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Lindsey Cummings is a Digital Strategist from Sydney, Australia but she has passport (well, 2 actually) and will travel.

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Lindsey Cummings - your new strategist

  1. 1. L INDSEY C UMMINGS Trend hunter, music obsessed and pop culture tragic. Your new Digital Strategist.Blog: Twitter: @_lincu_ Email: Skype: Lindsey.c Phone: +61 415 887751
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Lindsey. I’m a Digital Strategist from Sydney, Australia looking for a new challenge in a lively city. I have both an Australian and Irish passport and I’m willing to travel wherever they might take me. Trekking to Machu Picchu on my first solo travel adventure - a trip that The objective of this resume is to find a new opportunity made me realise if I can travel solo through South America with limited that matches my skills, rather than seek out a specific Spanish, I can do anything job. I have an advertising background, an industry which I love but am not married to, so as long as your role is strategic and seeks creative recommendations, I would love to hear more. Always a dreamer/ Where it all started. My schemer childhood home - the “city within a national park” In the following pages included some examples of my recent work, as well as work I admire, trends forecasted for 2011, and what my passion project would be if I had a million dollars.Shockingly, I like to look for inspiration from outside the ad world. Some who have taught me a lot are WayneCoyne, enigmatic front man from The Flaming Lips and If you see anything that interests you or if you have any Robbie Deans, the Australian Rugby coach. questions, please contact me.
  3. 3. My Skillset My QualificationsPlanning: Experience: • A talent for recognising true insights in all aspects of communications including the market, brand, consumer and engagement insights 2007-2011: LOUD Advertising, Sydney • An approach which looks for the real problem and considers • Digital Strategist solutions outside of communications to solve it if necessary • Jnr Strategist • A belief in collaborative approaches, which are lateral over literal • Account ManagerDigital: 2007: Advertising Federation of Australia (AFA) • The ability to design and develop comprehensive strategies, including • Graduate trainee - selected in a program which takes across social media channels Australia’s best advertising graduates and assigns them • Extensive experience in writing detailed content management to various agencies to undergo a 9 month trainee guidelines and editorial/conversational calendars program • A confidence in using analytics programs and interpreting the data for trends, opportunities or potential problems 2006: George Patterson Y&R, Sydney • Basic HTML coding • Account Co-ordinator • A great understanding of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and how each platform can be optimised to achieve client goals 2005-2007: JB Hifi - Music • Thorough, up to date knowledge of emerging technologies and • Music advisor and sales consultant trends as well as an understanding of how these can be utilised to 2004: NEXT Media - Rolling Stone Magazine benefit clients • Thought leadership for all things digital to drive innovation both for • Intern working across all aspects of the magazine including writing, photo shoots, interviews, ad sales, the client and throughout the agency subscriptions and admin tasks • Proactivity that puts the agency on the front foot with clientsGeneral: Education: • An Account Management background which gives me a great appreciation for the various pressures facing her colleagues • 2004 - 2007: University of Technology, Sydney – Bachelor of • A self confessed data nerd who could happily sift through trawls of Business (Marketing, Leisure Management and Public statistics all day and loves nothing more than a good case study or Relations) infographic • Always looking for new inspiration in the most unexpected of places Industry Related • An understanding of multicultural communications and the • 2008: AFA AdSchool – Advertising Principles importance of respecting cultures and tailoring messages • 2009: AFA AdSchool – Strategic Planning Principles • Unfortunately design is not one of my skills, so please forgive the • 2010: AFA AdSchool – Digital Strategy not-so-seamless design of this CV • 2010: Google - Introduction to HTML & CSS
  4. 4. Some brands I’ve worked on: Role: Account Manager & Strategist Info: Created integrated campaigns and new products for the financial services industry, focusing on superannuation, investment and insurance. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | DIRECT | INTERNAL COMMS | CHANNEL PLANNING | Role: Strategist Info: Part of strategy team for various government projects including: NSW Transport, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW Health, Australia Day Council and the Public Transport Ticketing Corporation. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | SOCIAL MEDIA | ALTERNATE CHANNELS | INTERNAL COMMS | MULTICULTURAL | CHANNEL PLANNING | Role: Strategist Info: Currently developing digital strategy for full online offering which includes website, mobile & social networking plan. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | DIRECT | SOCIAL MEDIA | CHANNEL PLANNING | Role: Account Manager & Senior Strategist Info: Created digital strategy for animal health products. Launched online social community for ‘pet passionates’ and developed trade campaign for pet stores and vets. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | DIRECT | SOCIAL MEDIA | ALTERNATE CHANNELS | Role: Digital Strategist Info: Conducted donor research for re-brand and key message positioning. Developed in depth social media strategy for mass acquisition campaign and ongoing branding. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | DIRECT | SOCIAL MEDIA | ALTERNATE CHANNELS | INTERNAL COMMS | SOCIETAL | MULTICULTURAL | CHANNEL PLANNING |
  5. 5. Some brands I’ve worked on: Role: Account Coordinator Info: Launched Telstra’s ‘Next’ Network across all channels in Australia’s largest national advertising campaign. Launched the HipTop phone in a youth focussed campaign. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | DIRECT | Role: Account Manager & Strategist Info: Australia’s largest television network, FOXTEL approached LOUD for DM strategy and creative, on-air creative and a new product launch. Developed creative strategy across multiple products. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | DIRECT | INTERNAL COMMS | Role: Strategist Info: Complete rebrand of all communications to take the brand from standard trade advertising to a unique look and feel with strong cut through that has seen them challenge John Deer for the number one brand. Channels: | BRANDING | DIGITAL | DIRECT | INTERNAL COMMS Role: Senior Strategist Info: Rebrand of all assets including store design, communications and branding to broaden the customer base from targeting multicultural only to mass appeal. Channels: | BRANDING | DESIGN | DIGITAL | MULTICULTURAL | INTERNAL COMMS Role: Strategist Info: Australia’s 2nd largest mobile provider approached us for a multicultural marketing strategy. Conducted in-depth research, developed products and call rates, then executed creative to 5 cultures. Channels: | BRANDING | DIGITAL | ALTERNATE CHANNELS | MULTICULTURAL |
  6. 6. Case Studies
  7. 7. Cerebral Palsy Alliance The challenge: A.2$)12$(%!%&()%5$)%)*$%05$%).%5$)%/%+-,% After 76 years as The Spastic Centre, awareness was still at just 1.5% (or pretty much nothing) and there was very little understanding of what 0-%+:0.((%)*$%0..28%B*$-%!%0$2$2;$08 Cerebral Palsy consisted of. With a number of “mega charities” going from strength to strength and threatening to poach our donor base, a!"#$% &()% *+,% +-% ./$0+)1.-% (.% 23% 4$5(% ,.-")% 6.07% #$03% 6$448% 9)% )*+)"(% (.2$)*1-5% )*+)% 3.% &()% *+#$% ).% bold move was needed.5.% )*0.5*% 6*$-% 3."#$% 5.)% :$0$;0+4% /+4(38% <(% 3.0% ;.-$(% 50.6=% 3.0% 2(:4$(% (.2$)12$(% ,.-")% 7$$/%/% 61)*% )*$2=% (.% ./$0+)1.-(% :+-% *$4/8% <-,% 4.)(% .>% )*$0+/3% +>)$06+0,(% ).% *$4/% )*$% 2(:4$(%()0$):*% .)888% 6*1:*% !% ,.-")% 417$?888% ;)% !% ,.-")% *+#$% 2:*% .>% +% :*.1:$8% !)"(% &()% >0()0+)1-5% ;$:+($% The brand realities:+>)$0%$+:*%./$0+)1.-%!"2%;+:7%).%(@+0$%.-$8%<%>$6%2.-)*(%+5.%!%:.4,%6+47888%+-,%-.6%!%*+#$%).%4$+0-%).%,.%1)%+44% .#$0% +5+1-8% A.2$)12$(% !% &()% *+#$% 2$4),.6-(888% !% 5$)% 0$+443% $2.)1.-+4888% :+($% !% &()% 6+-)% A negative stigma was attached to The Spastic Centre’s name, which).% ;$% +;4$% ).% ,+-:$% +-,% ,.% )*$% )*1-5(% -.02+4% )$$-+5$% 5104(% ,.888% ;)% !"2% ():7=% +-,% !% :+-")% ,.% +-3% was deterring donors – it wasn’t a glamorous cause. We recommended a.>% )*.($% )*1-5(8B*$-% !% &()% )03% ).% /44% 23($4>% ).5$)*$0% +-,% )*1-7=% 1)"(% >.0% )*$% ;$()8% major rebrand and a name change to the Cerebral Palsy Alliance.!% 2$+-=% )*$% ./$0+)1.-% 1(-")% &()% ).% *$4/% 2$% 6+47% +5+1-888% 1)"(% ).% *$4/% 2$% 6+47% )$-% )12$(%;$))$0% )*+-% !% :.4,% ;$>.0$888% +-,% !"2% 4:73%>.0%)*+)8%!"#$%&()%5.)%).%7$$/%)*1-71-5% Secondly, we had to make people understand what Cerebral Palsy is.>% )*$% /.(1)1#$(% )*+)% +0$% 5.1-5% ).% *+//$-%1-%)*$%>)0$8%C$"0$%5$))1-5%)*$0$8% without just using the shocking statistics which were associated with the% % % % % D% <-,1$=% EF% 3$+0(% .4,=% 41#1-5% 61)*% :$0$;0+4% /+4(38 condition to bombard audiences. Thirdly, being a charity their marketing budget was minimal and we had to make every dollar count. Therefore a donor acquisition element had to be included. Insight: ‘Just telling me it’s a physical disability [or insert rational fact here] isn’t enough’. People need to conceptualise then empathise. Cerebral Palsy is a condition that can trap people forever. It affects moreEvery 15 hours, an Australianchild is born with cerebral palsy. Australian families than any other physical disability.By making a donation, youcan change life for thesekids and their families. Strategy: Knowing that awareness levels of The Spastic Centre were so low, we decided to focus on Cerebral Palsy the cause rather than the organisation itself and its name change to be at the centre of the campaign. We had to make the cause hit home for our audiences – that Cerebral Palsy affects entire families, not just people with CP.
  8. 8. Rather than building a dedicated campaign microsite, Facebook was utilised to bring each family’s story to life in detail and make the affected child more than “a sick kid on an ad” and become real people with hopes, dreams and unique personalities through ongoing posts and updates on the
  9. 9.
  10. 10. University of New EnglandHelp launch somethingtruly amazing. You. The challenge:UNE Open Day 6-8 May 2011, Armidale UNE wanted to raise the profile of the University to schoolLITTLE RED • OPERATOR PLEASE • AMY MEREDITH • SEABELLIES* leavers in order to attract higher application rates to theirHead to UNE this May and be part of the very first Life at Altitude festival. courses.Check out courses, meet lecturers and get a feel for campus life on Friday 6May. Then on Saturday UNE launches into a massive event, with a huge line-upof live acts, great food and heaps of free entertainment. So this year, don’t justsettle for another ordinary open day. Experience Life at Altitude.Subscribe at for updates. The brand realities: Armidale is a 6 hour drive from Sydney and Brisbane and lacks the prestige of Tier 1 universities like Sydney University or the University of Technology, however we knew that once people A weekend of higher learning visited their campus, 90% of people ended up enrolling at the University. Insight: The students are in the midst of their most stressful year of their lives leading up to their final exams. If you are going to take their time, you need to make it worth it for them. Strategy: We decided to take the University Open Day and revamp it to showcase the university’s unique personality. The Open Day became the Life at Altitude Festival, a 3 day event which gave attendees a complete university experience, with everything from lectures and interviews with professors to bands, fireworks and professional sports matches.*LINE UP SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Now you’re thinking
  11. 11. Website, Facebook Pageand YouTube Channel
  12. 12. BridgeClimb Sydney The challenge: 60% of BridgeClimb’s sales were from the international market so when the Australian dollar rose significantly and the Global Financial Crisis hit Australia’s major incoming tourist markets halting international tourism, BridgeClimb suffered hard. BridgeClimb needed to appeal to the local market to be a tourist in their own city to keep Sydney’s number 1 tourist attraction alive. The brand realities: BridgeClimb had been operating for 10 years so there was an This Valentine’s Day, attitude that any local residents who were interested in climbing take Romance would have climbed already. Meanwhile, the price of a climb had to a whole new level. doubled in those 10 years to make it far too expensive for residents to do as a regular weekend activity. February 2009 Insight: Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 There are four times a year when people want to experience 8 15 9 16 10 17 11 18 12 19 13 20 14 21 something new and money is less of an issue – Valentine’s Day, 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. Strategy:Give your loved one an unforgettable experience with a BridgeClimb Gift Certificate. We developed an occasions strategy to make sure that duringThere are four to choose from.Valentine’s Day packages are also available for Climbs from 13th – 15th February. the four major occasions each year, BridgeClimb would be top of mind as an unforgettable gift. We adapted the creative andAsk our staff today. messaging to tap into the core insights of each occasion to build a campaign strategy with longevity.
  13. 13. He alwaysgave you thebest view.This Father’s Day, return the favour witha BridgeClimb Gift Certificate.Ask our staff today. Make your Mother’s Day This year give Mum an unforgettable experience with a BridgeClimb Gift Certificate - there are four to choose from. Ask our staff today.
  14. 14. Campaigns I wish I had been involved with
  15. 15. The Fun TheoryWhy do we always look for the serious, the shocking,the hard facts when trying to change behaviour?Whatever happened to a bit of positivity? Enter TheFun Theory – Volkswagen’s approach to branding.Give someone negativity and they will challenge it;give someone a reward for changing their behaviourand they will embrace it. And they did.Why I like it?When receiving a brief for a new environmentallyfriendly car it would be easy to show flowersblooming as cars drive by, ice-caps standing tall,completely unmelted and, of course, the joy ofdriving, but how would that differentiate the brand?There are more interesting ways for your audience tounderstand how your brand thinks and this campaignbrings the company to life in the most fantastic way.
  16. 16. The Arcade Fire -The SuburbsVideo killed the radio star and the internet killed therecord store. The music industry is renowned for itsslow adoption of technology, however The ArcadeFire has bucked this trend and taken a refreshinglyimaginative approach with the release of their latestalbum, The Suburbs.Why I like it?They bring the album concept to life across everypromotional aspect, while allowing each element towork just as effectively independently to banish thewhole “matching luggage” mindset and blur the linesbetween childhood nostalgia and today’s digital age.The result? A new precedent for social campaigns.
  17. 17. 11 trends to watch in 2011
  18. 18. 1. Apps beyond mobile - While nobody can argue the impact of apps on the mobile industry, this yearpeople will start to understand how we can broaden their appeal as we see them infiltrate our TVs, cars,computers and gaming consoles. And that is just the start.2. The evolution of the banner ad - The banner ad has been fairly predictable for the past 15 years.Sure there might be a few rich media surprises from time to time but no real innovation. As a responseto the iAd, banner ads will become more and more like mini microsites housed within the banner. Thechallenge still though, will be understanding how to engage people enough to interact.3. Digital retail - The retail world is set for a shakeup. Firstly, there’s the retail anywhere revolution. Withthe launch of the ‘Square’ - a credit card scanner which literally just plugs into your iPhone to processcredit payments anywhere, the boundaries around purchases cease to exist. Then there is groupmanipulated buying - a movement set to redefine our expectations of retail in the same way eBay andAmazon did.4. The Facebook economy - As Facebook Credits begin to grow in popularity/Facebook forbids usinganything else, we’re going to start seeing the wider population become more comfortable transactingon Facebook in more than just gaming. Get primed for Facebook stores, charity fundraising and onlineauctions getting housed more and more within Facebook.
  19. 19. 5. Location based networks - This is the year location will really come into its own. With FB Placestaking off and FB Deals rolling out, the check-in will become second nature. With the inherit urge to‘mark your territory’ matched with more intuitive rewards such as auto-checkins and push notifications,locations may define 2011.6. Collaborative Consumption - As the effects of the GFC subside and the reflection of what hashappened is completed, the realisation that we aren’t what we own will start to appear. See peoplebecome more resourceful as they outsource ownership in favour of a more collaborative approach,where peer to peer sharing rules.7. Mobile everything - Why carry multiple products when your mobile can offer you everything youneed? Prepare for a reliance on the mobile to fill the needs of previously separate products - ie.cameras, blogging, apps, commerce, remote controls.8. YouTube boom - With the removal of YouTube’s video length limit, YouTube will redefine itself frombeing a one stop shop for cat videos to the first stop for live sporting events, concerts andpresentations, while becoming a serious competitor for Hulu and the onslaught of set-top boxes.
  20. 20. 9. Natural User Interface - Enter the Kinect effect. More than just a new standard in gaming, thepossibilities with the interface allow targeting like never before. Sadface? How about an ad designed tomake you smile. With the possibility to tailor communications to react to body language, we’ll see a newlevel of engagement.10. Transmedia experiences - Sure it’s a buzzword but it represents so much more. Automaticallycheck in to movies and shows based on sound recognition. Interact with other viewers in realtime oversocial networks, turn comments on and off as you’re watching tv and see platforms such as Miso,GetGlue and music app, SuperGlued grow in popularity.11. Tablets - An obvious choice but one that cannot be ignored. Tablets are the future and set to be anequivalent of the mobile phone in terms of popularity, with such a wide range of options available tocater to all price ranges, there will be no reason not to have one. We will see them dominate educationwhile the daily commute has never been so entertaining. There will still be a bit of trial and errorthroughout 2011 as brands work out the best way to use the technology, but growth will be enormous.
  21. 21. My passion project
  22. 22. If I had an (endless) million dollars I would set up a project that helped get kids from thesuburbs into the world. Travel is one of the most incredible things a person can do. Itchallenges people and opens their eyes to all the wonderful and awful things mankind iscapable of.Life in the suburbs can be easy. People can be born somewhere close to all the amenities andentertainment they need and as a result, fall into their comfort zone, where they see no reasonto leave. What this can lead to is bigotry, misinformation and a lack of ambition.I want to take my million dollars and give teenagers from the suburbs a passport. I want totake them to see the architecture and way of life of the Western Europeans. The next groupwould see the grandeur of the African safari and the hardships of the African people. Then wewould tango in the streets of Buenos Aires, trek to Machu Picchu, or cross the road in Ho ChiMinh City. I want to open their eyes, to teach them that anything is possible with hard workand to give them energy and a thirst for life.What they do with their experiences is up to them but at least they will always know that noteveryone lives the same way they do, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  23. 23. References: Russell Naughton – Strategy Director, LOUD email: phone: +61 2 9964 7009 David Halter - Strategic Planner, LOUD email: skype: screaminghaltBlog: Twitter: @_lincu_ Email: Skype: Lindsey.c Phone: +61 415 887751