LCA14: LCA14-308: ARMv8 Status & Directions
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LCA14: LCA14-308: ARMv8 Status & Directions



Resource: LCA14

Resource: LCA14
Name: LCA14-308: ARMv8 Status & Directions
Date: 05-03-2014
Speaker: A.Bergmann, D.Saxena, S.Prabhu



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LCA14: LCA14-308: ARMv8 Status & Directions LCA14: LCA14-308: ARMv8 Status & Directions Presentation Transcript

  • Wed 5 March, 12:10pm, A.Bergmann, D.Saxena, S. Prabhu LCA14-308: ARMv8 status & directions
  • • Current Linaro Work • Current Community Efforts • Next Areas of Focus Agenda
  • • Current Status • UP kexec reboot was working • Bugs in current ARM64 infrastructure need fixing • Work on SMP support just started • Next Steps • Continue work on SMP support • Add more file formats to kexec-tools Current Work @ Linaro - Kexec
  • • Current Status • patch v6 submitted on Feb 28th • patch v2 for seccomp also submitted on Feb 25th • no big issue left • Next Steps • to be merged into 3.15 • userspace tools (audit, libseccomp) to be synced with kernel updates Current Work @ Linaro - Audit
  • • Current Status • patch v5 submitted on Feb 28th • no big issue left • Next Steps • to be merged into 3.15 Current Work @ Linaro - Ftrace
  • Current Work @ Linaro - [KU]probes • Current Status (Kprobes) • Kprobes v3 patchset is ready, testing in progress. • Git: git:// Branch: arm64_kprobes_3.14-rc3 • Fixes for recursive kprobes and kretprobes, v2 review comments addressed. Next Steps • Validate with systemtap testsuite and perf. • Publish v3, targeting 3.15 • Current Status (Uprobes) • Just starting, blocking on lack of resources.
  • • Current Status • Patch v1 submitted on Dec.12th • Fixed the code according to the comments on Patch v1 • Doing LTP on little-endian and big-endian ARMv8 system to meet the maintainer’s request • Running into BE environment issues, hope to solve this week • Next Steps • Provide the LTP test reports,then submit Patch v2 • Hope to be merged into 3.15 Current Work @ Linaro - Cortex Strings
  • There is an effort within LEG to optimise server workloads on ARM. For the kernel... • Current Status • fast_gup RFC V2 sent out, next version being worked on. • Odds and ends (PTE_WRITE, !!) sent out to fix subtle problems. (patches for ARM64 have been merged) • V6 patches for perf support for compat on ARM64 sent out, and have been acked. They should be merged in the next window. • Next Steps • Subsystem profiling & optimisation starts with the memory. • We will be working with 32 bit ARM server hardware…. • …. unless anyone wants their 64 bit ARM server hardware running optimally ;-). Current Work @ Linaro - LEG Optimisation
  • More about Linaro Connect: More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: Linaro members: