Q2.12: The Future of ARM Linux
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Q2.12: The Future of ARM Linux



Resource: Q2.12

Resource: Q2.12
Name: The Future of ARM Linux
Date: 28-05-2012
Speaker: David Rusling



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Q2.12: The Future of ARM Linux Q2.12: The Future of ARM Linux Presentation Transcript

  • The Future of ARM Linux David A Rusling, CTO May 2012 For more information: connect.linaro.org Contact: david.rusling@linaro.org
  • What do I Want? ● My phone is my primary device, I don't want it hacked ● Always available, portable, connected ● Take out of my pocket / bag and just use (no delays, no waiting) ● 10 hours of battery life whatever the load (video / games) ● All my devices and information syncronised with the cloud ● ARM based systems already deliver this, just not everywhere (yet)...
  • The Future ● Mobile ● iOS versus Android – it's all about the user experience ● Post PC ● Desktop fades (think workstation) ● Laptop / tablet – it's all about battery life and keyboard versus touch ● Enterprise ● It's all about cooling and power ● Ready for innovation ...So where does Linux and Linaro fit into this future?
  • Linux ● Android has driven ARM Linux into mobile ● Tension with 'classic' Linux (fork-ing) ● Not (yet) successful on tablets, but will be ● Fragmentation diluting efforts ● Linux is amazingly successful in enterprise ● Not the desktop (5%, maybe) ● Kernel engineering is largely driven by this conservative (x86) market ● How does the ARM community influence this conservative community? How do we make ARM one of two key Linux architectures?
  • Taking ARM Linux Beyond Mobile ● Linaro was invented to solve the whole problem, not just mobile ● We are a team that we can engineer complex, collaborative, open source solutions ● Finish consolidating mobile ● Generalize Android support across many platforms ● Merge Android kernel and 'classic' kernel ● Flexible platform infrastructure support in the kernel ● Embrace diversity ● Kernel accelleration ● Graphics and audio buffer handling ● Networking ● RAID, Crypto ...
  • Standards ● Enterprise relies on standards ● So does Windows 8 ● We need to pay attention to standards, supporting and promoting them ● UEFI, ACPI etc ● Boot architecture ● The pirates won't like it...
  • Avoiding Disasters ● Linaro continues to work on resolving engineering problems ● Kernel consolidation ● UMM ● Device Tree ● We need to prevent fragmentation before it happens ● Cortex-A15 ● ARMv8 kernel ● UEFI
  • Products and Technology Our job is to enable the product makers: ● Create stable, reliable, tested technology that can be integrated into platforms and be able to be tuned and proved ● big.LITTLE a good example of this