LCA13: OpenGL ES3 and You
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LCA13: OpenGL ES3 and You



Resource: LCA13

Resource: LCA13
Name: OpenGL ES3 and You
Date: 08-03-2013
Speaker: Tom Gall



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LCA13: OpenGL ES3 and You LCA13: OpenGL ES3 and You Presentation Transcript

  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) OpenGL ES3 and You Tom Gall - tgall
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) !2 Background Open standard, free to access, free to implement, pay to certify OpenGL ES, embedded version of Open GL Includes Open GL SL ES Khronos maintains standard
  • !3 Goals Within OpenGL ES, WebGL, OpenVG, Renderscript where should "we" be investing time?
  • !4 GLES3 Recent Events Version 3 finalizedAug 2012 Hardware implementations Binary driver implementations Mesa implementation in gles3 branch
  • !5 Mesa Drivers Soft pipe, swrast, llvmpipe - software rendering, all work on core Intel ivy bridge HD4000, Sandy Bridge HD3000, Haswell, ValleyView, etc AMD radeon NVIDIA nouveau Lima (Mali) GLES2 Freedreno (Adreno) GLES2
  • !6 Binary Drivers Mali T-604 GLES3 submitted PowerVR G6100 GLES3 Many more to come
  • !7 X86 activity Mesa implementation Piglit tests Aug 2012, Intel first certification of Mesa 8.0.4 OpenGL ES 2 On Sandy and Ivy Feb 2012, Mesa 9.1 Ivy Bridge certified for OpenGL ES 3 Work was in open, "beat" everyone.
  • !8 Feature Comparison Old spec 204 pages, new spec 347 pages Very long delta list • OpenGL Shading Language ES 3.00 • transform feedback 1 and 2 (with restrictions) • uniform buffer objects including block arrays • vertex array objects • sampler objects • sync objects and fences • pixel buffer objects • buffer subrange mapping • .... Are you asleep yet?
  • !9 Who cares? Game engines Entertainment software UI system engineers What matters is the whole implementation....
  • !10 Waffle/Piglit Waffle - an GL abstraction framework Dynamically decide at run time, API, context, window env Piglit - OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenCL, GLX test framework 6000 tests all total GLSL tests quite methodical API not so much
  • !11 Waffle/Piglit
  • !12 Waffle/Piglit Piglit running on Android is a WIP Piglit on Linux in LAVA is next
  • !13 Goals While binary drivers are the rule, collaborate on the test. Piglit. WebGL? Invest a little effort in: Mesa OpenGL ES 3, builds and runs Piglit OpenGL ES 3 test cases run
  • !14 Discussion Opinions?