LCE13: Overview of Linaro Project Management Methodology


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Resource: LCE13
Name: Overview of Linaro Project Management Methodology
Date: 08-07-2013
Speaker: Vicky Janicki

Published in: Technology
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LCE13: Overview of Linaro Project Management Methodology

  1. 1. Linaro Connect, Hong Kong March 2013 LCE13, Dublin. 8-12 July 2013 Managing Projects – the Linaro Way! Vicky Janicki and Kate Stewart
  2. 2. Vicky Janicki, Program Director Dave Zinman, Mgr & Platform Serge Broslavsky, Power Management and Virtualization Jakub Pavelek, Kernel and Android James Elliott, Toolchain and Graphics Groups Ilias Biris LEG Anmar LEG & Samsung Marshall Guillory, LNG Landing Teams Usman Ahmad, Fujitsu and HiSilcon/Huawei Kanta Vekaria, ARM & ST Glen Valante, Broadcom & Comcast Project/Program Management Office Kate Stewart Director Product Managmenet Fathi Boudra Lead Builds
  3. 3. What is Project Management? “Project management … is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.” PMI
  4. 4. Communication Information Mining Roadblocks Planning Allocation Why Project Management?
  5. 5. •  Monthly Cadence •  Agile Elements (Stand ups, Retrospectives) •  Dashboards •  Developing strategy for managing upstreaming efforts •  Acceptance Criteria (Define Done) •  What is the value or need? Elements of Our Methodology
  6. 6. SubTasks •  Optional detailed breakdown (Lead/Engineer) •  3-4 days Blueprints •  Work to be Done (Leads/PM) •  2-3 weeks Roadmap Cards •  Requirements (OPSCOM) •  2-3 months Epics •  Missions (SC) •  6-12 months Overview Linaro Roadmap ProjectEngineering Project
  7. 7. Roadmaps, Epics, Cards & SCs, oh my! EPIC CARD CARD CARD Steering Committee (SC) Operational Sub Commitee (OPSCOM) implemented by
  8. 8. Consolidation Storage Linux kernel Android upstreaming Example: Kernel Roadmap Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FutureQ1 Q2 2013 2014 30-June-2013 OOM killer to Staging Key Reset to Mainline RAM console to AOSP ashmem compat_ioctl to Staging sync driver to Staging alarm-dev compat_ioctl to Staging logger single kernel binary eMMC power mgmt System Trace Macrocell TrustZone Unified probing & mgmt EPIC: eMMC feature enablement EPIC: improve&validate f2fs ASHMEM to Mainline ARMv8 kexec and kernel crashdump uprobes support Fastboot ARMv8-A uprobes and kprobes Q3 Q4 Released Development Planning Concept Approved
  9. 9. Roadmap card vs. JIRA states: mapping Roadmap Card JIRA equivalent Meaning Concept Drafting Strategic direction and topic identified to have further planning, before resourcing and prioritization decision can be made. Preliminary JIRA/ blueprints and artifacts may exist but they are being drafted. Forecast date is for rough target want to aim for. Approved Drafting The TSC has reviewed the concept and has prioritized the EPIC with timescale and resource limits. Roadmap cards that need to be associated with the Approved Concept EPIC can proceed at the engineering/OPSCOM review level. Planning Planning Planning has been done for a task, JIRA card/Blueprints exist and resource estimates and gating dependencies are known. Owner team has been identified and TSC agreed prioritization has been secured. Some preliminary development maybe in progress. Forecast date may change based on when dependencies are met. Development Engineering Engineering teams are actively working on the task. Expectation is that resources are available and dependencies have been met and forecast date reflects high confidence. Released Delivered Work item has been made available to target audience (Members or Public) and all associated artifacts are updated to reflect status. (JIRA cards, Blueprints, etc. have the correct status). see:
  10. 10. Construction Zone Subtask Subtask Blueprint Engineer Updates
  11. 11. How to Track? Jira!
  12. 12. •  Introduction to Jira Tuesday 11am-12pm •  Linaro Requirements Lifecycle Wed 12pm – 1pm •  Reporting, Dashboards and Customization in Jira Upcoming Sessions
  13. 13. Linaro Connect, Hong Kong March 2013 Questions?
  14. 14. More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: How to join: Linaro members: