire industry. In 2011-2012, the new NR capacities poured into the market, leading to continuing fall of prices. In2012Q2, the NR was priced at USD5,225/ton, while the figure in 2012Q4 dropped toUSD2,998/ton, down 43%; in 2011Q3, SR was priced at USD4,021/ton, while the figure in2012Q4 declined by 18% to USD3,309/ton. Due to the market demand at low ebb as well as theoversupply of NR, there is little possibility that the prices will rebound. And it is estimated thatthe prices in 2013 will linger at a low level or even see further drop.In 2012, the global tire enterprises saw a substantial increase in profit. And the gross profit of41 Chinese tire companies surged by 62.8%. The increase of profit enabled global tireenterprises to stage an investment upsurge amid the market downturn which featuresrelatively low investment cost. In order to get closer to raw materials bases and to cut downcost, Southeast Asia has become the first choice for industrial players.Buy a copy of this report @ Details:Published: March 2013No. of Pages: 178Price: Single User License: US$2500 Corporate User License: US$3900The report highlights the followings:
  2. 2. Global Automobile Industry and MarketChina Automobile MarketGlobal Tire Market and IndustryChina Tire Market and Industry27 Tire ProducersFour Japanese tire tycoons including Bridgestone, Sumitomo Rubber, Yokohama and Toyo allmade investments in Southeast Asia in 2012. In particular, the first three ones made theirinvestment in Thailand, while the last one invested in Malaysia. And the Europe-based Pirellimade the investment in Indonesia. And the Chinese counterparts are also joining in the leagueto invest in overseas. The initiator came to Sailun Group, followed by Hangzhou ZhongceRubber, Triangle Tire and Linlong which established their production bases in Southeast Asia.Other investment attractions include emerging economies. Since China has an extraordinarilyrobust demand for luxury cars, leading European tire makers including Michelin andContinental are intensifying their investment in Greater China. In addition, Continental lavishedUSD71 million to take over India-based Modipuram, while Pirelli invested in Russia.Table of Contents:Chapter Seven Natural Pigment Key Manufacturers Analysis 597.1CHRHANSEN(Denmark) 597.2 San-Ei-Gen(Japan) 617.3 Sensient (Germany) 637.4 AVT(India) 657.5 Synthite (India) 677.6 D.D. Williamson(Netherlands) 707.7 DSM(Netherlands) 727.8 BASF(Germany) 757.9 Naturex(France) 787.10 Kalsec(UK) 807.11 Extractors (Spain) 837.12 Chenguang Biotech 857.13 BOHAO Biotech 877.14 Qingdao CITECH 897.15 Dongzhixing Biotech 917.16 LONGPING HIGH-TECH 947.17 Maker967.18 Luhaibao Biotech 98
  3. 3. 7.19 Tianxu Natural Pigment 1017.20 ZHONGDA BIOLOGICAL 1037.21 Greenfood Biotech 1067.22 Tianyin Shengwu 1097.23 Huaming Pigment 1117.24 Redstar Chemistry 1147.25 Yunnan Tonghai 1197.26 Zhongjin Natural Pigment 1217.27 Yunnan Rainbow Biotech 124Inquire for Discount on this report @ for more details.