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LCE13: Virtualization Forum

LCE13: Virtualization Forum



Resource: LCE13

Resource: LCE13
Name: Virtualization Forum
Date: 09-07-2013
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU7uhYNgYTo



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    LCE13: Virtualization Forum LCE13: Virtualization Forum Presentation Transcript

    • Linaro Connect, Hong Kong March 2013 July 2013 LCE-13 Dublin Virtualization Forum
    • www.linaro.org Introduction 30-June-2013 Hardware Linux Kernel KVM Host User Space VM 1 Qemu VM 2 Qemu KVM Architecture libvirt Virtio Virtio Hardware Xen Hypervisor VM 1 DomU Xen Architecture Dom0 Xen PV Drivers xl VM 2 DomU Xen PV Drivers
    • www.linaro.org KVM 32-bit Status 30-June-2013 ● Mainline since 3.9 ● Kernel support almost feature complete: ○ Migration support is in-progress ○ Single-step and breakpoint debugging in future ● Upstream ARMv7-A KVM support merged in QEMU 1.5 ● Virtio-MMIO support in-progress (patches on the list) ● mach-virt support in-progress ● Management tools support (ex. libvirt) in future ● Huge pages in-progress ● Test and validation in future
    • www.linaro.org KVM 64-bit Status 30-June-2013 ● Mainline will be released with 3.11 ● Requires GICv2 and Generic Timers ● Supported platforms: ○ Foundation Model ○ Cortex-A57 ○ APM Development Board ● Supports two different page sizes: ○ 4KB (3 levels) ○ 64KB (2 levels) ● Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit guests ● Full Virtio-based KVM Tool support ● QEMU Support in-progress ● Huge pages in-progress
    • www.linaro.org Xen Status 30-June-2013 ● Dom0 and DomU (guest) support was merged: ○ ARM-v7A: Linux Kernel v3.7 ○ ARM-v8A: Linux Kernel v3.11 ● Xen Hypervisor separate codebase ● Lifecycle tools (create, destroy, manage) support ● Independent from QEMU ● Single image for multiple platform support ● Future items: ○ Device tree editing ○ Device assignment ○ Migration support ○ IOMMU support ○ Proper bootloader (multiboot, grub, ...) support ○ 64-bit guests support
    • www.linaro.org Open Discussion 30-June-2013 ● KVM VGIC Support: ○ What can we do with v2, what can't we do? ○ Future VGIC support (separate slide) ● KVM SystemMMU / IOMMU support: ○ Why is this needed? ○ Host driver proposed by Will Deacon ○ Need to coordinate with VFIO interface ● KVM BE-on-LE support: ○ Marc Zyngier's project ○ Patches have bitrot, but planning to resurrect ● KVM Guest Perf Support ● KVM Complete PSCI Support
    • www.linaro.org Future VGIC Support 30-June-2013 ● GICv3: ○ System Register Interface ○ Support for more than 8 CPUs ○ ARMv8 only ○ Initial patches in-development
    • More about Linaro: http://www.linaro.org/about/ More about Linaro engineering: http://www.linaro.org/engineering/ How to join: http://www.linaro.org/about/how-to-join Linaro members: www.linaro.org/members