LCA13: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG
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LCA13: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG



Resource: LCA13

Resource: LCA13
Name: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG
Date: 06-03-2013
Speaker: Geoff Levand



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LCA13: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG LCA13: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG Presentation Transcript

  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM for Core, LEG and LNG Status and feedback session
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Agenda Team and Project Intro Project Scope KVM Status QEMU Status Questions and Discussion
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) The Virtualization Team Serge Broslavsky Project Manager UTC+2:00 Geoff Levand Tech Lead UTC-8:00 Peter Maydell Engineer UTC John Rigby Engineer UTC-7:00 Andre Przywara Engineer UTC+1:00 Anup Patel Engineer UTC+5:30 Pranavkumar Sawargaonkar Engineer UTC+5:30
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Community Friends Marc Zyngier KVM Upstream Maintainer UTC Christoffer Dall KVM Upstream Maintainer UTC-5:00
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Linaro Virtualization Project Comprized of assignees from different Linaro working groups Regards LEG as a primary client (LNG to follow) Works in upstream No non-public code Works almost around the clock (UTC+5:30 to UTC-8:00) Team wiki: IRC: #linaro on freenet
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Project Scope – 32 bits
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Project Scope – 64 bits
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / {arm,arm64} status Marc Zyngier <>
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / arm Entered mainline during the 3.9 merge window Mandates Virtualization Extentions and LPAE Supports Cortex-A15 SMP (both guest and host) Supports VGIC and generic timers Tested on VE-TC2, Exynos5, OMAP5 Uses QEMU or KVM Tool for platform emulation Maintainer: Christoffer Dall
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / arm64 Patches just posted. Reviews, please! Mandates Virtualization Extentions, VGIC and generic timers Supports Foundation Model, Cortex-A57 SMP (both guest and host) Supports two different page sizes: 4kB (3 levels) and 64kB (2 levels) Supports both 32bit and 64bit guests Uses KVM Tool for platform emulation Maintainer: Marc Zyngier
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / {arm,arm64}: future plans Live migration Huge pages support (WIP) SystemMMU/IOMMU driver (WIP) Next generation interrupt controllers Cortex-A7 support big.LITTLE ARMv7 support Feature parity with x86 BE-on-LE support (WIP)
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM tool Implementation of platform emulation for KVM No instruction emulation Small, neat, follows the kernel's coding convention On ARM, only paravirtualized backends (virtio-mmio). Fully supported by mach-virt(!) Unlikely to ever be merged in the mainline kernel arm/arm64 port maintained by Will Deacon
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM: useful pointers Git trees: arm: git:// arm64: git:// kvm-arm64/kvm KVM tool: git:// kvmtool/next Mailing lists:
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU {arm,arm64} Peter Maydell <>
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU Platform emulation for KVM Also works as a complete CPU emulator without KVM Solid, production-proven, fully featured Large codebase that can be a bit unwieldy to work with ARM target maintained by Peter Maydell Mailing list: Web site:
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU for ARMv7: what's been done? KVM support: initial patches in the process of being upstreamed Guest sees a Versatile Express A15 system Cleanup of virtio so we can do memory-mapped virtio rather than PCI
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU for ARMv7: what's next? VM migration show guest a stripped-down ("mach-virt") system, not VExpress finish virtio work support running on big.LITTLE hosts testing and validation Long list of "someday, maybe" items: power management? ; debug and profiling support? ; IOMMU? ; security audit? ; realtime support? big-endian? ...
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU for ARMv8: what's next? everything! system models instruction emulation KVM support everything we need to do or have done for v7 KVM support
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Expectations towards KVM/QEMU Audience looking at this slide and reading this title
  • ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / QEMU Expectations What are the use cases? What are the critical features? What are the priorities? It's your turn, please speak up!
  • More about Linaro Connect: More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: ASIA 2013 (LCA13)