LCA14: LCA14-505: OpenStack cookbook
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LCA14: LCA14-505: OpenStack cookbook



Resource: LCA14 ...

Resource: LCA14
Name: LCA14-505: OpenStack cookbook
Date: 07-03-2014
Speaker: Clark Laughlin, Ilias Biris
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LCA14: LCA14-505: OpenStack cookbook LCA14: LCA14-505: OpenStack cookbook Presentation Transcript

  • Clark Laughlin/Ilias Biris, LCA14, Macau LCA14-505: OpenStack cookbook
  • • What’s the current status of openstack testing using components coming out of Linaro’s CI • Also what is tested in LAVA • CARD-871 - Openstack “cookbook” testing • What, why, how • Anything missing from that card? • Future steps - what else should we be doing? Agenda
  • • Deploying using Devstack on Midway running Saucy • Dependent on libvirt and qemu with virt support (both upstream for a while now) • Using Linaro CI-built packages available from • Modifications to Nova to support virt (merged upstream 18-Feb) • Slightly-modified Devstack (minor fixes only): https://git.linaro. org/people/clark.laughlin/devstack.git • Running Devstack Exercises • Running Tempest (2108 tests run, 21 failures) • Documentation: • Running a virt guest using libvirt: https://wiki.linaro. org/OpenStack/LibvirtAndMachvirt • Deploying Openstack using Devstack: https://wiki.linaro. org/OpenStack/DevstackOnARM What Works
  • • Running the tests in LAVA • mostly functional, still tracking down differences between running on Saucy and running on Linaro builds • Attaching a volume to a running instance (needs hotplug support) • work to be done • Rebooting / cleanly powering down a running instance • work to be done • VNC console • no plans to support • Documentating here: https://wiki.linaro. org/OpenStack/OpenstackARMCurrentIssues What Does Not Work (Yet)
  • • Questions: • Anything missing? • Where to run all the components? • All on ARM, or split between ARM and x86 hardware / VMs? • Test in phases? • CARD-871 is about KVM - what about XEN? CARD-871: Openstack “cookbook” testing
  • Backup - CARD-871 use cases Use case family Use case Configuration and deployment ● Install openstack components ● Deploy openstack using MAAS and juju ● Increase openstack compute capacity using juju ● Configure load balancing Administration ● Add or modify user accounts ● Manage security groups ● Create and manage SSH keypairs ● Use public cloud images Openstack identity service ● Install and configure keystone ● Configure openstack tenants ● Configure openstack roles ● Configure openstack nova to work with openstack identity service Openstack storage ● Create containers, upload objects, list containers and objects, delete containers and objects ● Download objects ● Ensure that usage statistics are working Openstack image service ● Configure openstack image service with openstack storage ● Manage images (ie using glance): upload, index, delete, turn private images to public
  • Backup - CARD-871 use cases Use case family Use case Nova volumes (persistent storage) Confirm that creating, attaching and detaching volumes works in nova Openstack networking ● Flat networking with DHCP ● Configure VLAN manager networking ● Configure per project (tenant) IP ranges ● Fixed networks to tenants: assigning, modifying ● Associate and disassociate floating IPs to instances (ie via nova-manage)
  • The Devstack exercises perform testing of the following operations: • Boot instance • Boot instance from volume • Create / view / delete volume • Attach / detach volume* • Create, modify, delete host aggregates • CLI authentication • Create, modify, delete security group • Create, modify, delete security group rules • Create Swift container, add & list contents, delete container * does not work yet Backup - Devstack Exercises
  • More about Linaro Connect: More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: Linaro members: