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Internet Marketing Final -SFSU Fall 2010

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  • Q1a. Industry: Online dating service sites has been continuously increased its size and audience. According to Online Publishers Association, U.S. users spent over $500million dollars and expect to spend $932million in 2011. There is high competition between service providers. There were already over 844 dating sites in 2004. Match.com and eHarmony are the two leading service providers. However, there are chances of criminal activities among users such as stalking and kidnapping that can publicized and scare the current and potential users.Q1b. Target Audience:Zoosk should target women before men. Men will come once there are enough women who participate the service.Women who are younger than 30 years old are more likely find their dates in the real life places such as schools and night clubs. Age 30 and over will have less time on their hand, so they will have hard time to find dates. These women will have spent more time online, because it is easy to access and don’t need a big commitment. Also, target audience is more likely have average salary job. When people have high salary jobs, they will have more responsibilities to protect their personal information and lives that they will not use the dating service..(1) Online Publishers Association (OPA) and Comscore Networks
  • Q2a. Improve paid results:Headline: Zoosk® Free Online Dating for youBy adding “free” so people can feel free to come and look around. “For you” makes viewers feel special. It gives closer feeling between viewers and ZooskQ2b. Improve organic results:There is no meta/ keywords or description in their HTML code. Meta/keywords and description are must! More contents on the Zoosk.com. Zooskhas its own blogs or news pages about its service on social media sites, why don’t put those contents on the actual website! It will increase not just SEO, also more coming back users for the contents. Zoosk did amazing job with Flo-rida. Flo-rida created a song called “Zoosk girl”. Contents like this and its links to the website will help its organic search result.
  • Q3a. Two thing Zoosk is doing right on landing page-Layout of its landing page is very well done! It is simple, and important messages are shortened but clearly delivered and gave accents by using color difference. Also very attractive model! -By putting list of publications that featured in, people feel safer about the site.Q3b. Two thing Zoosk can do better on landing page-Since big portion of users of Zoosk coming to the site through Facebook application. Facebook is well-known as not doing good job of keeping users privacy safe. To keep the distance of that image, it is very important to mention the safety of users privacy. -She is very attractive, but Zoosk is for both men and women, and they are looking for a partner. It is better to use Happy couple as its landing page image.
  • Q4a. Why does Zoosk send confirmation email?To make sure, users put the correct email addresses. It can prevent Bots to register, too. Some Bots are designed to create as many as accounts they can for many reasons. One of reasons why they do that is to test the system for steal data from the server. Also, this is great way to avoid spam filter. Once users put this email address on their contact or safe list, Zoosk email will not get trap into spam filter!Q4b. Improvement on Confirmation emailMake“Validate E-mail” click to action button bigger and reduce the size of “copy an paste address”. Current layout looks over crowed and it doesn’t look cool at all. By increasing size of button and reducing the size of address letters, it will show its purpose to the users instantly without any interruption.Remind Zoosk’s service one more time to increase brand awareness on users’ minds! This will increase first time users to spend more time on the website, because they want to experience things that mentioned in the email.
  • Q5a. One thing that works well on this landing tabLarge cartoon image with CTA button to Zoosk Facebook app in the center is a great idea to cut to the chase. Cartoon image also draw well to explain its service right away.Q5b. One thing that would improve this landing tabAll the service explanation under the image is too much. It reduces coolness of cartoon image and brand image. All these information can be written under “info”.Landing page always has to catch visitors attention instantly!
  • Q6- Analyze this Facebook post from ZooskThis post asks a question to visitors and shows the results that researched earlier via Video! This is great way to interact with visitors. They watch the results and talk about their ideas under the comment section. These interaction between the visitors will create loyal fans and users. Type of question is also interesting, it is something men and women with range of age can be interested in. Also it fits well with Zooskservice and its overall theme. This video is originally posted on Youtube and then share to Facebook. It is good way to connect two services and reduce the amount of work, but content info can not be re-written. All those links next to the video and last sentence has been cut off due to letter display limitation. Facebook does offer free Video playback service like Youtube. By doing these, it creates a little bit more work and spreads number of hits, but total control of the contents on Facebook is possible.
  • Q7a. One thing that works well on Twitter pageZoosk twitter page did excellent job on the layout of the page. Their other social media page links are well organized with carrying out unified size and style among them. Q7b.One thing that would improve Twitter pageSimple blue background. That is boring. At least put some interesting patterns on it. Zoosk twitter page is already crowed with texts. It is ok, because it is nature of twitter. So, just simple background can’t make any simpler on this page. Put some interesting cartoon pictures, models or patterns that can lead followers’ eye flow to the other Zoosk social website links.
  • Q8. Analyze Tweets from ZooskThe person who is in charge of twitter account is doing excellent job. Zoosk visitors get same contents across the different social sites. Such as “What are single people thinking in 2010” Zooskpublishsthe same content’s link on Zoosk’sfacebookpage,too. However, those tweets used well on twitter, because messages are shortened and address of link is also shortened by bit.ly! Interaction between followers are very unique. That simple Reply Tweet will make that follower totally loyal to the service. Twitter is simple micro blog, whoever is in charge of this account know how to use it, and he/she is doing excellent job! I don’t really see the things that need to improve.
  • Q9a. One thing that works well on this Youtube page.Zoosk’s Youtube page carries same theme as Twitter page. CTA buttons are now located upper right side to fit into Youtube page style. Just like Twitter page, I think layout of the page is well done. Addition to the layout, I like the TV icon next to Zoosk logo! A little tweak for Youtube page.Q9b. One thing that would improve this Youtube page.Again. Just like Twitter page. Boring blue background. It reminds me Windows98’s plain background. Old and boring. Pattern will definitely help.
  • Q10. Analyze this “allergy” video from ZooskThis is excellent video to promote the service. It is informative about Zoosk’s service.It is funny, so people will watch couple more times or show it to friends. That will increase the brand awareness.However, towards to the end of video clip. The Zoosk website in the commercial is totally fake. It looks too obvious. That brings down the coolness of the video. But overall I think this video is great commercial!
  • Q11a. & Q11bDesigning great mobile site would be a start! Like Zoosk video clips, people share thought with their friends. This would be great way to promote Zoosk to users friends. Also, great experience from the mobile site will increase users’ usage on the go situation. That will bring traffic to the site, and this will help increase Zoosk’s website advertisement sale.Creating Zooskmessanger software for mobile site and offer free Zoosk coins to promote this campaign to users. Once they start using mobile site and they like it, they will continue to come even, they are outside.
  • Q12a. Overall, what is Zoosk doing well from a marketing perspective?Zoosk is doing amazing marketing jobs online and offline. Their online advertise campaigns are happening on all the big players’ sites such as facebook, twitter and youtube. Also, their original contents are very unique. These original contents are used in both on and offline advertisements. Even though contents are overlapping but, these contents are not boring. Because each advertisements have its own style. (Same contents but variety ways of showing it)Q12b. Overall, what could Zoosk do better from a marketing perspective?Zoosk has its own style of dating service by using social network. It doesn’t really mentioned in their advertisements. Social network is so hot in the market, it will definitely bring users. However Zoosk should not forget about mentioning how they safely protect users privacies. Q12C. What have you not observed Zoosk doing from a marketing perspective that I would recommend to acquire new members?Since Zoosk is part of Facebook app, why the company don’t create a Facebook game? Zoosk can create a Facebook game that will provide virtual space to let users can interact with each other in a fun way! Good example will be “Second life” but more focusing on dating.
  • Zoosk.com Analysis

    1. 1. Sang Lim<br />MRKG 469<br />=Final Project=<br />Fall 2010<br />
    2. 2. Q1) Industry and Target Audience<br />Q1a. Industry: <br />Users expected spend $932Million in 2011(1)<br />High competition between service providers<br />Criminal activities such as stalking can be publicized and decreases number of users quickly<br />Q1b. Target Audience: <br />Women<br />Over 30 years old <br />No restriction on physical location<br />Highly active on the online social sites<br />Have Mediocre jobs<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    3. 3. Q2) Google SERP for“online dating” keywords<br />Q2a. Two ideas to improve paid results: <br />Headline: Zoosk® Free Online Dating for You<br />Description: <br />Come and experience our Amazing online dating service for Free!<br />Q2b. Ideas of improve organic results: <br />Meta Keywords and Descriptions<br />More contents on the website<br />Blog<br />News<br />Podcast<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    4. 4. Q3) Landing Pagefrom Paid Ad Zoosk Link<br />Q3a. Two things Zoosk is doing right on landing page<br />Attractive model and simple layout<br />List of Trustable sources that featured<br />Q3b. Two things Zoosk can do better on landing page<br />Emphasize the <br /> safety of privacy.<br />Single female model <br /> to Couple<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    5. 5. Q4) Confirmation Email<br />Q4a. Why does Zoosk send Confirmation email?<br />To collect the correct e-mail address<br />Prevent Bots to register<br />Make sure its e-mail doesn’t go<br /> to into Spam folder<br />Q4b. Improvement <br /> on Confirmation email<br />Smaller and <br /> shorten copy & paste URL<br />Reminding messages <br /> of the service<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    6. 6. Q5) Zoosk FacebookLanded on “Zoosk Dating” Tab<br />Q5a. One thing that works well on this landing tab<br />Leading straight to Facebook App<br />Simple CTA button<br />Cartoon image explains all<br />Q5b. One thing that would<br /> improve this landing tab<br />Service explanation <br /> under the image is too much!<br />It over crowed<br />Boring and looks like <br /> restriction rules<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    7. 7. Q6) A Zoosk Facebook Post<br />Q6. Analyze this Facebook post from Zoosk. <br />Created a topic that many people interested<br />Interesting Video that fits well with Zoosk Theme<br />All the links are really necessary on the post?<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    8. 8. Q7) Zoosk’s Twitter Page<br />Q7a. One thing that <br />works well <br />on Twitter page<br />Layout<br />Q7b. One thing that <br />would improve <br />Twitter page<br />Boring background<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    9. 9. Q8) Two Zoosk Tweets<br />Q8. Analyze Tweets from Zoosk<br />Informative <br />Interactive<br />Shorten URL (bit.ly)<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    10. 10. Q9) ZooskTV–YouTube Channel<br />Q9a. One thing that <br /> works well<br /> on this Youtube page<br />layout<br />Q9a. One thing that <br /> would improve<br /> this Youtube page<br />Background<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    11. 11. Q10) ZooskYouTube Video<br />Q10. Analyze this “allergy”<br /> video from Zoosk<br />Informative<br />Funny<br />Zoosk webpage in the Commercial looks like fake<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    12. 12. Q11) Mobile Marketing<br />Q11a. One type of mobile marketing campaign that <br /> I think would benefit Zoosk the most: <br />Unique mobile we sites<br />Custom UI for mobile site to increase user experience<br />On the go, easy check out<br />Share thoughts with friends anywhere<br />Q11b. Briefly describe a campaign that would work.<br />Objective: More usage on the mobile phone in public to increase brand awareness to people around the users<br />Access though mobile website to extra Zoosk coin(s)<br />Free ZooskMessanger though Mobile site<br />Audience: Current Zoosk users<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />
    13. 13. Q12) Zoosk’sInternet Marketing Strategy<br />Q12a. Overall, what is Zoosk doing well from a marketing <br /> perspective?<br />Zoosk is doing excellent jobs to reach as many as social network users. They covers all big players on social networks in a very unique and customized ways.<br />Q12b. Overall, what could Zoosk do better from a marketing <br /> perspective?<br />Zooskneeds to show its unique parts to the public compare to other dating site.<br />Emphasize it’s integration with social network with privacy safety. <br />Q12c. What have you not observed Zoosk doing from a marketing<br /> perspective that I would recommend to acquire new members?<br />Online social media games<br />Sang Lim SFSU fall 2010 MKTG 469<br />