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Looking for a stylist handmade jewelery?

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Arts And Crafts

  1. 1. Truly handmade products
  2. 2. Welcome to Aanya Creations ( ), a platform where we present truly handmade products from India . The products are the work of Indian Craftsmen in villages and represent the rich history and traditional arts of India. Our artisans strive to craft the products entirely by hand and minimize the use of any modern technical equipment or processes in their production. True handicraft products cannot be identical, but we ensure excellent quality control to minimize any minor differences. We also ensure timely delivery of each product to the customer. Our venture also supports Indian craftsmen in their villages and promotes their art and culture. Please visit next 15 slides to give brief about the products range and details we are offering.
  3. 3. Terracotta Jewellery This exotic jewellery is crafted from clay. The unique art of "high and low steam process" on clay gives them an ethnic and vintage look. This hand crafted jewellery is a fine craftsmanship of engraving on clay with combinations of beads and colors. These are our premium collections of Terracotta Necklaces
  4. 4. Necklaces We have an exclusive range of close neck necklaces handcrafted with technique of "high and low steam process" only. Minimum / no colors are used in these necklaces either in form of natural or artificial colors. All the colors combinations are given with steam process on clay. Low steam process on clay to get light colors and high steam process for dark colors.
  5. 5. Terracotta Necklace Introducing stylish terracotta pendant; an engraved design works on terracotta with various colors and beads combinations. Ethnic look terracotta long chain; with variety of beads made from “low and high steam process”.
  6. 6. Handmade Earrings We have an exclusive range of terracotta engraved design bangles. A fine engraving hand work done on clay bangles with various design and colors combinations. Also introducing Terracotta Earring and Jhumkas. Jhumka,” a traditional bell shape jewelry from India. The hanging earrings dangling from the earlobes
  7. 7. Wood Jewellery This wood jewellery is crafted with combinations of wood, bamboo and wooden beads. All these jewellery are hand crafted with minimal use of colors. This hand crafted jewellery is a fine craftsmanship on wood; gives multiple layers cut design.
  8. 8. Dhokra This Tribal Art from India dates back to mid eighteenth century. Introduction of oldest form of metal casting and Indian heritage. This process also known as “lost wax process”. A reflection of tribal and raw look on jewelries.
  9. 9. Handmade Bags Denim bags with "Kantha" work embroidery. Kantha is one the most intricate forms of traditional embroidery style practiced by rural women in India. Available in various colors combination of hand embroidery. .
  10. 10. Cotton Handbags For Women We have another range of cotton bags with combination of Batik design and Kantha work embroidery. Kantha is one the most intricate forms of traditional embroidery style practiced by rural women in India; whereas Batik is the old process of coloring on fabric.
  11. 11. Denim Handbag Embroidery Purses We also have the range of small denim hand purses, hanging purse, mobile holder, bottle carrying bags etc. Also introducing office file covers with kantha hand embroidery work on cotton fabric.
  12. 12. Animal Figurine Introducing single piece wood carvings. We also have the exclusive range of natural double shade wood sculptures .
  13. 13. Wildlife Figurines More variety of animals sculptures
  14. 14. Bamboo Craft Bamboo desktop items. Carrying traditional handwork of bamboo on your table in form of pen holders. An art of making figurines on bamboo and placing them on bamboo platform to give a tribal and village look for decorative and desktop items.
  15. 15. Bamboo Decor Few more range of decorative and desktop items of bamboo handicrafts.
  16. 16. Indian Hindu God Introducing single piece wood carvings
  17. 17. Dhokra Scultpures This Tribal Art from India dates back to mid eighteenth century. The figurines are crafted from one of the oldest techniques called the lost wax process and therefore the figurines retain the ancient look and features. Made by tribals, Dhokra is notable for its strength and shapeliness of design .
  18. 18. For complete product catalogue, products details, products size, products weight etc. please visit our website . We do also customize the product requirements in terms of size and design for few categories. We welcome your suggestion and feedback. Please write to us at [email_address] . Thank You, Arts And Crafts Truly handmade products Team Aanya Creations
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