Engro Olper’s – Marketing Strategy
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Engro Olper’s – Marketing Strategy



Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. A marketing strategy is composed of several interrelated ...

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. A marketing strategy is composed of several interrelated components called the marketing mix: The Marketing mix consists of answers to a series of product and customer related questions.



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Engro Olper’s – Marketing Strategy Engro Olper’s – Marketing Strategy Presentation Transcript

  • Contents First Part • Introduction • Segmenting, targeting and positioning Second Part • Brand value pyramid • Celebrity endorsement • Brand/line extension Third Part • Brand elements • Event marketing • Future of marketing according to you
  • OLPER’S Brand of Engro Foods Strong bond with farmers made milk collection possible Olpers was launched in 2005 Third-generation UHT milk plant in the country 5 million people use Engro Foods products everyday 4th largest producer of milk country
  • Brand Elements OLPER’s considered following brand elements to be part of it: 1. Brand Name – Before OLPERS, Milk Pak and Haleeb brand had local names. But OLPER’s intended its name to look International, modern and distinguishable. 2. Logo – OLPER’s has a distinct logo which is identified easily by its consumers 3. Spokespeople – The brand has a long list of ambassadors from showbiz to sport 4. Jingle- It has catchy lines and music to promote itself such as ‘ao kuch naya karein’ 5. URL – OLPER’s is Engro Foods’ brand as it is a subsidiary of Engro foods. www.engrofoods.com 6. Slogan- Mera Intekhab Sirf OLPER’s 7. Packaging – OLPER’s has a distinct vibrant colors close to nature as in Red, Purple,Yellow, Purple
  • Criteria of Brand Elements • Likability – Brand color, name, and packaging make it likable • Memorable – jingles and packaging colors make it memorable for the consumers • Meaningful – It claims to ‘gain the dairy edge’ and it is making it meaningful • Transferable – Line and brand extension into other products of the dairy origin • Adaptable - Technological edge (internet, digital events, • Protectable – licensing of logos and rights
  • Positioning Strategy • Marketing Positioning Competitive advantage from Nestle and Haleeb ‘Subha Bakhair Zindagi’, targeting the housewives and teenagers who are goal and family oriented • User Strategy – Maira Khan as brand ambassador of Olper’s for female achievers • Product Features positioning Olpers is thicker, stronger than Nestle and has a distinct aroma and taste
  • Positioning Error • Over-positioning Targeting only the upper and middle classes and leaving out the lower classes with high prices. Even the middle classes think it is above their monthly budget levels
  • OLPER’s Brand Value Pyramid Bon d Enhance Enhance Stimulate OLPER’s cool, attractive,catchy all purpose milk, happy consumer Loyalty 100% Quali ty Full Cream Richness UHT Milk Red & White Color and Fond Picture of happy family All purpose Milk Sensory branding is the key to attain loyalty and smashability of the brands.
  • Five Dimensional Brand – OLPER’s The audio brand – use of Tabla & Sattar to make it local and close to nature. The visual brand – vibrant colors Identify in the minds and on shops The touch brand – special creamy, consistent texture of freshness The smell brand – aroma that is not strong not weak The taste brand –soft creamy taste, a bit strong thanHaleeb and Milk Pak
  • OLPER’s – Religious, Emotional, Holistic Brand OLPER’s beyond traditional rules of a customer and product to attain customer loyalty and special bonding e.g. Ramadan’s Sehri and Iftaar • all daily routines, special rituals, beliefs, occasions and special moments of its customers to create belonging to the brand, celebrating life and love Optimistic and vibrant tagline, “Good morning” • Creates a celebrity based trust, but by producing 100% premium quality products + earned farmer’s association over decades • In Engro Foods’ marketing manager words, “We wanted consumers to consider OLPER’ s as contemporary and modern brand • Programs - It made housewives make recipes with OLPER’s • Reputation of ‘local giant’ involved with community welfare • "All Purpose Milk"
  • Celebrities Endorsement
  • Branding Strategy • Corporate Branding – • Line Extension • Brand Extension
  • Olper’s Line Extension and their individual positioning Line Extension • 1. Olpers milk - Gaining the dairy edge! • 2. Olpers Lite - embrace the lighter side of milk • 3. Olpers Flavored Milk with Zafran and Badaam- savor the flavor of tradition - in every sip of milk • 4. Olpers Cream - every day is a celebration with our créme de la cream!
  • Brand Extension • Olper’s - Gaining the dairy edge! • Olfrute – Heavenly nectars from Engro foods (red grape, apple, guava, green cock-tail, mango, apricot and orange ) • Omore - ice-cream • Olper’s Tarkka – Give your food some Tarkka! • Omung – rise up to a better life! • Tarang - tarang in your tea-cup makes for sheer bliss!
  • Brand’s present and future! 1. 2. 3. 4. Brand Elements Event Marketing/Sponsorship Product Lines’ Positioning statement The Future of the market
  • Event Marketing-Above the line Advertisement to celebrate Ramadan and appreciate the hardworking females of Pakistan. The ad campaign featured female icons belonging to Pakistani media. • Ao kuch Naya karein
  • Sponsorship-Broadcast A brand should be social and this is how OLPER’s did it Olper’s joined forces with the team of ‘Tanhaiyaan’, a popular TV serial from the yester years loved by all Pakistanis, and made a sequel.
  • Event Marketing, BTL – Below the Line Ighost Dolmen Mall – OLPER’s goes social
  • Social Welfare Daharki and Sindh rural areas – social welfare programs for education and improvement of society are going on.
  • The future of Market • • • • • • • Engro foods’ profit growth exceed 191% 4th largest milk producing country Current size of 50 million cattle Available in more than 100 cities 30-35% rural population is engaged in livestock Contributes to 11.4% GDP of Pakistan Nestle’s market share is 51%(235 million gallon), OLPER’s has 38%(175 million gallons), Haleeb 7% (32 million gallon) and the rest 4% (18 million gallon)