LCA13: Exploiting ARM GPU resources in Open Source Software
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LCA13: Exploiting ARM GPU resources in Open Source Software



Resource: LCA13

Resource: LCA13
Name: Exploiting ARM GPU resources in Open Source Software
Date: 07-03-2013
Speaker: Tom Gall



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LCA13: Exploiting ARM GPU resources in Open Source Software LCA13: Exploiting ARM GPU resources in Open Source Software Presentation Transcript

  • GPGPU ON ARM Tom Gall
  • SESSION GOALS • What activity should Linaro pursue? • What open source projects should we work with?
  • BOUNDARIES • Lets not do any PHD dissertations • Output must be open source • Optimized stack should of course advance member goals
  • PARALLEL COMPUTING Granularity • NEON Grid OpenStack MPI/OpenMPI OpenMP/pthreads Multi-machine Single machine
  • OPEN CL • Originally proposed by Apple • API for using your resources including the GPU as a general purpose power house • Khronos standard (holders of OpenGL) • Open Compute Language • ANSI-C99 w additions • Open = anyone can implement
  • HSA • Heterogeneous System Architecture • • HSA standards out for review • A better OpenCL • Better debug, HSAIL
  • QUALITIES IN A CANDIDATE • Task parallelism • Break up task over threads • Data parallelism • Same operation over lots of data • Big wins for computationally significant data parallel algs • Bad • Lots of pointer chasing • Calculations that require lots of communication or result dependent
  • PROJECTS • Libjpeg vs libjpeg turbo • SQLite • Hadoop - map reduce • HipHop?
  • LIBJPEG • Software, NEON, OpenCL comparison possible • Android & Linux •
  • SQLITE • Cuda (nVidia only) • Implemented subset of SQLite vm on gpu • • Claim of 20x-70x • Source available, we could port to OpenCL
  • HADOOP • MapReduce is a major piece of Hadoop • reload=true&arnumber=6227786 • Measured 1.6-2x improvement • Used jocl (java bindings for OpenCL) • Source?
  • PIGLIT • Mesa test suite • Includes a number of OpenCL tests • Should be fairly straight forward to add to LAVA • Linux • Android
  • GRAND CENTRAL • libdispatch - open source • • Can go hand in hand with OpenCL • Needs llvm, libkqueue, blocks runtime
  • MORE?