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Open stack @ sierra wireless
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Open stack @ sierra wireless


Présentation donnée lors du séminaire de LINAGORA consacré à OpenStack du 5 juin 2014 à Toulouse. …

Présentation donnée lors du séminaire de LINAGORA consacré à OpenStack du 5 juin 2014 à Toulouse.
Intervenant : Lionel Porcheron, Sierra Wireless

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. 1Proprietary and Confidential OpenStack @ Sierra Wireless Lionel Porcheron– 5th June 2014 lporcheron@sierrawireless.com
  • 2. 2© Sierra Wireless 2014 Sierra Wireless in one slide Leading-edge intelligent devices Secure cloud services platform Faster time to market + lower costs+ =
  • 3. 3© Sierra Wireless 2014 A customer success: Nespresso M2M CloudProgrammable Modem Custom Web Application Web APIs • Asset Data Management • Device Management • Subscription Management Hardware Integration ERP Network Operator
  • 4. 4Proprietary and Confidential • AirVantage production is deployed in two datacenters: France and Canada • Our preproductions are hosted in our Toulouse facilities • Pure collocation mode (we purchase our hardware and deploy in « empty » racks). • Virtual and physical machines (for perfomances, appliances – HSM, RSA, VPN concentrator) AirVantage Infrastructure Overview © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 5. 5Proprietary and Confidential Our Infrastructure in 2010 • Complex deployments: multiple Java webapps, multiple stores: Oracle, Solr, Hadoop, Redis, message queue, etc. • Deployed in multiple environments (pre-productions, two productions) • Eavy usage of virtual machines (service isolation). Virtual Machines built « by hand » • Lot of copy-paste from wiki pages © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 6. 6Proprietary and Confidential AirVantage Private Cloud Management • AirVantage M2M Cloud is deployed in an OpenStack private cloud • OpenStack is a open source project initiated by NASA and Rackspace. • Sierra Wireless Team manages hardware, virtualization layer and cloud software to optimize performances and security. • Machines (physical or virtual), and services are automatically configured using Puppet configuration management tool. • Puppet configurations are historized and validated like software changes. Puppet is also used by Wikimedia Foundation, Dell, Rackspace, Twitter, Disney, Oracle and Google, among others. OpenStack is also used by NASA, Rackspace Cloud, HP Public Cloud, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Wikimedia Labs, among others. © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 7. 7Proprietary and Confidential Why OpenStack? • Open Source Private Cloud infrastructure support • Well known components in our infrastructure team: – Ubuntu Linux – Libvirt/kvm – Bridge/VLAN in Linux • OpenStack is only a “glue” between existing and robust components, orchestrating machines lifecycle. • Pushed by Ubuntu as Private Cloud solution • OpenStack community: RackSpace, Dell, HP, Canonical, etc. © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 8. 8Proprietary and Confidential Our OpenStack History • Started with Cactus and Diablo on Ubuntu 10.04 in 2010 • First deployment in production based on Diablo + Ubuntu 10.04 in 2011 • Lot of room of improvements, issues identified during the first year (not all relative to OpenStack) • Refresh our deployment in 2012 with Linagora assistance • 2012 deployment: Ubuntu 12.04 + OpenStack Essex (2012.1) © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 9. 9Proprietary and Confidential Why not VMWare? • Open Source culture at Sierra Wireless AirVantage • The aggressive pricing  • Capability to use API to manage the infrastructure • Adopt the “Infrastructure as a Code” movement • Infrastructure creation scripts are store under version control © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 10. 10Proprietary and Confidential Infrastructure status in 2014 • 500+ servers managed on three physical sites administered by a three engineers team • Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) • OpenStack 2012.1 (Essex) with compute and image registry • puppet (home made recipes) • Full stack deployment is now about 2h. We are working to reduce it. • Automated life-cycle (puppet, cloud-init, unattended-upgrades) of servers © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 11. 11Proprietary and Confidential Some Days, OpenStack looks like this… © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 12. 12Proprietary and Confidential Lessons learned  • Need time to learn/understand OpenStack • Powerful but complex: complexity is not really hidden • Some bugs, but rather stable when setup  • Good project documentation • Very responsive and visible community • Lot of events around OpenStack (even in France!) © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 13. 13Proprietary and Confidential Conclusion • Infrastructure As A Code! • Infrastructure is self-documented • Industrialization of existing infrastructure • Infrastructure reproducibility • More standard tools (instead of home-made tools). • Deployable on public cloud “as-is” We ♥ © Sierra Wireless 2014
  • 14. 14Proprietary and Confidential Questions?
  • 15. 15Proprietary and Confidential Thank You